Sunday, January 2, 2011

Games News: New images for Crysis 2.

Share this story Share on Facebook too! Before starting I would like to wish all our readers a happy new year and I hope that you continue to follow us in 2011. Now let's examine the new images were released by videogamesZone on one of the most anticipated games of 2011, we are talking about Crysis 2 which for the uninitiated (but where you live?) Is a shooter set in a futuristic scenario, however, that is currently being developed by German company Crytek.

LittleBigPlanet 2 gets Windows XP

Some users with a particular level of work on the second beta version of LittleBigPlanet have developed a very special game for Media Molecule. With the vast editor made available by the second installment of the series, the group of modders (so to speak) has created a kind of style Sackboy version of Windows XP, complete with a desktop, start menu, folders and the like, with mini-games hidden within the various options.

DEAD SPACE 2 (PS3): The Plasma Cutter back in Dead Space 2

Although there is still some 'confusion about the peculiarities of the gun in question than in its "updated" version, it was nevertheless confirmed by the developers that the Plasma Cutter Dead Space will be released beginning of Dead Space for 2 all players have a backup of the first chapter. The team Visceral Games added later that, though, all upgrades purchased for the weapon during the first adventure will be "lost" on the way to the second chapter, so as not to constitute aid over the players.

GEARS OF WAR (X360): A collection coming for Gears of War

A Microsoft spokesperson confirmed to IGN that a collection on the series of Gears of War (the first two chapters, therefore) is coming soon, as suggested by the appearance - and subsequent disappearance - of a mysterious Ultimate Gears of War on retailer GameStop's website, set for release February 15 in the U.S.

at a cost of $ 29.99. The publisher has chosen to postpone the official announcement all the details about the content, however, anticipating that this issue will not affect in any way on the third installment of the series or its beta, as is well known for some time, initially will be distributed to buyers in the Epic Edition Bulletstorm.

Bad Company 2 Vietnam: Operation Hastings released for PS3 and 360

Life easier for users to console Despite the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 have not yet successfully completed the "challenge" to "Operation Hastings" on Battlefield Bad Company 2, after that PC gamers have achieved the target during the week, The new DLC is still made available by EA. 69 million team actions, therefore, also for the console user of both platforms in question, which now can download the fifth map Operation Hastings, a remake of the homonymous series of views even within the DICE FPS.

LEFT 4 DEAD 2 (X360): spit and bile for 2 Left 4 Dead

As promised a couple of weeks ago, in the new year are back mutations Left 4 Dead 2, or the arrangements for alternatives only play for one week (and possibly intended to return when the gaming audience requires it). The game's official blog announced the arrival of such Flu Season, which removes all the infected part special Boomer and Spitter, obviously making them more frequent and "acid" than ever.

RAYMAN 3D (3DS) 3D Rayman is a game for 3DS

As noted by Joystiq, the U.S. office responsible for the certification of video games (or the ESRB, PEGI similar European's) has unofficially announced Rayman 3D as a new title in development for Nintendo 3DS internal studies at the publisher Ubisoft, which in all evidence places a certain trust in the commercial success of the new console.

Of the game, unfortunately, we do not know nothing else: it could be a title developed from scratch, a remake or a port of one of the old chapters appeared on home consoles before the series suffer a metamorphosis in party game (assuming the Rayman Raving Rabbids name, first, and then just Raving Rabbids).

STAR WARS: THE OLD REPUBLIC (PC): The dialogue of The Old Republic

The official blog of the developers of Star Wars: The Old Republic, BioWare or veterans, addressed the sensitive issue of the dialogues of this MMORPG, for the first time in the genre, will be fully lined and "shot" as if they were cut-scenes in real time. Paul Marino, Lead Cinematic Designer former head of the archive Mass Effect 2, explains in detail his daily work and the challenge that has decided to collect, or to make "emotional" those interesting phases in the MMORPG, it is usual to reduced to a few clicks on a range of options presented in textual form.

FIGHT NIGHT CHAMPION (PS3): Fight Night Champion without gloves

The video you find at the bottom of this news (even in high resolution, if you like), is the second update for movie Fight Night Champion that the publisher EA Sports has decided to distribute via YouTube. The protagonist is, this time, the "predicament" of the single-player mode in which we are forced to fight bare-handed almost, though without gloves, the ring of a prison gym.

As you can see the harshness of the clash is heightened by the possibility of committing misconduct against opponent's funny ... to receive and, where appropriate.

Android (MOB): Samsung prepares rival iPod Touch

Dubbed Galaxy player, the device will be virtually a smartphone without the phone functions S Galaxy, proposed at a price of course much less - but do not yet know how much - compared to his older brother. South Korea intends to leave the house in short, the brand previously used for its Yepp line of media players, taking advantage of the popularity won by the Galaxy smartphone with Android operating system.

RUSE (PC): Sounds of "crash" for the DLC RUSE

At first it was just a delay, announced by the developers on the eve of Christmas, the DLC for free RUSE known as "The Manhattan Project" and directed to the PC and PlayStation 3 platforms; problems for Sony and other defendants to Valve, that is to managers of the underlying PSN and Steam digital delivery platforms.

After downloading the package, it seems that users of the PC version of the game were greeted by a dramatic crash that prevented them from starting the strategic, as you can read on the forums of Steam. At the time of writing the problem might already be solved with a new patch, but in case some of you - users of Windows 7, we assume - still can not launch the game, the advice is to run it in compatibility mode with Windows Vista SP2 by right clicking directly on the executable.

Assassin's Creed (PC) Ubisoft less restrictive DRM?

As is well known (and widely discussed, even harshly, on the forums), some of the latest PC games published by Ubisoft contained an anti-piracy particularly "hard", which forced players to stay connected to the Internet for all the playing time , although in the single-player mode. Apparently the latest patch distributed Assassin's Creed and Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction would, at least in part, down the guard on that front, asking players to connect to the network only during the start of the game and allowing then disconnection.