Friday, July 15, 2011

Black Ops Call of Duty: July 28 on PS3 and PC

We await information on the PC version update: apparently, 28 July 2011 Annihilation DLC also coming to PC. Activision has finally announced an official date for the release of Annihilation, recent add-on pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops on PlayStation 3. Out of time the exclusive agreement signed with Microsoft, then the DLC will come on Sony's console July 28, 2011.

This is the third map pack for FPS Treyarch, containing 4 additional maps for multiplayer and competitive area "zombies." There are no information about the arrival of the same package in the PC version.

Available now Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2

The latest adventure for the character created by JK Rowling In conjunction with the theatrical release of the movie, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 is now available in versions for PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii and Nintendo DS. According to the publisher, Electronic Arts, this chapter the most action of the series and we will be able to play as not only Harry Potter, but also a large number of other characters depending on the situation: from Hermione to Ron to Ginny Seamus, Molly Weasley, Neville, and so on.

The time Bloodrayne Betrayal

The new installment of Bloodrayne, entitled Betrayal, will be available on PlayStation Network on August 30th and on Xbox Live Arcade the next day. In fact, the dates refer to the American PSN updates, which means that in Europe, both versions should be out August 31. In the game, a 2D action, the beautiful and dangerous Rayne is recruited from the Brimstone Society, a "sect" which specializes in hunting the vampire.

BloodRayne: Betrayal in the late

At the end of August, the arrival of BloodRayne: Betrayal has been slightly delayed, going to place at the end of August. It was originally planned for the month of August always first, but instead will be on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 August 31, 2011. This is a new section that is detached from the rest of the series is quite as graphic as that game structure.

BloodRayne: Betrayal is in fact a 2D action game developed by WayForward, with elements reminiscent of Castlevania and graphics really very interesting. The output is then laid on Xbox Live Arcade and PSN, respectively, to 1200 points and Mirosoft about $ 15.

Just Dance 2 record on the Wii

As announced by Ubisoft, Just Dance 2 is the third-party best-selling game of all time on the Wii. Since launching the franchise has sold over 14 million units worldwide. "Ubisoft is incredibly proud of the monumental success of Just Dance 2 in the nine months just passed," said Laurent Detoc, Ubisoft's U.S. boss. "The incredible performance solidifies the greatness of the game Just Dance as a true pop culture phenomenon."

Deleted Assassin's Creed: Lost Legacy

Ubisoft has removed the spin-off of Assassin's Creed for Nintendo 3DS titled Lost Legacy, by the French company announced at E3 2010. Lost Legacy should have taken place more or less the same period of Revelations, and was a usual Ezio, committed to finding a Fort of the Assassins Middle East located in the city of Masyaf.

Virtually the same plot of AC: Revelations, excluding the city that in the latter case is the well-known Constantinople. Cancellation of Lost Legacy is perhaps due to this excessive similarity between the two games, or maybe from Ubisoft needs to focus on fewer projects simultaneously not to scatter forces and ideas.

Modern Warfare 3 authorizes the Party Chat

Infinity Ward said that, unlike what happened in previous chapters, in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Chat 3, the Party will be supported by most of the multiplayer mode. Robert Bowling, creative strategist, has revealed to MTV that the studio wants to make more accessible the third Modern Warfare, why would push to take this decision against the Party Chat.

"One of the main objectives of the multiplayer 'Modern Warfare 3' is to allow the player to have more control over their way of playing, which is not very compatible with all restrictions and options as the hardcore block party chat," he explained. Bowling, however, has stressed that the option to lock in a group chat will still be present.

Battlefield 3 - First images of Battlelog

Chat in real time and look Battlelog The social Battlefield 3 includes the comment feed organized in style with Facebook, notifications for the purposes and objects acquired by a player, especially a detailed profiles and chat in real time where there is also the join function to join to a specific player.

Crytek: PS Life will have a hard time against other mobile devices

Cevat Yerli: "may be too late" Cevat Yerli, CEO of Crytek, has no doubts and believes that the DP will have an easy life against the next-generation mobile devices and, indeed, believes that Sony may be a aspettavive launch delayed compared to the market. For Yerli, the major competitors of the new Sony console will be smartphones, increasingly powerful and versatile, and tablets, which are gaining market share more and more consistent.

The targets of Resident Evil 4 HD

Online is the list of targets out of the remake of Resident Evil 4 in HD. The list, as it has been posted on the site Xbox360Achievements. com, includes goals such as complicated to complete the game or the Professional difficulty unlocked by winning all the prizes at the shooting range. Just like Code Veronica X HD, the game has 1000 total points, while part of the Live Arcade (generally structured around a maximum of 200 points) and keeping the traditional limit of 12 goals.

Epic: "The app is destroying the triple A titles?

During a meeting at the University of London Unreal, Epic Games has encouraged students to get busy to build ambitious triple-A securities, casual games rather than economic. Of course the speech was the pivot of the UDK, owner of Epic development tools from which the company gets a royalty based on the success of a game for mobile devices, but do not we turn off.

The company does not believe that the triple-A games are in crisis because they cost too much and on laptops you can buy video games for a few cents. Indeed, for Epic and Android Apple laptops are a great opportunity to launch new triple-A titles Mike Gamble, european territory manager of the company, believes that people prefer to pay six dollars for a title like Infinity Blade, which Epic has earned 11 millions of dollars, rather than a few cents for something that is played once and is no longer used, therefore hoped that industry professionals begin to develop their ideas on these platforms.

Train Simulator 2012 coming September 23

First or second class? In addition to triple-A securities designed for the masses of gamers, there are also niche products created to satisfy the passion of a small circle of people. Train Simulator 2012, a new chapter in the best series of train simulators, belongs to the latter. The new edition, which will be released exclusively for PC on September 23 this year, promises unprecedented realism, thanks to the graphics engine renovated and accurate reconstruction of the actual number of paths, complete with signs, and many vehicles.

Available update 1.11 for the Real Racing 2

Firemint has released a substantial update for both Real Racing 2 (iPhone) for Real Racing 2 HD (iPad). This is one of the titles of the playful and technically valid softech IOS and the title in the HD version can be up to 1080p if loaded on iPad 2 and played on a high-definition TV.