Monday, January 3, 2011

Nintendo 3DS photos (taken by an employee of the production line)

Within an assembly plant for the next nintendo handheld console, the 3DS, apparently one of his employees took over and I took some pictures so everyone can know it before its release. The original thread where it had been published the image has already been removed but there are plenty of pictures circulating the web.

There were also some videos on youtube but now can not see because they have been eliminated. Now we just have to wait until the 19th of January, in which Nintendo of America, at an event in New York City, will provide more details about the 3DS and is expected to announce an exact release date.

Something in the Serbian part of the anniversary of Sega and Sonic Puyo Puyo

New games? By 2011, we celebrate the twentieth anniversary both in terms of Sonic that Puyo Puyo, two series for the Sega brand (although the latter is joined only by the publisher 1992). According to a press release arrived at Andriasang, Sega would have something in mind to worthily celebrate the double anniversary this year, even "more projects currently under way.

We do not know what it is, but is likely to cover new releases and interactive entertainment products. Last Puyo Puyo was released in 2009, while on Sega Sonic now has accustomed us to a veritable invasion of securities once a fairly common, so any new release certainly not surprised.

Finalists of the Independent Games Festival 2011

The best indie Come the official nominations for the Independent Games Festival finalists 2011 edition, an event that rewards the best indie projects out over the past year. These then are the candidates for each category, with clearly Minecraft and Amnesia: The Dark Descent in the head as regards the number of nominations an asset.

The awards will take place during the evening of March 2, 2011 within the GDC, please visit the official IGF for more information on each game. Seumas McNally Grand Prize Amnesia: The Dark Descent (Frictional Games) SpyParty (Chris Hecker) Desktop Dungeons (QCF Design) Minecraft (Mojang) Nidhogg (Messhof) Honorable mentions: Neptune's Pride (Iron Helmet Games) Super Crate Box (Vlambeer); Recette: An item shop's Tale (Carpe Fulgur) Bit.

Microbot on Xbox Live Arcade, coming to PSN

Voyage to the particular setting shooter "anatomical" Microbot, EA, is now available on Xbox Live Arcade. This title can be downloaded for 800 Microsoft Points, is a shooter developed by Sky Entertainment and published by EA, in which we are driving a spaceship microscopic injected into a human body to "destroy infection biotechnology, as please.

So the classical structure of the 2D shooter here is inserted in a particular context, rather closely reminiscent of the movie Fantastic Voyage or (in a more humorous) shot in the dark. The game will be released next week on PlayStation Network. MicroBot - Trailer presentation

CityVille to 100 million users per month

The urbanization of mass CityVille is proving not only the worthy heir of Farmville, but is also shaping up to be the student intended to overcome the master. The new product from social network Zynga has fully the legacy left by the peasant mortgage on Facebook, which in turn had reached the dizzying altitude of 80 million active users per month, projecting further towards a more ambitious goal.

BioWare: gameplay movie for The Old Republic

The MMORPG intense dialogues, by their nature, require a superstructure graphic that represents a good compromise between the power of empathy in an alternative world and the ability to manage such a world within a context online. The result is usually a level of graphics that do not reach the heights achieved maximum for normal offline games (multiplayer or limited), but the case of Star Wars: The Old Republic will be special.

Canabalt becomes open source

The independent study, poking in the code Secret Semi has decided to make open source code version of IOS Canabalt, hit the iPhone / iPad / iPod taken from homologous and flash version for the PC. This is for those who do not know, a very simple game, which puts us in control of a man engaged in a relentless rush and crowds on the roofs of a metropolis, with the sole intent of not crashing into the barriers in the path.

Homefront (PS3): New Journal of Development Homefront

After the two video diaries shot Homefront focus on multiplayer and the storyline of the game, the team of Digital Extremes has a third video on behind the scenes that we propose in the bottom of the news. The protagonists this time are video game characters and some locations that we will find in this promising shooter background political fiction.

Date and price for Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection in Japan

A packet inviting us continue to talk about Square Enix, this time with the date and price announced today by the official publisher for Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection. The package in question contains Final Fantasy IV and the spin-off The After Years together on the PSP, thus providing a complete picture of the history related to the fourth installment in the RPG series Nipponese most famous in the world.

News: Design "film" for SW: TOR

In an article published on the official Star Wars: The Old Republic, the lead cinematic designer Paul Marino talked about setting BioWare film on which the narrative is based MMO. According to Marino, the "Cinematic Design 'approach takes advantage of cinematic gameplay and narrative to enhance and strengthen the emotional involvement of the player.

During the game we will face many choices that will not be displayed only in text form but will be presented as a movie that will attempt to enhance the dramatic impact situations caused by the player's choices, says Marino, according to which this type of approach "differs from other MMO The Old Republic." Apparently this is a design similar to that adopted in the dialogues of Mass Effect, sci-fi universe this generation of console launched in the trilogy which will conclude in 2011 with Mass Effect 3.

Final Fantasy XIV ONLINE (PS3): The mystery of Final Fantasy Type-0 thickens

After depositing the symbol Final Fantasy Type-0 with the Trademark Office of the European Union, Square Enix has registered two new domains (com finalfantasytype0. finalfantasytype and-0. Com) to reconfirm the existence of a new top secret project linked the saga of Final Fantasy. Inevitable at this point the rumors (many already) appeared on the Internet in the last hours, even if only on January 18 with Square Enix 1st Premiere Production Department probably know what lies behind this mysterious symbol.

News: MicroBot available on Live

Electronic Arts lets you know that the game MicroBot is available for download on Xbox Live Arcade, and PSN title will arrive in a few days, with the next update of the PlayStation Store. Developed by Sky Entertainment, MicroBot takes the player inside the human body, struggling with an infection caused by agents of biotechnology.

The game includes a story mode single player, online co-op mode and a challenge. MicroBot The price is 800 Microsoft Points.

Xenogears (PS1): Xenogears on the PlayStation Store

Among the classics that we can play again soon on PlayStation and PlayStation 3 PSP Xenogears stands, the beautiful Square RPG originally published in 1998 and already landed on the PlayStation Store in Japan in June 2008. The news for now refers to the American store, which will land in 2011 (but there are no precise dates), other classics like Vagrant Story (already released in Europe in late 2009), Legend of Mana (already available since last July on the Japanese store), R4 Ridge Racer Type 4 and Threads of Fate.

Square Enix change date and name of the upcoming conference

No more Fabula Nova Crystallis some time in this part of the conference was expected Square Enix entitled "Fabula Nova Crystallis", named after the large-scale project related to the universe Final Fantasy is set for next week in Japan, but the publisher has changed a bit 'cards on the table. The conference is now called "Square Enix 1st Premier Event Production Department and has been moved to January 18.

Tales of Vesperia (PS3): Tales of Vesperia published for PS3

Is officially called The Tales of Vesperia PS3 Translation and is a project carried out by some fans willing to translate the English version of Tales of Vesperia PlayStation 3, which unlike the Xbox 360 was released only in Japan. As you can imagine for an RPG of this type, it is a very long and challenging project with over 100,000 lines of text to be translated, the work should continue throughout 2011 and concluded with the release of a patch (free images) to end of the year.

NightSky, the new PC game Nicalis on January 6

Even on the Mac after the announcement of the arrival of WiiWare by NightSky of Nifflas and published by Nicalis, having previous experience in the PC name of the union in question, it seemed strange that the game was not intended scope even computer . It will not be the case: Nicalis announced not only that the fascinating puzzle-platformer will arrive on PCs and Macs, but the output on these platforms will come much sooner than expected.

FINAL FANTASY ONLINE XIV (PS3) Square Enix records Type-0

It seems that Square Enix has in the pipeline a new spin-off of Final Fantasy, of which perhaps scorpriremo something more during the 1st Conference of the Japanese Production to be held in Tokyo on January 18. The evidence suggests that such an output is the recent registration of the acronym Final Fantasy Type-0 made by Square Enix at the Trademark Office of the European Union.

Since the most recent announcements regarding future releases of Final Fantasy Square Enix has never made mention of this code, may in fact be an entirely new project, partly because unlike the usual and the title was filed and the logo that we propose in the picture below.

ANGRY BIRDS (PS3): Angry Birds fly on PlayStation Store

After the triumphs collected on IOS and Android (over 7 million downloads for mobile system of Google), Angry Birds fianlmente is to arrive on the console as announced some weeks ago by Peter Vesterbacka team Rovio. The game is in fact expected tomorrow on the PlayStation Store in the U.S. versions for PSP and PlayStation 3, and Wednesday, January 5th European touches to the store.

There are currently no disclosure of the prices of the two versions.

Battlefield 3 (PS3): Battlefield 3 leaves Windows XP

In a message appeared on twitter Johan Andersson (developer DICE) is clearly indicated by the new Frostbite engine 2.0 and move the highly anticipated Battlefield 3 will not support Windows XP. Andersson also recommend using a 64-bit operating system (Vista or 7), while for the release of the game is about a period between September and December 2011.

Gears of War Ultimate: full details

The rpimo and the second set ... As expected - though not yet official in the previous news about - we can almost officially confirm that Gears of War Ultimate will be in effect a collection of the first two episodes of the series, namely Gears of War and Gears of War 2. In fact, the portal connects "CVG has contacted the chain Gamestop after the ad appeared on the official website, noting that the collection of which we speak is the very famous and popular collection of two chapters signed Epic Games, which, remember, will be sold at a price of $ 29.99 from next 16th February.


Square Enix will release Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection on March 24. The output of this exclusive collection for PSP, which includes Final Fantasy IV and the spin-off The After Years, is now limited to the Japanese market and will be available in three different versions. The standard on UMD will cost 5980 Yen (about 55 Euro), while the downloadable version will retail for 4980 Yen (about 45 Euro).

The Global Game Jam at Catania this year

Another appointment ... As happened last season again this year at Catania on Global Game Jam, which is the national event which involves teams of developers (programmers, graphic designers, animators, designers, writers, musicians) to achieve complete game over soi two days. The appointment has already been fixed in the classroom D22 of the Faculty of Engineering of Catania and participation will be completely free of charge.

Nintendo 3DS (3DS): Nintendo "blocks" the 3DS

After the announcement in recent days when Nintendo advised against the use of 3D for children under the age of six years, now back to talk about it with new rumors. The 3DS will make it possible to block the view of 3D games using a PIN to be set in the classic menu of the console, in so doing, the slide side to the depth of the 3D games will become inactive and will be shown on the display in a classic 2D, without then the stereoscopic effect.

Battlefield 3 will not support Windows XP

The end of an era ... Indeed that is strange to learn a title for the PC platform will not support the Windows operating system in its most classic garment known as the XP. Let's talk about Battlefield 3, which according to what reported in the study said Johan Andersson - Twitter via the portal - not "turn" on PC systems on which you already installed the legendary Windows XP, Vista now then definitely outclassed by the first (but with peccche different), and immediately after Windows 7.

Angry Birds coming to PlayStation Network

This week ... Sony has officially announced the imminent arrival of Angry Birds in the console version, scheduled for Jan. 5. The title, in fact, will debut on PlayStation Network versions Minis section inside the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable this Wednesday, following the usual update of the service planned for the late afternoon.

We just have to wait for this release after the release, has already taken place, the production capacity that is fully touch for the iPhone platform.

Nintendo 3DS (3DS): Although Monster Hunter to the 3DS

Ryozo Tsujimoto, producer of the Monster Hunter series, you mentioned the arrival of an episode for Nintendo 3DS talking to the Japanese press (the end of December edition of Gemaga). Currently it is a real ad, just a confirmation of interest from Capcom, to the arrival of all his major series on this laptop.

The Monster Hunter series has always enjoyed great success at home but much later in the West: it is likely that Capcom looks to 3DS as a new opportunity to expand the brand outside the borders of Japan. The output close to the launch aid would be sales that the enlargement of users outside the boundaries Nipponese.