Sunday, January 30, 2011

Move Bundle for PlayStation Heroes in the U.S.

The product will be sold exclusively by Toys R Us chain on 22 March in the shops of American chain Toys R Us, comes an interesting bundle containing the game Move Heroes PlayStation, a PlayStation and a PlayStation Eye Camera Move motion controller, all for 99 , $ 99. There were no reports about the possible arrival of this bundle in Europe, but in the case we will not hesitate to report it.

Professor Layton and Kirby reach one million copies sold

And they are not alone in the prestigious ranking Nintendo In an additional note of the document attesting profits last quarter, Nintendo has listed his million-seller for the last three fiscal quarters (ie from April to December 2010), with ' last episode of The Professor Layton and the debut of Kirby on Wii to act as new entry in the prestigious ranking.

Professor Layton and the future loss has in fact accounted for, since its Japanese release (September 12), 1.9 million copies sold worldwide, and Dragon Quest IX on July 11 is now up to 1.02 million copies . They sold a lot of Mario games and the various Wii Fit, but Donkey Kong Country Returns showed fingernails, well sold 4.21 million copies since its publication, which occurred only in November.

Nintendo working on new Pokémon for 3DS and Wii

Comes the announcement by Satoru Iwata during a meeting with investors, from whence it is also leaked the news of a new Kirby game for Wii, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said the company is committed to development of securities belonging to the Pokémon series for both Nintendo Wii for 3DS. Iwata added that more details will be revealed later.

Given the popularity of the Pokémon franchise, the ad has attracted almost no surprise.

SOCOM 4, new details arrive

Single player campaign, characters, multiplayer and Move As we know, SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs is the latest in a series of third person shooter developed by Zipper Interactive. The story revolves around a team of five people being sent to Southeast Asia to counter the rebel army. Let's look at what will be the features of the game, expected in April.

Single Player The single player campaign sees players give orders to your team indicating routes, marking targets and determining the behavior of AI. Much of the game is based on the use of the team to complete missions, ranging from shootings to stealth infiltration and recovery operations.

The PC version of Bulletstorm require always-on connection?

A recurrence of the strategy of Ubisoft? As reported by Destructoid site, the page on the site Bulletstorm Electronic Arts says that the game will require a "persistent connection to the Internet" to work. It would, on balance, a system of protection similar to that, much criticism, that Ubisoft has included in its latest PC titles.

It 's all still a rumor, however: another source reports that the formal requirements of the Bullestorm there is no mention of a "persistent connection to the Internet, and therefore could be simply a mistake on the EA site. We look forward to confirm or deny ... Source: Destructoid

BioWare reveals new details on Star Wars: The Old Republic

Here is what are the flashpoint On his site, BioWare has released a video on the flashpoint of Star Wars: The Old Republic, explaining exactly what will be. This will be particularly complex missions, action-packed, in which a group of players must work together and push the limit to get the win. Each Flashpoint start from a plotline of impact, and involve a number of decisions that will influence the course of events, making the mission more or less difficult to alter the eventual rewards can be obtained from its completion.

David Jaffe compares NGP a. .. a vagina

In a good way, but on his Twitter page, David Jaffe, creator of God of War, showed all his enthusiasm for the new handheld console Sony. "From what I saw, I'd say I like NGP. I want one!" He wrote. Jaffe has also produced, however, in rather colorful considerations: "The new hardware is like a new [you know what, Editor's note]! E 'exciting at first, but if you try enough over the years know that sooner or later by new and exciting becomes obvious.

Sony wins first battle against Hotz

Sony has obtained a temporary restraining order against the hackers responsible for spreading the news on the security flaw in the system of the PlayStation 3. According to what is contained in the documents published by Scene PSX, Sony has achieved this ordinance in order to prevent "immediate and irreparable harm to SCEA, before the legal process itself begins.

They were also given to Hotz 10 days to deliver "any device, computer, hard drive, CD, DVD, USB key containing data used for the illicit." Hotz, meanwhile, defended himself saying that he had worked to foster not piracy, but the use of homebrew. We look forward to learn more.

Blizzard against sellers of gold in WoW

In light of the sharp increase of individuals and companies engaged in selling in-game gold for users of World of Warcraft, Blizzard has moved to curb this phenomenon threatening a ban on PayPal to anyone involved in this kind of activity. The reason for the dispute, according to what reported by Curse, it would be an infringement of IP from these "merchants of gold." PayPal has already begun to send the first letters of the most active traders, threatening to close the account if this "illegal activity" continues to prevail.

Magicka - arriving even fix Connectivity

At the time the multiplayer is almost unplayable online Magicka suffers from latency barrel absurd and often does not even connect to games. The boss of Paradox Fredrik Wesker has ensured that the team is working tirelessly to solve the problem. The manager assured that Magicka will be fully functional in a short time but said that there have been many tests and feedback on the multiplayer features were positive.

Exclusive features for PC Homefront

According to the latest information disclosed by Digital Extremes, the highly anticipated FPS will rely Homefront, in its edition for the PC, on a series of exclusive features as well as on the full support of 3D technology. First, you can drive any vehicle which is third in first person and, among other differences, also stand out the three different control settings for gestone helicopters, and whoever wants to meet a more "simulation" will choose between "ace", "veteran and" newbie ".

Demo confirmed for PlayStation Move Heroes

There will be ...! Sony has confirmed that a demo of PlayStation Move Heroes will be distributed before the onset of a title on the market. Was reported was during an interview with the director of marketing of the title, Cristian Cardona, who stated that on this playable demo will be made more light in February.

Source: VG247

NGP perfect style for a game Gears

The new NGP will be able to "run" masterpieces the likes of Gears of War 3? According to Mark Rein, vice president of Epic Games, the answer would be yes. "This type of device would be perfect for Gears of War-style experience because this one command structure in line with those required for a TPS, and this without considering that the game in question could also use a sub-graph of all respect, "said Rein.

Skyrim - even the menus are important

Simple, understandable and above all evocative Todd Howard, who directs the work of Skyrim, said that the objective is very intuitive menu, following the example of Apple trying to replicate it in a free-roaming fantasy. For this reason the menus have been redone with a simple cross structure that is exemplified by using the Xbox pad.

Obviously the PS3 version will be the same as that for PC will allow a similar mapping is also on the keyboard. While we're playing with B calls up the menu while the cross directional link to the bookmarks that allow you to quickly get to all items or spells favorites. This time the list of favorite items and has no limits in Oblivion was limited to 8 entries.

New gameplay footage from RAGE

Let's see how you play ... Bethesda Softworks has released a new trailer for RAGE, expected production in development for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC studies at id Software. It is this time a completely new gameplay movie, which reveals some of the features of the title. You can judge the work part of the software company directly with the video below.

Source: VG247

Riven at a discount from the App Store

Half price Cyan Worlds decided to discount the price by 50% of Riven: The Sequel to Myst, another remake of the IOS system adapted to the second, a historical adventure linked to the world of Myst. The game is therefore now available to € 2.39 compared to approximately 5 early and can be downloaded at this address.

For those not familiar, this is an adventure game based on a variety of places to explore and puzzles to solve particularly difficult, all characterized by a very charming and dreamlike. As mentioned above, it is very hearty app, about 1 GB big, so if Cyan is recommended to download it via PC or Mac, then transfer.

Remedy: thriller and horror, the mystery of Mr. Scratch

The different conceptions of the horror in a new and interesting interview published by Hell Decent, Oskari Häkkinen and director Sam Lake Remedy explain something about the background of Alan Wake. In particular, their view on the difference between thriller and horror is a kind of subtle but well marked line which separates the blood and horror often linked to gruesome scenes of psychological elements and the introduction of additional layers of intellectual instill fear in the spectator not only for what they are seeing, but also for what could happen at any moment.

The game designers must become true storytellers

According to a specific technique of narration Wright Bagwell, creative director of Visceral Games, one of the major problems of today's game is the lack of a well-developed narrative substratum. For this reason, in an interview published by MTV, the director said that the best idea would be that the game designers to develop skills not necessarily related to the example Hollywood narrative.

Nintendo 3DS encourages the movement

Through the system of Game Coins, walking is gaining Nintendo plans to encourage users of 3DS to move, despite the inherent lack of exercise linked to the video game. Related to pedometer inside the console, in fact, the house of Kyoto has developed a system to collect "coins" that allow the purchase of additional content for games.

In practice, moving with the console in "sleep" mode the pedometer stays active and keeps track of the steps taken by users. Meet certain targets with regard to distance traveled and number of steps, you collect a certain number of virtual money with which to buy new game elements. Source: MTV Multiplayer

The just reward for the conclusion of Dead Space 2 in Hardcore

Very special weapon Spoiler: If you're not going to spoil the surprise, avoid reading and seeing the video in the bottom of the news. Take a YouTube video that shows an interesting reward assigned to the brave men who manage to finish Dead Space 2 in Hardcore mode: 's "Hand Cannon". Beyond the question of the gun in quite hilarious, if it can be defined, it is apparently a true means of destruction, by far the most powerful weapon in the game.

Awakened is based on Hero, the game deleted Midway

Phosphor Games starts from there, after the close of suffering Chicago Midway team was sold to Warner Hero game, in development for some time at the studio, it was obviously locked and all the materials put together so far are pretty much lost. The Chicago Midway veterans have also put together the team Phosphor Games under the new label and decided to rebuild much of the work on Hero, addressing a slightly different way.

Ni no Kuni appears on Japanese TV

New excerpts from a talk show the last episode of "Top Runner", a talk show aired on Japanese television NHK showed footage of several Ni no Kuni, the exciting new adventure-RPG by Level-5 developed in collaboration with the Studio Ghibli. In the present work was the CEO Akihiro Hino himself, who explained how this game the developers wanted to "allow players to experience first hand a film by Studio Ghibli, with the ability to change the shot to enjoy better and action scenes.

Just Add Water works in the remake of Abe's Oddysee

HD Oddworld Stranger's Wrath is not only therefore have been subjected to the procedure remake in HD, at Just Add Water, there is also another chapter of Oddworld in the process of rebuilding, which is the parent Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee. According to the developers to EGM, the first chapter would now entering the stage of full development and according to what is essentially a faithful remake of the first in structure, but completely redesigned with integrated 3D graphics, while leaving the original frame.

Mortal Kombat - a video for the hit X-ray

Below is some more shots Mortak Kombat allow you to break bones and tissues of the opponent and of course the title allows us to observe in detail so great violence. In this trailer we see that this is not a mere visual effect. Under the skin of the characters from Mortal Kombat is in fact a complete skeleton with a lot of internal organs.

This choice increases realism and facilitates the implementation of these devastating strokes.

Star Wars The Old Republic - for the death penalty

The balance is crucial. Damion Schubert, lead combat designer for Star Wars: The Old Republic, published on the official forum el title, a number of considerations relating to the death penalty after. Unfortunately, no details, but an ode to the balance of one of the most significant factors in a MMORPG.

Death should have a weight or is likely to be insignificant, but too many penalties can make the players too cautious. And a player does not prove too cautious new build, does not explore, is not likely to fight a monster only they join a group of people who are not affiliates and who may be inexperienced.

A look at the multiplayer mode in SOCOM 4

In particular, the novelty of the "Last Defense" mode Travis Steiner, chief game designer for SOCOM 4, said the development team has tried to continue the tradition of multiplayer for the last episode of the series, while seeking to renew items . Speaking to Gamespot, Steiner said that while the game is a "substantial evolution of the franchise," the key to its development lies in those who were the first basic elements to the success of SOCOM: the gameplay is based on the team, the 'authenticity and innovation.

New details on the PC version of Homefront

Directly from the official website of Kaos Studios Kaos Studios has updated the official website of Homefront to answer many questions regarding the PC version of the game. Here are the details: Homefront will use Steamworks because, according to developers, it was the best choice to get the feature you want to appear on PC.

The team also confirmed the possibility of playing in 3D, thanks to full support for NVIDIA 3-D Vision. It 'been done extra work in respect of vehicles, and in fact on a PC you can check all vehicles with a first person view, from the driver's or third person. Have added additional controls for the helicopters, to provide players with an experience as realistic as possible.

Special guests for the Japanese version of Super Scribblenauts

Snaaaaaaaaaaaaaake! As witnessed by an image published by Kotaku, the Japanese version of Super Scribblenauts contains extra characters certainly recall. In the picture we see it here next version of Solid Snake MSG4 wandering along with the scenario in the game. The funny thing is that the screenshot was posted by none other than Hideo Kojima on his Twitter page.

After all was just Konami to deal with the distribution of the title of 5th Cell in Japan ... Source: Kotaku