Sunday, February 20, 2011

DLC for Bioshock 2 first appeared in PC time

Protector Trials, but is not working There's obviously been a misunderstanding about the DLC for Bioshock 2 on PC released, as reported by some users on the official forum, during the week. The package "Protector Trials" It therefore seems to be available for $ 5.75 circuit Games for Windows Marketplace, but apparently does not work.

An official announcement of 2K explained by the fact that to make the DLC need a patch for the game and digital delivery on the issue before the upgrade is due to an organizational error. We look forward to official announcements about the arrival of the update preparation for the DLC, because at the moment there is no information about it.

New trailer for Tekken Tag Tournament 2

A look at the multiplayer ... Namco has released a new trailer for Tekken Tag Tournament 2, the last chapter of the expected fighting always related to the famous franchise. This is a movie dedicated to the multiplayer segment, which reveals some of the main features. You can find it at the bottom of the article.

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Telltale: Back to the Future our most successful

So they say ... According to Telltale Games, the franchise's most successful software company would be offered by the same Back to the Future "series, which incorporates the known events of the film Back to the Future. A state was Steve Allison, just at the time of onset of the episode for the second time only available on PC.

Source: VG247

CryEngine (and others) also NGP

The new Sony laptop can run Crysis 2? Apparently, the little monster laptop, Sony recently announced the NGP (pending final name) is able to run even the CryEngine, considered one of the most advanced graphics engine currently in development landscape gaming. PushSquare has in fact published the list of game engines and middleware that are considered compatible and supported by NGP and between them there is also the engine behind Crysis 2: Game Engines Blitz Games-BlitzTech Crytek - CryEngine Epic Games - Unreal Engine Terminal Reality - Infernal Engine Trinigy - Trinigy Vicious Cycle - Vicious Engine Physics / AI / Animation Audio Havok NaturalMotion Audiokinetic CRI Middleware Firelight Technologies RAD Game Tools User Interface AiLive Scaleform

Pachter raises: 2 Wii unveiled in 2011, back-compatible

Other items on the Wii's successor after the mythical THQ Michael Pachter, an analyst with Wedbush Morgan video game scene for quite famous in its forecasts, said its on the possibility of a successor to about Wii. In his personal transmission "Pach-Attack", in Gametrailers TV, Pachter has first answered the question on the possibility of interpreting the Wii console as obsolete than the competition, claiming that those who buy the Wii is almost always play the games for Nintendo, and with the Wii console will never be obsolete.

Nihilistic Software refers to the development of PlayStation Move Heroes

New details sull'action game for the PlayStation 3 Nihilistic Software has published a diary of development for PlayStation Move Heroes, explaining how the game has been designed specifically for the PlayStation Move. "We are thrilled to give fans the opportunity to play with some of their favorite characters PlayStation in a whole new way, using the precision of the PlayStation Move," said lead designer Mark Cooke on the U.S.

Killzone 3 topped the charts for preorder

The third episode of the Guerrilla series is the most coveted game of the moment Only a few days leaving the official Killzone 3, and the title Guerrilla dominates the rankings of the preorder. One of the major video game retailers in the UK, shopt, saw Killzone 3 at the top of its list for the reservation for several weeks, and everything suggests that after leaving the game is also the protagonist of the charts.

Party on February 25 the closed beta of ARGO Online

Three days of intense testing for the MMORPG steampunk From February 25 to 28 will take place on closed beta testing of ARGO Online. Players who join the initiative will have the opportunity to explore dungeons ten in twenty different areas, choose their characters of two races (each with eight classes) and access to hundreds of quests divided into five categories.

The game also features an interactive map to easily find NPC, quests, etc.., A crafting system advanced and six professions to experience, all in an interesting PvP.