Thursday, July 21, 2011

PS love in Japanese Life

The Japanese magazine Famitsu has published the latest edition to a survey on the new PlayStation Life, from which emerged a good preparation of Japanese players to the new Sony laptop. First, 31% of respondents liked the name of the console, while 37.5% consider it pleasant but not exceptional. The second question was about the price: the 54.9% of respondents considered affordable, the normal 23.1% and 12.9% too high.

Catherine needs a publisher in Europe

There are no plans at the moment with the arrival in North America, it was thought a natural step in Europe by Catherine, the new and intriguing adventure-sexy psycho-thriller created by the authors of Persona Atlus. Instead, the question seems rather complicated: it has no Atlus publishing infrastructure in Europe, so it still needs to find a company with which to a distribution agreement for the European market.

Spider-Man: The Edge of Time, arrives in October

The present course on October 4 at Comic Con in San Diego, the new Spider-Man: The Edge of Time has received an official release date comic occasion. Activision has decided that the game's launch, the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, will be in October, to be exact October 4, 2011. This is presumably the date the American, although this could coincide with that of Europe, however we await clarification.

Release date for X-Men Destiny

September Destiny With Spider-Man: The Edge of Time, comes from Comic Con in San Diego another release date from Activision, always themed comics. This is Destiny X-Men, new action game based on popular Marvel mutant fighters, being developed by Silicon Knights team. The game in question will be released in North America September 27, 2011, European output await precise information.

No zombies in Modern Warfare 3

Robert Bowling of Infinity Ward has admitted that the introduction of the zombies in Call of Duty by Treyarch was a great idea, but also believes that a differentiation between the two studies is a good thing. "What he did was bring Treyarch Call of Duty on a different path. This experience is new each year, with different styles around the central theme of the series." "Every manufacturer has its own style and we learned that there are people who prefer one version to another and vice versa.

LostWinds of IOS and Android later this year

In the last hours it was announced that the l'affascinante LostWinds will be available on iPhone OS and Android devices by the end of this year. These editions, which were announced for some time now, were left without a date, even if only indicative, until now. The news came directly from the boys by the president of Frontier, who did not, however, made statements about what will be the sales prices of these editions of the product.

Prototype 2 has a date

Over the years we have talked a lot of Prototype 2, and now, to the delight of all fans of the franchise, the developers and Activison have finally formalized its launch date. Second prototype, expected on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 will be available in stores from April 24, 2012 and for our part we can only hope that proves to be better than its predecessor discreet.

Waiting to learn more about the product, we leave you with the latest trailer released by the development team in the hope that it will alleviate some your wait.

A date for Street Fighter III: Third Strike on XBLA and PSN

Skyward Sword: the trailer for Comic-Con 2011

Very similar to that of E3 2011, but with some longer sequence for the Comicon 2011, Nintendo has released a new trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. The movie is very similar to that seen at E3 2011, but it's worth it because there are a few more sequences. And then, look, breath-taking and good for the soul.

First images for Aliens: Infestation

After having witnessed the sighting, here we are the inevitable appointment with the first pictures of Aliens: Infestation, new chapter in the saga for the Nintendo DS. As expected this is a shooter-action side-scrolling along the lines of the old 16-bit titles. SEGA has not announced a release date, but should not be too far away, and still has not specified how this game is placed in the timeline of the saga.

Epic:no hurry to see the Next-Gen

Mark Rein of Epic Games has stated that his company is in no hurry to see the next generation of consoles. "I do not think consumers are ready for another jump at the bottom of the current consoles still have something to say." "For our part, we prefer to arrive hardware capable of running things like our demo Samaritan in real time and without problems, rather than to rush and have simple fillers".

SEGA Shinobi refers 3DS

SEGA has officially postponed the release of Shinobi 3D Nintendo 3DS, originally scheduled for September and is now set to 11 November. Fans will have to wait a while 'to wear bright clothes Jiro Musashi Griptonite Games because the team needs a few more weeks to improve some aspects of the game, mainly the control system and StreetPass.

Crushpostponed ... to 2012

Almost simultaneously with the return of 3D Shinobi, SEGA has announced that it has postponed another game for the Nintendo 3DS: Crush3d. This time the delay will be much larger as the game will not see the light before 2012, namely 17 February. For whom he had never heard of before, Crush3D is an interesting puzzle-platformer that blends 2D and 3D perspectives to confuse the player.

The roster of Marvel vs. Ultimate. Capcom 3

The fans did not make it more now, have been waiting for this moment for weeks, but now, finally, have leaked the names of the 12 new characters that will complete the roster of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Who is it? Some names were predictable, others ... well, others just were not. Here's the full list and related photos collected in our latest gallery.

First trailer for GoldenEye Reloaded

After enlivened the evenings with his highly anticipated Wii users remake, GoldenEye 007 is ready to land even on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, in a revised and optimized to exploit the potential of the hardware Sony and Microsoft, called for 'in fact, GoldenEye 007 Reloaded. The title, which is essentially a conversion to HD eponymous title for the Wii came out a few months ago, promises very well, and its release is scheduled for later this year.