Thursday, July 21, 2011

PS love in Japanese Life

The Japanese magazine Famitsu has published the latest edition to a survey on the new PlayStation Life, from which emerged a good preparation of Japanese players to the new Sony laptop. First, 31% of respondents liked the name of the console, while 37.5% consider it pleasant but not exceptional. The second question was about the price: the 54.9% of respondents considered affordable, the normal 23.1% and 12.9% too high.

To the question "will buy the PS Life?" 44.8% responded that the purchase at the launch, the 42.8% instead subsequently take. As for the games announced, were the most anticipated Uncharted and Gravity Daze with 270 votes, followed by Everybody's Golf (190). Dragon's Crown (100), Dynasty Warriors (40), LittleBigPlanet (40) and Ridge Racer (30).

A final question asked what the players want to see famous series of DP life and of course in this case has dominated Monster Hunter with 460 votes. In second place is finished Final Fantasy (180), followed by Metal Gear Solid (120), Kingdom Hears (70), Tales of (70), Dragon Quest (50), God Eater (50), Phantasy Star (40) Resident Evil (40) and Super Robot Wars.

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