Monday, December 27, 2010

A delay for Rayman Origins

Not by much initially expected for the last remnants of this year, Rayman Origins slide for some time, although a new date for the time being announced. We therefore await new information for a release date at this time must necessarily included in the next year.

RAYMAN ORIGINS (PS3) Rayman Origins moved to next year

Presented in June at E3 in Los Angeles initially expected this holiday for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, the 2D platformer Rayman Origins has been postponed by Ubisoft in 2011, although for now the French company did not specify any date output indicators.

The 7th Guest (IPhO): correct patch for The 7th Guest

Available on the App Store a few weeks in both the version for iPhone and iPod touch, both in the iPad (respectively on sale at 2.39 euros and 4.99 euros), The 7th Guest was recently updated to version 7.1 which fixes some bug in the initial release. The update has indeed solved the problem of the final credits and the wrong loop of music, bringing in more than an adjustment to the speed of the animation, now slower and realistic.

News: PSN to profits in 2011

According to the statement from Kaz Hirai, the online service for PlayStation 3 is still at a loss. The company expects to obtain the first collections starting next year. "Our tests have always been accurate, including that the phase of so-called 'dark phase' of the NDP will end in 2011," said boss of Sony Computer Entertainment.

The current account recorded on the PlayStation Network are more than 60 million, but last year was the best for the Sony online service. Sales of games and content are in fact doubled over 2009.

Splatterhouse (PS3): The first DLC Splatterhouse

Almost a month away from the shops, Splatterhouse earns his first DLC with Lost Islands, available for a few days for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 for the price of 160 Microsoft Points or 1.99 Euro. This new downloadable content consists of a Survival Arena where we will have to withstand waves of enemies growing increasingly large, dirty and bad-style Splatterhouse, or with blood and offal scattered to the four winds.

News: Pokémon Black and White in March

The announcement was, of course, the same as Nintendo, but did not say anything about the arrival of the games in Europe. The difference between the two chapters is as always limited to the presence of exclusive Pokémon In either version. In this particular case, the Black will allow players to capture the legendary Reshiram while Zekrom will be exclusive to White.

The gameplay of Black and White.

BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY (PS3): Multiplayer free-roaming Arkham City?

In these hours are circulating on the net some rumors (not yet officially confirmed) on the nature of multiplayer Batman: Arkham City, which should assume characteristics typical free-roaming as success for the multi Dead Red Redemption created by Rockstar Games with results nothing short of brilliant.

At the moment, Rocksteady Studios has neither confirmed nor denied these rumors, but there are still almost a year leaving the game time to set up such a system would also ... or at least we hope!

Minecraft Indie is the best game of the year

The ranking of IndieDB IndieDB announced the rankings of the top ten independent games of the year almost over, drawn by the votes of the community and the choice of editors and judges. The ranking sees the top of the list of the most successful Minecraft voted, followed by Amensia and Super Meat Boy.

Let's see what other titles in charts: Minecraft - Specifications Mojang Amnesia: The Dark Descent - Frictional Games Super Meat Boy - Team Meat Mount & Blade: Warband - Taleworlds Dwarf Fortress - Bay 12 Games VVVVVV - Terry Cavanagh, The Composed by Magnus Pålsson Ball - Ek Teotl Studios.

THE LAST STORY (WII): ingame footage for The Last Story

After the interesting details have emerged from the twitter of Hironobu Sakaguchi, The Last Story for a new gameplay trailer that we offer little in the news (unfortunately this is a movie in low resolution). The video is of course in Japanese and thus difficult to understand, but sports numerous battle sequences and shows some details on the operation of the combat-system.

Remember that the game developed by Mistwalker exclusively for the Wii, is expected in Japan for January 27.

A series of images of Catherine

 A little 'Atlus has released new gameplay Catherine, in large numbers, which show a number of gameplay sequences, allowing us to understand a little more unusual as it will be the new title for the console. The images are taken from the main mode of play, called "Nightmare", and are full of dreamlike atmospheres that combine dynamic platform components to strong psychological thriller.

A date for Pokémon American Black and White

What you choose? After the september issue of the eternal renewal that marked a new chapter in the success of the Pokemon series in Japan, now comes a date for Pokémon Western Black and White, which will be on the shelves of U.S. users on March 6 next year. The difference between the two versions lies in the usual way that you can get a legendary Pokémon, specifically for the version Reshiram Zekrom for Black and White version.

Virtual Console (Wii): Final Fantasy V on Virtual Console

The new year opens in the best way for all fans of retrogaming. Among the first titles expected in January on Virtual Console Wii (for now only for Japanese users) it stands as a classic Final Fantasy V (1992), who will be joined in the same period from Super EDF (1991) and World Heroes Perfect (1995).

At the moment there is still no exact release date, nor even an official confirmation of the arrival of these classics in Europe.

The multi Arkham City will be free-roaming?

Dead to the Red Redemption ...? Rocksteady Studios, after the announcement on the matter, seems to have unveiled some details on the multiplayer component of the much Batman: Arkham City. According to some rumor emerged, though not yet officially confirmed, it seems that the online multiplayer component of the title could be based on that designed by Rockstar to Dead Red Redemption.

It would thus be a sandbox, and then explicitly calling free-roaming, a real revolution compared to what will be the adventure instead of a single title. We await confirmation or denial from interested parties.

FINAL FANTASY XIII (PS3): Final Fantasy XIII is flop in Japan

Despite having clocked sales figures very high in the version for PlayStation 3 (nearly two million copies sold in Japan and more than five million worldwide), Final Fantasy XIII at home no little difficulty in winning the Xbox 360 owners. In Japan, in fact, the game was released for Microsoft's console just a few days ago with a year of delay on the PlayStation 3 version and in the top 50 games sold in the last week has not gone beyond the thirty-ninth position.

Gran Turismo 5 (PS3): The details of the steering wheel for Gran Turismo 5

It will cost $ 499 and will be available beginning January 25. We are talking about the Thrustmaster T 500 RS, the new steering wheel "official" for Gran Turismo 5, which replaces the previous model of Logitech and promising, though at great cost, to make a truly unique gaming experience with almost masterpiece of Polyphony Digital .

The kit consists of a 4.6 kg wheel swivels 180 ° with a block and a motorized three-pedal foot control more than 7 kg in weight, and effect a motor force feedback will be well-65W.