Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Angry Birds at an altitude of 250 million

Angry Birds is still full of records and has just reached one of the 250 million downloads across all platforms, which published: IOS, Android, PC, Mac, PSP and PlayStation 3. This was announced by the course development team Rovio, which also took the opportunity to confirm the new project, entitled Wine and Dine.

The new game will feature the victims of the popular birds, or the unfortunate pigs. A second project also seems to be developing a platform that would (according to early rumors) to unlock new content depending on where you play.

Crysis 2, Decimation Pack available for PC and Xbox 360

The PS3 version will arrive June 29 The new DLC for Crysis 2, or Decimation Pack, is now available for PC and Xbox 360. The PlayStation 3 version will arrive on the PlayStation Store on June 29. This is a package that includes five new maps (5th Avenue, Chasm, Plaza, Prism and Apartments) and two new weapons (the FY71 Assault Rifle and the smoke grenade) at a price of € 9.99 or 800 Microsoft Points.

Just Dance 2 appears in new video for Katy Perry

The singer is a fan of the game in Ubisoft video Kary Perry's latest single, "Last Friday Night," from the album "Teenage Dream", to buy the game Just Dance 2. The character played by Perry in fact engages with the popular casual games with their friends during a party. "Including Just Dance 2 in my video of 'Last Friday Night' was really great," said Katy Perry.

"Kathy Beth Terry (his 'alter ego' nerd) and I are big fans of the game!" Ubisoft thus extends its collaboration with Katy Perry after his sponsorship of the California Dreams Tour in North America and the inclusion of the hit "Firework" Just Dance 2 in addition to the appearance of the same Kathy Beth Terry in the trailer of announcement Just Dance 3 released during E3 in Los Angeles.

Shadow of the Damned: the battle against the giant bird

A new video of this promising game Electronic Arts has released a new video for Shadows of the Damned in which the protagonist fights against a giant bird boss, for the record that has nothing to do with Rocco Siffredi. Watch the movie and enjoy the gameplay of the game, waiting for bait. Shadows of the Damned: the battle with the giant bird

U Wii will not read DVD movies and Blu-ray

Nintendo has confirmed that Wii will not allow U to watch movies on DVD or Blu-ray. The reason for this decision? First, because, according to Nissan's members already have several devices that do. "Also include a feature like that in the new console would have raised production costs too," said President Satoru Iwata.

U will use the Wii owners 12cm discs, high-density disks can also read the previous Nintendo home console.

Nintendo 3DS "below expectations"

Nintendo has admitted that sales of 3DS are below expectations and need a "nudge." "The console has had a great time to launch but then sales have slowed sharply," said President Iwata at a recent meeting with investors. "However, we have reason to worry about the future," said Iwata, "the delay in the development of some games has certainly had an impact on the current situation, but with the arrival of upcoming titles, the trend should change." The first of these titles is undoubtedly The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, which will soon review Videogame Source.

The PR war against those who cut off Duke Nukem Forever

Are allowed only incense? Examples of interference of PR work on the press is full video game history of video games. Maybe some of you may remember the case Gerstmann, GameSpot fired the journalist for speaking ill of Kane & Lynch publisher Eidos after complaints, while others will know that Kotaku is blacklisted, Sony have revealed some information about Home, later proved accurate.

Today it's up to those who have panned Duke Nukem Forever be subject to retaliation. It appears that the company was responsible for public relations of the game from Gearbox, The Jim Redner of Redner Group, has decided to "blacklist" sites and magazines that have panned the game, to avoid sending printed material in the future .

Psychonauts is all about Double Fine

As reported on Twitter by Anna Kipnis Duble End of the rights of Psychonauts publisher Majesco on has expired. "Omg Double Fine is now the sole publisher of Psychonauts! If you buy it now (for example on Steam), all revenues are ours!" The IP has always been in the hands of Tim Schafer's study but in the past part of the proceeds generated from the game and into the publisher Majesco.

Double Fine would soon release an official announcement, as stated by Kipnis always on Twitter.

Sony accused of having minimized the attack on the PSN

The company has concealed information to users, of course, a deal such as the collapse of the NDP for a month or more does not end with the return of the online service, especially because they were also involved national governments. The latest news is that Sony has been accused of having minimized the situation and withheld information about the attack from hackers.

It is the same company to have him admitted in a report sent to the minister of the Japanese economy, where it says black and white that Sony knew much more than they brought to the attention of the public. As early as April 25 the company was aware of the theft of data, but the announcement, which is well known that you should never trust, still spoke only of the potential risks.

America's Army 3.1 Released

A free update for the U.S. military shooter America's Army shooter is signed by the U.S. armed forces used to demonstrate that a soldier is the best job in the world after that of porn star. If you are among the fans of the brand (those not yet enrolled, of course), you will be pleased to know that the third installment of the series has been updated to version 3.1.

The most significant additions are two new multiplayer maps, and Shantytown Stronghold, and several new features, including "Every Soldier a Sensor", a new element of gameplay that allows you to simulate even more soldiers on the battlefield. Obviously the game is downloadable for free (Link) and is available to anyone who wants to play.

Bleszinksi says no to Gears of War on PS3

In an interview with IndustryGamers, Cliff Bleszinski of Epic Games has ruled that in the immediate future of the franchise Gears of War will arrive on PlayStation 3. "The chances of landing Gears of War on PlayStation 3 in the near future are nil," says the designer at Epic. "Now we can put to rest this rumor? We have a great agreement with Microsoft, is an excellent partner for us." The first Gears was originally published on Xbox 360 and subsequently landed on the PC, while the latter remained an exclusive Xbox 360.

The Sims respective arriving on Facebook

If you can not find a man like that, build it two girls chatting on Facebook. One of the two had a date with a guy. A beautiful evening in which they danced, ate, watched a romantic movie, pumice and had sex in the shower. Tranquilli, we have not turned into That is, it's just a description of the video presentation of The Sims from Electronic Arts Social, Facebook game that will allow everyone to have a virtual life in full-scale and create one or more of Sims to interact with the rest of the world.

FMC says the cyber attack

Jón Hörðdal, chief operating officer of FMC, said the cyber attack suffered in the past few hours by the developer of EVE Online. "We suffered a DDoS attack directed against the server of EVE Online. In these cases, our policy allows for the mobilization of a task force of experts. Then the group decided to suspend all our operations to better assess the problem." CCP added that sensitive data of users, especially the details of billing, are safe.

The story is "the last frontier of video games"

This is what I think of Digital Extremes Sheldon Carter, project director for The Darkness 2, believes that the ultimate evolution of video games is narrative. Examining the major products in recent years, sees some flattening in the gameplay and technical features, because we always work around the same "issues".

Only the narrative is able to evolve more than the others, as evidenced by titles like Uncharted 2 and LA Noire. In short, it seems that some developers want to concentrate on telling stories through video games. It is a challenge, no doubt about the issue and deserves further investigation.

EA Crysis remove 2 from Steam

Crysis 2 has disappeared and is now available on the Steam digital distribution service for EA, Origin. EA Origin announced a few days ago and has already made it clear that the MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic can only be downloaded from the publisher's digital distribution service. At the moment, however, Crysis 2 is still available on less popular services such as Direct2Drive, and Impulse.

Iwata: Wii will attract developers U FPS

The boss admitted that the Nintendo Wii's graphical shortcomings have taken away the most important brands Satoru Iwata, Nintendo president, admitted that the limited graphics capabilities of the Wii have taken away the most important brands in the FPS, but with the U Wii music will change and developers will be able to carry their works on the new console without problems, because it is a HD console.

Closing THQ UK, "the digital market saturated"

A source revealed that THQ THQ Digital Warrington, studio recently closed by the publisher along with Kaos Studios was working on a downloadable episode of the series racing, Juiced. Another game from THQ Digital Warrington, Warhammer 40K: Team Kill, "has already been completed and is awaiting approval," says the source.

"It's a good game, was developed in ten months, it's unbelievable." "After 2 Juiced, THQ has canceled several of our projects, it was hard to please them. It was great to work for this study, if we had more freedom from the creative point of view we could develop something special after Juiced 2.

Hollywood Monsters 2 - The launch trailer in Italian

Monsters and mysteries of Hollywood Monsters 2, the new graphical adventure Pendulo Studios, is about to invade the Italian newsstands and FX Interactive, the publisher has just released a trailer to celebrate the launch. In the movie we can see some scenes in computer graphics, probably included in the final game, and specifies that Hollywood Monsters you buy 2 you will receive the first chapter for free.

Kojima against the NES version of Metal Gear

Hideo Kojima has established a blemish in his resume the NES version of Metal Gear game for MSX was originally designed by him and published in 1987. "I did not take part in the development of the NES version," said Kojima in Nintendo Power (via GameSetWatch). "It was a ridiculous title with few resources developed by a small team in Tokyo.

At that time it could sell everything." "I found the game in the middle of some offers and I bought it to try it," he adds, "The game design was bad. Some of the sections where you must infiltrate the enemy base did not exist in the original game. And even I, a developer of Metal Gear I was able to infiltrate the base.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D - The spot with Robin Williams

No, Nintendo has chosen singer Robin Williams as a testimonial of his latest TV commercial for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D. Why? The spot is also the daughter of actor that just happened, her name is Zelda. Do the math and you end up the news. We have failed in mathematics and the accounts you do not know them? Ok, we do.

Robin Williams is a big fan of the series since the very first episode from the NES, and despite the success, he maintained his love for Link and company. Look at the spot, which is better: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D - The spot with Robin Williams

Physics from the console to Auto Club Revolution

The MMO Auto Club Revolution will use the same physics engine designed by Eutechnyx for its console games. Eutechnyx is currently working on a title dedicated to NASCAR and has developed in this generation of console racing game Ferrari Challenge Supercar Challenge. The developer has also listed the top 15 cars that will be available for the launch of beta next month.

Each car will feature a VPR (Vehicle Performance Rating) that indentificherà performance. These are the cars of the beta:

A number of sites registered by Nintendo Wii games on possible U

Most likely course may not mean anything, but Nintendo has a long series of Wii-related web domains U, between which could also be effective projects and games planned for the new console. Among the more credible we are WiiWare, Wii Music, Wii Play, Wii Party and Wii Remote, Wii Speak all in a "U", but also the time series are very credible candidates in the future line-up of the console.

Here is the list, reported by NintendoWorldReport: kirbywii. com mariobrosu. com newsupermariobrosmii. com newsupermariobrosu. com rhythmheavenwii. com rhythmparadisewii. com supermariobrosmii. com supermariobrosu. com wii-u. com wii-u. wiibalanceboardu net. com wiifitu. com wiimusicu. com wiipartyu.

Hacker attack EVE Online and Minecraft

EVE Online servers and Minecraft were attacked by hackers LulzSec. Hackers have once more demonstrated on Twitter paternity of cyber attacks is counted among the victims also the website of The Escapist. Bethesda, Nintendo and Sony are among the targets hit recently by a group of hackers.

Dungeon Siege III - A commercial with actors in the flesh

Who does not kill the orcs in the company ... Inspired by the series web-based parody of role-playing paper, the spot of Dungeon Siege III emphasizes the collaborative aspect of the title by placing gamers in the same clearing two and a handful of orcs as best makeup. The video, which are attached below, is available in high definition.

A striking detail is essential given the size chart shows. Dungeon Siege III - Spot with real actors

Twisted Metal for PlayStation Life?

Sony has already announced a series of games for PlayStation Life belonging to the franchise Uncharted, Resistance, LittleBigPlanet, Wipeout, Killzone, ModNation Racers, but ... Twisted Metal?. "We do not have yet spoken," said a source Videogame David Jaffe. "I do not know, probably someone at Sony believes that Twisted Metal is a key franchise, others not.

Many people do not think it's a game to be promoted as, say, Uncharted 3. "I do not know what will happen. Feedback from fans has been positive but this will then provide a result well above the break even, or do we barely covered the cost of development? For PlayStation Life, probably if the version PlayStation 3 will be successful will develop an episode for handheld.

New on Wii U: online and read DVD / Blu-ray

Iwata communicate with shareholders U Some further news on the Wii appears at this time, a collection of statements made by Nintendo president Satoru Iwata. Continue the policy area of the large N for the new console, which will not be able to read normal DVD movies No Blu-ray. The reason is that since there already tools specifically designed to perform those tasks, is unnecessary for the Nintendo console should play, preferring a total concentration on the game also to reduce costs and space dedicated to hardware.

Activision Wii praises U

The boss of Activision Publishing, Eric Hirshberg, expressed his appreciation for the new Nintendo console, Wii U. "It seems a more relevant platform for the kind of games we develop," said Hirshberg to IndustryGamers. "They are working to offer HD, higher processing power, digital infrastructure, universes connected ...

All the things we need to develop good games." "I think from the standpoint of the Wii controller is U nnovativo, this console will be more loved by hardcore gamers than Wii."

Gears of War 3 to Jimmy Fallon

CliffyB Cliff Bleszinski on the Range The ubiquitous aired last night on NBS as a guest of the popular evening television talk show "Jimmy Fallon Show," to show Gears of War 3. Not much is new, since the same section of the demo shown during the Microsoft Conference at E3 2011, but in this case from the exclamations of seasoned conductor of the transmission and Bleszinski's comments.

"90% of users returned to the PSN"

As stated by the President of SCEA, Jack Tretton, the New York Times, 90% of users of the PlayStation Network (70 million users, according to Tretton) has begun to use the service after the computer attack that forced Sony to suspend the network for about a month. "With the games that will be published in 2011 we expect to see new members," said SCEA boss, but admits that it had no information concerning the person of the attacks.

SFxT, Graphics, "identical" on PS3 and Life

According to Capcom, the PlayStation version of Street Fighter x Life Tekken propose a graphic similar to that of the PlayStation 3 version. "We have not yet finished optimizing the whole, the frame rate from time to time problem", said a source on Videogame Street Fighter producer, Yoshinori Ono. "But in terms of graphics, textures and everything else, is almost identical to the PS3 version.

No chance of bringing Gears of War on PlayStation 3

Thank you Captain Obvious If proof were needed, Cliff Bleszinski insists the absolute impossibility of Gears of War will never arrive on PlayStation 3. The transformation of Epic Captain Obvious is due to persistent requests, apparently on the case, which Bleszinski wanted to respond sharply: "In the near future there are zero possibility that Gears of War being ported to PlayStation 3 "said a IndustryGamers, on the other hand" we have a great deal with Microsoft, which is a great partner.
BioWare does not agree with analist have defined the MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic World of Warcraft clone. "Beyond what was said by EA, which promised a significant step forward in the evolution of the MMO, what we saw is nothing but a clone of World of Warcraft set in the Star Wars, with the classic dialogue system Bioware games, "said Doug Creutz in the past few hours.

"It's going all right," says the CEO instead of BioWare, Ray Muzyka. "We're making progress. We know it is important to send immediately a quality game and support it with excellent service," said a source Videogame. "We intend to provide new content to players for years." "We have announced almost all the features of the game and we are satisfied," said Greg Zeschuk.

Double Fine regain the rights of Psychonauts

Full Control In a move that may seem somewhat anachronistic, but it could also hide the advances on the future of the development team, Double Fine has regained full control over the rights of Psychonauts. This means that the proceeds and the rights associated to the excellent and unique action adventure of the last generation they belong again to the creators, Tim Shafer and his companions.

LA Noire "below expectations"

In May LA Noire has sold 899,000 copies in the U.S., a figure below analysts' forecasts for the month of launching the Rockstar game. Wedbush Securities had expected sales "for a million copies" for the game developed by Team Bondi has debutatto still in first position in U.S. software in May. LA Noire is available for a few weeks on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

MS: "We're not squeezing Halo"

According to Phil Spencer, Microsoft Game Studios to IGN, Microsoft is not "squeezing the Halo franchise." "People should not think that Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary indicates a willingness on our part to annualise the series," says Spencer. "Personally, I loved the first Halo and we think he needs repairs.

It will be ready for the upcoming holiday season. It will be the tenth anniversary of Halo and wanted to celebrate the event." "We discussed this at length, we do not want people to think that we are trying to exploit the series, but ultimately we believe that with Achievement, enhanced graphics and Xbox Live it with passion, not business." Halo 4 will be the first chapter of a new trilogy, according to Spencer the trailer shown at E3 was "CGI" and the game engine "will not be back to 100%." "I believe that our major first-party franchises are more important in terms of sales than Sony," adds Spencer.

Kojima Productions and Transfarring

Hideo confirmed a future "transferable" I had already realized during the pre-E3 Konami but Kojima wanted to repeat. All future titles will support the Japanese team Transfarring Life between PS and PS3. So the technology that will allow us to "carry" a title from the new Sony console to the home and vice versa, will be available for the mysterious title based on the new Fox Engine for Metal Gear Solid Rising for both editions of Zone of the Enders and MSG.

A fall in sales for Nintendo in the U.S.

According to a report by analysts at Wedbush Securities (GamesIndustry street. Biz), May sales of Wii in the U.S. fell by 30% over the previous year, for a total of 236,000 units. The best-selling console in the month in question was the Xbox 360 with 270,000 copies (+39% compared to May 2010), while the PlayStation 3 has sold 175,000 units (+14%).

Analysts have not published the sales of the 3DS but stressed that the new handheld console, Nintendo has sold less than the 180,000 units planned for the third month (-50% from the previous month). Wedbush concludes his analysis of NPD in May, stressing the need to reinvigorate the market for Nintendo 3DS software with new games in the coming months such titles as Mario Kart, Super Mario 3DS, Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D, 3D, and Star Fox 64 Kid Icarus should revive the fortunes of the platform.

Richard Garriott at GDC Europe

Lord British on social gaming will be present in person to star in a special keynote at GDC Europe 2011 to be held in August in parallel with the Gamescom. The game designer, creator of the Ultima series, will hold a conference called "The Three Eras of Gaming and Why This One Is A Game Changer." As is clear even from the title, the main subject is the social gaming, an area where the historic game designer has recently launched with the founding team Portalarium, which will of course also presented new projects underway.

The free-to-play coming on steam

Valve has announced its support of free-to-play on Steam. Five titles available on digital service from the creators of Half-Life: Spiral Knights, Forsaken Worlds, Champions Online: Free for All, Global Agenda: Alliance of Free Agent and Valliant Arms (AVA). "The introduction of the Free to Play is another example of the constant evolution of Steam," said Jason Holtman Valve.