Saturday, May 14, 2011

Apple iPhone 4, a problem for Wi-Fi iOS 4.3.3

New alarm in Apple, many users have reported a problem connecting to Wi-Fi for iPhone 4, this is due to the new 4.3.3 iOS that would solve some bugs, but creating a voragione connections in the department, with an invaluable wi-fi is deemed unusable. The big problem that Apple had suffered from a related database that collected information about the location, the house in Cupertino briefly explained as a simple file where server stores the location of Wi-Fi available.

Adobe Flash Player 10.3, download update

Adobe updates its most popular creation that Flash Player, now at version 10.3, the news are not few, and this article will provide more details for the download and the improvements brought by the new version. Adobe has announced that the updates will be available in the same way for Windows-based platforms, Mac OS, Linux, and Android, so there will be delays and favoritism, which will enable all users, or nearly to adapt their requirements to the demands of the sites using this technology, YouTube, the most likely to have problems in the coming days to see properly to MySpace or any site simply and Flash-based banner.

The Witcher 2 - A video takes us into the world of Geralt

The downside of winning the grand alliance formed to confront the evil has been broken and now Geralt is in a broken world. North of Brenna a powerful ruler is preparing for war while the east is in the hands of an adviser from the great magical powers. To the south east but there is the last ally of Brenna but it is a weak king, failed, at least according to the ambassador that in this new video of The Witcher 2 shows us concerned about the situation in the realms of the north.

Red Faction: Armageddon - The video of the mocap

From virtual human being curious to know how the motion capture in video games and what results it produces? Then look at this nice video of Red Faction: Armageddon in which they are associated with real and virtual actors. You'll discover an exciting world. Red Faction: Armageddon - Video of the mocap

Direct2Drive - Discounts in weekend action

With a couple of surprises of the weekend discounts Direct2Drive include not only old or already discounted titles like Battlefield 2 and Mass Effect, as well as news and Buttletstorm Crysis 2. Here is the complete list of titles with the price in pounds. - Bulletstorm £ 19.95 - £ 22.35 Crysis 2 - £ 14.95 Medal of Honor - Battlefield: Bad Company 2 £ 12.95 - £ 12.95 Mass Effect 2 - STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl £ 2.49 Link: Direct2Drive

New trailer on the history of inFamous 2

IGN has posted an animated cartoon on its YouTube channel, a new video which is the general summary of what has emerged so far about the history of inFamous 2. Here is a recap of the cartoony style events that led Cole to take his superpowers and everything from there is derived in the first and second chapters of the game.

Intel: Ivy Bridge customs clearance 3D

Intel announced that May 4 would have revealed a sensational news, later today we can say that it related to the new chip set Ivy Bridge, as many expected that next year will replace the current Sandy Bridge. The gist of the news is that the new series for 2012 will support 3D graphics, making the transition to full scale on all three PCs, ranging from mainstream to those top class, scoring invevitabilmente 2012 as the year in which finally beginning a new era which will become part of everyday life and not just a few, as in the case of television, launched on the market at prices not just for all budgets.

Sony Online offers users rewards

Dell'offline to apologize for trying to make amends after the chaos that has affected its servers, resulting from the attacks that have raged between derivatives and PlayStation Network, Sony Online Entertainment has announced a compensation program for its users. All players will receive one month free subscription to every game owned and over which you have an account, in addition to extra time which will be multiplied by days in which the service will remain offline (at the time from May 2 to this part), as well to various content that will be available free of charge for each game.

A third Sega Vintage Collection for PSN and Virtual Console

Wonder Boy in Monster World IV for the first time Sega has announced its intention to publish a Vintage Collection 3 for PlayStation Network, Virtual Console, issued in downloadable form between 2011 and 2012, date yet to be. Within the collection there will be room for Wonder Boy in Monster World IV, for the first time located in the Western version, as well as other classic Megadrive and Master System as Revenge of Shinobi, Wonder Boy in Monster Land, Wonder Boy in Monster World, Alex Kidd in Miracle World and Super Hang-On.

Since Facebook is a trailer for Silent Hill: Downpour

A taste of horror The Facebook page of Silent Hill: Downpour has reached a sufficient number of "like" and the developers have decided to reward the trust of fans by releasing a new video on the game. After the introduction by Vatra, then we see a short teaser with a montage of quick scenes of the game, somewhat reminiscent of the atmosphere typical of the series, with certain innovations, such as special enemies that the player is facing.

Review: Gears Gatling, available for PS3 and Xbox 360

Gatling Gears is one of the most compelling action titles, this quality is not enough to overcome several shortcomings that we discuss in this review, capable of losing valuable points with a title that could bring a breath of fresh air supply gaming summer. Starting immediately with the juice of this Gears Gatling, the main game mode runs in the most classic arcade shooter scenario, where our virtual alter ego will have to engage in frenzied clashes in the crossfire between soldiers, tanks and helicopters to us promptly of any kind of bullets and bombs, leaving room for a few moments of rest throughout the level.

A batch of teaser trailer for Modern Warfare 3

America, England, Germany and France under attack, as noted by some readers who have followed the Facebook page dedicated to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Infinity Ward as a result of the enormous amount of information "leaked" on the Internet emerged in the last hours has released a 4 teaser trailer on the game.

As is obvious to expect given the nature of "teaser", you can not see practically nothing of the game, but are confirmed in several locations around the world as America, England, Germany and France, with the cities of New York, London, Berlin and Paris protagonists. The destruction that appears in the video entries back to the environment from catastrophic "Third World War" that should characterize the game while Vladimir Makarov's voice is recognizable as an accompaniment to the images.

Infinity Ward: "some" information about Modern Warfare 3 are "accurate"

The storm no other information that has reached the Internet at this time, regarding Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, has not received official confirmation, remaining suspended in the limbo of rumors. E 'come at this time even the word on the issue of Infinity Ward, who apparently has no plans to make it very clear things.

The development team behind the game is in fact limited himself to saying that "some" information was "accurate", but also revealed that many other details, though evidently based on actual design and development phases, no longer correspond to reality of the game. "Some information is still accurate, some not," said a spokesman for the twitter of Infinity Ward, "to avoid spoiling the surprise, wait for the official disclosure." Apparently, the documents to which the party hearty "leak" are real, but belong to a stage of development rather distant in time, so different features have been amended in the course of work.

The financial results of Sega

A good year is concluded fiscal year for Sega, indeed ended March 31, but the results are announced today. Increase of 104.8% in profits for the Japanese publisher, which comes to 41.5 billion yen (515.5 million dollars), with revenues raised by 3.1% to 396.7 billion yen (4.9 billion dollars). Soni Colours seem to be major players with 2.1 million copies sold, and Iron Man 2 with 1.5 million, with 830,000 copies and Vanquish Shogun 2 with 600,000 in its only two weeks into the fiscal year in question.

3 Modern Warfare Multiplayer

More details continue to flow unofficial information from Kotaku on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, in this case with regard to the multiplayer segment. 15 levels around the world are those that make up the campaign and as mentioned above will lead us from Manhattan to the catacombs of Paris, while an additional multiplayer maps would make the experience.

20 multiplayer maps are planned for the game, although at the time it is unclear whether the number matches the total including the additional packages that will be released later, or whether it is the "standard" of the game. The maps playable in a "mission" will have a similar approach to that of Modern Warfare 2, while the survival see us working against constant waves of enemies.

LA Noire was first developed for PlayStation 3

A natural choice for Team Bondi Team Bondi confirms the fact that LA Noire was first developed on the PlayStation 3 and then traveling on the Xbox 360, and thus to the console version of the Sony reference, at least from the perspective of development. In any case, the authors have ensured that both versions work perfectly in the same way.

According to Brendan McNamara, head of Team Bondi, however this would be a modus operandi very popular at the moment in the development landscape gaming, contrary to popular belief, "we saw that many people working on the first Xbox 360 and then carrying all PlayStation 3 are found to have many problems, "said McNamara, who also has some knowledge of the Sony systems, having worked previously at the Soho studio of the producer, on The Getaway," seem to be much less problems working in the opposite direction, I please.

Hybrid moves in 2012

Another year of Hybrid, the new game of 5th Cell, will wait a long time ': the new program development team in the square it out in 2012. The additional year to devote to software development has been taken from the house to try to develop the concepts in the minds of developers and put them in the game as much as possible and "turn it into something big," said Jeremiah Slaczka at IGN.

Hybrid is a third-person shooter set in a ravaged post-apocalyptic world, which promises a "new and unprecedented gameplay experience," despite the conditions not very original it seems. It 's a game that is also somewhat curious considering the fact that 5th Cell has become notorious for Scribblenauts, proposed a very different tenor.