Sunday, February 6, 2011

Killzone PlayStation 3 sells more than 3?

According to some analysts, there is a correlation between sales of consoles and preorder the game in a market made up mostly of multi-platform productions, exclusive can really make a difference. And there is no unique most important at the time, Killzone 3. HULIQ News According to analysts, the third episode of Guerrilla is playing an important role in the recent increase in sales of PlayStation 3, because there seems to be a clear correlation between these and preorder the game.

The multiplayer of Battlefield 3 will be limited to Xbox 360 and PS3?

Start with a maximum of 24 players on PC there will be 64 3 Battlefield Some developers have responded to questions from fans on their Twitter page, and one of the topics discussed was the multiplayer. The owners of the console did not like the news that the PC version of the game will support up to 64 players, while on the PS3 and Xbox 360 will drop the number to 24.

Alan Kertz, senior gameplay designer DICE, said that these differences are not due to a selection of the team, of course, but to the limitations in terms of CPU, GPU, memory and network performance of the console to the PC. However, the chattering limit of 24 players may not be definitive exit from here.

New PS3 bundle coming

The console, the 320 GB version will be bundled with Motorstorm: Apocalypse Amazon France has dawned on a new PlayStation 3 bundle, which includes the console, the version with 320 GB hard drive, and the game Motorstorm: Apocalypse. The PS3 is included in the package is black and not silver, and this is clearly the Slim version.

The bundle should be available from March 16, release date of the game in Europe at a price of € 349.95. There are no details about the Italian distribution. Source: CVG

New video for Need for Speed Shift 2: Unleashed

The BMW in the race from GTTV gets a new video about Need for Speed Shift 2: Unleashed that shows various moments of the race featuring the BMW. In particular, we find the team NFS BMW Z4GT3 committed on the streets of Miami with scenes taken directly from sessions of play and shots variables. Also shown how the "boss challenge" in which players can compete online against real drivers in categories such as drift, time attack and endurance.

ESRB Dragon Age II: sex and violence

As per tradition commonplace in that Dragon Age, the ESRB has recently examined and cataloged the contents of Dragon Age II, a new chapter in the RPG series in development at BioWare, which is expected for March 11 in Europe on PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360. According to the description, the "usual" adult content back to make their appearance in this sequel, in this case with splashes and spots of blood, severed limbs, heads and run around, of course, sex scenes.

Tencent buys Riot Games

Fist of Fury Another California-based company goes under, even if a Chinese owner apparently will retain independence in decision-making. This is Riot Games, which has emerged in the gaming landscape with League of Legends, a title inspired by Warcraft III mod Defense of the Ancients. The title, with a million active players, had already attracted the attention of Tencent, which was among the investors in the software house.

Primal Carnage - a trailer for the T-Rex

A struggle for survival Primal Carnage is a game developed by independent Lukewarm Media that compares men and dinosaurs. This is a first person shooter built using the Unreal Development Kit is being developed around the single and multiplayer component. But in addition to the classic mode 10vs10 5vs5 and the title includes a number of cooperative match where a jeep in Jurassic Park-style, of course, must go through an area infested with dinosaurs.

The co-founder of Remedy passes in Rovio

Rovio raises the bar gains Angry Birds must have been very high given the recent developments in home Rovio. Apparently because the co-founder of Remedy, Petri Järvilehto, was hired by Rovio as Vice President of Development on the console. Given the likely costs of a figure of this importance, and considered the curriculum in terms of cideoludici Järvilehto, this move obviously leaves a passage meant in the saddle software house to create more mature and more complex securities.

Angry Birds lands on WiiWare and Nintendo 3DS

Birds invade all Rovio, the independent development team that created the kind of mass phenomenon called Angry Birds, recently announced a 3DSFocus the game in question will soon arrive on Nintendo WiiWare and 3DS. There are no release dates, but apparently the conversion will come in 2011 and should cover "all three versions of the game, thus including the recently announced call Angry Birds Rio and connected to the animated version.

2 inFAMOUS tried and shot during the PlayStation Experience 2011

The action game by Sucker Punch confirms promising GameBlog The French site has posted to YouTube a video of gameplay Infamous 2, tested at the PlayStation Experience event in 2011. The sequences shown are basically the same as revealed recently, with the protagonist has to intercept a car and it travels along the wires of the current, between a building and the other, defeating numerous enemies lurking in the meantime.

Games developed simultaneously on NGP and PS3?

This was followed by rumors about a meeting between Sony and a few teams to develop an anonymous source told Eurogamer details emerged from a meeting held in England, including Sony and several development teams working on NGP. First, Sony has established that all the launch titles for the new handheld will be available either in print or digital card game on the PlayStation Store.

Secondly, it would have been strongly encouraged the concurrent development of the securities on NGP and PlayStation 3. "They want to produce a 'cross-platform'," said the anonymous source, explaining that the production process has been optimized for that eventuality. However, Sony does not want an identical copy of the game for both consoles: they would be targeted mostly to those exclusive features offered by NGP and some kind of interaction between the two platforms.