Sunday, April 24, 2011

An avalanche of discounts on the App Store

Easter seems a good Easter rich to the App Store, which these days is going through a period of very interesting discount, by different publishers. In particular, we report the balances of Electronic Arts (like NBA Jam and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 to 89 cents), Chillingo and Sega, but there are many games at reduced prices in recent days.

Here below a list of discount bonds taken from TouchArcade and reported to the American section of the App Store. We do not know exactly if all balances have shown a genuine consideration also in the Italian section of the Apple digital delivery or what the exact price in euro, but in the meantime we report the complete list.

About Tokyo Jungle, the PlayStation CAMP project

Power to the animals begin to check the information on the new project is under way within the initiative "PlayStation CAMP", or "Creator Audition Mash Up Project". In practice this is a project exclusively tied to the Japanese territory, which aims to discover new talents in the field of gaming pursuing the shared development of video games on PlayStation 3 and PSP.

The game has been chosen as the title is to be pursued Tokyo Jungle, of which we see the first images on Andriasang taken from Famitsu. In practice this is a sort of simulation of a hypothetical future where cities are occupied by the Nipponese wilderness. Apparently, we are in story mode to follow the stories of several individual animals, while in survival mode is chosen by the player the length of time that follow the history of various animals around the city.

The NDP will return to work within a couple of days?

The attack was more serious than initially revealed an anonymous source close to Sony said that the attack on the PlayStation Network could be more serious than reported, since this was an attack carried out with LOIC capable of damaging the server . At the same time there was an attack on the servers that store the information of the PSN account, and finally were violated admin accounts.

As a result, in the sight of all was the "off" of the NDP to restore the backup on new server, with new accounts to admin. The good news is that the backup and recovery should be completed in time to restore service within a couple of days, perhaps as early as tomorrow for the U.S. PSN.

Anonymous responded with a video: denies involvement in the case PSN

No involvement, is an internal problem - they say comes with a video-message Anonymous response to suspicions about the possible liability of the group in recent affaire PSN. The anonymous group of hackers assorted denies direct involvement in the activity of "intrusion from the outside" that caused the chaos in the online service for PlayStation 3 and led to the deactivation of the server since two or three days now.

New images of Max Payne 3

Dual look for the famous character? Max Payne 3 by Rockstar Games and developed for release in November for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, it finally shows a series of new images. We have already seen two, albeit in reduced resolution, and show us the look of the double character for this third episode set in Brazil.

Max probably will begin their adventure with the hair style we are used, then shave her head during construction. Or maybe the old look will fall within the framework of playable flashback? We'll find out only a few months. Source: Destructoid