Saturday, January 15, 2011

SOCOM 4 in April

While already announced the launch last year, SOCOM fans now have good news and that is their official launch will be in April 2011. There are other good news is that SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALS have support for the system controller Sony MOVE gestures.

A petition to bring The Last Story in the West

Users concerned about after having seen and heard so many good things about The Last Story, the latest work by Hironobu Sakaguchi and Mistwalker for Wii and when he learned that "there are no plans" for his arrival in the West, we were all a little 'perplexed. Some users has exceeded the time of perplexity and has instead decided to take action to demonstrate their interest in the game by users western Mistwalker and Nintendo tried to press through an online petition in order to convince them to publish the game also outside of Japan.

No plans for the demo on PC at the time of Bulletstorm

So it seems As reported by Blue's News, Epic currently has no plan to bring the promised demo Bulletstorm on PCs. There is therefore no official communication from the development team, but it seems that this is the position for the game in PC version, on the whole in line with the actions of EA on the front of the demo in Windows format, not very active compared to the same games in the console version.

Sony announces the Move of Heroes

Move Heroes, the game created specifically for the motion controller for Sony starring some of the most famous mascot of the company, will be released in the United States on March 22. Developed by Nihilistic Software, author of Zombie Apocalypse, the game will see together for the first time, Jak and Daxter, Sly, Bentley and Ratchet and Clank.

Some online retailers will offer, as usual, various bonuses for pre-orders. GameStop and Amazon, for example, giving away three exclusive skins: Sly Pirate, Freedom League Trillium Armor Jak and Ratchet. Sony has so far not confirmed any release date for Europe, but the announcement should be imminent.

Gfk: PS3 games than 2 to 1, those Xbox 360 in Europe

A victory for Sony 2010 The French newspaper Le Monde reported sales data collected by the independent group GfK for the French market in particular and more generally European. In addition to declare victory on Xbox 360 PlayStation 3 consoles sold in France in 2010 (822,000 against 550,000), is also an estimate of the games sold on the European market, which are higher in number compared to Sony on the front that Microsoft, given the match between these two rivals, as the Wii for its part is higher than both.

The game is ahead of Thor

SEGA has announced that the official game of Thor will be released one week ahead of schedule. We'll find it in stores starting next April 29. The date should coincide with the arrival of the film in cinemas in Europe. The plot was written by the same author of the comics, Matt Fraction, while actor Chris Hemsworth, who plays the son of Odin to the big screen, Doppieri the English version.

Reich is still alive, says Ignition

After Wardevil After returning to view only a few months ago as a worthy project but now completely removed, Reich back in the spotlight thanks to a complete reverse from Ignition Entertainment. The publisher, which was found close to a couple of development teams because of the critical situation of the market, has released a new press release in which ensures that the interesting question to FPS in setting historical fiction is still alive and kicking.

360 new controllers in March

The new silver controller for the Xbox 360 will be available in Europe since March 4th and the price should be € 49.90. According to the site Gamerzines, cost will be included in a Play & Charge kit. In addition to the new color, the pad in question will have the now famous cross directional "transformation" and finer control than those currently available.

Several will also be the analog stick, now concave and the color of the four main buttons, which will be gray.

Sarien makes it playable on the old glories Sierra browser and iPad

Beauty and suspected initiative The issue seems rather tricky from a legal standpoint, so arrive before Activision with its ban-hammer to spoil the party point out the particular initiative Sarien site. net. The site allows you to play right on your browser, online catalog of the old Sierra adventure games, made available at this time also iPad through a system that we are not sure has been approved by Activision, who now owns the rights after the merger of Sierra with Vivendi.

Sony investigating the theft of Trophies

You cheat to unlock PS3 Trophies more than they really deserve it? You used Jailbreak to flesh out the status of your players? You might not, but someone did it and Sony has launched an investigation into it. "We're aware of similar events," said an official of the company, "and we are investigating to find out those responsible." "Fix the problem by updating the console that will further improve the safety of the console, but for now we can not announce the details." The "crime" in question was perpetrated by an amateur application that allows you to unlock all the trophies without playing games.

The shooter has a date Breach

Breach, the multiplayer shooter developed by Atomic Games, also authors of the controversial and never published Six Days in Fallujah, will be released on PC and Xbox Live Arcade on January 26. The Xbox 360 will cost 1200 Microsoft Points, while the downloadable version on the PC should be about 19 €.

According to the definition of developers, Breach will be "the first game of its kind to use the destruction to change the very nature of the multiplayer shooter." Compared to many other shooters around, will offer full coverage Breach crumble, that will force players to have a much more tactical approach to battle.

Zampella and West would have preferred THQ

Even statements for Danny Bilson unleashed Among the statements made by Vice THQ to EuroGamer, and of which we have discussed today, it stands out that even if indirectly relates still another Electronic Arts. Danny Bilson has indeed revealed some background on the acquisition of the founders of Infinity Ward by Electronic Arts.

West and Zampella fact, according to Billson, chose instead to bind to THQ EA. But THQ could not accept a request from two developers after scalding suffered with Activision asked to maintain possession of the IP (intellectual property) to work on. Zampella seems to confirm the whole story in statements published by Wired.

EverQuest back on PS3?

Sony Online Entertainment has hinted that the chances of Everquest on the PS3 are not that rare. "I continue to work on the new EverQuest great and without major problems," said John Smedley, president of SOE. "Currently we can not officially confirm the arrival of the game on consoles, but I can tell you that our company is very, very, very pleased with the work done for DC Universe, as you know, is a title multiplattaforma.

Smallville in danger - A trailer for DC Universe Online

A trailer for the combat zone set in Smallville. The new movie made available by SOE at the release of DC Universe Online shows in detail the combat zone of Smallville. Smallville is the town where Superman spent his childhood and to defeat the enemy in this mission is of course Lex Luthor. The super evil genius, and ultimate nemesis of Clark Kent, is contaminating the population of the town and prepared a trap to take out the superheroes.

Playback Onlive free until January 31

Still 16 days of beta testing The catalog will offer playback Onlive free until 31 January. The service will play about 40 titles using the online streaming service and paying a flat fee of € 10 per month. The release date was set for Jan. 15 but apparently the ADF testing, which provides access to a dozen titles, will last until the end of the month.

Sales of Gran Turismo 5 seconds NDP

However, good results ... IndustryGamers announced - usually through a report released by the NPD Group - the latest sales figures for the U.S. related to Gran Turismo 5, we recall off the top ten titles as previously reported for the month of December. This analysis specifies that the title would have sold during that month, 560,500 copies in North America (including Canada less influential), which covers about 1.14 million copies since launch of the moment only with regard to the American territory.

Feist is alive and well - screenshots

The development team says despite the long silence Feist is booming. This is confirmed by the same developers on the official blog of the game. And from the images shown on the self-employed, which is one of the most charming indie games of 2011 and expected, seems to be in good shape. Source: playfeist.


Available in The Cursed Crusade Trailer

Kingdom of Heaven according to the French developer Kylotonn Architectures suggestive and famous city at the time of cruciate backdrop to this French title that combines historical atmosphere and the paranormal. In the role of Esteban Noviembre fact we head towards Zara and Constantinople, and probably follow the road to Jerusalem that has seen the fate of thousands of accomplished horsemen.

A promotional trailer for Dynasty Warriors 7

A look at the most ambitious chapter in the saga Koei The beat'em up wargame developed by Omega Force is shown to the public in this promo dedicated to weapons in the game. In the second part of the video we can see some interesting combo that mixes melee and firearms. Dynasty Warrior 7 promises a more complex gameplay, thanks to special weapons, a free roaming mode, more characters, battles and more articulate animals to ride or to be used in combat.

The vice president THQ comment on the Taliban in Medal of Honor

Danny Bilson, THQ criticized the selection of Electronic Arts According to the vice president of THQ, Electronic Arts was wrong to include the Taliban in Medal of Honor. Although EA has replaced the Taliban in multiplayer with a generic faction called "Opposing Force" Bilson said that including real drama in a video game is mere speculation.

The manager then went on defending THQ Homefront who suffered similar accusations it included in its title as North Korea despite the recent friction between the two Koreas. Billson has specified that if the United States was at war with North Korea, and there were no victims, the issue would be very different.

Repartee between Capcom and Twisted Pixel

The controversy continues on the plagiarism of Man Splosion Twisted Pixel last year launched a dedicated Xbox Live the adventures of a slender articulated explosive. It's' Man Splosion and is a platform that allows us to reach unusual heights based on the capacity of the character, of course acquired as a result of an experiment, to be detonated at will.

Capcom has published this year instead Maxplosion. A platform that sees a cat capable of reaching incredible heights with the ability to explode. Even the title is set in a scientific laboratory. That's why we were not surprised when Capcom Twisted Pixel accused of plagiarism. The conditions for the prosecution in fact seem to be all and, although there are coincidences, like it or not Capcom's programmers have baked a title far too similar to Xbox Live.

The weapons in video Bulletstorm

How to play ball with the enemies Joystiq has posted a video that shows the powerful weapons that players will be available in Bulletstorm, with lots of contributions by Cliff Bleszinski (Design Director), Tanya Jessen (producer) and John Liberto (member of the design team). That game was extremely violent it was known already, and the sequences show a clear use of physics is very similar to that found in a previous production of People Can Fly, Painkiller ie.

American release date for SOCOM 4

The game will be released in April The long-awaited fourth SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs, Sony's new episode of the series developed by Zipper Interactive, seems to be released in the U.S. in April. The game, originally scheduled for 2010, put many new elements in gameplay, now more than voted for action, and with its complete compatibility with the controller MOVE addition to the normal Dual Shock.

Jurassic Park is revealed in pictures

The game is expected this winter, Game Informer has posted some exclusive pictures of the new tie-in Telltale dedicated to Jurassic Park. The transaction is part, along with Back to the Future, a revival of some franchise history, making the popular imagination for decades. In the case of Jurassic Park, it is clear that much of the success of the product will be attributed to the return of dinosaurs to the screen.

Pulver testimonial Supremacy MMA

505 Games has announced that Jens Pulver, former UFC lightweight champion, will be the spokesperson for Supremacy MMA title set for summer on PS3 and X360. "Considering my history, I think I'm perfect for a game like MMA Supremacy," said Pulver. "Having seen the game, and noticing what is true to the essence of the sport, I can be proud to be part of the project." Pulver will grant her image and her story to give more prestige to the product, while also contributing to its development as a consultant for what concerns the history and fighting.

The trailer for the Collector Edition of Tales of Monkey Island

Collector's Edition will include a new boxed extra addition to the five chapters in the saga Outgoing March 25 Collector's Edition Tales of Monkey Island will include a series of exclusive extras. The publication of this new 3D version of the series dedicated to the heroic deeds of Guybrush Threepwood was created specifically for those who prefer the good old boxes to the digital delivery version.