Sunday, July 31, 2011

Iwata blames for losses of 3DS

Following the stock market crash of Nintendo shares, fell by 12% following the announcement of the price-cut of 3DS, Satoru Iwata has declared that it intends to take full and total responsibility for the incident and, even more surprising that he salary reduced by 50%. "I am aware of being responsible for profits in the short and medium term.

It is one of my responsibilities as the role it plays," said Iwata. "I feel responsible for betraying the trust of consumers, have reported significant losses so soon after the launch, for having damaged the company financially and have reduced the annual dividend." Iwata also will not be the only one to suffer a reduction in salary, the "Representative Director" will see their wages reduced by 30% and the other "directors" of 20%.

Necessary measures according to Iwata.

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