Monday, February 14, 2011

Crysis 2: gameplay from the Xbox 360 version

A real demonstration ... Electronic Arts has released a new trailer for Crysis 2, this time dedicated specifically to the Xbox 360 version. This is a gameplay movie - called Road Rage - which incorporates part of the companion single-player title that allows us quindidi have a tangible demonstration of the potential of the product Crytek.

You can find it below: Crysis 2 - Gameplay for Xbox 360

Bulletstorm was created to prevent Killzone 3

Cliff Bleszinski says in person ... Speak clearly and sincerely Cliff Bleszinski on your Twitter account about Bulletstorm. "Ok, the real reason for which it was developed Bulletstorm is that Gears (specifically the third chapter, namely Gears of War 3) was not ready for this spring and necessarily had to find a product to fuck Killzone (clearly spoken Killzone 3).

We can not really say more, below the English text.

Eden to work on a patch for TDU2

In particular bug on the PC ... Eden Studios has made it known to be working on a patch for Test Drive Unlimited 2, after the recent entry into the market. In fact, it seems that especially for the PC version (as well as console) of the title have been several bugs reported by users in possession of a copy of the game.

According to Eden the update should be released in a fairly short time. Source: Eurogamer

Q3 Ubisoft: Assassin's Creed Brotherhood 6.5 million

Good results with Ezio With financial results for the third quarter of fiscal year Ubisoft, there's a bit 'of sales data related to the catalog of French publisher. The revenue for the quarter amounted to EUR 600 million, an increase of 21.2% compared to Q3 last year, with sales forecast to EUR 159 million for the next quarter, a little 'subdued than last year.

Blockbusters for the third quarter have confirmed Assassin's Creed Brotherhood with 6.5 million units sold in Q3 and the series of "dance" like Just Dance, Just Dance 2, Dance on Broadway, and Michael Jackson: The Experience with a combined total of 10.5 million units sold.

Demo available on Xbox Live for Dr. Kawashima

A look-see will not hurt ... Through the servers of Xbox Live has been released a demo on Dr. Kawashima: Exercise for the Mind and Body, title designed exclusively for peripheral Kinect. The file can be downloaded from the Marketplace service, has a weight of about 717 MB.

NOVA 2 discount on the App Store

Only for Gameloft Valentine also took part in the balances on the App Store at Valentine's Day by organizing a poll to elect the title to be served. The winner was Nova 2, the best FPS for the iPhone and iPod Touch looks just like Halo, which can then be downloaded today only to 0.79 cents. You can buy the app at this address.

Denied the beta for Battlefield 3?

He says the same SAYS ... Apparently the beta for Battlefield 3 announced for October could be a completely false news. In fact, as stated by the same DICE Community Manager through the words of the title, the author of the Twitter account that is news and that supports and has nothing to do with the software house in question.

According to DICE, therefore, should be announced a beta for Battlefield 3 will be unveiled on the pages of the official website. We await further updates on this story. Source: Botchweed

How has sold AC: Brotherhood?

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood has reached 6.5 million copies distributed worldwide. This was announced by the French publisher, who added other issues relating to games of his line-up. The "music", including the two just dance and Michael Jackson: The Experience, came to 10.5 million copies while the shares for Kinect have exceeded two million.

"The game industry is still full of opportunities," said the president of Ubisoft, Yves Guillemot. "The important thing is to create new genres to attract a new audience more," he added, "this is the spirit that motivates us every day." "We achieved fresh titles, innovatio and fun, which were appreciated throughout the world and record sales recorded between late 2010 and early 2011 the show".

Homefront with a bundle for Xbox 360

So it seems, at least in the UK From Gamerzines take the first picture of the expected bundle includes Xbox 360 and Homefront, according to reports. The game is the new shooter to THQ fantasy setting policy, while the console in question is the 250 GB slim model. It refers to the initiative for the UK market, so it is not certain that the same product is also available in our country.

In any case, the package will arrive in the United Kingdom March 18. Source: Gamerzines

Dragon Age 2, Crysis 2 and Shift 2 in London

If you find you passing through London on February 19, you have the opportunity to meet members of the team BioWare, Crytek and Slightly Mad. At the first event organized by the Guardian Gamesblog, the lead designer of Dragon Age 2, Mike Laidlaw, executive producer of Crysis 2, Nathan Camarillo and the lead designer of Shift 2: Unleashed, Andy Tudor, will offer three sessions of gameplay play at present.

Images and video F.3.AR

Fettel in action Some new images and a gameplay video coming today by Warner Bros. Interactive, covering F.3. AR, the third installment FPS horror game created by Monolith and developed, in this case from Day 1. The new materials are all dedicated to the character of Fettel, playable in the new chapter in question after finishing level as Point Man in F.3.

HR is expected in May on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Dissidia 012 has a European date

Square Enix has announced that Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy will be released in Europe on March 25. Behind this lies the bizarre title of the official sequel on the PSP game released long ago, a particular fighting game starring the "good" and "bad" the most beloved franchise created by Hironobu Sakaguchi.

In this second chapter will be new characters to Kain (FF IV), Tifa (FF VII), Laguna Loire (FF VIII), Yuna (FF X), Prish (FF XI), Vaan (FF XII) and Lightning (FF XIII). Output in Europe, even the game in Legacy, a Special Edition with extra costumes, exclusive prints and a 50% discount for the first Final Fantasy download from the PlayStation Store.

Disney 1 +1, lots of titles for Wii and Nintendo DS sales

For a month you can buy two games for the price of one from today until March 11 you can buy two for Disney video game Wii or Nintendo DS for the price of one. The promotion is called precisely Disney 1 +1 and involves books, CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs that bear the appropriate sticker on the box brown.

As for the games, are offering titles such as High School Musical 3: Senior Year, Chicken Little: Ace Space!, Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure, Hannah Montana: Music Stars, Bolt, Toy Story Mania!, The Princess and the Frog, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, Think Fast and many more! Will be possible, for example, buy two video game for Wii and Nintendo DS or two blue-ray for only € 24.90, € 19.90 in two DVDs, two CDs and two books to 12.90 € to 4.90 €.

New maps coming for Halo: Reach

The expected Defiant Map Pack Halo: Reach is now official, as its official date (or better, period) output. Fans can download for 800 Microsoft points from March. The exact date has not yet been disclosed. Within the package you'll find maps Condemned, Unearthed and Highland.

New pictures for Tekken Tag Tournament 2

In the playroom, for the moment from Famitsu comes a large group of new screenshots for Tekken Tag Tournament 2, a new chapter in Namco fighting expected at the time just for the games room. The images can be viewed at this address and show various settings and characters, including a variety of situations rather atypical for a fighting game by Namco meetings.

The game in question has not yet been announced for any console, even if it is based on Namco's System 369 and given the popularity of the series is not ruled out a conversion on some systems. Please refer to the link below for pictures. Link: Famitsu. com

Test Drive Unlimited 2, the patch soon

Developer Eden Games is working to find a solution to the bugs that plague Test Drive Unlimited 2, is to know the publisher Atari. According to reports from Blue's News, in particular, would the PC version suffers from some problems that prevent players to access the game. Similar problems and other bugs, however, have also been reported on the console versions.

In a message posted on the official forum of Test Drive Unlimited 2, Eden Games has promised a solution "fast" in particular for problems of access to the product.

Okamiden - video and given the demo

Following a long peek at Okami About 25 minutes of play Okamiden have been published by Capcom itself through service Ustream. The demo, which was previously only available through a promotion tied to some U.S. chains, will arrive in a public Feb. 21 through the Nintendo Channel. Video streaming by Ustream
Sony has recalled the owner of a copy of DC Universe Online MMO that you can not buy or sell the discs if you activate your account. "When used with the key PSN, the disc can not be resold or used with a second account," said a Sony also spokesman of QuickJump. "Only the original purchaser may use the account.

Disco and accounts are united." DC Universe Online is the first MMO for PlayStation 3. The game from Sony Online Entertainment is also available on PC since last month.

Rage and Kingdoms of East Amalur at PAX 2011

A nice little program Penny Arcade recently published the complete program of PAX East 2011, the conference dedicated to video games and cartoons organized by the authors of his famous comic strip that blends the two worlds of fact in question. Not loom large on the horizon in terms of news but not the market, but an abundant variety of meetings and keynote of some interest and a variety of topics.

Frozen the development of Mirror's Edge 2

The development of Mirror's Edge 2 has been "frozen" by EA. A team of DICE has submitted to the publisher prior work that has been rejected by EA, according to the translation given by Videogame Source Sweden to some statements made aa TV Press Play 2. According to the statement, dating back to last December, Patrick Soderlund, EA would veto after stressing the issue of sales below expectations recorded at the launch of the first episode.

Crysis 2 PC leak - just download

The consciousness of the network? Although this is an incomplete beta 10,000 copies are very few in an environment where piracy is not only involved but also the enormous curiosity about Crysis 2. Yet the number of downloads is at least as reported by TorrentFreak statistics, perhaps because of the desire not to ruin user experience waiting for so long, or perhaps for fear growing community just watching PC third chapter only for consoles.