Monday, May 23, 2011

Modern Warfare 3 - In a few hours in the first movie game

Curiosity grows Rob Bowling, Infinity Ward's voice, has officially confirmed that tonight will be finally released the first trailer for the game in Modern Warfare 3. The film will be broadcast during the final between Dallas and Oklahoma that will take place at 3 am, according to our time zone. Also tomorrow will be revealed new details on the title, which were leaked, should offer destructible environments, and other enhancements.

RIFT - You can change servers for free

Starting this summer In the case of the 1.3 per RIFT, which will be available in summer, Trion Worlds will allow players to move from one server to another for free, once a week, bringing with it elements, titles and achievements obtained . In addition, leaders can move level and guild experience so as not to miss anything that won on the old server.

Initially there will be a maximum limit of transfers, but the migration system could become permanent and may stay free in the future.

Steam - The week begins with Ubisoft's Prince of Persia

Ben 5 discount for the history of the modern Prince of Persia. The individual titles are discounted by 66% but can be purchased in block a saving of 75% compared to the original price of Steam. Ubisoft will offer every day until Sunday and a different bid, and also all the titles of publisher, excluding IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover and Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, will be discounted by 33% over the week.

Brink - The details of the next patch

The update should be available to PS3 Bethesda has posted an update on the new patch for Brink scheduled for this week for PC, 360 and PS3. Among the fixes is part of the serious problem of latency experienced by different users with the 360 version of the title. Below are some changes that are included in the upcoming update and follow a guide to the monitoring of internet connections that can lead to various problems of access in a multiplayer game.

Second update for LA Noire

Have you encountered any bugs or graphics issues while playing for LA Noire? If your answer is "yes" then you will be pleased to know that Rockstar is developing a second patch for the game. According to Shacknews first details revealed by the site, the update (about 4MB) will correct the problems encountered by users in these early days and will improve some aspects of the game.

Here are the first details of the patch

F.3.AR - In video mode Soul King

There will be sung in F3 mode. AR King of Souls will play a ghost and a player must possess and kill their opponents to steal souls. But the possession will make it identifiable and if the other players managed to kill the spectrum will lose half of the spirits who stole up to that point. Here's the video, subtitled in Italian, which explains the details of this competitive mode.

F.3. AR - The King of Souls

Big changes for Final Fantasy XIV

Square Enix is planning degree change for the future of Final Fantasy XIV. Naoki Yoshida, producer of the game, spoke on the official forum of the game last weekend and responded to questions from fans, revealing some of the changes planned for the MMO. You can find the thread (in English) at this address, but we offer a summary of everything anyway.

In the coming months FFXIV will be changed significantly. Will be balanced better all the characters, added a new and improved Job System game interface. It will also add new transport systems and, more importantly, diverse combat system to ensure that "the players receive more rewards and have more fun."

LA Noire banned from the UAE?

The situation is confused The retailer said Geekay Games through Facebook that LA Noire was launched by the UAE, but according to the local distributor for Rockstar the news is not true. The title would be still under careful consideration by the body responsible for censorship. In each case the risk of rejection is reasonable given that LA Noire has strong content and this year the Arab state has already closed its doors on Dragon Age 2.

Top 10 Steam

The hook of the door at the top Terrariums Sale in command terrarium, the hybrid platform, which allows Minecraft create weapons of all types and explore the world with the aid of a grappling hook. In second place we find The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. A title despite coming from old Europe can compete technically and playfully with the best of American super productions.

Terrarium 02 2 01 The Witcher: Assassins of Kings Digital Premium Edition BRINK 03 04 2 05 Fallout Portal New Vegas: DiRT Honest Hearts 06 3 07 08 Singularity Worms Reloaded RIFT 09 10 Call of Duty: Black Ops Escalation Content Pack

PSN - The costs of security breaches

In a network to restore fiscal reports Sony, which we have already talked about today, you also read the recent economic estimates relating to security breaches that led to long and suffered blackouts of the NDP. Apparently the cost of telematics intruders who have broken the network security Sony (which includes the media portal Qriocity) amounted to $ 171 million well.

A substantial sum of close to 207 million dollars in losses due to the disastrous earthquake that devastated Japan.

An MMO based on a famous title of 2K Games

A top-selling franchise, "2K Games announced today that it has to work, in collaboration with XLGAMES on a major MMO based on" a franchise from the big sales "belonging to the publisher's catalog. The title seems directed mainly to the Eastern market, but should be a project of great importance for 2K, "an entertainment triple A" intended to "expand the online presence of 2K in the Asian market, increasing the level of experience in field with companies that have proven leaders in the region, "as XLGAMES, in fact.

The engine of Modern Warfare 3 allows a great deal more

Substantial evolution Infinity Ward said, through some message on Twitter, the engine on which Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 represents a definite change compared to that for the previous chapter. Apparently, you should not be a completely new graphics engine, but a substantial evolution of that used previously, a base through which you can "add a lot of good things" to the structure of the series.

2K extended the agreement for the rights NBA

NBA 2KX Take-Two will ensure the rights NBA for a while ', revealed today the American publisher, announcing an extension for a few years of the agreement with the best basketball league American. It is not clear how the agreement is intended to continue, as we are talking of extending multi-annual report but not precisely how many years this amount.

The partnership comes after the excellent results for NBA 2K11, which has proved to be the most popular title of the series with 5 million copies sold worldwide at the moment. 2K Sports, therefore "will explore new opportunities for licensed game with the NBA, including online and social media platforms," while "the NBA 2K series will continue to be a pillar of the production Take-Two."

Square Enix will not produce Carmageddon

Apparently behind the new Carmageddon is not Square Enix, but an independent team. The company has announced Final Fantasy site VG247 not involved in the project. The game, therefore, seems to have been in the pipeline in a totally invisible. However, that there is no doubt and will be officially presented on June 1, just days before E3.

Capcom is focusing this year on PlayStation 3

16 titles, 8 million units despite confirming its performance by publisher projected on the full multi-platform, Capcom seems more focused on the PlayStation 3 as the 2011 (and early 2012). The forecast for the fiscal year of the publisher of Osaka raise revenues from the Sony console at the top of the leader board detached, on the other hand the PlayStation 3 will host the largest number of titles for this year, or 16 against and 14 for 9 for the Xbox 360 and Nintendo DS and 3DS.

Available "keys" to Hellgate

Several "key" for the closed beta of Hellgate are available for American and European audience on the official website of the game. This is the first step towards the revival of the now defunct MMO, which will adopt the usual formula is now free-to-play. The beta will run between 3 and 5 June. Developed by ex-Blizzard employees, Hellgate was launched back in 2007, and later it was closed two years later.

Playstation Network: Hacker invincible, Sony in knee

The event that is causing a stir in this period is now more aware of, this is the data theft by hackers who invaded the server-related Sony game platform livePlaystation Network, stealing millions of data and credit card numbers, that can be used for purposes of potential fraud. For now, the invasion attempts of security systems by hackers, and all six were scored, with estimated notices that make it even more bitter the defeat of the Japanese company that is doing its best to interrupt the chain of ambushes perpetrated by these criminals whose purpose is still completely unknown, as no any kind of identity theft or cloning of credit cards in massive numbers.

Three new titles for Microsoft Xbox 360 by the Australian rating board

One for Kinect, no two going to look at the list of securities included in the recent catalog of the Australian ratings board, may also be somewhat known for the narrowness of certain standards, we compared three titles have not been announced by Microsoft. One is dedicated to and is entitled Kinect Kinect Me (which might be the project known as Kinect Fun Lab), a game that should allow sharing of content developed by users and of course provide a broad use of the camera motion detection for Xbox 360 .

Space Ark coming to Steam

Space Ark, an entertaining action-puzzle game already released on XBLA will also on Steam early next month. Described by its developers themselves as a mix between Bubble Bobble, Rainbow Islands and Arkanoid, will arrive on PC with all modes of the original 360. To these we add new control options, online leaderboards and Achievements.

If you have not already played on Live Arcade and you intend to buy the PC version, here's a little taste of the gameplay of Space Ark.

Stereoscopic 3D "full" arrives on Xbox 360

A 3D "full" Apparently, stereoscopic 3D on the Xbox 360 will arrive soon, it reveals today Eurogamer. net according to the statement from "a source close to the development of Xbox 360." It is a system similar to that for the PlayStation 3, with three-dimensional effect in full 1280x1470 with HDMI 1.4 to 720p framebuffer twin configuration, or a 720p projection for each eye, superimposed to create the 3D effect.

Sony: 120 million € of damage

Sony estimated the damage from the attack suffered by the PlayStation Network at around 120 million euro. Both cost the Japanese giant the closing of the NDP for 25 days and the actions taken to restore the situation and make the service more secure. In this figure certainly not comforting to be added also to a loss in revenue of 5 billion yen due to the terrible earthquake in Japan.

Meanwhile the PlayStation Network still offers limited services. He 's back in stock on online matchmaking, but the Store is still offline, preventing users to buy and download extra content, demos, full games and objects.

New Limited Edition for Oblivion

In June, Bethesda will release a limited edition of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the publication of role-playing. The limited edition has been mentioned on the website of any dealer, as reported by Nitro Beard. The package includes: The publication is expected in June on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Gears of War 3: another brief taste in video

Dating back to the GDC E 'appeared on YouTube a new, unpublished short video dedicated to Gears of War 3, apparently taken from a video clip was originally shown at GDC 2011. Seems to be a short snippet of single player campaign, a cut scene featuring the usual gang made up of Marcus, Dom, Cole and Baird apparently, for a change, are "in the shit" up to top head.

Gears of War 3 - Facial Rigging

Four incoming DLC for DiRT 3

As reported by PS3Trophies, Codemasters will publish four DLC soon for DiRT 3. The packages will include extra cars and events. Packages Car Pack Power and Glory and The Mud and Guts Car Pack will include new vehicles, while the X Games Asia DLC Track Pack Track Pack and Monte Carlo will provide an extra scenario and different events.

Each DLC will unlock four trophies or Achievement. The contents have not yet been officially confirmed by Codemasters.

Firefox 5: Giant steps for Mozilla, download available

Mozilla releases new Firefox version 5, a Beta release but that does not put a stop to all future updates that the house offers its users come from time with regular intervals and always in support of user needs, available for download on official website of the web browser that contends the scepter to Google Chrome.

The enhancements are numerous and worth to analyze in detail, underlining the important issues that bring real improvements to navigation and reporting any bugs or functions that could be improved to give a better package in future updates. The first interesting innovation is the Switch function, namely the possibility of using real-time updates of certain software, due to warning messages whenever the manufacturer provides an update, this allows you to update and replace the program as in the case previous versions by going to complete instead of reinstalling everything.

The new Carmageddon is an indie, Square Enix has nothing to do

According to an independent reboot from a "source close to the matter" to VG247, Square Enix is not directly involved in the countdown appeared on the site a few days ago Carmageddon. com. Apparently, this is a sort of "reboot" linked to an independent project, and negotiations with the rights belonging to that group self-hour undefined, so do not depend directly from Square Enix (now with the holder of IP ' acquisition of Eidos) regarding the case.

Dragon Age III in development

Dragon Age II was published only a few months ago, but BioWare is already working on the third episode of the series, as reported by IndustryGamers. Confirmation was given on Twitter from senior director of creative development at BioWare, Alistair McNally. "I am looking for talented artists to bring environment studies at BioWare Edmonton, Canada, for developing Dragon Age III," it said on the social network.

Leaked information on the first DLC of Dirt 3

4 packages, cars and tracks additional As is now customary, to the modern gaming market, Dirt 3 just in time to arrive on the market that has already started talking about DLC. Through the list of trophies published by PS3Trophies, which lists the awards for the unlockable version of PlayStation 3, you can infer the existence of at least 4 additional packages available for download for the new racing game by Codemasters.

Square Enix thinks of a new Legacy of Kain

An online survey released by Square Enix shows the willingness of publishers to bring back the Legacy of Kain series. A reader GameRevolution claims to have filled out a form in which it reported on several titles for a new Legacy of Kain. "The four names were Blood Obsidian, Obsidian Sun, Dead Sun, and Revenant," says the reader.

"The survey also spoke of the inclusion of the name in the title of the old chapters, Legacy of Kain / Soul Reaver / Blood Omen." The first game of the series, Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, was developed by Silicon Knights (Too Human) and debuted on the PSOne in 1997. The sequel was developed by Crystal Dynamics, and the scripts were written by Amy Hennig (Uncharted).

Legacy of Kain is coming back?

So suggests a survey online An online survey hinted that Square Enix would want to revive the Legacy of Kain series, which many gamers will remember with pleasure. It seems that a reader GameRevolution have received an email with a poll that asked what name he would have preferred a new Legacy of Kain.

The four names selected were: Blood Obsidian, Obsidian Sun, Dead Sun, and Revenant, and apparently the reader was asked if he preferred a dry title, or the return of the classic Legacy of Kain / Soul Reaver / Blood Omen accompanying that marked the various chapters of the original series.

PS Store, it is feared the chaos of the reopening

The Welcome Back, Sony has not only caused some discontent among the owners of PlayStation 3 but also between the developers and publishers. "The problem is that everyone will have free games, and when they want to buy something Outland is already old," said CEO Housemarque, Ilari Kuittinen, in an interview with Edge Online.

The PlayStation Store should be operational by tomorrow and the next two weeks Sony will publish weekly updates to all content whose launch was set for the month in which the NDP has remained offline. "There's so much traffic that it will be difficult to point out their games," said one developer.

Sony: loss of $ 3.2 billion

The cause is the earthquake and the affair PSN Sony revises downward, very bearish, the financial results for fiscal year 2010/11, rising from 70 billion yen profit to 260 billion yen loss (about 3 , $ 2 billion). The causes of instability are the earthquake that hit Japan in March, which destroyed several buildings, Sony, and the costs borne by society due to the attack on the PlayStation Network, with the need to rewrite from scratch the security system of all the web part of the multinational.

Me and revealed Kinect Kinect Fun Lab

During E3 Microsoft will present a project called Fun Lab Kinect According to Siliconera is the same project with the title indicated Kinect Me on the official site of the Australian classification OLFC. Also revealed further two games for Xbox Live Arcade. The first, Crimson Alliance, developed by Certain Affinity, authors of some maps from Halo: Reach and Call of Duty: Black Ops.

The second game for XBLA instead Fusion Genesis. Confirmed by the various institutions of classification two other titles for Xbox Live Arcade compatible with the device Kinect: Hole in the Wall and Fruit Ninja Kinect. Microsoft is expected to present at the next E3 at least 10 games in addition to the unpublished sequel to Kinect Kinect Sports and Dance Central.

Dead Island - a video with 11 minutes of gameplay

The zombie horde is coming Enjoy this video of 11 minutes of gameplay of Dead Island, new action game in the theme of zombesco Techland (those of Call of Juarez). The video commentary is enriched by the Deep Silver brand manager, Vincent Kummer, explaining (in English) some details of the game. If you are anxious to learn more about our next holiday destination, give him a look.

Source: VG247 Tags: GameTrailers. com, Dead Island - Time To Kill Gameplay Walkthrough HD, PC Games, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

LA Noire in front of everyone in the UK

LA Noire debuted in first place in the weekly software charts in the UK. The game Rockstar has registered record sales for a new IP in the UK market, according to Rockstar, the thriller has sold many copies similar to that recorded its debut from Red Dead Redemption. Fifth place for the exclusive PC, The Witcher 2, the data do not include digital sales, but still speak a result of higher than recorded by the first game.

Apple Store: 1.3 iOS finally in Italy

After months of waiting has finally got the new Apple Store, version 1.3 of the Italian media store house of Cupertino was not yet available on the various iPhone 4, iPad 2 and other devices. But now is the time to fill this gap in the Italian market, which will allow Apple users to make purchases directly from their terminals.

The news does not concern only the arrival, but also how to purchase graphical interface, designed in detail to enable a quick search and purchase easy even for novice users, all in true Apple style based on an interface graphics and interactivity treated almost complete in the various sections of this store.

High Voltage ponders revenge against an editor

But it is taken with their hands in the cookie jar developers 2 Conduit, High Voltage, have combined a beautiful large, that have agreed internally to write negative reviews of the book by an author who has crushed Conduit 2, The Dragon Ruby T. Michael Murdock. The fact, now confirmed by the emergence of internal email from Matt Corso urging his colleagues to review the book, has led to an official apology from the boss of High Voltage, Eric Nofsinger, who said the unprofessional behavior of the group .

High Voltage in the storm

2 The developer of The Conduit, High Voltage Software, has publicly apologized for pushing his staff to publish some reviews on Amazon about a book written by a journalist who had reviewed Joystiq The Conduit 2 in a negative way. The boss of HVS, Eric Nofsinger, admitted that the email sent by Matt Corso and his colleagues which invited employees of HVS to read and review the book of T.

Michael Murdock, The Ruby Dragon, "is not professional." According to Nofsinger from a Marooner's Rock, the mail inside was as "a joke". In the offending message, the developer of HVS invites his colleagues to "read the book" and, literally, "return the favor by publishing a reader's review.

UK charts: LA Noire sells rocket in UK

And Brink barefoot out of first place in the standings in the UK, LA Noire is a new brand that has sold faster in the first week of life. Sales reached more than those of Red Dead Redemption, more and Rockstar, with 58% of copies sold for Xbox 360 and the remaining 42% for PS3. Just to make a comparison, Red Dead Redemption had sold 65% of copies on Xbox 360 and PS3 at 35%, indicating that the fork between the two consoles is dwindling, despite the problems of the NDP.

2 LA Noire in less than 5 years

Team Bondi said that the new project the company will not need to wait seven years, the time elapsed between the announcement of LA Noire and its publication on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. "Of course, the Motion Scan technology works and is used by other developers, so it is available and can be implemented quickly," says the boss of Team Bondi, Brendan McNamara, in an interview with GamerLive.

New edition of Oblivion for the fifth anniversary

With a coupon for Skyrim seems that Bethesda is preparing to re-publish The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion to celebrate the fifth anniversary (and to launch Skyrim better, we might add). The package will include all the contents of the Collector's Edition, like the DVD of the making off, and a coupon to get $ 10 discount on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

The new edition of Oblivion will be released June 29 on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 and will cost $ 30. Moreover, it appears that only 200 thousand copies are printed. Currently there is no confirmation of a re-release also on European soil, where it is still difficult to obtain a copy of the original.

Physical Warfare Battlefield 3 Pack

When booking the battlefield 3: Limited Edition with Game or Gamestation will be able to get the Physical Warfare Pack The package includes extra weapons as well as Back to Karkland, an expansion that offers some maps for Battlefield 2. As reported a few days ago, the expansion Karkland Back to Italy will also be available when booking selected game at some retailers.