Sunday, July 31, 2011

Just Dance 3, a trailer for the version Kinect

You can dance in four out of 11 in October in the Xbox 360 (with stand Kinect), PlayStation 3 (Move with support) and Wii, Just Dance shows with a new trailer made for the Comic-Con in San Diego focused on the Microsoft console. With Kinect, in fact, not only can you dance in front of four of the TV, but also custom create their own choreography and use it to challenge their friends.

Iwata blames for losses of 3DS

Following the stock market crash of Nintendo shares, fell by 12% following the announcement of the price-cut of 3DS, Satoru Iwata has declared that it intends to take full and total responsibility for the incident and, even more surprising that he salary reduced by 50%. "I am aware of being responsible for profits in the short and medium term.

It is one of my responsibilities as the role it plays," said Iwata. "I feel responsible for betraying the trust of consumers, have reported significant losses so soon after the launch, for having damaged the company financially and have reduced the annual dividend." Iwata also will not be the only one to suffer a reduction in salary, the "Representative Director" will see their wages reduced by 30% and the other "directors" of 20%.

New, brutal trailer for Supremacy MMA

The video is titled, not surprisingly, "Broken Bones" 505 Games and Kung Fu Factory have released a new trailer for Supremacy MMA, the simulation of shoot fighting, which hits stores in September for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The video does not focus on any wrestler in particular, but on the sheer violence: broken bones, blood spurts, and a yield impacts that seems to live up to expectations.

A new project for developers of World of Tanks

The announcement will be made during the Gamescom developers Wargaming. Net have announced that during the Gamescom reveal a new project. A surprising news, considering the fact that World of Warplanes unveiled recently, during E3. It is unclear whether this project will be a completely new game or something that has to do with World of Tanks, the only thing to note today is that developers have started to work there only recently.

The free-to-play on the Xbox 360 are "inevitable"

According to a developer, games, free-to-Play micro-transaction supported by the Xbox 360 are "inevitable." Todd Harris, Hi-Rez Studios boss (at work on free-to-play PC and Xbox 360 Tribes: Ascend), said that Microsoft plans would have expected an easing of the rules of Xbox LIVE to follow the dynamics of ' industry.

Develop revealed last month that Microsoft was in contact with the developers to talk about any dynamic free-to-play on Xbox 360. Right now the Xbox 360 version of Tribes: Ascend is blocked waiting for Microsoft schedule a sort of regulations for the management of free-to-play on Xbox Live.

Mario Kart Wii record

In Today Nintendo announced that Mario Kart Wii has just passed a record 28 million copies sold worldwide. The title, launched in April 2008, did indeed seem to record sales of 28.23 million units, reaching the company among the most successful products in Japan's history of the company. That the long awaited Mario Kart 7 is intended for such a success? Only time will give us an answer.

Sales also fell for SEGA

Even sales of the games Sega showed a sharp fall in April, May and June, with a loss of 2.224 billion yen (about 20 million euros). The figure is even more significant if you think that the house of Sonic in the same period last year was in surplus of 7.036 trillion yen (63 million). What happened in the meantime? Some of these huge losses is due to the earthquake that struck Japan, which has caused serious logistical problems to the company, but the problem is even (and especially) the low success of titles like Virtua Tennis 4 and Thor and Yakuza in the West: The End of Japan.

Apple has a reserve of € 53.5 billion

Today comes the news that Apple has provided a treasury of more than 53.5 billion euros, a figure which, incredibly, is even higher than that available in the United States of America. But the question is: what will be spent? According to some rumors that Jobs seems to intend to invest some of that money to acquire patents and licenses of various kinds, but no one will ever know for sure what his actual strategies ...

Ocarina of Time 3DS Million Sellers

In a time not so happy for Nintendo finally comes good news: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D 3DS is the first game to overcome the barrier of one million copies sold. Since its launch on June 16, 1.08 million pieces were distributed to fans of the game from shops: 810 000 270 000 in the West and in Japan.

Nintendo has confirmed the news this morning during a press conference in which he also announced the dates of some titles out europeee 3DS, Wii and DS. Unfortunately, among these stands out the reference to the first quarter of 2012 from Kid Icarus: Uprising. Here they are in detail: Nintendo Wii Nintendo DS 3DS

Ubisoft DRM is a success

Ubisoft said that the inclusion of DRM in their games, a method highly unpopular among the players, turned out to be a real success. In an interview with PC Gamer Ubisoft representative said that in games that require constant connection to the Internet has seen a drastic drop in piracy. The comment came in response to the inclusion of DRM Driver: San Francisco, which will require to be constantly connected to the network to play.