Saturday, May 7, 2011

Shogun 2 - DX11 Patch finally arriving

Accompanied by 4 maps for free Monday The Creative Assembly release the DX11 patch waiting for Shogun 2 shadows in the game that will implement advanced support for MSAA 2x to 8x speed, depth of field and improved tessellation. In addition to visual improvements there will be different in relation to the code that will correct several bugs, but the most pleasing surprise is the four free maps included in the update: Aki, Flood plains, mountain and Hida Sanriku Ria.

EA is working on new Xbox

EA has categorically denied the rumors in recent days indicate that the U.S. giant to work on the Dev Kit for the new Microsoft console. Jeff Brown, a representative of the company, told IndustryGamers that "this story is 100% false." In recent days, had also spread the news (at this point, "apparently false) that Microsoft would reveal the successor to the Xbox 360 at E3 to be held in early June.

3 Modern Warfare will soon be revealed

It is not the only surprise in June while waiting for the official announcement we already know that next month will devote several pages to OPM Modern Warfare 3, the third chapter in the saga of the saga that focuses on military conflicts of the modern mold. In development for over a year, however, the title is not the only surprise on CoD.

In fact, unofficially it was mentioned that Call of Duty online and this could be announced soon as we have already mentioned in this article. Besides the success of Battlefield Online calls a response from Activision that should stem the growing success of the EA brand that could do the bang with the already highly anticipated Battlefield 3.

Rayman Origins will be released in stores

The promising and stilosissimo return of Rayman in 2D in the new chapter, entitled Origins, is no longer provided as a digital download, but as a real game "as a showcase." A revelation was the latest issue of Game Informer. The U.S. magazine has reported that this new version of "packaged" Rayman Origins will be released in late 2011 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

More info about the game modes, which will include a local co-op up to 4 players. No mention is made of online gaming. Ubisoft's Michel Ancel The veteran has also reported that the level of difficulty will be less prohibitive than in the original Rayman, but the more experienced players "will have their work cut out with many secrets to unearth."

USB 3.0: the market debut

Many people ask the difference between USB 2.0 and USB 3.0, the answer is very simple, new connections differ from traditional USB 3.0, which we are accustomed to using only the speed of data exchange, this is the substantial difference which exists between the two versions, it must be said, however, that there are obviously behind this change of parameters and components that were upgraded or replaced to allow this increase in performance.

EA denies: "We do not have dev kits for the new Xbox"

The publisher branded as false the news released yesterday Develop specialized site had published yesterday reports that are already available development kits for the new Xbox, and Electronic Arts will be held. The anonymous source who had communicated this information to Develop further alleged that Microsoft was going to show something on them during E3, to prevent Nintendo to steal the show entirely due to revelations about the Project Café.

Top info for AC: Revelations

The latest issue of American magazine Game Informer has revealed the first official details on the new chapter of Assassin's Creed, Revelations. We already knew that the protagonist is once again Ezio Auditore from Florence, but now we also know that in this new adventure, our hero will have over 50 years.

Ezio this time in search of memories of his ancestor Altaïr detail of the script and this will allow us to directly control the protagonist of Assassin's Creed at various stages of the game. The city of Constantinople, the main adventure scenario will be divided into four districts, but later in the game will also visit the region of Cappadocia in central Turkey.

Apple: Intel discharged, New deal ARM

From the U.S. comes a voice that's dramatic, Apple would be thinking about a change of partnership by downloading Intel's upcoming production of MacBook, then establishing an agreement with the rival company ARM, which should provide the new chipset from next year The source of this news would have been detected in site SemiAccurate, always full of news and advances.

The news would not get from any one source but rather estimated as Charlie Demerjian, well known for its advances on the internet, often the fund, with hindsight, this is news to take a very great importance as an effective change of front from Apple would be a very bad blow to Intel and a great blessing for ARM, recently in trouble given the many innovations introduced by Intel in the chipset, which seems to have come at a turning point in the last period.

Two games in gift PSN users

Sony will offer two free games to all PSN users had to thank you for your patience during this period of inactivity of the service, due to the well-known attack by hackers. The list of games where you can choose will be announced shortly, but Sony has already know that will contain both PS3 and PSP titles.

"Users can choose two PS3 games from a list of five or, alternatively, two PSP games from a second list of four." Also confirmed the gift of the month of PS Plus service for all users and 30 days of service Qriocity free. Sony is also working on a new system of protection of identity for the European PSN, similar to that went online a few days in the United States.

HTC Sensation: output, price and allocation

HTC will launch new models at this time for 2011, one of the most anticipated is the new HTC Sensation model which we analyze the strengths and characteristics are less bright, thanks to the technical details provided by HTC that allows you to give a first look this exciting new smartphone that promises to be one of the top models for this 2011.

Based on the size, this new HTC Sensation, is not really a mini smartphone, in fact the official data about the dimensions are about 126 mm in height, 65.4 mm in width and 11.3 mm thick, weighs 148 grams not exactly a model by the measures. This characteristic is supplied from the large-screen 4.3-inch type S-LCD, 16 million color touchscreen capacitive, in resolution 540 x 960 pixels, which involves almost the entire front of the smartphone space leaving room only the row of touch-sensitive buttons located on the underside of the display, useful for editing options and selecting the most used.

Team Fortress 2 updates with the Replay Update

Accompanied by the inevitable fighting filmmakers, great comic, comes a new update for Team Fortress 2, this time contained less than fun (at least not directly) but certainly interesting. The "Replay Update" allows you to record, edit and to share from the online match to Valve's shooter teams, carrying the film thus obtained on Steam and on YouTube.

If this were not already challenging enough, Valve has seen fit to establish the "Saxxy Awards", or special awards divided into 20 categories that recognize the best videos shared through the replay option. You have until May 20 to register your film and apply it to one of the prizes. With the coming update also unlocks new objectives and, of course, new hats.

Foo Fighters on Rock Band 3

The Foo Fighters will be the stars of the new DLC for Rock Band 3, due out next week. If their style is not to your taste, you can always "fall back" on Run DMC or Lordi. Here is the complete list of parts that will be available from May 10 on Xbox 360/Wii, and (in theory) from 18 of the same month on PlayStation 3: As usual, the price of each track is € 1.49/200 Wii Points / 160 Microsoft Points.

PES 2012: Konami destroys and again

Enna year after the retort that has clearly set out the excessive power of FIFA against PES, Konami, manufacturer of the historic title of world's most popular soccer simulation, said that the new PES 2012 will be based on all new features. A complete demolition in fact, announced by general manager Pete Stone, which confirms the willingness of Japanese to set the game in some of its aspects, on all new parameters, in order to close the gap with the title diElectronic Arts in the coming years, returning to be the title of undisputed king of football simulation gaming market.

The editor of The Third Row Saints who pre-order Red Faction

We begin to create the characters, while it seems that there is a similar initiative undertaken by EA for the "Creature Creator" Spore for Saints Row: The Third. Despite the distance separating the concept of the two games, the character customization is apparently a constant. Thus, THQ had the idea to make available in advance on the output of the game, to those who pre-order Red Faction: Armageddon, the particular "Character Creator" of the new chapter in Saints Row, which would be very complex and deep.

Ubisoft announces WRC 2011

Ubisoft has just announced 2011 World Rally Championship, to be released in October on 3DS, PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It will be the first chapter of the WRC series developed by the French company, which bought the rights in October of last year. Command at the helm of the team are Black Bean, who has promised to maintain the realistic approach that has always characterized this saga.

The latest installment, released in late 2010 and developed by Milestone, received a fair 7 / 10 on Video Games Source. In addition to the WRC, and of course Assassin's Creed: Revelations, Ubisoft announced another title, a dance game "based on a popular BBC broadcast, Strictly Come Dancing.

Acer Icon Tab W500: technical review and

The Acer W500 Tab icon has been called since it was announced a revolutionary tablet, in fact looking at the pictures you may notice a small detail, the physical keyboard, the real peculiarity launched by Taiwanese home for this model, which sparked a race to recover between other producers in the same industry that have adapted to this technical device with additional accessories equivalent.

Rayman Origins becomes a retail title

As you flesh out the new Game Informer there's also new information about Rayman Origins, by the same Michael Ancel. The historic game designer at Ubisoft is a bit 'of time now committed about Beyond Good and Evil 2, but sometimes pulled off willingly to work on Rayman Origins, which meanwhile has grown from a game exclusively for download in digital delivery, as had been initially presented as "complete" and retail.

About Assassin's Creed: Revelations

From Game Informer Arrive first information on Assassin's Creed: Revelations from the pages of Game Informer via the NeoGAF forums. Here are the salient points have emerged so far: The story takes place in Constantinople, a city divided into four main areas of Constantine, Beyazid, Imperial and Galata.

There is also the opportunity to visit the Ezio Cappadocia has more than 50 years in the game There is new equipment called "hookblade", a sort of hook / hook that can be used both as a means of transport, significantly increasing the speed of shift in the city, both as a weapon from a spectacular rate over 300 different explosives can be used in crafting the game through the eye of the eagle has become the "Sense of the eagle", able to detect the position and movements of 'aim to create traps and ambushes expanded the concept of the towers of the Borgias in the new Assassin's Dens: these fortifications that form the bases located in various areas of the map, with a possibility to expand and improve them to increase the number of murders and provide strongholds for attacks against the Templars The Den can be attacked by enemies, in this case it is necessary to intervene directly or send the murderers.

Sony: 2 free games and PSN users protection scheme planned

The remuneration While Sony has today announced that PSN users can see Americans are destined to receive a free year of coverage through the 'AllClear ID Plus, Europe, Sony is "working hard" to put together a similar solution, which in a rugged and varied territory that Europe is more difficult. For the moment, apart from good intentions Sony Europe has promised, in a statement on the PlayStation blog, two free games to the PlayStation 3 and PSP users, in addition to the announced free month Plus Two PlayStation games will be selected from a list of 5 for PlayStation 3 and 4 for the PSP, but the titles have not yet been announced and will be announced "very soon".

A graffiti contest for Rage

Great prizes to be won! Bethesda has organized a special contest to promote Rage and the next QuakeCon, devoted entirely to graffiti. The "RAGE Sweeptakes and Graffiti Contest" is open and you can register through the official Facebook page links at the bottom to the news. From the same page you can get the app and the tools needed to create the graffiti in question, with the possibility of producing a different day to the end of the competition.

New occasions nell'Videogame Shop

Dear Videogame Sources, after a slight lean videogame "Here we are at the gates of a new period full of outputs that will keep us busy for probably more than a few weeks. No matter what your tastes in digital experiences, titles that we offer this week should definitely whet your interest.

Konami is rebuilding the PES series, but it will take time

Slowly The Konami football series, the famous PES over the years has maintained an obvious attachment to the roots, pursuing his vision of football in the videogame version without major jolts. However, the Japanese publisher seems to have decided to abandon the traditional and groped a different approach, with a "reconstruction" of the series, also keeping an eye on the direct competitor, the EA's FIFA.

A bit 'of numbers to Brink

During today Spalsh Damage has made known some interesting figures regarding the content of Brink. Have you ever wondered how many ways there are to lose their lives in this highly anticipated FPS? I'll tell us: 45! A surprise, however, are not only the lines contained in the game, well 26,000, or individual sounds of the weapons, even 4,500, but most of all the possible combinations of weapons and couplings, equal to 4,963, and those characters can be created 102 million billion (exactly 102,247 .681.536.000.000).

Times are hard for Crytek Budapest: Kingdoms moves to Frankfurt

Layoffs in sight An anonymous source close to but apparently Crytek Budapest (if not internal) has revealed to Gamasutra that the secondment of Crytek Hungary would face difficulties. Apparently, there are about 30-35 redundancies in sight and the main project on which the team was working on, or the still mysterious Codename: Kingdoms for Microsoft, it will move the team at headquarters in Frankfurt.

Suda 51: "sotd will last approximately 10 hours"

Suda 51, histrionic game designer Shinji Mikami author together with the forthcoming Shadow of the Damned, said that the game will have an average life of approximately 10 hours. "Of course, depend on the chosen level of difficulty and also because the players are 'curious'," he said. "If you're going to collect everything we put in the game, then the duration will be much higher." Shadows of the Damned will be released on PS3 and Xbox 360 on June 21.

A poster-style poster for the 70 Portal 2

Soon for sale on the Valve Store is a really interesting extra for all fans of Portal 2 and more: a poster-poster inspired by the game and made a graphic style reminiscent of classic 70's cinema advertising images. You can see below, and you can also find it at the official site of Tristan Reidford, graphic artwork, and dedicated to the characterization of the game from Valve, whose address is shown in the bottom of the news.

New images to our desktop!

Continued by popular demand the cooperation of Videogame Source. it with the known site specializing GameWallpapers. com, from which you can download the most beautiful bottoms and updated to your computer and also for your portable devices. It considered your liking, this time as well as wallpaper of the game you will find the images in computer graphics from the site "twin" CGWallpapers.

com. Here, the tunnel from which you can download the ones you like most. To get images at full size, click the Show All link under the photo gallery and then select the image you like by clicking on the link in the header at the top Look at the full resolution +.

8 years of Eve Online

Time to celebrate EVE Online today celebrates eight years of activities to celebrate and remember CCP distributes a package of six "Quafe Zero." Should you not be practical online universe in question, Quafe Zero is found only in Sleeper vessels and allows an increase in Speed and Resolution Scan of 5% for one hour with no side effects, "has a great taste, and will not fill makes good drivers, "says CCP.

First Details for Burnout Crash

According to reports by the WTO American ESRB rating, Burnout Crash is an action game that only partially modeled the style of the old chapters in the saga. The graphic style is "cartoony" and the action will be framed with a bird's eye view. "Each level will offer traffic, explosions, sound effects attributable to accidents and inciting speech by a speaker in a TV-style," reads the description.