Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sucker Punch talks about the Karma System Infamous 2

The second episode of the series will boast a greater freedom of action Brian Fleming of Sucker Punch team posted on the U.S. PlayStation Blog some information about the Karma system that will be implemented in inFAMOUS 2. According to the developer, when the team took the decision to improve the Karma System for the release of the sequel of Infamous, the view has to make choices more credible and more relevant to relationships with other characters, rather than to specific choices.

A trailer for Ar Tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel

The RPG developed by Gust show off their scantily clad heroines Third episode of Ar Tonelico, expected in stores on March 24, the latest work of Gust is shown with a trailer that explains the characters and some stages of gameplay, all using the classic anime style, which is the most popular. The presence of scantily clad girls did a little 'discussion (the ESRB have been flagged by the game as "mature"), but trust that you will not be the only item of interest in a production expected certainly to be a good number of fans RPG.

Fray: a RTS from Brain Candy for Mac and PC

Pending further information Not much to report on it, to tell the truth, but Brain Candy has recently announced a new RTS for PC and Mac, called Fray. The setting is futuristic, and this is what we are able to establish since the artwork released on the official website of the development team, and the gameplay is based on small groups of four fighters, each characterized by specific skills and specializations.

India Challenge 2011 Game Winners

Limbo in Limbo head continues to gather support, confirming a major outputs not only in independent, but in the overall gaming market in 2010. The Grim Adventures of Playdead India also won the Grand Prize Game Challenge 2011 in the category "professional", adding to Inertia which won the same award in the category "not professional".

Here is the list of winners this year: $ 100,000 Grand Prize Winner (Professional): Limbo by Playdead $ 100,000 Grand Prize Winner (Non-professional): Inertia by Team Hermes Kongregate Award: Symon by ZZZ Games $ 2.500 Technical Achievement: Inertia $ 2.500 Achievement in Art Direction: Limbo $ 2.500 Achievement in Gameplay: Inertia $ 10,000 Gamer's Choice Award - Voted on by the Public: Inertia

Manufacture Grosshopper on a new IP?

Sega electric lollipop? Siliconera, as usual, is dedicated to finding trademark mysterious and recently discovered a new title that seems to be in development by Grasshopper Manufacture, the team led by Suda 51. This title is Lollipop Chainsaw and seems to be a game in development for the study of the author of Killer 7 and No More Heroes (among others) for Kadokawa, a title which have already been found long ago among the registered on behalf of Grasshopper.

Videogame gives you Magicka

Thought the contest was an isolated initiative Dead Space 2? Wrong, dear Videogame Sources, because we have not finished your fortune to entertain you! This week is indeed the time of a contest dedicated to the excellent Magicka, one of the most pleasant surprises of the contemporary indie scene, as evidenced by the 8 / 10 assigned to it by our Roberto Bertoni.

But what exactly is this new contest? Since this is a charming action / adventure in which, as its title suggests, magic plays a major role, this time we ask you to invent a spell! Yes, you read right: given free rein to your imagination and, in addition to the name of the spell, tell us also what are its properties, characteristics and peculiarities.

Crysis 2 - Crytek responds on the leaked version

An appeal to the community Crytek and EA are deeply sorry to hear that a version of Crysis 2, though incomplete, has appeared in the Torrent network of sites. Software companies and publishers encourage fans to support the game and the development team waiting for the full title of which will arrive March 22.

Piracy, said the statement posted on the site of Electronic Arts, continues to damage the PC market and the developer community. Source: EA

Dead Space Contest 2 - Results

Dear Videogame Sources, now is the moment of truth: in a few lines will reveal the names of three winners of the Dead Space2! Who will be the lucky user to have won the Limited Edition? And to whom, however, will be touched and the standard edition action figures? During the last week we've swamped with email, a number which, we admit, has far exceeded our expectations.

With your creations you have shown once again that not only have great imagination, but also a sympathy out of the ordinary, wonderful and giving us a sea of laughter that made our job a little 'more pleasant than usual. In light of this it would be nice to be able to reward everyone, but unfortunately we are forced to choose ...

Enslaved - Namco Bandai talks about the low sales

Poor planning Apparently Namco Bandai has decided to explore more carefully studying the market better than the periods of output and the potential of its products. This was stated by the Vice-President Choi Carson that places the responsibility for poor sales of Enslaved: Odyssey to the West to exit period is too rich.

Over 4000 titles for the console during the holiday season a year and overflow of securities would then obscured the title Ninja Theory whose quality, according to Choi, is undeniable. Source: Siliconera

Killzone 3 - piracy has already struck?

The recent PS3 vulnerability leads to unexpected repercussions According to several entries a leaked version of Killzone 3 would already be downloaded illegally. It would be the first flight data of such high importance to Sony, not only for its title but also the weight of the package would be 41.4 gigabytes.

Magic The Gathering: Tactics - The trailer for the White Mana

Crysis 2: screen the graphics settings?

It could be so ... As we know, in recent days has appeared on channels pirates a leaked version of Crysis 2, sequel in development at Crytek. Today even get three screenshots which apparently would have to show the three main graphical settings, which would be divided in order of quality among Gamer, Advanced and Hardcore.

Below the images in question: Source: Pixelsmashers

Everquest II: Destiny of Velious - 12 new images

Expansion unlike any other? The expansion Velious The Scars of the first Everquest was almost a revolution for the title. There is therefore no coincidence that there is a strong excitement of Destiny Velious that brings players into the glacial tundra where the dwarves and their enemies coldain kromrif fought the War of the Ring.

The screenshots have been paid by Sony to Massively.

Serious Sam 3 next summer

It seems safe ... The Roman Ribaric CEO of Croteam announced on the official website on the company that Serious Sam 3 will be distributed from next summer. After numerous delays, therefore, it seems that the title will finally arrive in an official capacity on the market. We await further details. Source: Joystiq

GT5: Yamauchi announced the next update

Coming this February ... Yamauchi, head of Gran Turismo 5, has announced that on February 18 will be released another update to the popular driving simulator available exclusively on PlayStation 3. It is basically a patch designed to fix problems with the files to back up the rescue, in addition to the revival of "service points".

Source: GT Planet

DICE announces the beta for Battlefield 3

Not bad ... DICE has announced - via a post on the social network Twitter - that by next fall will begin a beta for Battlefield 3, awaited third chapter of the franchise edited by Electronic Arts. Specifically, the multiplayer beta will begin as specified by next October. Source: N4G

[Spoiler] Marvel vs. Capcom 3, the finale of She-Hulk hides a surprise

A lawyer's cousin, Bruce Banner will judge ... Rich people will be as much as Capcom side from Marvel, Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds that can not hide a multitude of surprises, especially during the final sequences, which can be accessed after completing the game. In the case of She-Hulk, we will see the fascinating and powerful cousin of Bruce Banner realize their professional dreams, becoming a judge.

Darkspore - the trailer for the Limited Edition

The importance of a good hack & slash defense Evolution of Spore, which will allow players to create creatures from fighting, will be released in limited edition pre-order the title obtained Maxis. Darkspore The Limited Edition will include a unique creature called Maldri. The video below is dedicated to this creature of incredible defensive capabilities.

Darkspore - Limited Edition trailer

Five new images for Resistance 3

The steep hills with fog ... Third episode of a series of "symbol" of PlayStation 3, Resistance 3 shows in five new images, all characterized by an atmosphere reminiscent almost Silent Hill because of dense fog. Thus we see the protagonist, Joseph Hair, aboard a boat surrounded by the Chimera, the new polygonal models made by Insomniac (much more detailed than the two previous episodes) and one of the many abandoned buildings that will be the backdrop to the thrilling journey that will lead our character to move from Oklahoma to New York.