Saturday, February 12, 2011

Third diary Development DiRT 3

Developers tell us the degree of realism of the game is now less than two months DiRT exit 3, which in this third development diary is once again revealed in all its glory. Developer Codemasters is the time to talk about the degree of realism, and what better way to do that than by interviewing some professional riders who have had the opportunity to play the game and evaluate its adherence to reality? Let us, therefore, this new development diary, entitled not by chance "Keep it Real".

PSP will continue to live after the release of NGP?

Shuhei Yoshida According to the rotation will be softer than expected Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios, told the magazine that EDGE PSP and NGP coexist after the launch of the new handheld console. According to Yoshida would not make sense to delete the original PSP, it is still proving a big hit in Japan.

"NGP is all that Sony can and will do today. It is a platform that looks to the future with great ambition." "NGP can not replace a console that is sold for seven years. We can not sell it to the current price of PSP, which over time has become very popular and affordable, especially among younger people," he added.

Stacking is done in four (video)

The new title of Double Fine protagonist of four clips from a few days is available on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 (respectively via PSN and Xbox Live Arcade) Stacking is the last, the original Double Fine production license plate. The protagonist of the game is Charlie Blackmore, a matriosca living in a world MATRIOSCA, not surprisingly against the backdrop of Russia of the '30s.

His goal throughout the adventure is to bring together his family despite the obstacles of the authoritarian regime of "Baron." Will it succeed? We can not know, but the four video that appears at the end might be able to convince you of the quality of this particular title.

Hunted: The Demon's Forge - game trailer

With the participation of the eye and giant Bethesda inXile Entertainment have released a new gameplay trailer dedicated to the Hunted: The Demon's Forge. The promising action-adventure fantasy based sull'Unreal Engine does not miss a profusion of special effects, action tight and creatures of every kind.

Hunted: The Demon's Forge - Trailer in game

Guild Wars 2 - Trailer of the city of Kryta

The home of the human A spectacular trailer for Guild Wars 2, which shows the execution of the last game in human capital. Complex architectures, huge structures and a profusion of details give life to the wonderful city of Kryta that has nothing to envy to the city's most impressive and famous of the entire fictional.

Guild Wars 2 - Trailer on Kryta: The last home of mankind

The Next Big Thing - the trailer for Liz Allaire

The ideal woman? A presentation-style Pendulo cooprotagonista Studios for the new adventure developed by Spanish software house. The guys from Madrid have won fame through the series Runaway which represented an important part in the new season of adventure games for PC. The trailer shows the peculiarities of that Allaire Liz Murray will join Dan on The Next Big Thing, a daring adventure set between the world of Hollywood cinema.

The new company Gaillard: Mario Kart in the real world

A number of professional gamers probably know the joke already Remi Gaillard: this is a sort of crazy Frenchman who has specialized in for years of performance to transform it hilarious as irreverent. Personnel from the reconstruction of the Normandy landings on a quiet beach in French strange apparitions in the elevator, to get to what concerns us more closely, which is the key to realistic interpretation of Mario Kart, a theme which is already undertaken by Gaillard in the past and repeated extensively here, complete with launch of bananas to the opponents.

Mytheon back with a trailer and a new closed beta

A step back to make a forward last year a dispute between the developer, Petroglyph, and the publisher, UTV True Games has led to a stalemate in the development of Mytheon. The MMORPG, open beta released in July, has become inaccessible in September and Petroglyph has been removed from the management of the title.

Now UTV is True Games to deal directly accessible Mytheon that return, in closed beta at the end of the month. To celebrate the event, which will allow all previous beta testers to evaluate the direct management of UTV True Games, was also released a short trailer showing Zeus very excited.

New trailer from LEGO Star Wars III

Always very nice ... LucasArts has released a new trailer for Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars, the last chapter of the famous franchise in development at Traveller's Tales on the main platforms on the market. This is a movie dedicated to the cut-scenes, can be found as always at the bottom of the article.

Source: VG247

SOCOM 4 is the very first SOCOM on PS3

He says Zipper ... 4 SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs SOCOM will be the very first to arrive on PlayStation 3. At least this holds the same Zipper Interactive, which he specified - in the words of designer Ben Jones - as SOCOM: Confrontation of Slant Six Games (released for PS3 in 2008) can not properly be considered a complete title, especially given the lack of a single player compartment that SOCOM 4 will present instead.

The success and future of Magicka

Small magicians, great satisfaction Magicka has reached 200 000 units sold on Steam. A result of the first order for a title that has managed to surprise everyone with innovative management magic. In addition, the excellent support of Paradox, and developers that the publisher collects under its own flag, enable it to overcome the many bugs and will probably remain in the title of the sales charts again for some time.

THQ promises sparks Metro 2034

Metro 2034, FPS sequel came out last year, will have a much greater support from the publisher THQ. This was announced by vice-president Danny Bilson during an interview with IGN. "Some aspects of Metro 2033 were not treated as they deserved, both as regards the development in pre-and post-launch," said Bilson.

"This time we are fully aware of the potential of this sequel and support him as best as possible." Bilson has confessed to being a big fan of the franchise, you have read the book and finishing the game. "I love the atmosphere of the first chapter, has a unique impact, typically Russian, and we do not want to ruin it in this sequel to the contrary, we aim to enhance it further."

Heart of the Swarm in 2012

Blizzard is not very confident of being able to get out before the end of 2011 the long-awaited StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm. "We're working hard," said project director, Dustin Browder, "but we have not thought about a specific release date." "I doubt that we will make it to the end of this year, however, I'd be very surprised." Heart of the Swarm is the new, highly anticipated expansion to StarCraft II, the second of three pieces that will complete the overall experience of the famous Blizzard RTS.

Why Bejeweled 3 has no online?

PopCap Games has revealed that online leaderboards and multiplayer modes have been deleted from the development of Bejeweled 3 for reasons of priorities and deadlines. " "Bejeweled 3 is a game primarily focused on single-player mode," said Garth Chouteau of PopCap, "the content we've made are sufficiently abundant and new to please fans of the series and newbies, but we could also decide to add online features later.

MP for the new suits for Dead Space 2

You want two new suits for Dead Space 2's multiplayer and you have a PlayStation 3? Then perhaps the following might interest you. Starting from 20 of today, the staff Visceral Games will host a multiplayer game session that is open to all owners of the PS3 version. Those who manage to "kill" one of the developers during the games will win one of two new suits: White Tiger Stripe or Blue Viral.

Double Dragon rises up iOS

The remake of Double Dragon is preparing to debut next month on devices IOS. Will be published by Aksys Games and developed by Brizo Interactive. In addition to the graphics totally renovated, Double Dragon iPhone will offer a co-op mode via bluetooth, new bosses, new moves, remix original music and an unlockable bonus character.

The original game debuted in arcades back in 1987 and was followed in subsequent years by two sequels: Double Dragon II: The Revenge (1988) and Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone (1990). The franchise's last appearance was in 2007, when a virtually identical to the original version was released on Xbox Live Arcade.

Dear Esther: on the mod for Half-Life 2 game to complete in the summer on Steam

An experience worth repeating Dear Esther, before one of the most interesting mod between those belonging to the vast universe originated from Half-Life 2, video-play is an experience of great intensity, a real experiment in interactive poetry based on this particular hybrid medium on which we are playing.

Originally developed in 2007 by Dan Pinchbeck and TheChineseRoom at the University of Portsmouth as part of a project of the Arts & Humanities Research Council, the particular software has won several awards as Indiecade Mod of the Year 2009 and 2010. It is, in essence, an exploration game set in a desert island, something very different from an FPS, Half-Life 2 related to simply use of the Source.

Sony: "PSP and NGP can coexist"

The new Sony console, now known to all as NGP, coexist with the PSP and not replace it. A state was the company president, Shuhei Yoshida, during an interview with Edge. Yoshida made it clear that it would be stupid of the company to retire the "old" console as demand from the public is still high. "The NGP is everything that Sony wants to make at this time," he said, "is a platform that looks to the future with great ambition." "I do not however replace the PSP, a console on the market for about seven years for which there is still a huge demand." In terms of price, Yoshida has indicated that the NGP will not be sold at the price of the PSP because it has now become commonplace, and its cost has settled down.

Diablo III Blizzard hopes to release by 2011

We hope all of Kotaku has intercepted Rob Pardo of Blizzard at the AIAS Awards, and they issued a brief statement on waiting for Diablo III release date, unfortunately, far from being defined. To release the game in 2011 is now the ideal target for Blizzard, but the main thing, as usual, is the result from the qualitative point of view: "We hope very much that it can arrive in 2011," said Pardo, " is our goal, we hope to get there, but you know, in the end, what matters is doing all right, it is important to us.

Blizzard "hopes" in Diablo III in 2011

Diablo III "should" get out before the end of this year, or so he hopes the whole team Blizzard. Speaking to Kotaku, Rob Pardo, executive vice president and lead designer of World of Warcraft, said that "the release of Diablo III by the end of 2011 is one of the main objectives of the company." "We want the game to be perfect before leaving, so we can not promise anything, but we will give everything to succeed." Earlier this week the Chief Financial Officer of Activision-Blizzard, Thomas Tippl, confirmed that 2011 will be at least two games out of the company, but without specifying the titles.

New levels for Super Meat Boy next week, maybe

On arrival, but still do not know when Team Meat "hopes" to be able to add new levels in Super Meat Boy already next week, according to reports in a message on twitter. Sure there are additions planned for the game now almost ready, so coming, but when it is not easy to predict the exact date of exit.

This applies in particular to two additional DLC for Xbox Live Arcade: an "expert remix" of the original levels and a set of user-created content. Source: Joystiq

Dragon Age II in gold, in video chat developer

Good news in-depth look by Electronic Arts and BioWare: Dragon Age II is now in gold production, so it is basically ready and is preparing to be deployed around the world, according to plan. We can put in the right environment now, waiting for the follow-up of the appreciated multiplatform RPG, following the live chat with Mike Laidlaw, developer of the game, answering several questions and shows live Dragon Age II with a game session.

Activision tip to purchase Take Two?

A meeting between the Titans This seems very risky, but considering the large movement of internal restructuring carried out in recent days by Activision Blizzard, with the closure of projects, teams and the consequent dismissal of several employees, you'd think that the publisher is trying to make space economically and logistically, to something coming.

According to a senior executive of Activision, who spoke directly with MCV, while keeping their identity hidden, there are "persistent rumors among the people at the level sernior in the company, particularly in global business," which will give rise to concerns Activision to acquire Take-Two as a whole.

Sprout pictures "stolen" Crysis 2

Apparently, a beta of the game appeared formats torrent Bad news for Crytek. A beta version of Crysis 2 for PC seems to have ended up on some sites as a torrent. Apparently you can download it and it is playable. The beta in the subject should read the entire single player campaign the game, although it works in debug mode and this is clearly not the final version.

What we offer here are AlCu of the images captured by one of these beta version of PC. Please note that this is not pictures of the final version of the game, due out March 25 in the PC version, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Source: Gamersmint

Evaluating Editors: Metacritic answers

During this week's David Braben, one of the developers of Kinectimals has raised several controversies after proposing the establishment of a system similar to that used by Metacritic to evaluate products, also to evaluate those who reviewed it, as this would more or less weight to the opinion of several magazines.

"The best critics of the industry are able to review a product quickly and without making a single mistake," he said. "Do not wait to see how it moves the field, but they express a personal opinion without bothering to that expressed by their colleagues. There should be an annual prize to reward the best." And what do you think about a site like Metacritic? According to Marc Doyle, one of the creators of the site, Metacritic for editors is not at all helpful.

New trailer for Italian Shogun 2: Total War

Harder for the soldiers in the feudal Japan of the original RTS Sequel developed by Creative Assembly, Shogun 2: Total War propels us once again in Japan in the sixteenth century, divided by war for dominance. In the role of a feudal lord, we organize our army, plan strategies and deal with economic and diplomatic aspects of our role, with the ultimate aim of unifying the country under our flag.

Sony authorized to confiscate the HD Hotz

A U.S. judge has ruled that George Hotz, made famous by his hacking against the PlayStation 3, will hand over your hard drive to Sony so that it can be analyzed. Sony is therefore authorized to use the information contained therein in the hope that they can help to stem the problem created. The twenty-one, better known as GeoHot, was the first to succeed in the difficult task to penetrate the PlayStation 3, but the fact that he published his jailbreak code on your site, and a video tutorial on how to exploit it led him to be reported by the Japanese giant.

New details on the Uncharted movie

The director would like for Nathan Drake in a family style on during an interview with IGN, the film's director of Uncharted, David O. Russell said he would like to represent on screen a family-style Soprano. Yes, those of the eponymous TV show. According to the director, the film just tell the story of a family of thieves.

"The idea is to take the family dynamics that we used in 'The Fighter' and develop them, representing a family of thieves who focuses on art and antiquities." "They're like the Sopranos, in some ways, just having a good taste and their particular sense of justice." "I want this thing to work with Mark Wahlberg, Robert De Niro and a couple of very sexy actresses.

A date for the Animal Pack CoH

Have you always had the desire to create a bizarre animal superhero? If the answer is yes, then you will be pleased to know that the Animal Pack City of Heroes finally has a date. Expected February 23 to just over € 7 will create a superhero used parts of many of the animals on our planet - but no hamsters, ponies or chihuahua, here we are talking about tigers, minotaurs (which do not exist either!) And hawks ! You can choose from more than 60 "pieces" is divided into the following categories: Cats, Birds, Wolves and Minotaurs.

The authors of Badman working on a new title for NGP?

Mysterious tweet would suggest just this possibility Acquire, the team responsible for one of PSP games from the longest title ever, which Holy Invasion to Privacy, Badman! What Did I Do to Deserve This? Would be working on a new project for NGP. The latest episode Badman, in fact, was completed less than a year ago, leaving the group apparently no new commitments.

Some posts made on Twitter suggest that Acquire is working on a game for Sony's new handheld console, but right now it would be the only data we have. It is not known then whether the team will focus again to the series Badman or whether it will be something completely new. Source: Siliconera

Skylanders announced: Spyro's Adventure

To the delight of fans (or in this case also the fathers of the young cyclists), Activision has decided to resurrect Spyro, the little purple dragon video games in his career he was able to pass through all their adventures, the 20 million copies. Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure will mark the return of one of the most beloved by children and adults at the turn of the '90s and early twenty-first century, a return that according to what reported by USA Today should be done next fall.

7% of mobile gaming is enjoyed in the bathroom

The white throne, turns out to be one of the stations playing your favorite Travis Boatman, vice president of EA Mobile, has reported data from a research to determine the times and places of use of mobile gaming. According to this study, gaming laptops are used for 47% of the time at home, 12% travel on public transport for 14% of the time at work to account for 7% in the bathroom, for 3% to school and 1% at the airport.

Codemasters doubtful about Kinect

During today Codemasters, the mouth of the chief designer of DiRT 3, stated that it was still harbor doubts about Kinect, remaining the firm intention to continue to focus on traditional controllers. At least for the simulated car, obviously. Coleman, to whom we will offer you an extensive interview in the coming days, said he was doubtful about whether the fact Kinect may represent a valuable resource in the field of automotive simulations.

Mortal Kombat, a trailer tells the story of Liu Kang

From an orphan abandoned at the Shaolin warrior Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has released a new trailer for Mortal Kombat. In the film we see the story of Liu Kang, an orphan is greeted by Shaolin monks and trained to become a warrior who will save the world from the forces of Outworld. The sequences also show us a fight with the character that is running its operations more features, the "fireball" to the "bicycle kick", concluding the battle with a terrible fatality which pierces the chest of the opponent.

Limited to a Duke Nukem Forever

In a time when the Limited are now on the agenda, Gearbox and 2K Games could possibly miss the opportunity to make a collector's edition for Duke Nukem Forever? Of course not! 2K Games has announced officially, at this very hour, the "Balls of Steel Edition." Here are the contents provided: We look forward to learn more about the selling price, given the content, promises higher than that of most currently available Limited.

New trailer for WWE All Stars

Here are the four classes in the game THQ has released a new trailer for the spectacular WWE All Stars, which shows the four different classes in which the characters are divided: brawler (associated with wrestlers like The Rock, Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan) grappler (such as Bret Hart and Triple H), Acrobat ("Macho Man" Randy Savage and John Morrison) and big man (obviously represented by The Big Show and Andre the Giant).

Final Fantasy 1, 2 arriving on PSN

Square Enix has just announced the imminent arrival on the PSN of the first two chapters of the Final Fantasy franchise. The first will be available from February 16, while the second will arrive on March 2. The price of both will be € 9.99, but potential buyers Dissidia012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy, will benefit from the special discount voucher included in the packaging of the latter to reduce by 50% the price of the first Final Fantasy.

Yu Suzuki will receive the award "Pioneer Award" at GDC

A true pioneer The Game Developers Conference has, as many already know, its event for the awards, in this case assigned by a panel of experts. The Game Developers Choice Awards will be held March 2, precisely during the GDC 2011, but we already know that a particular prize will be awarded to the legend of Sega's Yu Suzuki: The Pioneer Award, given just the game industry pioneers, those who first have achieved particular or specific forms of gaming explored.

A date for Jet Set Willy on the iPhone

Elite Systems today announced that Jet Set Willy, an old ZX Spectrum title, will arrive next week on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (HD version). The purchase price will be € 1.59, and Elite as well declare that all securities targati ZX Spectrum will be sold at the same price, has announced that it will soon be issued a special app that will buy all of the titles that will settle the ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection.