Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The outputs on the Xbox Live Arcade

On Wednesday, three new games for Xbox Live Arcade brings three new titles available for download on the digital delivery of Xbox 360. The games in question are Raskulls, a platform game that closely resembles the classic 2D structure of its kind, featuring characters somewhat "skeletal", downloadable for 800 Microsoft Points; Microbot, a kind of shooter setting to "microscopic" (800 Microsoft Points) and a third expansion for Magic: The Gathering.

Hackers and PlayStation 3: Find the "private key"

The "full control" for hackers New episode of the long struggle between hackers and PlayStation 3 during the 27C3 Chaos Communication Conference currently underway, focusing on their computer and manipulate various hardware and software, the hacker group responsible for the Homebrew Channel Wii, known as "fail0verflow," said they had found the "private key" inside the PlayStation 3.

This would be a piece of code used by Sony to allow programs to operate on the PlayStation 3 retail, something that would give the possibility of a hacker complete control over the system without the use of external accessories special, at least according to experts. Apparently, the intent of the work is not to build thriving piracy on the Sony console, but rather provide the opportunity to re-install Linux on PlayStation 3, regardless of which version of system firmware.

The year 2011 will be a good year for the videogame industry

So says Reuters According to a Reuters report, 2011 is shaping up as a year of growth for the video game industry, despite the precarious economic situation. In pushing the expansion of business will be especially the rising number of games on social networks and licenses in the mobile, mobile, and tablet, which are already experiencing a rather lush.

The commercial development will go hand in hand with technology, making these types of games becoming more complex and structured to compete with more titles on the console.

DUNGEON DEFENDERS (IPhO): Dungeon Defenders to the PVP

Surely one of the most popular games for Apple platforms, Dungeon Defenders continues on its path to become in effect the best Diablo clone pocket adding to the list of its features the multiplayer PVP. Trendy Entertainment, a game developer, has released a trailer for Dungeon Defenders: Arena multiplayer variant of the game dedicated solely to fierce clashes between the players.

The developer did not specify whether this is an expansion for the Dungeon Defenders origjnale or a stand-alone basis, although the way it presented its face to think of this second hypothesis.

Black Ops and the games more "hacked" in 2010

Arrrr! As each year draws TorrentFreak its annual rankings on video games more "hacked" over the past 12 months, taking into account the activity data collected on various online websites dedicated to torrents. By far, the most downloaded game in 2010 Call of Duty: Black Ops with 4,270,000 downloads in total, an amount that is even more impressive when you consider that the game was released only in November this year and has therefore reached that share in only 2 months of online presence.

Bulletstorm: Special Edition Epic

Bulletstorm: Epic Edition announced that the special edition version of this game, which is developed by People Can Fly and Epic Games editor. Únicamentente Unfortunately this edition is intended for the Xbox360 console, so it will be exclusive to Xbox 360 and PC and PS3 users will have to remain disappointed.

In this special version will be found with the following extras: # Carbine Peace Maker, boots and armor. # 25000 experience points. # Visual improvements to the Iconic Leash The best part of all this is that the owners of this version which currently is available on Amazon, have exclusive access to Gears of War 3 multiplayer beta! You will not be able to access the beta on another site, which will undoubtedly want to pick this game up to the action.

XBOX 360 (X360): Tonight the eighth episode of GameTime

Just as they did last week, we remind you that airs tonight GameTime, the program devoted to video games designed and conducted by Roberto Buffa, now in the eighth episode and as always full of interesting topics - we are going to list below: The Best of 2010: continuing our review on the most beautiful titles of the year is about to close Rapstar Def Jam: the music game for the aspiring rapper, interview with Hawk Nelson and Videomind MotionSports: Ubi Studios Milan from a sports game for Kinect all Italian Infinity Blade: The first game for iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad sull'Unreal Engine For space-based Replay: Medal of Honor in the PC version to the space Hi-Tech Test in the Asus GeForce GTX570 graphics cards and AMD's Radeon HD The 6970 rankings of best-selling titles in the space Best of the Week in collaboration with AESVI.

Rovio: App Store only interesting in the mobile platform

Interest for Android, but one of the leaders of the team responsible for Angry Birds or Rovio, has expressed his idea on the absolute importance of the App Store in the mobile platform as the only interesting on the market today. The view is expressed in terms of developers, not necessarily coinciding with that of the users, considering the different interests at stake, but is still significant Circulation current mobile games market.

Uncharted 3 will be "more open"

But not so the game director at Naughty Dog working on 3 Uncharted: Drake's Deception, Justin Richmond, said in an interview published by Eurogamer. net that the new chapter in the series will have a more open and free of the above. It will not in every case of an "open world" as the desert environment might suggest, because it is a type of game that would be appropriate to the gameplay very typical of the series, but surely it will be a setting to explore more freely than to what happened in the past.

Disgaea 4 (PS3): Four minutes of Disgaea 4

About 2 months from the publication in Japan (scheduled for February 24, 2011) Nippon Ichi raises the interest towards his zany strategy game Disgaea 4 with a long movie over four minutes. The new trailer can be viewed on the page of the official website of the Japanese game shows and gameplay sequences interspersed by presentations of new players, complete with a large dose of Prinny inevitable, demonic penguins have become an emblem of the saga that is true mascot Nippon Ichi.

DARK PROJECT (PS3): Signs of life by Dark Project

Since its hasty announcement at the Tokyo Game Show 2010 we have had no news of Project Dark, the spiritual result of Demon's Soul (or what purports to be) working on it from From Software for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The darkness on this action-RPG should partly thinned soon, because From Software has updated the official page of the game with an "ad" on early next year (and thus become infected by the fever "ad ad "so dear to many editors recently ...).

Xenogears is close to PlayStation Network

Classics incoming lists ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) have enriched American in these days of some securities belonging to the historical catalog PSone, which likely will move into the section of downloadable games on the PlayStation Network. We distinguish between those few games published by Square Enix as Vagrant Story, Xenogears, and Legend of Mana, together with other securities less attractive as Arc the Lad 3, and Ridge Racer Type 4.

Two other super-villains are in addition to Marvel vs. Capcom 3?

So it appears Among the drawings by Kevin Sharpe, author of charge - as reported by Kotaku - to stage a cartoon version of the next game cross-over between the worlds of Marvel and Capcom this, some characters appear not been announced as being officially part of the cast of the game. We therefore think that Taskmaster and Galactus, present in the tables in question are at least two of the characters not yet announced the roster of Marvel vs.

THE ODDBOXX (PC): The Oddboxx will be updated

A thread on the official forum of Steam has brought to the attention of purchasers of The Oddboxx that the development team plans to fix Just Add Water - through special patch - major bug emerged in the days following the exit of the package, in particular in the Oddworld : Stranger's Wrath, converted perhaps a bit 'too "brutal" for the original Xbox.

Players can then breathe a sigh of relief and hope that the controls and the fluidity of the game will enjoy a substantial improvement in the coming weeks. The question asked by someone on the PC version because this apparently lower than expected next year on PlayStation 3, developers respond that the reason is all in the timing of production.

3 UNCHARTED: DRAKE'S DECEPTION (PS3): Naughty Dog's Uncharted film reassures

The recent round of rumors and statements about the Uncharted movie fans had given way to fear for the success of the project. The idea of a film centered around the family of Drake and a particular attention given to introspection of the characters ventilated by filmmaker David O. Russell might suggest a film far enough away from the canons of its games.

To put a stop to the fears of fans directly involved in the shape of Naughty Dog Justin Richmond, director of Uncharted 3, Joystiq interviewed by the magazine online. Richmond reassuring fact that the statements were directed at purely personal and are not reflected in the actual pre-production of the film, which instead will be very faithful to its themes and action games.

SAGA 2 (NDS): A promise for a new SaGa

Akitoshi Kawazu is a game designer in SquareEnix forces in the West is best known for his work on Final Fantasy XII, The Last Remnant and chapters of the series of Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles. Speech different in Japan, where the name is closely linked to Kawazu Romancing SaGa series consists of three JRPG published during the era of Super Nintendo 16-bit console.

In an interview with 4gamer site. net Kawazu confirmed to be well aware of fans' demands with regard to the series in question and has therefore taken the opportunity to take a solemn pledge: to build a fourth chapter before moving on to a better life. Born in 1962, Kawazu should still have enough time to keep his promise.

Nintendo 3DS (3DS): All the details on Nintendo World 2011

The usual Andriasang translated the latest updates to the pages of Nintendo's official Japanese website dedicated to Nintendo World 2011 event, to be held in the usual setting of the Makuhari Messe convention center in Tokyo from 8 to 10 January. Protagonists, of course, 3DS games that will be available to the public, some of which are already known and proven (albeit briefly) from last E3 in Los Angeles: The list is quite long but we report in full - with the rider that Metal Gear Solid will be a 3D interactive movie and not a real demo:

WII FIT PLUS (WII): Fitness: video games beat the DVD

According to research by UK site MCV seems that the role of "personal trainer" for those who make fitness at home has risen from DVD to game consoles. The wave of video games based on fitness opened a couple of years ago Wii Fit, and then continued today with a lot of similar titles seems to have dethroned the classic courses on DVD.

Overtaking in question does not appear among other things happen at low speed: for example, is brought over the best-selling fitness DVD in England - the "held" by Davina McCall - who has placed about 830,000 copies in four years . In comparison, in the same territory Wii Fit has sold over four million units in about two years, not counting the sales of additional software.

A new chapter will Romancing SaGa

Sooner or later you remember? Romancing SaGa series started many years ago on the SNES, and at least until now there was also its conclusion. However, it appears that there are hopes to see new chapters, at least according to its creator Akitoshi Kawazu, which claims to be "his first duty to die" to develop one.

Leaving a PS One spin off in the late '90s, the '95 is that we do not see a new chapter, but this does not exempt us to extend our best wishes for long life and good night to Kawazu.

InFAMOUS 2 (PS3): A movie "upgraded" to inFamous 2

Remember the first gameplay footage of two of inFamous distributed in July, which appeared in the new (now old) version of the protagonist of the game? Well, the bottom of this news are the same sequence of gameplay, slightly longer in truth, with the protagonist "classic" that developers Sucker Punch have been forced to resurrect popular acclaim.

KINECT (X360) Kinect "before" Move throughout the 2011?

As you can read on Gamasutra (which gives an explanation on the basis of information given by GameSpot), the British analysts Screen Digest have asked their crystal ball to predict with regard to sales and Move Kinect throughout 2011, concluding that the sensor bar of Microsoft will sell more - even if not more - than the "magic wand" to Sony.

In particular, we are talking about 7.6 million Kinect that are likely to be sold next year against 7.3 million PlayStation 3 consoles each contain at least one controller Move, not counting any additional controller bought for the multiplayer. Please note that the official figures currently sees 4.1 million and 2.5 million distributed Move Kinect sold at the end of November.

Two new DLC for Castlevania: Harmony of Despair in January

Two new schemes Konami has announced the release scheduled for January, two new chapters in DLC Castlevania: Harmony of Despair, which will be issued at a price of 320 Microsft Points via Xbox Live. One of the levels is called "Do as many, become one" and will be based on the catacombs of Symphony of the Night.

The second will be called instead of "King of the Flies," probably in reference to Beelzebub, another boss Symphony of the Night. We look forward to a specific date.