Sunday, August 7, 2011

Diablo III and persistent connection, Blizzard says its

At the center of the controversy the requirement that needs to be always connected to the internet to play, even offline in an interview to MTV, Robert Bridenbecker Blizzard said he was surprised by the reaction of users to the fact that Diablo III will require a always-on internet connection. "I'm fifteen years we produce games with online modes, with World of Warcraft Battle.

Net and now Diablo III, and I can say that adopting such solutions falls merely the nature of things, the nature of the industry as it is today. If you look at everything that can be obtained by submitting to the requirement of a permanent internet connection, you can not ignore the scope of the thing, "said Bridenbecker, adding that this decision has nothing to do with DRM anti-piracy.

"I do not think that the talk about DRM is never come out, when we talked about how Blizzard connectivity not work for Diablo III. There was discussion only feature to implement, more efficient use of the character, the guarantee that there will be hacks or tricks from users not correct.

" According Bridenbecker addition, the requirement of permanent internet connection has not been introduced to force the players to experiment with the multiplayer mode. "Things are not so. Yes, you have to be connected to the internet to play and yes, your character will be stored on the server, but this does not mean you should necessarily interact with other people.

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