Friday, July 15, 2011

Epic: "The app is destroying the triple A titles?

During a meeting at the University of London Unreal, Epic Games has encouraged students to get busy to build ambitious triple-A securities, casual games rather than economic. Of course the speech was the pivot of the UDK, owner of Epic development tools from which the company gets a royalty based on the success of a game for mobile devices, but do not we turn off.

The company does not believe that the triple-A games are in crisis because they cost too much and on laptops you can buy video games for a few cents. Indeed, for Epic and Android Apple laptops are a great opportunity to launch new triple-A titles Mike Gamble, european territory manager of the company, believes that people prefer to pay six dollars for a title like Infinity Blade, which Epic has earned 11 millions of dollars, rather than a few cents for something that is played once and is no longer used, therefore hoped that industry professionals begin to develop their ideas on these platforms.
The future seems increasingly mobile (and online) and not a day goes by without some industry personalities to intervene on the subject. We do not have to wait and try to steer the market as we can (buying the really good titles).

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