Monday, January 10, 2011

Pachter: Xbox 360 has sold double the PS3 last month

But they are only predictions, for now The good old Michael Pachter, the analyst's most popular gaming scene, pulled the money on hardware sales to the U.S. market in December 2010. This is an estimate, more than anything else, as the official NPD figures are not out yet and will only come on Thursday.

According to Pachter Wii has sold 2.6 million units, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 2.5 1200000. This would be for the Wii a decrease of 32% over the same period last year, an increase in the Xbox 360 and PS3 91% a decrease of 12%. Obviously, however, expect the official NPD data to draw conclusions.

20 exclusive PS3 in 2011

There will be only 3 Killzone 2 and LittleBigPlanet to dominate the landscape of the PS3 exclusive this year. Via the PlayStation Blog, Sony's Sid Shuman said that in 2011 will come out about 20 exclusive to the flagship console, some of which have not yet been officially announced. Here is the list of games that Xbox 360 owners can not play this year:

PES 2011 will be available for Windows Phone 7

Anyone who owns a phone with the Windows operating system Phone 7, can now enjoy the most popular football game of all time, the PES 2011. If you are a fan of this game and do not want to leave the console to not miss a minute of Konami game now offers the possibility of having it in the palm of your hand and continue playing where you are.

The game offers total control over the team selected, allows passes, in-depth exchanges of the ball fast and accurate shot through a control system designed specially for this game. This version includes the true flow system, which allows players to determine the level of control they want, either using the controls guided by the AI or by using the buttons on the screen to simulate the control of a traditional controller.

4.7 million World of Warcraft: Cataclysm in the first month

A cataclysmic impact on the gaming market is really comparable to a cataclysm, though understood in terms of scope, as the negativity: World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, the new maxi-expansion for Blizzard's popular MMORPG, scored 4, 7 million units sold during the first month of marketing. Released worldwide on December 7, in the first 24 hours had already been placed in the homes of its loyal players with 3.3 million units, making the PC game "fastest-selling of all time.

Iwata promised avalanche of games 3DS

Nintendo has promised a generous batch of new titles that closely followed the launch of 3DS. During an interview with Japanese newspaper Nihon Keizai Shimbun, translated by Andriasang, President Satoru Iwata has vowed that will not be repeating the mistakes with the Wii and DS line-up. "We will not repeat those mistakes, 3DS will have new releases every specific and precise with no downtime." Judging by the launch titles announced last weekend during the Nintendo Worlds, it seems that Iwata is determined to keep their promises this time.

Launches the week of January 9

Additional packages for incoming RUSE

Chimera Pack Ubisoft announced the upcoming arrival of a new add-on package for RUSE, the strategic "table" of the French publisher. The "Chimera Pack" will therefore January 18, 2011, next Tuesday, on PC, PlayStation 3 (probably here with the update on Wednesday) and Xbox 360. Coming in the next few days even more details about the package in question.

Silent Hill 8 rename

The eighth chapter of Konami's popular horror franchise finally has an official title, will be called Silent Hill: Downpour. A revelation was the latest issue of Game Informer, which will be available soon in the U.S. and will feature a juicy preview of the game announced at E3 last year. As you surely recall, at the helm of this latest episode is the Czech team Vatra Games, which promised a return to the purest sources of the series, with brain-breaking puzzles, a giant map of the game with multiple routes and fighting "old- style ".

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We understand as the Stars, at the Roxy Bar This is not a video game news. It 's a greeting, warm and sincere, by Ludovica that in the last seven years has written for you loyal readers gaming news. The year 2011 started it without me, here at Multiplayer. com. More or less personal reasons and private have marked my abandonment of a ship which the crew but maybe I was a little 'contributed to pilot, along with guys that have worked with me every day to make you informed about what was happening Market your favorite media.

Solskjær studied as a coach ...

The former Manchester United striker Ole Gunnar Solskjær, has admitted using the management game Football Manager to do a little 'practice in view of his new profession, that of coach. At the moment one of the top club coaches Solskjær Norway, Molde Fotbalklubb, and does not hide his passion for the game: "I played a lot of Championship Manager and Football Manager in the last year," admitted the former striker in an interview to TV 2 Sport (via Gamer.

200,000 copies of Amnesia: the online market continues to grow

Frictional not expected after the forecast somewhat surprising, especially in its determination, the President of EA John Riccitiello, who in 2011 would have to overtake on the online retail market, comes the Swedish team Frictional Games to make matters worse . The main news is that relating to the sales results of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, a title independent of production but not Pharaonic which has already reached 200,000 copies sold, by virtue of its excellent quality and marketing also carried out on Steam, with discounts at the same time of Christmas.

WOW Cataclysm to the 5 million copies

According to estimates by Blizzard, the latest expansion to World of Warcraft, Cataclysm, has reached 4.7 million copies sold worldwide. At the debut, the third expansion for MMO Blizzard had already registered the new sales record for the launch of an expansion with 3.3 million copies sold in 24 hours.

"The fan reaction has left us speechless, we want to thank them for their passion and for their contribution, without which Cataclysm could not achieve these goals," said Mike Morhaime, co-founder of Blizzard.

Nintendo hopes to avoid shortage of stocks to 3DS

Not like with the launch of a Nintendo DS console Nintendo 3DS pending as of course put the issue of supplies to the fore: the house of Kyoto is not immune to the problem, which was submitted on time contrary to the launch of Nintendo DS and also for some period regarding Wii. Nintendo has scheduled an initial delivery of 1.5 million units for the first month of stay in the market, only with respect to Japan, from February 26 onwards.

Black Ops is the top seller in 2010 in UK

And in such a short time according to sales figures published by UKIE, Call of Duty: Black Ops was the best-selling title ever in 2010 in the United Kingdom. The shooter Treyarch is positioned at the top of the list "all formats, all in all a very predictable outcome, although there is to say that the title in question had only two months to conquer the peak, being released in November.

Just Dance FIFA 11 and came in second and third. All-Formats Chart 1 Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 FIFA 11 3 Just Dance 4 Red Dead Redemption 5 Wii Fit Plus 6 Just Dance 2 7 Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood 8 Wii Sports Resort 9 Halo: Reach 10 Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Nintendo Wii Chart 1 2 Wii Fit Just Dance Just Dance Plus 3 2 4 5 Wii Sports Resort New Super Mario Bros.

Funcom and EA set for The Secret World

Step in style with a press release, Electronic Arts announced today that it has signed an agreement with Funcom for the publication of The Secret World, the new MMORPG from the Norwegian software house. This is not the first joint venture with a leading MMO and EA, but certainly the agreement will provide a lot 'of economic power and visibility for the most ambitious online project Funcom, a game that promises to bring in a fascinating world that, under a somewhat realistic and standard front, hidden mystical and supernatural.

Goro Jade and the new Mortal Kombat

Jade and Goro will be in the next chapter in the Mortal Kombat series, as reported in the preview of Game Informer dedicated to fighting. Goro appears as a boss in the game (thanks to Mortal Kombat Online, via VG247), while Jade is a cross between the characters in MKD and appeared to UMK3. There are 18 characters already announced by the developers of the next Mortal Kombat, as well as Goro and we will also find Jade Scorpion, Sonya Blade, Sub-Zero, Raiden, Shao Khan, Kitana, Johnny Cage, Kung Lao, Jax, Reptile, Mileena, Cyrax, Ermac, Nightwolf, Sindel and Sektor.

New DLC Coming to New Vegas?

ZeniMax registered the trademark of some alleged new downloadable content for Fallout: New Vegas, according to reports leaked online in recent hours. The parent company of Bethesda has registered on December 15 "software for use with computers and gaming consoles, software can be downloaded via the Internet and other wireless devices." As reported by Fallout Vault Wiki (via Kotaku), the words "Honest Hearts" had already appeared in the game in the form of graffiti, in a similar way to what happened in the past for the DLC Dead Money.

Microsoft: Kinect and PC together soon

Almost Official ... During the CES 2011 in Las Vegas Microsoft has officially Kinect Avati, the new Xbox Live service that will provide a number of unusual features to note the happy owner of the device Kinect. During the conference, also the CEO of Redmond Steve Ballmer confirmed what was already enough in the air, namely that the company's intention would be to extend the compatibility of peripheral devices to the PC world, which also support seemed already established since the official announcement of Kinect then instead be set aside at a later time.

3DS 4 million by the end of March

According to Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, the Japanese company could sell 1.5 million 3DS by the end of March in the Japanese market, while global estimates about 4 million units sold worldwide by the end of the month in which 3DS should debut in the West (date and price will be announced Jan. 19, is expected in March).

During the weekend, Nintendo has unveiled the line-up for the launch of 3DS in Japan, and spoke about the consumption of portable console. In an interview with the Japanese edition of The Wall Street Journal (translated by Andriasang), Iwata said that the package will be included an extensive documentation that will explain to parents the risks associated with the use of 3DS for long sessions by the players smaller.

Phone PS: A video showing Resident Evil 2

This time the move ... Material still comes from China Phone PS, the hardware designed by Sony Ericsson closer and closer to the forefront of the spotlight in recent times. This time we offer a movie that reveals the phone / console to grips with playing Resident Evil 2:01 SPINN off of Ridge Racer. Although the material is more dense, an official announcement of the platform has not yet been issued.

Jurassic Park as Heavy Rain

The implementation in key interactive film Jurassic Park in development at Telltale will be based on interactive drama of Quantic Dream, Heavy Rain. According to the findings from the preview of Game Informer (via NeoGAF), the game developed by the authors of episodic series Sam & Max, Monkey Island and Back to the Future, will be guided by realism and will make extensive use of QTE.

The history of Telltale's episodic series will begin immediately after the conclusion of the events narrated in the film directed by Steven Spielberg. The player will play one of the protagonists of the film but will meet with various characters throughout the adventure that appeared in the film adaptation of the novel by Michael Crichton.

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We understand as the Stars, at the Roxy Bar This is not a video game news. It 's a greeting, warm and sincere, by Ludovica that in the last seven years has written for you loyal readers gaming news. The year 2011 started it without me, here at Multiplayer. com. More or less personal reasons and private have marked my abandonment of a ship which the crew but maybe I was a little 'contributed to pilot, along with guys that have worked with me every day to make you informed about what was happening Market your favorite media.

Another trailer from LittleBigPlanet 2

Just a little 'history ... Media Molecule has released a new movie by Sony on LittleBigPlanet 2 sequel is about to arrive exclusively on the PlayStation 3 platform. It is once again a video dedicated to the single player title, something that despite the wide range quest'ulitmo reserved multiplayer experience will be of great thickness.

Below the video, as always, ready for viewing.

The new Jurassic Park was inspired by Heavy Rain

Great premise ... According to Telltale Games from the microphones of Game Informer, the new Jurassic Park currently under development will have a component of the last inspired masterpiece of Quantic Dream, Heavy Rain that is. In fact, at first the idea was to create a first-person shooter, an option then waned in favor of a more adventure and appearance voted 'decision.

" The latter, therefore, will be based largely on the innovative scheme introduced by the beloved PlayStation 3 exclusive. We also remind you that the title will be composed of five episodes stuck between the first film and the second film. We just have to wait for their first materials.

Killzone 3 in Superdirective today!

After the necessary and welcome break for the holidays, back to the Superdirective Multiplayer. it, from our studies of Terni. In today's episode we will show Killzone 3 for PlayStation 3 and answer any questions from users! Connect at 17 Monday, January 10 to this page, to interact with us. The maximum number of users that can connect simultaneously is equal to 5000, to see the direct non-stop you have to have an ADSL connection of at least 1.2 Mbits, we recommend that you do not download anything while watching the live itself.

Mortal Kombat: Mileena has a trailer

Definitely in the form ... Following the recent official launch of Goro and Jade, for the new Mortal Kombat, we are able to offer a completely new movie. This is the presentation by the developers themselves of Foreign Mileena, one of several characters in the cast will be present at the launch of the title on the market.

Find the video attached and ready for viewing as always at the bottom of the article. Mortal Kombat - Mileena Trailer