Friday, January 14, 2011

The SEGA titles planned for the UK market in 2011

Also appears Aliens: Colonial Marines although no date is certainly not reassuring TBA (to be announced) related to Aliens: Colonial Marines, especially after the entries relating to the possible postponement to 2012. But the presence of the title in this list keeps alive our hopes of being able to play before the end of this year.

Dreamcast Collection Compilation (PC, PS3, 360) - February 25 Conduit 2 (Wii) - February (15 U.S.) Total War: Shogun 2 - Limited Edition and Standard Edition (PC) - March 15 Yakuza 4 (PS3) - Spring Super Monkey Ball 3D (3DS) - Generic Thor 2011 (DS, PSP, PS3, Wii, 360) - April 29 4 Virtua Tennis (PS3) - Generic 2011 Rise of Nightmares (Kinect) - Generic 2011 Captain America Super Soldier (DS , PS3, Wii, 360) - summer Binary Domain (PS3, 360) - TBA Aliens: Colonial Marines (PC, PS3, 360) - TBA

Metro 2033 was not advertised enough

The vice president of THQ comment on the sales of Metro 2033 Although it is a product from which good earnings, according to vice president of THQ, Danny Billson, the recent post-nuclear FPS has not been pushed enough. As reflected by statements given to Joystiq. com, Billson seems to be convinced that sales of non-striking Metro 2033 depend more by marketing than by the lack of an weblog 4A Games.

PS3 jailbreak: all the trophies without playing?

But what fun is ...? New chapter jailbreak PlayStation 3 in recent days particulary hot. It seems that users have a modified console of this type, through a specific application can be obtained immediately after inserting the disc into the console, for all the trophies without even playing. A practice really completely end in itself, but apparently used and exploited without hesitation.

A spokesman for Sony seems to have referred to the website CVG that the company would be aware and already working to counter the incident. We look forward to updates. Source: CVG

A new movie from Portal 2

From IGN portal ... The portal IGN has a preview posted on its website on Portal 2, sequel in development at Valve Software studies on platforms Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. It is this time of an article devoted to the first 30 minutes of play, which, of necessity, contain a fair amount of news and sequences including apparently a further development of the story than the original episode.

Breach claims gold and will be available on January 26

Atomic has just confirmed that the title reached the level Breach Gold (gold) and will be downloadable, which will be released worldwide on January 26 on PC and Xbox Live Arcade. The game will have a value of 1200 MS Points for Xbox 360 owners and $ 19.99 for PC users. The game will also be released for PC in two versions: downloadable and through retail stores, in the case of console users they can only get on Live.

Mass Effect 2 PS3 launch trailer in Italian

It is now ready ... To kill time for the next January 21, Bioware has provided us with the launch trailer in Italian on a Mass Effect 2, obviously the expected version for the PlayStation 3 arrived late compared to those intended to Xbox 360 and PC. Here, then, you can appreciate all the sequences constructed for the European launch of the title and finally located in our language with subtitles.

The first will Homefront DLC for Xbox with XBL

Homefront close to launch, to be launched on 8 March in the U.S. and 11 in the UK, THQ announced that all Homefront DLC to arrive first to the Xbox 360. The charge was announced, Microsoft's Major Nelson who did the event "newTHQ" in New York. As additional data on the 360 version also receive an exclusive map, known as the suburbs.

The agreement is similar to that announced by Activision at E3 last year, in which all Call of Duty DLC would come first to Xbox Live until 2012.

Breach is gold, the date for Europe

Now coming ... Atomic has made official what will be the debut of Breach, under-delivery and digital distribution by means of physical support that will dawn on Xbox Live Arcade for Xbox 360 and PC. The title will therefore be sold in Europe from next January 25 for the price of 1200 Microsoft Points and $ 19.99 (obviously to be processed in euro).

Source: VG247

Demo for XBL and PSN Bulletstorm by

Bulletstorm make an appearance at the end of February but for those eager can not wait this time, on January 25 will play the demo version will be available through Xbox Live and Playstation Network. It can play through a portion of the title and has 45 Skillshot skills at your disposal. By downloading the demo you can unlock only optimizations that can be used in full game mode.

Fourth-dev diary for The Witcher 2

The fourth more ... CD Projekt RED has released the fourth Development Diary on at The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, role-playing game that will be published in 2011 by Namco Bandai Partners on platforms Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. It is therefore another interesting insight into the main gameplay.

You can judge the performance of the software company directly with the video attached below: The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings - Development Diary # 4

LittleBigPlanet 2 in Superdirective today!

Back to the Superdirective Multiplayer. it, from our studies of Terni. In today's show episode 2 LittleBigPlanet for PlayStation 3 and answer any questions from users! Connect at 17 Friday, January 14th at this page to interact with us. The maximum number of users that can connect simultaneously is equal to 5000, to see the direct non-stop you have to have an ADSL connection of at least 1.2 Mbits, we recommend that you do not download anything while watching the live itself.

Ubisoft Assassin's Creed and publish Sandwiches: The Fall in Italy

Assassins in Russia Panini Comics was contracted by Ubisoft to publish and locate in the Italian comic Assassin's Creed: The Fall. This is a graphic novel that tells the adventures of Nikolai Orelov, another novel member of the sect of the Assassins operating in Russia in the period between 1890 and 1917.

Written and illustrated in collaboration with Cameron Stewart (Batman & Robin, Catwoman) and Karl Kerschl (Superman, Flash) mixes the comic characters and actual historical events (Rasputin, the Tesla, Tsar Alexander III and the Tunguska event) in a new mix of semi-fiction and fictional history.

Homefront: DLC exclusive to Xbox 360

But only time ... During the event held in New York called "newTHQ," Microsoft Announces Homefront propose that with regard to the exclusive DLC all the time devoted. So in essence the same thing happen happened with Call of Duty and its publisher Activision, for which Microsoft is in possession of that exclusivity announced at E3 last year.

The first content for the title, among others, will have the exclusive for the console in question also call the Suburbs map.

Killzone 3 is gold

At least in North America dedicated to the American official PlayStation blog announced the entry into gold Killzone 3, who are preparing to leave the U.S. So, as planned, for February 22. The shooter then Guerrilla has completed all stages of development and review and entered the final section of the production, which is a prelude to the distribution in stores in two versions, standard and Helghast.

A date for Killzone 3

Sony announced today that the highly anticipated FPS Killzone 3, provided exclusively on PS3, will reach the shops in the Old World Feb. 25, for what promises to be an explosive head to head with Bulletstorm. SCEA Santa Monica, speaking through Associate producer Mike Graham, has announced, through the U.S.

PlayStation blog that the title has just entered the stage gold. The title will be available with three days in advance in the U.S., or February 22. In anticipation of the release, you just have to check out the latest video.

Cooking Mama moves up with Facebook Friends Cafe

The combination of the boarding Majesco Cooking Mama and Facebook seems to be particularly fruitful, given the proximity of the game with the tastes of users from social game, so no surprise that Majesco has decided to bring back the heroin rings in the context of the network. We always have to do with the kitchen in some way, but in this case it comes to managing an entire site dining (cafe, restaurant, bar or similar), or unlocking - guess what - you buy new items for the room gradually.

The Global Game Jam at Verona

48 hours to create a game from scratch, working with thousands of people in different parts of the world? It is not fiction but reality. The Global Game Jam, now in its third year, focuses on the planning of a video game world simultaneously completed over a period of time. This year also the faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences University of Verona will host the event to be held around the world from Friday 28 to Sunday, January 30.

The demo Bulletstorm confirmed for January 25 - video

Killshot trial today comes confirmation from Electronic Arts' demo for the arrival of a Bulletstorm January 25, over Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. The new shooter Epic / People Can Fly is thus presented to the players with a specific focus on the multiplayer demo Echo, as previously announced, with the protagonist Grayson Hunt engaged in a setting marked by the ruins of a collapsed building.

The first DLC for X360 Homefront

In the current event that THQ is taking place at this time in New York, Major Nelson has announced that the Xbox 360 version of Homefront benefit anticipated output of the DLC that will be developed for the game. The faithful members of the Microsoft console will have access to extra content so the game with a slight advance of the owners of the PS3 and PC versions, although the magnitude of this "delay" was not yet known.

Part officially Champions Bloodline

Launch Funcom has announced today the official launch of Champions Bloodline, a free MMO (but micro-transactions) for PC with fantasy. The peculiarity is that the game is based entirely on PvP combat but does not provide leveling for players. The clashes are therefore based only on the ability since all users the same level.

This is a fairly small project size, developed by the team but Stunlock Studios has already made its beta test well on 200,000 players apparently with some success. Source: Official Website