Saturday, April 23, 2011

The lecture by Shigeru Miyamoto in Paris

Here's what did talked about the legendary game designer Shigeru Miyamoto has just held a press conference in Paris with that of Gamekyo, among other things, speaking of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Starfox 64 for Nintendo and Super Mario 3D 3DS . As for Ocarina of Time 3D, Miyamoto said the game is ready and that Nintendo is currently entering the translations in different languages.

A DLC for Portal 2 coming tonight?

So would indicate a move countdown ... Portal 2 is out in stores and on Steam, but it seems that the surprises in the way Valve have not yet finished. After the action that caused the game to go digital a couple of days earlier than expected (at least for Europe, as in the U.S. was only ten hours), this site has popped up a new countdown, which ends at 8 am CST (the 2 last night) and that probably hides a DLC for the PC version of the original puzzle game in person.

DCS: A-10C Warthog available on Steam

A series evolving DCS: A-10C Warthog aims high in view of flight simulators militarei, as you can read nell'esaustivo article published in Multiplayer. it, and to reach the top fielding two cooperative, the ability to set realistic flight mode, PVP, and an editor to create missions and campaigns. The title of Eagle Dynamics offers detailed graphics to the ground, and a good level of physical training is divided into missions, and made with care.

Square Enix registered the trademark Hitman: Absolution

The title of the new chapter? While continuing to periodically check rumors about a new Hitman, we are waiting for official information about the series, now in the hands of Square Enix. One way forward would be represented by a title dall'avvistamento occurred by Joystiq in the register of trademarks and design of the European Union.

It is a mysterious Hitman: Absolution, a registered trademark of Square Enix at the European body, which could be effectively under the new chapter in the series. We look forward to any explanations. Source: Joystiq

Sony admits PSN offline in response to external attacks

Safety maneuvers in response to intrusion Finally comes the admission by Sony: the repeated and prolonged problems that have struck in recent days the PlayStation Network are in fact due to attacks by hackers, or intruders. " Patrick Seybold of SCEA said the official PlayStation blog that it was the same Sony to decide to put the service offline after the intrusion took place during the week, "an intrusion on our external systems and services has plagued the PlayStation Network Qriocity," he Seybold said.

Sega offers a range of discounts on Xbox Live Arcade

Between now and April 25 between now and April 25th you can download a series of securities belonging to the catalog for download on Xbox Live with Sega discounts 30-50%. Was not confirmed the extension of the initiative in Europe and when we checked in any case, the list of titles is as follows: Streets of Rage 2 to 200 MSP Ecco the Dolphin - 200 MSP Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm - 400 MSP Phantasy Star II - 200 MSP Gunstar Heroes - 200 MSP Crazy Taxi - 400 MSP After Burner Climax - 400 MSP Altered Beast - 200 MSP Comix Zone - Cyber Troopers Virtual On MSP 200 - 800 MSP Golden Axe - 200 MSP OutRun Online Arcade - 400 MSP Shinobi - 200 MSP Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1-800 MSP Sonic Adventure - 400 MSP Sonic the Hedgehog - Sonic the Hedgehog 200 MSP 200 to 200 MSP Sonic the Hedgehog 3-200 MSP Sonic & Knuckles - 200 MSP Source: Sega Blog

Announced Two Worlds II: Castle Defense

Two worlds, two, plus a Pending further developments on the main series, comes the announcement of a spin-off game of Two Worlds II for PC, Mac Platforms and IOS for May 17. This is Two Worlds II: Castle Defense, a game that deviates from the typical structure of the series, or the RPG-like structure to embrace the tower defense.

In practice, it is a strategy where we are to control various types of units to defend some fortifications.

New video and pictures for Lego Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates are new building materials arrive on Lego Pirates of the Caribbean, in this case a video and a large group of images. The game follows the particular structure of action-adventure game featuring puzzles with various reinterpretation of Lego blockbusters've seen so far, focusing this time on the "Pirates of the Caribbean".

The game should arrive in May on PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, PSP and Nintendo DS, and the new film in the series.

Hydrophobia Sightings Prophecy

The second episode of the trilogy Hyrdrophobia Prophecy appeared on the Australian Government website dedicated to the classification of media products. So the second chapter of the saga could be dedicated to water already in development and we very much hope that Dark Energy Digital solve all those problems that have undermined the potential of the first chapter.

The site lists Microsoft Game Studios as a publisher so we can assume that Prophecy will be temporary exclusive for the Xbox 360 like the first episode. Source: www. classification. gov. au - via Joystiq

Conduit 2 - Trailer

Seasoned with critical praise and two back Back Conduit excellent engine developed by High Voltage Software to take advantage of the hardware of the Wii. The plot and gameplay trailer condensation of excited shooter that was released yesterday on European territory, and has obviously been reviewed by Multiplayer.

com. Conduit 2 - Trailer

JoWooD towards the final closure?

It seems to be back for the second time to talk of bankruptcy for JoWooD, the historic Austrian publisher. In recent times there has been talk of some mysterious investors who wish to save the company, but according to the e-zine-Boerse Express agreements are skipped and JoWooD will close down. According to the website of the Austrian company's shares were suspended and even JoWooD Distribution Services subsidiary is in bankruptcy.

Fable 3: changes in the PC version in a video developer

It is not a simple conversion Lionhead has placed great emphasis on the commitment put into the PC version of Fable 3, which promises to be a version specifically designed to be enjoyed on Windows platforms, not just a direct translation from the Xbox 360. As evidence of this comes the video below, published recently by Destructoid.

Among the new features is a partial rewriting of the control system of the game, adding support for 3D and more. The PC is slated on May 17.