Friday, February 18, 2011

TERA is shown in a new video

Another presentation ... TERA The Exiled Realm of Arborea, MMORPG in development at Studio Bluehole, appears today in a new movie. This is a video dedicated to the game system, can be found as always attached at the bottom of the article. Source: VG247 PC Games - E3 2011 - TERA

Crysis 2 in the test even on PS3?

The PC and Xbox 360 players can try out Crysis 2 before the debut of the game next month, but PlayStation 3 users will never see a demo of Crytek's new game? Players PlayStation "probably can expect a demo," said executive producer shooter Nathan Camarillo at PSU. "We want as many players as possible are able to experience Crysis 2.

I can not tell you more, we have not yet announced the demo". A trial version of the multiplayer of Crysis 2 will be available on PC from March 1, while on the Xbox 360 demo is already available for several weeks. According to Camarillo after launching the game will come also several downloadable content: "It's a great game, great fun.

The DLC Marvel Vs Capcom 3 are already on the disk?

Hackers strike again in a manner similar to what happened to other titles, it seems that Marvel Vs Capcom 3 DLC is actually already on the game disc, then that would be just "unlocked" and not downloaded with the purchase. In practice, it all starts with the initiative of some geek user: exploring the game code, hackers have found a kind of data related to Jill Valentine, unlockable character who owns the exclusive Collector's Edition only available through DLC for the other .

B-Spec remotely for GT5

The remote racing mode has been added to Gran Turismo 5 through patch 1.06 (300MB file size). This option allows you to participate in a race B-Spec Gran Turismo 5 using a web browser from a mobile device or PC. Another new update is the ability to use the tracks made with the editor in online battles.

Only circuits that are created after the patch, however, can be used in network play. The 1.6 patch also introduces the Performance Points in online races, so you can use the points of performance cars to create balanced multiplayer match. The complete list of news included in the update is available on TheSixthAxis.

FIFA 11: Patch incoming market

Long awaited ... You know, with the end of January football fans / vidoeludici become quite demanding, since the winter market with the movement of professional players can be quite sensational, as this year. Electronic Arts is not to look, and for the popular FIFA 11 will propose by next February 23 the usual patch that will update all the roses.

We will therefore, among many others, Pazzini Inter, Cassano to Milan and Torres to Chelsea.

Jurassic Park in April on PC and Mac

The episodes of the game from the movie Jurassic Park come in April on PC and Mac, announced Telltale. The entire series is currently booked on the official website of the developer at a discounted price. The game will resume the story of Jurassic Park where you can finish the events narrated in the first film.

To achieve the episodes inspired by the blockbuster movie, Telltale has learned a more realistic style than the cartoon typically used by developers of Sam & Max, Tales of Monkey Island and Back to the Future. In the past few hours, Telltale Games has also confirmed to be working on the adaptation of the videogame series The Walking Dead.

Nintendo: The retail market is still at the helm

The digital soverchierà traditions Laurent Fischer, Nintendo of Europe's MD of marketing and PR, reiterated the idea of "traditional" large N for the digital market: basically, despite the increased interest in this form of purchase and distribution, the mass market is still completely focused on retail.

So Nintendo does not share the views of other members of the most progressive, providing a short-passing of the digital market on traditional, essentially looking like two separate things App on the purchase of the mobile market with that of console games. Yet for a long time ', therefore, continue to go to stores to buy games on disc or cartridge, said Fischer.

Pagani Huayra in Shift 2: Unleashed

Shift 2: Unleashed will be the first game to incorporate a digital version of Pagani Huayra. As you read on the official website of the manufacturer Pagani, the Huayra has opening doors gullwing, Mercedes-AMG engine has an M158 V12 Bi-Turbo capable of providing a power of 700 hp with maximum torque of 1000 Nm The price of the car has not yet been announced but it is thought that the creator Horacio Pagani supercar has set a price above the one million dollars.

Slight delay to Europe in SHIFT 2

However, minor ... Need For Speed Shift 2: Unleashed will arrive in Europe with a little 'later than originally expected. In fact, the title will be available in stores by next March 31 instead of 25 of the same month as originally announced by Electronic Arts. Source: VG247

A date for OpFlash: Red River

Codemasters has just announced that Operation Flashpoint: Red River, expected on PC, PS3 and X360 will be launched in Australia and Europe on April 21, and five days later in the USA. Developed taking into account the great feedback received from the community for Dragon Rising, Red River promises to be a product capable of providing a gaming experience extremely intense and realistic.

The events will be set in Tajikistan, and according to what the development team the title will show several improvements over its predecessor, such as improved AI, a system of customization and combat.

The Call to Arms Dragon Age II began

One million downloads for the demo by March 1 Electronic Arts and Bioware held a special initiative linked to Dragon Age II, in particular to their demo. This is getting to a million downloads in total for the demo version of Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3 (cumulative) by March 1. If the mission is successful, EA will release two special items for the whole community from the day of launch, in this case: The Far Cliffs of Kirkwall - a book of poems written by a refugee fleeing Fereldan Blight, a reading that provides bonus and money Lothering's Lament - another book of poems written by another man on the run, bestows experience points can track the progress of the download at this address.

Turn 10 focuses on realism for Forza 4

According to MSN Autos, Turn 10 is going to leverage on the realism of the driving experience for the new chapter of the Forza Motorsport racing series. According to the indications given in the article, the developers of Forza Motorsport 4 would have studied the data on the performance of the cars and Pirelli tires provided by the manufacturer, as well as the characteristics of eight of the tracks in the game.

Bizarre closed, the farewell video

And 'It's been a pleasure talking for too long and starting from too many sources found that it could be a mere rumor: Bizarre Creations today closed its doors. The Liverpool team, in particular author of the series of racing game Project Gotham Racing and Geometry Wars was going through a particularly tough from an economic standpoint, and its position was further complicated by the uncertain results of their latest James Bond Bloodstone.

Warren Spector is given to comics

After developing the Wii exclusive Disney Mickey Epic, Warren Spector will address the creation of a new series of cartoon series Duck Tales. Written by Spector, Miquel Pujol designed by Disney and published by BOOM!, The comic book will hit stores in May. Disney Mickey Epic is available on the Wii last November.

After the publication game, Disney has announced several cuts in staff Junction Point in the corporate reorganization.

Demo Available Cities in Motion

How will your transportation network? Paradox Interactive Ltd and Colossal Order, respectively publisher and developer of Cities in Motion, has announced the release of the playable demo for their title. Available from February 22, the game will allow us to create and manage a transport network in several cities, using all kinds of means.

The demo covers a period of one year, enough so to test the goodness of the Colossal Order Ltd branded product and see if it meets our taste. It can be downloaded from this link.

Dead Island confirmed for 2011

Polish developer Techland announced to be working on Dead Island. Announced in 2007, Dead Island is a survival horror with elements from the RPG genre publisher Deep Silver plans to publish in 2011. Great importance will be given to the melee weapons in the game, tells the developer of Call of Juarez.

The ammunition are scarce, and classes, character development and customization of equipment to ensure greater depth and horror title.

Demo Available Men of War: Assault Squad

The sequel to Men of War can be tried free Lace Mamba Global and 1C Company have today released the official demo for the upcoming RTS Men of War: Assault Squad, which includes the first introductory-level single-player mission and a extra place in Europe . The game, which will be available from April 22, includes an unprecedented cooperative skirmish mode with access to five different countries (Russia, Germany, USA, Commonwealth, and for the first time in a game in the series Man of War, Japan ), a high degree of realism and gameplay immediately.

Tom Clancy sales on Xbox Live

The next week on the Xbox Live service, Microsoft will cover the usual discounts of various add-ons and full titles belonging to targati Tom Clancy franchise. The promotions will be effective February 21 to 27, reported Blog Major Nelson. Here is the list of contents: As of February 28 will also be downloadable at half price, 400 Microsoft Points, the game PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX.

Full-bodied update for Gran Turismo 5

The 6.1 update brings a host of new According to many people, the 1.6 update for Gran Turismo 5 finally transforms the title Polyphony in what should have been from the beginning. Here is a list of changes made to the game: Changes and new features more Racing Remote - The remote race were added to the bottom right corner of the GT mode, the screen of the Community.

From there you can start a race using B-Spec complete your custom drivers and your friends and earn rewards and experience the event. Racing from Remote Web Browser - By visiting the site-wide tourism. com, you can control your PlayStation 3 and start racing, track progress and monitor results from the site.

Black Ops as sold in USA in January

According to data from NPD for the month of January, the best selling game last month in the U.S. has been Call of Duty: Black Ops. The shooter, Activision ranked above Just Dance 2 Visceral and survival horror games, Dead Space 2. LittleBigPlanet second quarter, the tenth for the PlayStation 3 and PC MMO DC Universe.

This software top ten U.S. for the month of January: Compared to January of 2010, software sales were down 5% while on the hardware side of the decline over the previous year was 8%.

The Homefront in two new gameplay video

Betrayal and distractions for the new FPS from THQ IGN has just released two videos relating to the gameplay of Homefront, the new FPS developed by Kaos Studios, which will be released in Italy next month. In the first video, entitled "Distraction", we see precisely the dynamics of the game relating to those actions which would impede the enemy's attention on a particular target, making the next show, however, compared to a different location.

Telltale working on The Walking Dead

As anticipated by the rumors last month, Telltale Games is working on a series of games based on TV series and comic The Walking Dead. According to reports from All Things Digital Telltale have signed an agreement to publish games based on the franchise of zombie horror. Telltale has also confirmed to be working on adaptation in key interactive comic book series published by Vertigo, Fables.

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 in Superdirective today!

Back to the Superdirective Multiplayer. it, from our studies of Terni. In today's episode show Marvel Vs Capcom 3 on Xbox 360 and will answer all questions from users! Connect at 17 Friday, February 18th at this page to interact with us. The maximum number of users that can connect simultaneously is equal to 5000, to see the direct non-stop you have to have an ADSL connection of at least 1.2 Mbits, we recommend that you do not download anything while watching the live itself.

No Move to Portal 2

In the past few hours, statements of Valve's Chet Faliszek had hinted that Move the controller to be compatible with the PlayStation 3 version of Portal 2. However, the developer of the sequel to Portal intervened to correct those statements. Faliszekh German told the PlayStation blog that the PS3 version would have "exclusive rescues Cloud, a free code full support for PC and PlayStation Move".

Fifth expansion for Sword 2

The free-to-play MMORPG of GamersFirst is enriched with new contents GamersFirst has just announced the release of the fifth expansion for Sword 2, the popular free-to-play MMORPG. The title of the package will be Renaissance, and expand the kingdom of Granado Espada achievement adding to the experience, and new PvP arenas UPC.

Players will then engage with a wider world, taking advantage of a fully redesigned for the occasion. Renaissance will offer new features to the pioneers, with the possibility of organizing challenges and the presence of a classification system based on performance, and new battles and new costumes.

Mirror's Edge "important" for EA

A few days ago we talked about the prototype of Mirror's Edge from EA rejected, but as stated by the publisher to a 1Up says is "an important franchise for EA. At present, however, the spokesman for EA reiterates that there is still nothing to announce in relation to IP. Mirror's Edge debuted in 2008 on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, the sales were not up to the expectations of the publisher, which proved to be very wary of the sequel.

THQ mentioned the announcement of Wii 2

As stated by THQ boss Brian Farrell in a conference with the shareholders (via CVG), could soon launch the Nintendo Wii's successor. "In the past, a new console was equivalent to a period of fast growth industry," said Farrell. "Now that costs have increased significantly cycles have lengthened, and consequently more difficult to interpret the cycles of console and make the right choices.

We do not believe that Sony and Microsoft are planning a new console, Nintendo will leave it to announce the new hardware. " "We have invested most of our capital on X360 and PS3 and we think the most interesting things should happen on these platforms." In the past, Nintendo has repeatedly declared its intention to launch the successor to the Wii only when no longer be able to develop innovative games for the current home console.

Yet another new trailer for Bulletstorm

When you say "strong promotion" People Can Fly and Epic Games have just released a new trailer, another for the imminent Bulletstorm. This time the video will introduce a minimum charge of the game environment, it states that "the limits of the known universe (actually the original terms were more colorful, Ed), a group of mercenaries is refining the art of assassination ".

The rest of the movie shows the well-known skillshot, focusing on the combination of "do cool stuff / get cool stuff" in reference to the wide variety of activities undertaken and the equally wide variety of weapons that will be available in the game.

Ex Team17 joins Double Eleven

In early February, Martyn Brown announced that he had left the firm he founded and led for 20 years, Team17. Brown did not explain the reasons for his choice, but stated that it was joining a Double Eleven to develop games for handheld consoles commissioned by Sony. "I am happy to assist, advise and help Double Eleven, said Brown." Undoubtedly Double Eleven will quickly become one of the most important developments of the British landscape.

The U.S. charts for the month of January

Hardware down, Black Ops to the summit for the software The NPD has released sales figures for the U.S. videogame market, for the month of January. It has unfortunately been a decline compared to last year. The total sales amounted to a 1.16 billion dollars in less than 5% compared to January 2010 in respect of the software, 8% less in relation to the hardware.

Well thanks to the popularity of accessories Kinect and Move, with a +6% for a total of 235.1 million dollars. As for software, Call of Duty: Black Ops is the best seller of the period, followed by Just Dance 2 and Dead Space 2. Of note is the excellent results achieved by Zumba Fitness: Join the Party, which has reached the fifth position.

A DLC for Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

Ubisoft has announced new content for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. The disappearance of The Da Vinci DLC will be available from early March on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network at a price of 800 Microsoft Points or 9.99 €. The package includes content for both single-player mode for the multiplayer.

"After the fall of the Borgia, Leonardo Da Vinci was kidnapped by Hermetic, adherents of a secret cult which aims at a radical transformation of the human race. Ezio undertake a real race against time to recover some stolen paintings and be able to find Leonardo before it's too late, "the statement said.

Wii 2 coming? Possible, according to THQ

Brian Farrell is not surprised by an announcement by Nintendo concerning CEO of THQ, Brian Farrell, said that any announcement of a Wii 2 by Nintendo does not come as a surprise. At a recent conference, Farrell said that it does not expect new models of home consoles from Microsoft or Sony soon. "As for Nintendo, the issue is complicated," he added.

"Let them to announce the new hardware." THQ boss was responding to the question of an investor about his predictions on the arrival of new consoles. Why, according to the investor, "is fantastic produce great games, but ultimately I'm here to make money." Farrell replied: "And we are here for the same reason.

Problem solved for Halo: Reach

In the past few hours, Bungie has confirmed the presence of a mysterious problem in matchmakinh Halo: Reach. Initially, the official Bungie site claimed to be unaware of the causes of the problem, but later confirmed that it had found the solution. "The team that deals with online game told me that the problem has been destroyed at its roots.

We apologize for any inconvenience." Halo: Reach is the last game of the series developed by Bungie, Halo. Until now, Microsoft has not announced new games for the franchise was orphaned of its creator.

Diablo III: The Demon Hunter revealed

A surprise, but not by much, since he only lacked the call, Blizzard announced that among the available classes in Diablo III there will be a male version of the Demon Hunter. Like his female counterpart, revealed last Blizzcon with the classic movie full of class and charisma that Morhaime and company have accustomed us, is a character based on ranged weapons and dark fascination with both the envy of Nick Cave.

Updated - Portal 2 on PS3 will not support Move

Denial ... UPDATE: Unfortunately, Valve has officially denied - through a press - Move the device will be compatible with the PS3 version of Portal 2. Portal 2, the PlayStation 3 version, will boast a full support of the Move, although this feature has not yet been fully integrated. During an interview with the German PlayStation Blog, Valve's Chet Faliszek has described this as an extra "compensation" with respect to the fact that users were not able to play PS3 with Left 4 Dead.

Blizzard seeks staff for Diablo III on consoles

Thus it seems official ... We recently spoke over and over again because it is not the first time running rumors and statements of various kinds to the alleged intention of Blizzard wants to create the highly anticipated Diablo III on consoles also. Today, however, unlike other times, the data available it seems very real and tangible.

Portal is in fact appeared on Gamasutra posted an announcement from Blizzard itself to seeking a senior producer for the development of Diablo III in the console version. The requirements would be at least one AAA title in their curriculum supported by at least four years of industry experience.

Starbreeze will use the Unreal Engine 3

Starbreeze, the team responsible in the past of The Chronicles of Riddick and The Darkness (and suspected of being at work on an alleged remake of Syndicate), has signed an agreement for the use of the now famous Unreal Engine 3. "We evaluated many products on the market, we concluded that the Unreal Engine 3 is the best solution for our needs," said company president, Johan Kristiansson.

Starbreeze has about 120 employees, currently engaged in "a very important production for publisher Electronic Arts." In April 2010, the Scandinavian airline had recorded three times mark the Syndicate and months following the same EA admitted that behind the codename "Project RedLime" hiding something related to this franchise.

Alan Wake on sale at $ 4

Offerton! Only in the U.S. but ... Really amazing the offer from Amazon - but the U.S. side - for Alan Wake, Remedy made by controversial chapter for the Xbox 360. In fact the title is affordable, as evidenced by this address, you pay only $ 4 (but as a download via coupon). Stated, with regret, that you can not get from this section, a shipment of Amazon in Europe.

Source: VG247

DLC confirmed for Hot Pursuit

The Criterion team is finishing the final details of the three DLC Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, which will come in the coming weeks. Armed and Dangerous, released on 22 February, will introduce two new game modes. The first, Most Wanted, will the police and one pilot, while everyone else will have groped to protect him.

Arms Race, by contrast, is a new type of race whose details were not disclosed. This DLC will add three new Achievements and Trophies to the respective versions of the game. The second downloadable content, titled Lamborghini Untamed will be released on March 1 instead. It features three new cars car note (Diablo, Countach and sixth grade), 10 new events, and more goals and trophies.

PS3: 4 million since its launch in UK

These data ... Sony has released the results as regards the sales of PlayStation 3 in UK, since its launch to date. So: the monolith of the Japanese managed to sell by March 23, 2007, Dayon Journal for the market (come four months after the U.S.), over 4 million copies. Source: VG247