Sunday, August 7, 2011

Diablo III and persistent connection, Blizzard says its

At the center of the controversy the requirement that needs to be always connected to the internet to play, even offline in an interview to MTV, Robert Bridenbecker Blizzard said he was surprised by the reaction of users to the fact that Diablo III will require a always-on internet connection. "I'm fifteen years we produce games with online modes, with World of Warcraft Battle.

Net and now Diablo III, and I can say that adopting such solutions falls merely the nature of things, the nature of the industry as it is today. If you look at everything that can be obtained by submitting to the requirement of a permanent internet connection, you can not ignore the scope of the thing, "said Bridenbecker, adding that this decision has nothing to do with DRM anti-piracy.

Bastion arrives on PC, it's official

The game will be available from August 16 Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Games have announced that Supergiant Bastion, the award-winning action RPG recently released on Xbox Live Arcade, PC will be available from August 16. With a high resolution 1080p graphics and a new control system, the game will be priced at 14.99 euros, initially only on Steam (already available for preorder) and then notes on other online platforms for the PC.

Twisted Metal postponed to 2012

The revival of Twisted Metal will have to wait a while 'before seeing the light. Originally planned for October, the game has been postponed to early 2012. This was announced by the same creator of the series, Dad and God of War and co-founder of Team Eat Sleep Play, David Jaffe. Guess the reason for yet another postponement? That's right, you need to "clean up the game and make it shine even more." Nothing takes away from the mind, however, that this is a decisive move at the table to avoid the fierce competition of the autumn.

The Maroon 5 frontman is suing the producers of Band Hero

In the game you would use "unauthorized" singer Adam Levine of Maroon 5's voice, has sued the producers of Band Hero before the Supreme Court in Los Angeles on Thursday, denouncing the misuse of its name and its image to agreements made. According to what has emerged, Levine would have consented to the use of the song "She Will Be Loved" in the game and is provided for the operations of motion-capture busy re-creating his character in Band Hero.

First details on Borderlands 2

Four-player cooperative mode? Were published the first news that emerged from the special Game Informer magazine has the latest issue dedicated to Borderlands 2. The game probably will boast four-player cooperative mode, a hypothesis strengthened by the presence of a four-seater vehicle. The vehicles, in general, are more varied than the first Borderlands.

Borderlands 2, the characters use the Eridium as currency, with the ability to acquire, enhance and customize their weapons in various ways. And speaking of weapons, the arsenal will be completely renovated: it seems we do not find the weapons seen in the past. The Vault Hunter's first episode will be present as non-player characters, while the skill system will not be significantly variable, with the usual three "categories".

EA intends to purchase Mojang?

Riccitiello flew to Stockholm to meet Markus Persson Electronic Arts seems interested in buying Mojang, independent study of the phenomenon Minecraft author. Some time ago there was a meeting in Stockholm between John Riccitiello and Markus Persson, although the remaining two positions are quite far apart.

The impression is that of Persson, CEO of EA was going to propose an acquisition, but which has not made statements to that effect after realizing Mojang is not for sale. "Playing with their titles, make it extraordinary, but actually represent two too far away. They can produce their games, I buy them.

The multiplayer Mass Effect 3 will be revealed soon

An exclusive article on the next issue of Xbox World 360 Magazine As reported on popular NeoGAF forums, the next issue of Xbox World 360 Magazine will boast an exclusive reveal of the multiplayer modes included in Mass Effect 3. This is clearly a confirmation, since so far we were not sure that the third episode of the series boasts such features.

A presentation of Mass Effect 3 multiplayer will be even during the Gamescom in Cologne, while these arrangements will be tried first-hand during two events held in September in the United Kingdom.

The gameplay video of the QuakeCon 2011 Skyrim

The audience into a frenzy during the QuakeCon 2011 (where, however, is also our home Ugandan envoy, Antonio Jodice, exclusively for Italy), Bethesda has shown a substantial gameplay of The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. Between the roar of the audience, who started pulling their hair as early as the transition from third to first person, so we could see a long exploration phase, and a large number of battles against various opponents.