Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Skyrim - it goes into detail

Besides the confirmation of the new combat system comes some news on the game world Skyrim New details have appeared in a Dutch magazine and have been translated by a user of Neogaf. - Skyrim about the same size of Oblivion. - Animations (even the main character) are much improved. - All inventory items are 3D and can be examined.

This possibility will be also used for some puzzle. - Books are back and browse the three-dimensional as in Morrowind. - The team is focused on improvement of facial expressions of course without overloading the engine. - Confirm special animations for stealth kills. - No support to Kinect would use too many resources.

- The title will be very similar on PS3, 360 and PC but obviously the latter will have the ability to set anti-aliasing and use higher resolutions. - The physics of the bow was taken by a mod for Oblivion. - No level cap, but you can still get all the perks with a character. - 20 hours for the main quest.

Hundreds, in the plural, for side quests. - Five major cities and 130 dungeons. - The difficulty of the dungeon is dynamic but it freezes when the character is accessed for the first time. - You can use the instant travel to reach places previously visited. - The main quest is less absorbing than the portals of Oblivion quests does not address the more the feeling of doing something useless.

- The dragons are not rare and every time you tackle this one will allow us to grow stronger. - But it remains in the low-Fantasy. - More traps and puzzles. - The Dark Brotherhood is back. Source: Neogaf

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