Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A beautiful gallery for Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3

The Gundam saga is not going to have no end? Third episode of the popular spin-off dedicated to the series created by Yoshiyuki Tomino, Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3 shows a succession of beautiful pictures that are encouraging about the quality of the final product. Bolstered by the presence of all the mobile suits of the saga, with single player and multiplayer that will not disappoint the fans, the game features an excellent application of cel shading, as you can see from the screenshots.

We are still far from the return of the NDP

The services of the PlayStation Network does not back up and running for a week ... as a minimum. The announcement was of course the same with the Sony PlayStation blog, "We know that you would like to have a precise date for the return line of the NDP, but unfortunately at present we can not have it.

We only know that it will take another day," said Nick Caplin " We are terribly sorry and thank you again for your patience. " For the record, the network is currently in its twentieth day of "darkness".

Arcana Heart for a date in Europe and 3 special edition

Concise and girls barrel orbi Arrives in Europe in the 2D fighting game Arcana Heart 3, a product that continues the historical tradition of the Japanese fighting game on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The game is expected for June 30 in our area, with Zen PQube United and announcing a special edition collectors also characterized by the following contents: A 144-page artbook original concept art and preparatory drawings The official soundtrack cards with The user guide of 12 characters, artwork and unique move list box containing all the above and of course the game Arcana Heart 3 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 has also been reworked from the creators of Guilty Gear and Arc System Works with BlazBlue the addition of online multiplayer.

Top info (and trailer) for Hitman 5

Square Enix has released the first teaser-trailer for the fifth chapter of Hitman, you can find in this news queue or in plain sight on our homepage. At the end of the movie you will notice that the numbers in the barcode "light up" significantly, highlighting the first 47 that marks the hero and then a date: June 7, 2011, the day on which the game will be presented in full regalia E3 to the public.

Battlefield 3, free expansion for those who book the Limited Edition

Niklas Fegraeus, lead designer of the game, he explains everything DICE has released the first image and logo, the expansion to Battlefield 3 will be available free for those who book the Limited Edition of the game. On the official site of Battlefield has been an interesting interview with lead designer Niklas Fegraeus revealing its details of this initiative, and we suggest you read.

Back to Karkand will include four maps from Battlefield 2, the classic weapons and vehicles of the same episode, and more. The Limited Edition of Battlefield 3 can be booked from now on EE Store, but it is likely that some chains adhere to the same promotion.

Release Date for Arcana Heart 3

The 2D fighter Arcana Heart 3 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 will be released in Europe on June 30. The development team has announced that the Old Continent the game will be released in Limited Edition, which will have the following contents: Arcana Heart 3 will have a cast of characters totally feminine and propose a gameplay marked by strikes and melee combat with special powers, determined by Arcana in which all the protagonists are linked.

Street Soccer for FIFA 12 on 3DS

EA has announced that the 3DS version of FIFA Soccer 12 will have an exclusive mode Street and optional touch controls. The bottom screen shows the playing field from the perspective of the player. Just a quick touch to guide the ball where you want and a longer period for the shots, which can also be applied effects.

The way Street Soccer field will be set on a "curve" that will expand the 3D effect. You can choose from eight different views and the matches will be played in various settings by teams of five athletes. In addition to all this will still present the rules to which FIFA has already used for some time: Be A Pro, Tournament, Career, Training and, of course, multiplayer via Wi-Fi.

A teaser trailer for Hitman Absolution

It 'came the shrapnel After many rumors, sightings and fleeting speculation comes something more specific on the new Hitman, Hitman previously identified as 5. Well, it seems to have arrived the shrapnel announced. The video below is for a new Hitman Absolution, which would thus seem to be the new title of the fifth chapter in the series of action game featuring Agent 47.

Developed by IO Interactive and published by Square Enix, the game seems to be a long time in development for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Missing any information about it and the video below is only a vague teaser but this time brings obvious clues about the essence of the game, but clearly expect E3 to find out more.

The DLC TDU2 are not finished yet

After the release of the forthcoming (and free) Exploration Pack, Atari plans to make more DLC for Test Drive Unlimited 2. "This will not be the last update," said a company representative, "Atari will continue to support the game with other DLC that should be out later this year on a regular basis." "Right now I can not reveal the details of these expansions, but I can tell you that they will further evolve the gameplay and online experience of Test Drive Unlimited 2.

New images of Max Payne 3

Beard lived Max Payne 3 continues to show with dropper: Today Rockstar has released four new images of the game being developed by Rockstar North, published recently by PC Gamer. Not much to say about this, as the game is highly anticipated news but there are few, except that notice the beard and the expression of the protagonist rather than torn down, in line with the last name on the other hand.

New title coming Monolith

The development team Monolith not felt for quite a while since the days of FEAR 2 to be precise. Since the processing of the third chapter passed into the hands of the guys from Day 1 Studios, were many who wondered what project they were working on the original developers. This title has not yet been revealed, but at least came the confirmation (by Laura Fryer, one of the boss of Warner) that the title and details will be announced very soon.

Bungie still on Aerospace

Trademarks in Washington and Delaware sprout new updates on the matter "Bungie Aerospace", the mysterious mark appeared about a year ago with a teaser site but that it does little to nothing. Bungie has re-registered the trademark and logo for Bungie Aerospace recently states of Washington and Delaware, respectively, 27 and 20 April.

Apparently, these are documents related to an unidentified business that sees the Bungie president Harold Ryan and head of corporate development Ondraus Jenkins as "governing persons" of the mysterious business in question. According to some, as MTV Multiplayer, the mark would have to do with technology, probably a new engine at the base of the next Bungie game rather than a real title but for now we remain in the realm of rumor, waiting to find out more .

Success record for Professor Layton

The team announced that Level-5's Professor Layton series has reached the remarkable share of 12 million copies "distributed" throughout the world. This does not mean that many have been sold, but the official figure of sale should not be far away. The first chapter in the saga came out in 2007 on the Nintendo DS, while the latter has seen the light on 3DS Japanese recently.

The boss of the development team, Akihiro Hino, has not announced dates for the western exit of The Mask of Miracle, but confirmed that a sixth episode is currently being processed.

Xbox Live: 2K content deals

Deals of the Week Deal of the Week this week on the Xbox Live 2K cover different titles, with downloadable content discounted by 50% for Live Gold members. Here is the list of offers, valid May 10 to 16: Mafia II Joe's Adventure - 400 MSP Mafia II Jimmy's Revenge - 400 MSP Mafia II Fedora - 80 MSP Bioshock 2 Minerva's Den - 400 MSP Bioshock 2 The Protector Trials - 200 MSP Bioshock 2 Bouncer Big Daddy Helmet - 80 MSP Borderlands Secret Armory - 400 MSP Borderlands New Revolution - 400 MSP Borderlands Bandit Mask - 80 MSP

Microsoft buys Skype!

Microsoft has announced that it bought Skype, for the modest sum of 8.5 billion dollars, and want to carry on the Xbox 360 with so much support Kinect. "Skype is a service used and loved by millions of users around the world," said company CEO Steve Ballmer. "We are building the future of communications in real time, which will allow everyone to easily connect with friends, relatives or colleagues who are located all over the world." The U.S.

Merger of Marvelous and AQ Interactive

A diverse group expands the publisher Marvelous Entertainment, a label linked to the Harvest Moon series developed internally but also in No More Heroes, Muramasa and Deadly Premonition, among others, as a label for publishing. Marvelous has merged recently with AQ Interactive, a team of KORG DS-10, Bullet Witch, Blue Dragon Plus and Cubic Ninja and more.

AQ fact in turn had previously incorporated other teams, or guinea pig (Nier, Drakengard), and Artoon Feelplus. In short, the staff of the new conglomerate would be very composite and varied. Source: Andriasang

Calanus subscribers to World of Warcraft

Blizzard has officially confirmed that the number of subscribers to World of Warcraft after the release of Cataclysm has fallen. "We ended last quarter with 11.4 million subscribers around the world," said Blizzard CEO Michael Morhaime, at a conference last night. In October 2010, the same company had triumphantly announced that it has reached the milestone of 12 million subscribers.

"From these data we can draw the conclusion that the public has consumed the last expansion of the game much faster than the other, which has subsequently declined rapidly as the number of users," said Morhaime. "This is a normal trend, but we're already working on new content that we will announce in the near future." Blizzard plans to reduce the waiting time of the next contents, the first of which should arrive in the second quarter of 2012.

Star Raiders is the next on Live Arcade

Return of a classic spatial Major Nelson announced today the introduction of the new Xbox Live Arcade catalog, or Star Raiders. If the name is new is there because it is a remake of shooter originally released on the Atari 800 in far away (in videogame terms) 1979 and again in 1982 on the Atari 2600, also available for the Game Room in the Pack 002.

This new version is developed by Incinerator Studios is focused more on the dogfight between ships with a lot of processing and shipping of these extended to the galactic map. There are also several multiplayer modes.

Microsoft defends Games for Windows Live

In an interview with Videogame Source, Microsoft Game Studios has defended the platform for PC, Games for Windows Live. "I think the benefits we have achieved with Live, a system that already includes millions and millions of users," said Danan Davis, Microsoft Game Studios. "If you play already in the Xbox, you find yourself with your friends list and you can communicate across platforms.

This is a substantial benefit to your social network for the games." To improve services to some extent criticized by players and developers, Microsoft asks the community to continue to provide their feedback. "We worked hard to streamline the service. We currently have thousands of players in the beta [Age of Empires Online].

Microsoft buys Skype and port to Xbox and Kinect

A $ 8.5 billion acquisition by The announcement outright purchase of Skype by Microsoft obviously did not leave out the possible consequences of the operation in videogame terms, or at least for what concerns the hardware Redmond game. The confirmation of the budget package arrived today, along with an estimate of the purchase money: $ 8.5 billion was paid by Microsoft to control the company specialized in VoIP and Internet communications.

Age of Empires Online in autumn

The PC game Age of Empires Online, will be available this fall, Microsoft does know. Robot Entertainment and developed by Gas Powered Games, the RTS will be simultaneously available in digital format and stores on a physical medium. "In general the industry is in transition," said a source on Videogame producer of Microsoft Game Studios, Danan Davis.

"Some players still prefer to go to a store to buy the game on a physical medium." Age of Empires Online will be playable for free, players can expand the gaming experience by purchasing the extra packages will be priced between 5 and 20 dollars. Microsoft will announce by the end of the month date and price of Age of Empires Online.

Crysis 2 - Confirmed Retaliation map pack with a trailer

The four new maps, four new maps are included in Retaliation Pack Park Avenue, Transit, and Compound Shipyard and are obviously set in the disaster but always fascinating New York. In the first release on May 17th map pack for Crysis 2 will cost $ 10 or 800 Microsoft points. Crysis Retaliation Pack 2 trailer

Merger of Marvelous and AQ Interactive

The developer of Harvest Moon, Marvelous Entertainment, will soon rise to a merger with the co-developer of The Last Story, AQ Interactive. As reported by Kotaku, the two studies would have opted for a merger after working together on a number of projects. Marvelous and AQ are currently working on the title to 3DS Animal Resort.

LG Optimus 3D: 3D display of the smartphone

LG surprises the whole market with the launch of unosmartphone which is considered the most powerful on the market, LG 3D Optimus is in fact everything you could want from a phone at the time. Starting from the most important feature, which takes its name from the model, namely the new 3D display, as yet unpublished except for the smartphones HTC EVO 3D, which followed after a few weeks to enter the market of this technological jewel, which caused a trail of comments on the web truly remarkable.

Activision - The financial results of the first quarter of 2011

It goes to the half billion dollars so we got to the accounts of one of the big entertainment. The titanic publisher obviously has excellent financial data in hand thanks to the terrible and mind-numbing combo Call of Duty - World of Warcraft. Combo in the first quarter of 2011 has allowed Activision to cash in $ 1.4 billion, with net revenues exceeding 100 million over the same period last year.

Remedy confirms a new Alan Wake

Remedy Entertainment has confirmed that the franchise Videogame Source Alan Wake will continue, and that the next installment of the series will not be called Alan Wake 2. "The fans will be pleased to know that you have a new Alan Wake! But it will not be Alan Wake 2, or just a DLC," said a source Videogame Oskari Häkkinen.

"You will know when we announce officially the rest of the game." "This episode will satisfy fans of the series and finally allow new users to get closer to the franchise. We can not wait to tell you more. Date, platforms and price are yet to be confirmed, is likely to be the autumn of 2011" .

Aruba: fire, millions of sites in blackout

Aruba, web hosting company, suffered a fire last Friday night, precisely at 3 o'clock or so, this was the result of overheating of the plants located in Arezzo, which forced the main management system to stop providing electrical current, allowing to tame this small fire but it cost millions of websites in Italy a stop of several hours, with consequent damage paid out of pocket.

The web hosting service has been restored on the same day at 15:30 or so, but the damages have not been to Aruba a few, it seems that many in the hours following the client has decided to change and rely on competition, the company but with a statement confirms that it has kept 1.5 million domains and 10 000 active servers at full capacity.

A date for Crysis 2 Retaliation

The Retaliation DLC Map Pack for Crysis 2 will be available from 17 May. Confirmation was given by Electronic Arts in a video released in recent hours. Retaliation will add four new maps: Park Avenue, Transit, Shipyard and Compound. The DLC will arrive on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Microsoft is approaching acqiusto Skype

Comes from the famous newspaper Wall Street Journal, the news that Microsoft would finally, with the signature on the contract, the purchase of one of the most contested marks the last period, Skype, makers of the popular platform for instant messaging and free calls Free Internet. The effects brought by absorption would vary depending on the company winning the auction, there is in fact who could opt for a new line once the labor market, while others may integrate the software into their system of sharing photos and messages on web.

FIFA 12 officially announced for 3DS - First pictures

Ah's official! Ride like Rooney, not Mickey, FIFA 12 is getting ready to land on the thousands of existing platforms including, today, we also find the new Nintendo 3DS, which will bring the series to 3D without glasses. The images dedicated to the new laptop has a sharp step forward, in relation to the world of laptops, with regard to the faces of the players.

The title will arrive in the fall and will include 500 teams, all the major tournaments, rules of the road, vs 11 multiplayer game modes 11 and a set of touch screen controls designed specifically for this chapter.

Growth in profits for Activision

Activision Blizzard has closed the first quarter of the fiscal year with profits of $ 503 million and revenues of $ 1.4 billion, a result higher than the same period last year. In the quarter under review, Call of Duty: World of Warcraft Black Ops and were the most important titles for the publisher; sales package First Strike has increased by 20% compared to those of Stimulus Modern Warfare 2 for a total of about 3 million units sold.

Call of Duty: Black Ops - The best selling of all time

Simply the first course, talking to investors Activision has waved its great success in recent months. We are talking about Call of Duty: Black Ops that according to the publisher in six months became the best-selling title of all time. Activision has not revealed specicifi numbers but said the number of users online than Modern Warfare 2 has increased by 33%.

The growth was also confirmed by the sales of DLC with First Strike able to sell 20% more than in the Stimulus Pack of MW2.

How many copies will sell Dragon's Dogma?

Capcom has unveiled its own estimates of the company relating to sales of games to be published. The multiplayer shooter Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City should sell about 2.5 million copies worldwide, according to estimates by the publisher, while for x Street Fighter Tekken The objective is that of two million copies.

1.5 million copies planned for Dragon's Dogma, 800,000 units for Dead Rising 2 Off the Record, the revisiting of that Dead Rising 2 will feature Frank West, Dead Rising's main character first. The publisher has not published the estimates for the reboot of Devil May Cry entrusted to Ninja Theory, the action title should not therefore hit the stores by the end of the fiscal year, which ends next March 31, 2012.

World of Warcraft will still be more supported

Do not kill the goose, rimpinzala or transform it into a chicken as Jean de La Fontaine During the operation, mostly to investors, which was held last night Activision has revealed that Diablo III may actually make it this year, which we already saw with the the postponement to 2012 of the second part of Starcraft II.

But though the demons of hell are the creatures most anticipated of the year, the publisher has obviously dedicated his space to the goose that lays golden eggs, also known as World of Warcraft, with a statement by conquistador. Activision has held that in the future will be more updates and expansions to the famous MMO that will deliver content commensurate with the increasing level of skill of the players.

Enslaved exceeded 700,000 copies

In fiscal 2011, the best selling game by Namco Bandai with 1.15 million units (U.S. market) was Tekken 6, title published in 2009. The adventure game developed by Ninja Theory, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, he stopped instead at an altitude of 730,000 units (end of March 2011). According to the publisher, Enslaved sales were disappointing due to the competitiveness of the period in which the title was launched, despite the goals of the company have not been met, Namco does not rule out a sequel.

Namco talks about the sales figures of Enslaved and Tekken 6

Enslaved improves, but Tekken 6 is very good although the 2009 reported financial results for the current year, Namco Bandai revealed that Enslaved: Journey to the West has sold 730,000 units. The figure is better than the 460,000 units reported in February, but still below the estimated million copies for the title of Ninja Theory.

Namco also stated that Tekken 6, title of 2009, sold well during the year 1.15 million copies. An excellent result for the sixth chapter in one of the most beloved sagas of fighting. Source: VG247