Thursday, March 3, 2011

Jaffe: "Too much idle time on console"

As reported by GamesIndustry. biz, during the Game Developers Conference, the creator of God of War, David Jaffe, complained of the preliminaries that take the players away from the gameplay on the console itself. "Some of those who develop for consoles as we are doing away consumers," said the developer of Twisted Metal.

"By the power of the console and the game itself goes too long and this problem bothers the players." "Movies intermission, installations, updates, uploads. Sometimes I want to play any console game but gave up because I do not want to put up the rest. Maybe I'm lazy but if you look around you see that is full of things that are competing for time free for consumers.

New trailer for LA Noire

This time on exclusive content ... Rockstar has released a new trailer for the highly anticipated LA Noire, a title that will debut next May on platforms Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. This is a video dedicated to content, called The Naked City, which will be available to only those who book the game at a chain of video game distribution.

Here is the file in question: LA Noire - Trailer Naked City

Pokémon black and white version at € 29.99.

The wait fifth edition of Pokémon has arrived and many are ready to fight new monsters from Blockbuster Game Rush and from tomorrow Friday, March 4. The new version of White and Black version are innumerable, the most immediate of which is the new graphics for the first time in 3D. Black or White Forest City are the new regions that form the backdrop to the adventures of the animals most beloved by children.

Infinity Blade has had more success Shadow Complex

"A huge success", said Mark Rein, but it is unclear whether the question relates to the download or gain. We know that the number of copies downloaded Infinity Blade is at least double that of the title for Xbox Live, but we can not quantify the gains given the differences between the two titles in terms of development costs and prices.

In any case, the success of the title for IOS is certainly justified by the high visual impact that marked the entrance to the actual iPhone by technically advanced in the world of video games. The comparison seems rather forced, however, given the difference of context, intent and style.

New images for your desktop!

The collaboration of Videogame Source. it with the known site specializing GameWallpapers. com, from which you can download the most beautiful bottoms and updated to your computer and also for your portable devices. Here is a gallery where you can download the ones you like most. To get images at full size, click the Show All link under the photo gallery and then select the image you like by clicking on the link in the header at the top Look at the full resolution +.

Announced Pro Cycling Manager 2011 Tour of Italy

A mortgage cycling ... Halifax and La Gazzetta dello Sport announced Pro Cycling Manager - Tour of Italy 2011, cycling simulator in development on the PC platform to be released exclusively national is scheduled to coincide with the beginning of the Corsa Rosa. The production includes a number of salient points, Here we go: The stages of the Tour of Italy and beyond, with over 500 locations perfectly reproduced, taken from major international competitions Season 2011 updated with official teams, riders, sponsors and official voices of sports commentators from racing motorcycles, Andrea De Luca and Paolo Savoldelli Creating and customizing your ideal team and ability to lead a team of officers to climb the top of every Editor racing competition that offers the possibility of creating endless trails, from start to finish, Google map with online multiplayer for up to 20 players per share on the routes you have created exciting challenges Graphics faithful reproduction of the routes and the weather Care visual game to recreate the effect of long-range, typical of television coverage of the real race Pro Cycling Manager - Tour of Italy 2011 - Debut Trailer

"Sex and romance for Uncharted

Director David O. Russell is back to talk about the film on the aftermath of some statements Uncharted Mark Wahlberg's alter ego Nathan Drake in the film, according to which Eva Mendes and Scarlett Johansson may appear in the film. "There will be romance and sex," said the director at MTV Movies Blog.

"I do not know if I will leave to make a movie R-rated. I'll probably be PG-13.'ll Show skin and explicit language to the extent allowed by that classification, and I hope to be able to push even further. It seems to be trying to be less restrictive." Russell plans to paint the family of Nathan Drake in a similar manner to the representation of the homonymous TV series of the Sopranos.

Mortal Kombat: a demo coming to PS3

Then even on the Xbox 360 ... Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Netherrealm Studios have announced that from next week will be dealt a playable demo on Mortal Kombat. Specifically, the demo in question will be available to PlayStation 3 owners starting next March 8 to members only so-called "Plus", while the remaining will have to wait until March 15.

Following then will be distributed on Xbox 360. The demo will allow you to try the field Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Mileena, Johnny Cage in two different arenas of play, Living Forest and the Pit.

NGP can not match PlayStation 3

During the Game Developers Conference, Sony has stated that Next Generation Portable will not be able to match the performance of PlayStation 3. "The press spoke of a console as powerful as PlayStation 3," said David Coombes, Sony Computer Entertainment America. "Well, can not reach the 2GHz because otherwise the battery would last five minutes, and probably your clothes catch fire." Coombes said that memory cards will be sold on which games will be available in 2GB and 4GB versions, and that the files of the games for Sony's new handheld console will therefore not exceed 4GB of data.

Sony: 41.6 million PS3 in the world

Not bad at all ... Sony, at the GDC 2011 is currently in full swing, said that its flagship console, PlayStation 3, would have reached the remarkable figure of 41.6 million units sold globally. In addition, the Japanese stated that since the launch of the PlayStation Network service were turned over 70 million accounts.

Source: VG247

THQ, record bookings for Homefront

THQ's manager, Danny Bilson, confirmed that the publisher could close the New York office of Kaos Studios, a developer of Homefront, to transfer the staff in the new studio in Montreal. According to a report from Develop, THQ was going to close the studio in New York after the launch of Homefront in order to reduce costs by moving the team's activities in Canada.

"I have enormous respect for the guys who are building this game," says Bilson. "I told them that the success of Homefront will impact on our future strategy. Therefore, when we have not yet taken any decision. We'll see how things go, we will not transfer persons without a valid reason." According to Bilson, Homefront has already seen record bookings for THQ, with 200,000 copies already booked in the United States.

Still details from Batman: Arkham City

A year and a half later ... Batman: Arkham City will take place right after a year and a half after the end of Batman: Arkham Asylum, the previous episode. A support is the same Rocksteady, which has thus stated as between one chapter and the other just 18 months elapse and also obtained all the gadgets in the first adventure can be reused in the second.

Source: VG247

The SOCOM beta in March with PS Plus

Sony announced that PlayStation Plus subscribers will have access to exclusive beta of SOCOM: Special Forces since March 23. Among the offers of the month for those who subscribe to premium services include the PlayStation Network Platform and Sonic the Hedgehog shooter Astro Tripper, while the trilogy that includes Prince of Persia Sands of Time, Warrior Within and The Two Thrones will be sold at half price.

At 18 in Superdirective from GDC 2011!

The Superdirective Multiplayer. it moved to San Francisco, where our correspondents are all ready to give their impressions straight from GDC 2011! Log on at 18 Thursday, March 3 at this page to interact with us. The maximum number of users that can connect simultaneously is equal to 5000, to see the direct non-stop you have to have an ADSL connection of at least 1.2 Mbits, we recommend that you do not download anything while watching the live itself.

Islands of a date for Wakfu

The game for Xbox Live Arcade, Islands of Wakfu will be available from March 30, tells the developer Ankama Games. The title belongs to the genus of action RPG and features co-op, will cost 1200 Microsoft Points. Islands of Wakfu offers two playable characters, each with special abilities: Nora and Efrim.

14 levels included 12 objectives to be achieved. By means of Achievement you will also unlock content for free-to-play MMOs always Ankama, Dofus ie.

Double proof of CryEngine 3 from GDC

We see the improvements ... During the GDC 2011 is currently underway, Crytek has revealed some of the enhancements to the graphics engine CryEngine 3, in short, what the supoporta 2 Crysis nearing the landing on the market. A double demonstration of the work done by the software house as always found attached at the bottom of the article.

Video Games | CryEngine 3 | GDC 11: Exclusive Tech Showcase HDXbox 360 | PlayStation 3 | Nintendo Wii | PC Games Video Games | CryEngine 3 | GDC 11: Exclusive Showcase Licensors HDXbox 360 | PlayStation 3 | Nintendo Wii | PC Games

Epic Gears of War takes a year

Epic Games Gears of War wants to develop every year, said company vice president Mark Rein. "If we could make up to a year, those who would not?" Said Rein in Videogame Source at the Game Developers Conference. "I envy Call of Duty. Every year publish great games and they sell an incredible amount of copies.

Who says you would not want to do the same should not be in this business." "We are not a large study, while they have two teams that alternate. But do not give up the idea, I'd do it. If we could offer each year experience worthy of the name of Gears, why not? If you let go too much time between a game and the other, people forget about you.

The forthcoming update of roses for PES 2011

After the repair market ... Konami has announced that by mid-March will release a patch to update the roses of the teams in Pro Evolution Soccer 2011, following the movement occurred during the winter market note ended last Jan. 31. Has not yet been made known the exact date, we await the final release.

Braben not forget Elite 4

Frontier Developments boss David Braben, has said during the Game Developers Conference to want to make Elite 4. "It would be a tragedy if it were not for Elite uppermost in my thoughts." Braben also spoke about the similarities between the developers of the early '80s and the current landscape of the games industry and mobile social network: "It will bring new energy industry." During his speech at the GDC, Braben spoke of some technical and design decisions taken during the development of Elite, and revealed the background of his struggle for the possession of rights in a film based on its IP: "We have kept the rights of the film and everything else, Acornsoft did not want to remain in our possession.

Prototype: new trailer from GDC 2011

An extended version of the previous ... During the GDC 2011 was released a new trailer for Prototype 2, sequel in development at Radical Entertainment. This is the same trailer released during the VGA, but contains a few additions like the comments of the developers in line at the movie. Here's the trailer: Source: VG247 Video Games | Prototype 2 | GDC 11: Extended VGA TrailerXbox 360 | PlayStation 3 | Nintendo Wii | PC Games

Epic unveils its next-gen

Epic Games showed some pictures that give an idea of the graphics that you can get on next generation platforms with the new version of Unreal Engine 3. During a presentation held behind closed doors at the Game Developers Conference, Epic has also shown a film made with new technology. "It represents a vision of what we should be able to do in the future," said a source Videogame vice president of Epic Games Mark Rein.

Sega Game Gear presents the lineup on Virtual Console 3DS

The first five titles come from historians saw the first five titles will be available on the Game Gear section of the Virtual Console, Nintendo 3DS. To begin, therefore, find Tales & Sonic 2, Sonic Drift 2, Shinobi, Dragon's Maze and Crystal Shirani Columns trasfmeranno that the former-portable handheld Nintendo Sega.

Magie emulation. In any case, we do not know the prices of these securities, which are likely to be standard, depending on the emulated machine. For the moment the new Virtual Console 3DS were announced Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Gear TurboGrafx, but it is likely that, as happened with the Wii's Virtual Console, other platforms will be added later.

In May, an update to the 3DS

The president of Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils-Aime, has announced that in late May will be available throughout the world an update that will allow you to transfer games DSiWare on 3DS. Using the same update will be implemented also on the new DS platform web browser and the service eShop. The eShop will buy games for the Virtual Console: Game Boy, Game Boy Colour, and TurboGrafx GameGear and many more, plus classic 3D revisited.

Itagaki expands team for Devil's Third

Other reinforcements The head of Valhalla Games, a number of ex-Team Ninja and creator of Ninja Gaiden, Tomonobu Itagaki, has decided to increase the developer base to work on the new project in the works: Devil's Third. Valhalla is to join a small development team called Score Studios Japan and it is not, however, the first team outside call by Itagaki to help development: as early as January had revealed that Relic Entertainment, creators of Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War, had collaborated in the construction of the technology developed at the base of the new and mysterious game of Valhalla.

THQ announced Saints Row: The Third

THQ has officially announced Saints Row: The Third. Volition will be to develop this new chapter in the Saints Row series that will "during the holidays" on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. The first Saints Row was released in 2006 on Xbox 360 exclusive, while the second chapter of the rival Grand Theft Auto series was published in 2008 by THQ for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

"You do not have to deliver pizza, or make endless missions with the taxi," said the boss of the division Core Games, THQ, Danny Bilson. "Instead, take control of the Third Street Saints and bring chaos to the world."

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, the trailer for the new multiplayer DLC

New characters and new modes for the multiplayer game, Ubisoft has just released a new trailer for Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, dedicated to the implications in this case contained in the new multiplayer DLC The Disappearance of Da Vinci. In the video we see So four new characters (the Red Queen, the Knight, the Paria and the Marquis) and the new way "Murder" (freedom from contracts, where exactly each player has the right to kill any opponent) and "Spare" (in which a character must be protected from the attack of the enemy or have the mission to eliminate).

Unveiled the new game from Tim Schafer

After the downloadable games Costume Quest Stacking, Double Fine will launch a new product in digital format, Trenched. At the heart of the new creation of Tim Schafer and his studio will be a war between humans and aliens, it also has several mech, as you can see in the images and trailer at the bottom of the page.

Trenched will be released exclusively on Xbox Live Arcade.

The Japanese software charts 21 to 27 February

Excellent result for titles in just two days 3DS As mentioned earlier, here's the top 10 comprehensive in terms of software sales in Japan for the week February 21 to 27. In the first two positions are as many PSP games, in this case Phantasy Star Portable 2 SD Gundam G Generation and Infinity World, while the third place is the excellent debut of Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle for 3DS.

New video for Zelda: Skyward Sword

During the Game Developers Conference, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata showed off a new exclusive trailer for the Wii Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. The new Zelda will introduce some mechanical and ensure greater precision through the implementation of Wii Motion Plus add-on for the Wii Remote. The last video game Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword was shown during Nintendo's E3 conference last year.

Do not Elite IV is "a tragedy"

Braben ensures that the project moves forward does not mince words David Braben for Elite IV project in development for some time but still seems shrouded in mystery. During his lecture at GDC 2011, series creator-space simulation that is part of the history of video games has reaffirmed that the fourth installment is in production and who wonders if the project had been stalled or canceled replied that "it would a tragedy "if it were still active and real.

Ocarina of Time on June 3DS

The 3DS version of Nintendo The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time will hit stores in June, said Nintendo President Satoru Iwata. "Last year we celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of Super Mario, this year celebrating the twenty-fifth of The Legend of Zelda," Iwata said at the Game Developers Conference.

Nintendo president did not specify if Ocarina of Time will arrive in June around the world or in North America.

E '2 Minecraft likely, says Mojang

Very likely, but only after Scrolls and 'a few hours ago the announcement of Scrolls, Mojang new game based on trading cards and multiplayer battles between virtual wizards but in the future of the independent team is obviously Minecraft. Upon conclusion of the work on Scrolls, then, is that developers can focus on Minecraft 2, revealed Jakob They stretched in PC Gamer, recognizing the enormous importance of the title for Mojang and the great expectations that such a social phenomenon has generated the users.

No to a new engine for Call of Duty

In the past few hours Electronic Arts has spoken of the technology that according to the publisher should revolutionize the FPS genre, the Frostbite used for Battlefield 2 3. How offensive to try to answer the current leader of the EA segment of the shooter, Call of Duty? In no way, admits Robert Bowling of Infinity Ward on Twitter.

"It would cotroproducente. It takes years and years of work to develop an engine and make it fully functional," says Bowling. Following the dismissal of West a year ago and Zampella, Infinity Ward has had to witness the exodus of many staff members. "I plan to stay with Infinity Ward," said Bowling.

[GDC 2011] Double Fine has Trenched

A war game Tim Schafer was presented at the Game Developer's Choice Awards strong of a new title to be announced for Double Fine, as well as his usual irrepressible personality. The game in question is called Trenched and will be published by Microsoft Game Studios for Xbox Live Arcade. As reported by Joystiq, it is a title "very, very manly," whatever you're saying with this.

From what you see in the video, it kept the typical ironic style of Double Fine, but the look seems to veer more toward realism and taste compared to other mainstream productions such as stacking, but we are surprised that after the Battle of the Mobile Brigade against Trench the invading forces of monovision is not hiding his usual irreverent humor of Schafer.

Shenmue 3 SEGA we're thinking

During the Game Developers Conference Yu Suzuki said that likely will enable SEGA to develop Shenmue 3. "I think it's simply a matter of budget," said Suzuki, "but I guess I will let you do." "I want to develop it," said Suzuki's third installment of the series, as reported by Gamasutra. "I will buy at least 200 people, I think.

But it is difficult to find investments." The first Shenmue cost "only" $ 47 million in 1999. "Well maybe I should not say 'just'. We spent the money for the development and marketing," said Suzuki, who last year admitted the existence of a concept for Shenmue 3.

[GDC 2011] All the winners of the GDC 2011

Game Developers Choice Awards and Independent Games Festival Awards 2011 Here is the list of winners in various categories for 2011 Game Developers Choice Awards and Independent Games Festival Awards. Dead Red Redemption has confirmed protagonist in the retail sector, while Minecraft and Amnesia: The Dark Descent dominated the awards on the independents.

Game Developers Choice Awards Best Game - Red Dead Redemption Best Game Design - Red Dead Redemption Innovation - Best Minecraft Technology - Red Dead Redemption Best Handheld Game - Cut the Rope Best Audio - Dead Red Redemption Best Downloadable Game - Minecraft Best Writing - Mass Effect 2 Best Debut Game - Minecraft Best Visual Arts - Limbo Pioneer Award - Yu Suzuki's Lifetime Achievement - Peter Molyneux Independent Games Festival Awards Seumas McNally Grand Prize ($ 20,000) - Minecraft, by Mojang New Award ($ 5,000) - Nidhogg, by Messhof Excellence in Visual Art ($ 2,500) - BIT.

Nintendo reveals Super Mario 3DS

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata announced a Mario game for Nintendo 3DS. The game will take advantage of the features of the new Nintendo handheld, Iwata promised at the Game Devepolers Conference. The new Mario will be developed by the authors of the two Super Mario Galaxy for Wii. Some pictures submitted by Iwata show a world of 3D gaming, while the O logo Super Mario appears a kind of tail.

Possible a demo of The Last Guardian ICO collection - updated

Ueda thinks Update: the bottom of the news, a new video released at the GDC from Gamespot. The head of the team ICO, Fumito Ueda, 1UP has revealed to his idea of including a demo of The Last Guardian in the Collection including ICO and Shadow of the Colossus in high definition, the upcoming PlayStation 3.

This is not yet an official decision, "we are considering, but abbimao not yet decided whether to do so," Ueda specified. On the other hand it is a recurring element, whereas even a demo of God of War III God of War was included in the Collection and a preview of Sly Sly 4 in The Collection.

Apple Introduces the iPad 2

At a conference in San Francisco in the past few hours, the Apple boss Steve Jobs unveiled iPad 2. The iPad's successor arrives in U.S. stores on 11 March and two weeks later, from March 25, iPad 2 will be available in 26 other countries. The prices will be identical to those of the current IPAD with 16GB versions, 32GB and 64GB and prices starting at $ 499.

All models are also available in 3G. During the conference, Apple's CEO has repeatedly stated that iPad 2 proposes a design "completely new" than its predecessor, the tablet is 33% thinner than iPad, and its thickness is also lower than that of iPhone 4. In terms of performance, Jobs has spoken with a "dramatically faster" iPad 2 will use a dual-core performance that will ensure A5 twice larger than those of the iPad, while the GPU will deliver benefits 9 times more efficient.

The gameplay of Naruto Shippuden: Kizuna Drive in two videos

Ninja of the Leaf is back in action Naruto Shippuden: Kizuna Drive, the new tie-in of Naruto developed exclusively for the PSP, released in Italy on March 25. In the meantime, Namco Bandai has released two videos showing some game sequences, in this case the character of Naruto engaged in spectacular battles against its rivals in the Shippuden series.

Striking a Rasengan and using the technique of the Multiplication of the body, the Leaf Ninja be able to survive this new challenge in salsa action? We'll find out in less than a month. Naruto Shippuden: Kizuna Drive - gameplay video # 1 Naruto Shippuden: Kizuna Drive - gameplay video # 2