Thursday, February 24, 2011

Release date, trailer and images for Darkest Hour: A Hearts of Iron Game

The new strategy was born from a rib Paradox Hearts of Iron II Paradox Interactive has just confirmed the release date for the new project belongs to the heading "Europe Engine: Darkest Hour: A Hearts of Iron Game. The game will be released March 29 in digital. Developed by a team of experts from the modder forums Paradox, Darkest Hour is a sort of stand-alone expansion to Hearts of Iron II, and contains a series of campaigns in length and different thickness, ranging from the Great War to the Cold War.

2 multiplayer demo of Crysis on PS3

A recent video of Crysis 2 is an indirect confirmation of the imminent arrival of a multiplayer demo of the game on PS3. In the video below you can see short clips from the level of 'Semper Fi or Die ", after which it is stated clearly" multiplayer demo coming to PS3. " Currently there are no further details, but considering that the game release is imminent, we should certainly not wait a long time.

LA Noire presents Marlon Hopgood

With some image ... The highly anticipated LA Noire Rockstar Games shows today in three completely new image. It is dedicated to the character screenshot Marlon Hopgood (a simple seller), that is one of several suspects who meet during the adventure and that we need to investigate. Find all the material in the tunnel.

Entertainment Robot reveals Orcs Must Die!

Robot Entertainment, a studio composed of many former dipendendti of Ensemble Studios, has unveiled his next project: Orcs Must Die! This will be a downloadable title for "PC and console" and should reach the market by the end of this year. The game we will cast in the role of a magician whose task will be to defend a castle from attack by hordes of orcs who wish to sow chaos everywhere.

The skills available to the character will of course be multiple and therefore promises the gameplay varied enough to ensure an online experience with the quality that has always characterized the work of these developers. No news on the side instead of multiplayer. Will there be? Who knows.

The 3rd Birthday - Trailer

A mix of gameplay and cut scenes spectacular The 3rd Birthday, the new title for PSP dedicated to the events dell'avvenente Aya Brea, will lead us in the New York close, at least in terms of time, 2012. Once again, our heroine will have to handle a tragic situation and will face the terrifying creatures called Twisted to save humanity.

On the occasion of the confirmation of European output, which is scheduled for April 1, Square Enix has released a new trailer. The 3rd Birthday - new trailer

A date for Virtua Tennis 4

SEGA today announced that Virtua Tennis will arrive in stores across Europe from April 29, just in time for Wimbledon! The American gamers will have to wait until May 10 to get their hands on this highly anticipated sports title. The development of the title has been handled internally - and therefore by Sumo Digital - the same men who, at the time, is in charge of the first two chapters of the series.

Petroglyph announces Rise of Immortals

Pictures, trailer, closed beta for the new action game free to play Petroglyph today announced that entries are open to the closed beta testing for the new multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, Rise of Immortals. Built on the classic Defense of the Ancients, the game we will provide twelve different characters in both player vs.

mode. than in player vs. player. environment. To join the beta, simply go to the official website as soon as the invitations will be extended to the public. Here are the first images released for the game and the trailer. Source: Joystiq

"Trust in Beyond Good & Evil 2"

How many of you will have noticed, there is a disturbing silence surrounding the development of Beyond Good & Evil 2 and just behind the exit of the remake of the first chapter of the series, Ubisoft is back to talk to reassure all enthusiasts. The mouth of Xu Wang, producer of Beyond Good & Evil HD, the publisher said trans to our network that fans should "have confidence in the project, but admitted that the timing of release of the remake will also depend on the results mentioned earlier .

New dev-diary for F.3.AR

And so more ... F.3. AR, the third installment of the series, appears today in a movie compeltamente unpublished. This time it is a new developer diary focusing mainly on the music production environments and is currently in production on platforms Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. You can find it below: Source: VG247

World of Tanks breaks all records

World of Tanks has established a new record for the simultaneous presence of players online on the same server. This was announced were the creators of the game, Wargaming. net. The record was set last January 23 on a Russian server. The number of players who contributed to achieving this goal is 91,311.

The previous record belonged to Eve Online, which had stopped at "only" 63,170 concurrent users. Strangely, it seems that the record was beaten was established the same day ... which is in itself a record in the first. The MMO "free-to-play" War of Tanks is available in beta in the U.S.

First gameplay from Prototype 2

It all begins here ... For Prototype 2 has appeared online a new movie. This is a video actually quite short, lasting only 19 seconds, but it shows us for the first time a sequence of what will be the gameplay of the title. You can find it below:

MMA Supremacy challenge THQ and EA

The series of THQ UFC is the most popular of its kind, although its dominance is threatened by MMA from Electronic Arts. Soon, however, comes another contender in the ring ... all female! It will be called MMA Supremacy and bring up the console world of extreme fighting women. Among the testimonials of the game will find names that many of us do not say anything, but that in their sport are the absolute star.

The Supremacy of MMA fighters in pictures

Release Date for The 3rd Birthday

Square Enix has announced that the third installment of Parasite Eve The 3rd Birthday will be released in Europe on April 1. The game will be available in Twisted Edition will also contain a book with bonus features exclusive artwork from the new adventures of Aya Brea. Other bonuses included in this special edition are two lithographs depicting the protagonist, a costume used in Aya Duodecim Dissidia Final Fantasy, and a voucher to buy a 50% discount Final Fantasy II from the PlayStation Network.

Crysis 2 - a movie from the PS3 version

The PS3 version of Crysis 2 Crysis 2 Experience: Part 2 - Semper Fi is a film dedicated to the gameplay of Crysis 2 which has the distinction of being the first video captured from the PS3 version of the game. The aesthetic result does not disappoint fans and finally to engineers can begin to count the polygons.

Soon there will be a multiplayer beta for the Sony console. Crysis 2 - Experience PlayStation 3

Here comes the patch 4.1 for wow

The old raid Zul'Gurub and Zul'Aman World of Warcraft will come back to life thanks to patch 4.1 of the game. The news was leaked by a Taiwanese site that, apparently, managed to intercept an internal memo describing some features of the new update. The new dungeons will contain new epic items and restoring the epic mount Raptor, Tiger Bear ee War.

The patch will also introduce a new skill, called Rallying Cry for the warriors of level 83.

Dungeon Siege III does not need the respec

A difficult decision Fergus Urquhart, Obsidian CEO, said that players will not need to reallocate skill points spent in because Dungeon Siege III is not a MMORPG with necessities such as PVP build or investment of hundreds and hundreds of hours on a single character . However, he added Urquhart, was not an easy decision even if it is a necessary element.

In any case all possible build Dungeon Siege III allow to complete the main purpose of security or kicking in behind the enemy. Source: Siliconera

Sony: "Given another chance to Home"

Sony has asked his devoted public service to give another chance to Home. "Many players are complaining about the lack of content. They ask that you continue to follow and still have a minimum of patience," said the boss of the Home project, Peter Edward, to Develop. "It's been two years since launch and since then we've done a lot of work and a lot of progress.

Of course we understand the views of players and we're working hard to repay their confidence." Home currently counts over 17 million registered, many of which, however, continue to ask for new content that might fuel their interest in the service. "The average stay at home is about one hour per user.

The official LittleBigPlanet strategy guide 2

The wait is finally over, after some vicissitudes that have delayed the release, is available on Multiplayer. en the Official Strategy Guide for Little Big Planet 2. The book published by Multiplayer. Edizioni it is extremely rich in useful information to better manage the editor of the title. A powerful tool that allows almost unlimited creative possibilities.

CREA! SHARE! PLAY! HAVE FUN! with the LittleBigPlanet Official Strategy Guide 2 Multiplayer. Edizioni it. - Play! Do not be afraid! We will follow step-by-step through each level to discover all the secrets, customs, and much more! - Create! Jump in, creates a level of your choice! You do not know how? Quiet! I'll show us! - Enjoy! This game is all about fun! While we show you how to get around and solve all the puzzles will always be a great fun.

Catherine on top in Japan

Catherine, the game developed by the authors of the series Persona, debuted in first position in Japan's weekly software (Media Create data). Second place for the fighting game from Capcom, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and third for Tecmo Koei's Samurai Warriors 3Z. As for the hardware charts, pride of place once again at the Sony PlayStation Portable.

PlayStation 3 is the platform's best-selling console in the home, while waiting for the fall debut of 3DS sales of the Nintendo DS.

Bulletstorm and offensive play - video, subtitled in Italian

A very special video is not exactly a demonstration of the game although the way in which People Can Fly shows us some offensive maneuvers Bulletstorm is quite effective. Well let's enjoy this first part of the series: Offensive Maneuvers. Bulletstorm - The Offensive Maneuvers Part 1

Child of Eden in stores July 1

Child of Eden, the latest creation of Tetsuya Mizuguchi, will be available July 1. As announced by Ubisoft, the game will hit stores in the second quarter of the fiscal year, in a period between April and June of 2011. Spiritual successor to Rez, Child of Eden Kinect will be compatible with Xbox 360, but will be playable with a standard controller.

No word yet on whether the evidence of Mizuguchi also support the motion controller for the PlayStation 3, Move.

Magicka - continue work

PVP coming? Efforts continued to Arrowhead for the latest bug fix to Magicka and to improve the formula. The development team is working on collisions and rescues and there is the possibility that the PVP is implemented in an official capacity. On this CEO Arrowhed Pilestedt Johan said: "The community is already organizing PVP tournaments and we are learning a lot about balancing watch me play." But there are elements that can not be changed as the need for a card that can handle the Shader Model 3.0 which prevents Magicka to run on several laptops with integrated card.

Layoffs to NetDevil

The downsizing plan developer NetDevils could jeopardize the future of the MMO LEGO Universe and Jumpgate: Evolution. "Unfortunately, many talented people have lost their jobs and we only found out on Facebook, without notice," according to an update posted on the blog by Toby Cochran of NetDevil. "For all we know, currently only a small team is working on LEGO Universe.

Counting on Facebook supoerato share has meanwhile fired 20 employees." NetDevil is a study of Gazillion Properties, which has not yet confirmed the layoffs.

Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster - Trailer

The dream of every child? Yahoo has got the first trailer dedicated to Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster for Kinect that will allow fans of the famous puppet to impersonate their favorite furry monster. This is certainly a title distinctly different from other productions, among which Double Fine games like Psychonauts and Brutal Legend.

Dedicated in part to the smallest, complete with educational component, Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster shows a very good atmosphere and seems to be true to the feel of the television counterpart.

Minecraft also on Android

After the announcement in recent days of the publication of Minecraft on iPhone and iPad, the developer Mojang confirmed that the game is also coming on Android. In recent days, Daniel Kaplan of Mojang had told Kotaku that after discussions with several third party developers on the design of a iOS / Android Minecraft, the developer decided to build inside the portable version of the title.

As for console gamers, however, when one has to settle for a clone of Minecraft for Xbox 360, FortressCraft.

The cover of LA Noire

Noir very colorful but not too much, the cover of LA Noire is shown for the first time today by Rockstar and Team Bondi, characterized by a rather unusual and dramatic design. At center stage, Detective Cole Phelps on a background divided between the scene of a crime and the face of a girl that when we do not have any particular information.

They will arrive tomorrow also communications bonuses tied to pre-order, presumably with better definition images for the various packshot.