Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sightings Warhammer 40K: Kill Team

The body of the classification of Australian media has reported intolerance game Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team. The document does not provide many elements to be analyzed, except that the game has been rated "M for Mature" and is being developed by THQ UK Digital Studios, the team's recent downloadable title Red Faction: Battlegrounds.

Warhammer is also preparing to land on XBLA and PSN? Or maybe it's a tie-in Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine?

Alice Madness Returns: trailer "Shattered Twisted"

New Video Madness Returns to Alice with scenes of gameplay Electronic Arts has released a new video of Alice Madness Returns, "Shattered Twisted," which are visible at different times of the game, including fighting and some sequences that seem to come from a 2D platform . Alice Madness Returns: trailer "Shattered Twisted"

Sega announces London 2012 Olympics

Once again, SEGA will make an official video game of the Olympics, which will be held in London in 2012. London 2012 - The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games will be released next year on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, that is all the platforms that will not another Olympic game, the one with Mario and Sonic characters.

London 2012 will feature more than 30 different events and world rankings online.

F.3.AR - Soul Survivor in video

Tormented souls Warner Bros. Interactive shows another juncture F.3. AR with a new video segment on the extensive multiplayer FPS horror at issue in this case a mode called "Soul Survivor". In this particular mode, players are divided into "good" or evil spirits at the choice that makes Alma randomly at the beginning of the game.

A player is "corrupted" at the start and becomes a sort of spectrum with the ability to corrupt and in turn make other players. As long as players are normal human beings, their goal is to escape the spirits within the time limit, while if they are corrupt the objective becomes the possession of all the other players remain within the same time limit.

Apple vs Microsoft ... Fight!

The annual Apple Worldwide Developers Conference is a perfect collision course with Microsoft's E3 conference. Apple will go up on stage on June 6 at 10 am, about half an hour before Microsoft. During the event the company of Steve Jobs will show the world its version 5.0 operating system IOS, Lion, icloud and who knows what else.

Monday will be a really hot ... what do you prefer, Xbox or iPod?

Dynamic Monster Hunter Hunting - The launch trailer

A few days after, comes the game few days ago, Capcom announced to be working on Monster Hunter Hunting for Dynamic Systems IOS. Today, the game was released, for now only in Japan, priced at 800 yen. To celebrate the launch Capcom has released a gameplay movie. There is no news yet on when the game will arrive in the West.

Source: Monster Hunter andriasang: Dynamic Hunting - The launch trailer

A "seat" signed Dirt 3 from 560 €

How much would pay for a driver's seat ultra-luxury "designer" Dirt 3? How about over 550 €? E 'is the price of 3 Edition Dirt Rally Car Seat for sale at this address is available in the summer. If you want you can add a Logitech G27 steering wheel thus reaching a total price of almost € 1,000. The materials of construction are of the highest quality and ensure both lightness and strength.

Here are some pictures.

A video for Mortal Kombat Skarlet

From myth to reality with mythology historical Playing Mortal Kombat, Netherrealm decided to enter the mysterious ninja Skarlet between the playable characters of the new fighting game for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The red fighter can be downloaded through DLC in the "coming weeks", with more precise information arriving in the coming days and possibly during E3, where the ninja will be present at booth Warner.

LA Noire: A date for the new DLC

Rockstar has announced that the new DLC for LA Noire, titled "Reefer Madness" was released July 12. The team did not disclose details about the plot, except to say that it is inspired by the fiction "noir" and real crimes. Meanwhile, today came out on the infamous Rockstar Live Pass, for which further details we refer to our previous news.

The price of the Pass is 800 Microsoft Points (or € 9), but only for a limited time after the last pass to 960MP and 12 €.

Dark Souls: eight new images from Facebook

Every now and then does well to consult the official website of the games on the official page of Dark Souls on Facebook, were published eight new pictures of the game. Are not very large, because the social network significantly compresses the files, but they are interesting to watch. Source: andriasang

Sega announces London 2012: the video game of the upcoming Olympics

The one without Mario and Sonic Sega announced today that it has in the Serbian official video for the next Olipmiadi to be held in London in 2012. The title, of course, London 2012 - The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games, although it is probably destined to be localized adaptations. The platforms are provided for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 but there are no further information at the moment apart from "more than 30 events and online implementations.

Shadow of the Damned: The diary of development in Italian

Only subtitles, while the voices are original probably those who follow us will have already seen this video in English. Today Electronic Arts has released the subtitled version in Italian of the journal Development Shadow of the Damned, where Shinji Mikami and Suda 51 talk about the game and really helping in some funny skit.

It is worthwhile to review the movie if only to enjoy the two actors improvised. Shadow of the Damned: The diary of development in Italian

Nintendo DS at $ 99 in America

It still prints money with the arrival of Nintendo 3DS, market laws impose a price cut in the previous versions of the Nintendo handheld, as in these days in the U.S. market. Nintendo DS Lite, a "grandfather" now between the various revisions of the console of the famous large N, has been a lowering of the official price to $ 99, cost effective from June 5.

At the same time, will be marketed in new editions of the six major titles dedicated to Mario for the Nintendo DS featuring a new set color red, "to better distinguish between all the other titles." The games in question are: New Super Mario Bros., Mario Kart DS, Super Mario 64 DS, Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, Mario vs.

The team of DJ Hero is saved!

Games Freestyle Team, responsible for the series DJ Hero, Activision has escaped the ax and will continue to work. The studio is already working on a new project called "very exciting", which are participating in more than 70 people. "Over the last three months we have explored a range of options for our future," said creative director Jamie Jackson.

"Now we can finally share with our fans and the entire community the news that our team will continue to work with Activision." "We can not yet reveal details about the new project we're working on, is much too early, but you should follow closely. You will not regret." Unfortunately, some cut the staff was still done.

A collection of Devil May Cry coming?

Maybe at E3 There is not only a new chapter in the series Devil May Cry coming as news from Capcom's E3 2011, according to an unidentified source "close to Gematsu" the publisher of Osaka also is preparing a collection containing the first four chapters. This would be a special package, fully remastered in high definition, to be out to celebrate the tenth birthday to the best of the series, founded in 2001 on PlayStation 2.

Pass available at Rockstar Live

The mysterious Rockstar's LA Noire Pass is now available on Xbox Live Marketplace, priced at 800 MP. The Pass provides access to all those extras that were previously exclusive to those who had booked the game, but also the first DLC "Nicholson Electroplating", out June 21, and a second expansion pack called "Reefer Madness." The extras are represented by some clothes bonus (The Broderick and The Sharpshooter), additional missions (The Naked City A Slip Of The Tongue ") and new collectible items.

Alan Wake: Night Springs - the first images?

Or something like that come from the profile of a graph called Anton Wiklund some images that may be linked to mysterious Alan Wake: Night Springs, the rumored new draft Remedy related horror adventure for Xbox 360. All this clearly falls into the tray of rumors, whereas the same title in question has not been officially confirmed, beyond a vague reference by Oskari Häkkinen existence of a new project related to Alan Wake but "Alan Wake is not 2".

GRIN speaks of "betrayal" by Square Enix

Because the GRIN team, responsible for Bionic Commando, has closed? According to the founders of the study, Bo and Ulf Andersson, the fault is largely of Square Enix. GRIN would work in a spin-off of FFXII for which, however, has never received money from Square Enix, who believed that their goals were not achieved.

This chapter was known parallel with the code name "Fortress" and disappeared from the radar for more than two years. The mutual accusations did not lead to any tangible results except that the closure of the development team, also due to "too many delays in payments to several other publishers." First Bionic Commando, GRIN had developed games such as Ballistics, Wanted: Weapons of Fate Terminator: Salvation and the two multiplayer Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter.

The keynote of Apple in conjunction with the Microsoft

Or almost Apparently, Apple has decided to direct confrontation with its historical rival Microsoft's keynote at the Official Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). The conference will take place almost simultaneously because Microsoft held the event at E3, which is Monday, June 6, 2011 at 10 am PST hours, with one dedicated to the Xbox 360 scheduled for 9:30 am local time.

There are many new expectations for WWDC: Lion's new operating system, IOS 5, the cloud features of Apple icloud and probably many other things caused by more than 100 technical sessions planned for this event.

First Details for Heroes of Ruin

Square Enix has revealed the first details of Heroes of Ruin, 3DS new game developed by n-Space due out in early 2012. As you guessed from the first artwork, the game will offer four characters, which will also fight together (both locally and online) through co-op. HoR will use the StreetPass to create a sort of network, through which players can buy and sell items found in battle.

The SpotPass, however, will receive rare items and equipment, or additional quests thanks to Wi-fi. It will also open a site for the community, through which players can exchange impressions, tips and also get new challenges.

Fusion is a brand new Microsoft?

Or is it a trilogy? We hope to find out at E3 last week the Australian classification body has leaked the existence of a document called the Microsoft Fusion Genesis. Following the same thing happened in Brazil but this time with more detail that has placed the title in the category XBLA. In addition, following the classification of Kinect Me, which took place shortly before, many have assumed that it will be for a title for Kinect.

LulzSec: "The Beginning of the end for Sony"

The hacker group that claimed responsibility for the violation of the PBS network and Web site of Japan's Sony BMG, said he had violated the Sony server, from which it would have taken confidential information. On Twitter, hackers speak of "an imminent", the "beginning of the end for Sony." Over the next few days would restore the Sony PlayStation Store, after the computer attack that led to the closure of the NDP on 20 April and the theft of data on 77 million account.

Metro: Last Light - First Details

The fog (radiation) begins to dissipate Metro: Last Light, followed by Metro 2033, was shown to the lucky few who first reported the interesting information. The title is thus intended to keep all the advantages and solve all the problems of the first chapter with specific reference to a glitch, optimization and bugs related to stealth component.

But this does not give up the new Metro to further improve the graphics with the aim to impress on any platform. And not just because of promises apparently models and textures have already made a significant step forward. In short, the PC version will probably require a monster configuration.

Price-cut in sight for Xbox 360?

In the week of E3, Microsoft would announce a price cut of Xbox 360 bundles that include a 250GB device and Kinect. According to the website of a U.S. dealer (via GamesIndustry), the U.S. consul will be sold quickly bundled with Kinect at a lower price than the current $ 100 to $ 399 (250GB version).

During E3, Microsoft will announce a series of new titles compatible with Kinect, some of which will be dedicated to hardcore gamers.

Atari sells Cryptic

It is removed from the market for triple-A MMO The agreement is being concluded in recent days and provides for the sale of Cryptik Studios by Atari. The buyer is that Perfect World has agreed to pay $ 49.8 million to enrich his own team made up for several persistent online worlds. So, after acquiring a piece of Runic Games, the Chinese publisher integrates an entire software company specializing in the western MMO Triple A.

LA Noire in front of everyone in the UK

LA Noire was the best selling game in the United Kingdom over the last seven days. Second place for the racing title from Codemasters, DiRT 3, thanks to sales of the Xbox 360 (63%, only 37% on PlayStation 3). Third position for LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean, the fourth for Zumba Fitness. Following the order Brink (-52% compared to seven last week), Wii Sports Resort, FIFA 11, Call of Duty: Black Ops, and Crysis 2 Mario Kart Wii.

A new episode of Samurai Warriors for PS3 exclusive?

One poster suggests just one exit on the Sony console series Samurai Warriors spin-off of the popular Dynasty Warriors and recently arrived on the Nintendo 3DS, seems to be enriched by a new episode exclusively for PlayStation 3. According to a poster reported by Kotaku, Samurai Warriors 3: Empires (original title: Sengoku Musou 3: Empires) occurs just as a version of "enhanced" in the chapter that appeared recently on the Wii, although at the moment there are no details or images to confirm the features of the game.

In July, the first DLC Brink

Bethesda has revealed the characteristics of Agents of Renewal, the first additional content for the shooter Brink. Expected in July on PC, PSN and Live, the DLC includes new maps, new items and abilities unknown. The level cap will be raised to 24 for a DLC in which "the battle for the future of humanity is expanding to new areas, futuristic laboratories, underwater, and the tower of the Founders, the emblematic building that houses the most wealthy inhabitants of the island ".

Dota Blizzard will come during the release of Heart of the Swarm

Changes to the gameplay in sight while the other mod promised by Blizzard have already gone out to all inspired Defense of the Ancients is still in limbo and apparently will take some time before they do battle with our favorite heroes. The release date of Dota Blizzard would have to more or less coincide with that of Heart of the Swarm and the suspicion arises that you must purchase the second chapter of Starcraft II in order to play the mod.

New website for EA Italy

At 7 years after the launch of the first official website of Italian, Italy Electronic Arts has announced the new portal, EA Italy. The site has been revisited in a graphic and is "the first step in a renovation project of the network of channels of online Electronic Arts, which already today counts more than 900,000 unique users per month and aims to make the official website of the publisher a point of reference for all gamers Italians, "lets you know the publisher.

UK charts, LA Noire maintaining command

Excellent debut in second place for three DiRT British rankings software for the week ended May 29 are still visible on his head LA Noire, the action adventure game developed by Team Bondi, under the auspices of Rockstar. DiRT 3 can not therefore undertaking to snatch the top spot debut, while placing it on the podium with LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean.

Withstands Zumba Fitness surprise fourth place, while the top five is completed by Brink. UK software charts - week 23 to 29 May LA Noire (Take 2) 3 DiRT (Codemasters) LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean (Disney Interactive Studios) Zumba Fitness (505 Games) Brink (Bethesda Softworks) Wii Sports Resort (Nintendo) FIFA 11 ( Electronic Arts) Call of Duty: Black Ops (Activision Blizzard) Crysis 2 (Electronic Arts) Mario Kart Wii (Nintendo)

Syphon Filter 4, the announcement at E3?

Will presumably be announced during E3 Syphon Filter 4 for PlayStation 3, but due to a leak we have some details on the first current-gen chapter of the Syphon Filter series. The game will hit stores in late 2012 and aims to revolutionize the category of stealth with a new engine developed by Sony London.

According to some members of the forum Giantbomb and GameTrailers, the ad would be published and subsequently removed on the U.S. PlayStation Blog. When questioned about it by Videogame Source, Sony Europe declined to comment on the "rumor".