Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wrecked Announced - Revenge Revisited

505 Games has announced Wrecked - Revenge Revisited, a new arcade racing game for XBLA and PlayStation Network. Wrecked is developed by Supersonic Software, the same British team that created (quite a few 'years ago now) Mashed fun for the PS2 and Xbox. "We are very excited to partner with 505 Games for the realization of this spiritual successor to Mashed," said the managing director of the company, Pete Williamson.

The iPad 2 in Italy on March 25

A perfect day for throwing, obviously iPad The second will be marketed as of 11 March and arrive in Italy on March 25. The tablet will be available in the same versions and the same price as the previous model, it seems. It will be equipped with an HDMI output resolution (1080p), a battery life of ten hours, a light weight (1.3 pounds instead of 1.5) and two different colors: black and white.

BG & E HD on PS3 "later this year"

Rebooting HD Beyond Good & Evil is now available on Xbox Live Arcade. And the PlayStation 3 version? The game is a unique time that Microsoft won at the time and will follow a similar fate to that of other titles such as Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. Ubisoft has not announced specific dates for the arrival of the game on PSN, except to say that will be released "later this year." The cost of the XBLA version, which is part of House Party, is 800 Microsoft Points.

The iPad is thinner than the iPhone 2 4

And it is twice as powerful than the previous model and 'just started (at 19, Italian time), at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, the Apple event organized to show the public the iPad 2. On stage, a little 'surprise, there really Steve Jobs along with other Apple executives, and seems reasonable shape despite rumors about his illness.

Jobs and his men celebrated the success of the iPad, its 65 thousand app and excellent network of stores has contributed to the spread of this and other Apple products. And suddenly here it is: iPad 2, aesthetically redesigned and equipped with double the computing capacity of its predecessor.

Update of March 2 for the PSN

Better late than never. Available now on the PSN, the single-player demo of Call of Duty: Black Ops. Its release coincides with the arrival of the First Strike Map Pack, but the use of which is locked until tomorrow. Available at last, the expected PixelJunk Shooter 2 and the surprise is also a network of the best titles PSone era: Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver.

Fans of Dead Space 2 can prolong their adventure with the first game of the DLC, while the fanatics of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 are available, free of the Shadow Battle and a package of new content. PS3 Games PS3 Demo Additional Content PSone Classics Minis PS3 Games PSP PSP Additional Content Special Offer (available until March 16) Permanent Price Reductions

Guild Wars update - exclusive information source for Video Games

The new update coming tomorrow and tomorrow NCsoft and ArenaNet will release an update to Guild Wars and Multiplayer. it has learned exclusively what are the contents. The update introduces a new outpost called embark Beach and creates heroes Mercenaries. - Party from 7 - The party of the player expands to seven heroes that can all be heroes Mercenaries.

- Quest daily Zaishen Vanquishes - A new area offers a daily quest that allows for incentives and awards. To find it just look for the road sign in the area embark Beach. - Quest daily pre-searing - In the area of Ascalon (pre-searing) are new daily quests and rewards commensurate with dynamic difficulty depending on the level of the player.

GT5, soon bailouts for endurance

Kazunori Yamauchi said that soon will be available on Gran Turismo 5 which will allow an option to save progress in endurance events. "I'm sorry," he wrote on Twitter Yamauchi (translation GTPlanet). "At the moment we are developing bailouts for endurance events." The endurance racing of Gran Turismo 5 include 2, 4 hours, but events around the unlockable level 40 provides 24-hour endurance races.

[GDC 2011] Only 2.0 Frostbite can handle the graphics in Battlefield 3

There are no more powerful engine as well, according to DICE was a moderate 1.0 The Frostbite game engine, and has been used for the first two episodes of Battlefield: Bad Company. DICE's Frostbite, however, expected that the 2.0 was ready to make Battlefield 3. Why? "The short answer is this: no other engine could handle the graphics of Battlefield 3", said producer Patrick Bach Speaking to Joystiq during GDC 2001.

The authors of Minecraft announce Scrolls

Developer Minecraft, Mojang, announced a new product called Scrolls. It is a fantasy card game from the setting. In the description of the title is never spoken of an MMO but it is possible that this is the setting of the project. "The game that we thought had to have features drawn from traditional card games and collectible card from," says Jakob handed him one of the creators of the product, on the official website of the Scrolls.

Two promotional videos for PixelJunk Shooter 2

An experience that will transform the streets of the promotion are endless, and very often the most effective way to advertise something does not match the classic spots that we usually imagine. In the case of PixelJunk Shooter 2, for example, developers have released two videos titled "Survivor Files," in which many people talk about their experience with the game as if they were in analysis.

EA: Battlefield 3 with new standards

As stated by the boss of EA Games, Frank Gibeau at IndustryGamers, FPS developers are unlikely to reach the quality guaranteed by the game engine of Battlefield 3, the Frostbite Engine. "We are here to compete with others," said Gibeau. "Everybody loves challenges and is a benefit for industry and consumers.

It is always important to reinvigorate the sector by putting in competition games to enact the best, and that's what we're doing." "We are incredibly proud of BF3," said Gibeau. "The Frostbite 2 technology is transforming the category and brand Battlefield has its weight. The combination of strength of IP, technology and quality of the game, DICE is to show that tonight," said the manager of EA in the past few hours, during the GDC.

[GDC 2011] The Nintendo Conference Live!

All updates in real time soon, or at 18:00, starting on Nintendo's GDC 2011 keynote. This year, as in 2006 and 2009, will be the same Nintendo President Satoru Iwata to talk. Iwata during the conference aims to address the history and future of video games and hope for the future ideas out some interesting announcement.

A mission editor for inFamous 2

Sucker Punch revealed that in inFamous 2 will have a video editor that will allow you to create custom missions to share with the community. In the universe of game inFamous 2, the content created by users will appear as standard missions. Approaching the point where you can launch the content will be read even the author's PSN ID's mission and evaluation of players.

Sucker Punch will launch a beta in April that will allow you to test the mission editor, and the records will be open from March 14. "There is no limit to the type of missions you can create. You'll have access to the same tools that we use," says Chris Zimmerman on the European PlayStation blog.

[GDC 2011] Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword - Three new movies

Interview, a trailer and a gameplay video from GDC wave of materials that show an impressive trailer, a multiplayer session with firearms and an extensive interview with producer of Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword. In the interview, the producer explains that the choice of expansion set in a historical period, or half of 1600, is derived from the demands of users who want to feel more and more involved from the universe created by Taleworlds.

He made his debut in June Shadows of the Damned

Shadows of the Damned, the new game was born from the collaboration between the creator of Resident Evil, Shinji Mikami, and the developer of No More Heroes, Suda 51, will debut worldwide on June 7. Mikami and Suda 51 have confirmed the launch date during the Game Developers Conference, during which they also spoke of the unusual character of the health system.

When Garcia Hotspur (the name of the protagonist of the game) will run out of energy, enough to drink any alcoholic beverage to regain his strength. The two also argued that the style of the game was influenced by Grindhouse Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez. The mechanics revolve around the usual conflict between light and darkness, and propose a series of puzzles to next sessions distinctly action.

Homefront - The Italian advertisement

Dear me the missile A reaction from the American family but still quite disturbing opening of the commercial Italian Homefront. In the thirty seconds of video is missing a further peek at the gameplay of the first-person shooter from THQ to be released on March 11, which is shaping up as classic rather than spectacular, intense and frenetic.

Homefront - Spot the Italian advertising

A date for Alice: Madness Returns

Alice: Madness Returns will debut worldwide on June 14, tells Electronic Arts. The creator of the game American McGee made the announcement in the past few hours, during the Game Developers Conference. The original American McGee's Alice was released on the PC ten years ago by Electronic Arts, last year, the publisher announced the sequel to ten years after the debut of the first game.

In September last year, McGee had told Videogame source that the developer did not take into account a reduction in the level of violence of the game in order to obtain a classification "Mature".

Bulletstorm and offensive play 2 - video, subtitled in Italian

Unconventional warfare Finally subtitled in Italian, comes the second grotesque training session that shows us once again, always doing the most peculiar, some moves Bulletstorm. Bulletstorm - The Offensive Maneuvers Part 2

Dragon Age II shorter DA: O

Dragon Age II The campaign will be shorter than that of Dragon Age: Origins will last but a bit 'longer than that of Mass Effect 2, "said Executive Producer of BioWare, Mike Laidlaw, to PlayStation Universe. To determine the duration of the campaign, "we must consider the type of approach taken by the player," said Laidlaw.

"I would say that the campaign takes a bit 'longer than that of Mass Effect 2, but is shorter than that of Dragon Age: Origins." Depending on the choices made campaign DA: Origins could reach the 100 hours of play, not counting the various prologues. In this case they will be side missions to greatly extend the adventure, Laidlaw said: "The game will last longer with side quests.

[GDC 2011] The digital market in Europe will double by 2015

Trend According to the company specializes in digital market research DFC Intelligence the digital market in Europe is expected to grow exponentially. € 3.3 billion is the amount of money generated from this market sector for the year 2015, or nearly double the current 1.7 billion euro in 2010. The report in question, "Monetising the European Market for Virtual Currency", was presented at the GDC 2011 and drawn from the analysis of 300,000 customers spread across 27 European countries.

Nintendo fans to waive COD and GTA

According to a source from the Videogame producer of the exclusive Wii platformer, Kirby and the Mighty Hero, Call of Duty fans can not be compelled to play titles such as Kirby. "We do not want to convince fans of Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto titles to play Kirby," said Kensuke Tanabe. "Every player has their favorite genres.

If someone hates apple pie, even the best cake in the world could meet it. If one has never tried an apple pie but is interested to taste it, you can transformed in a passionate facendogliene a taste? ". "The first step is to let as many people as possible that there is a great apple pie in circulation." Kirby and the Mighty Hero is available in Europe for a few days only on Wii.

The contents of March and April 2011 for PlayStation Plus

Bonuses for abbonusati comes from Sony today a summary diagram of the bonus features planned for the months of March and April 2011 for the PlayStation Plus subscribers downloadable content is then provided. Free content between March 2 and April 6 PSN Sonic The Hedgehog Astro Tripper PS One Guilty Gears minis Pix'n Love Rush Enigmo SOCOM Beta March 23, Fat Princess PS3 Exclusive discounts - 50% Fat Princess PSP - reduction of 50 Cool Borders 2% - 50% reduction in Stardrone PS3 - 50% reduction in output Premier Manager - 50% PlayTV Live Chat - 25% discount - valid until July 6, 2011 Dynamic Themes Theme Exclusive Sega Mega Drive Classics Exclusive Infamous Theme 2 premium Avatar Avatar Avatar EyePet exclusive MotorStorm Apocalypse March 16: Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time / Warrior / The Two Thrones in a bundle of three games for the price of two (in € 29.99 total) from 6 April to 4 May: PSN Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Prince of Persia Classic PS One Creatures 3: Raised in Space Invaders Dynogems minis Dual Dynamic Themes Theme Exclusive Exclusive abstract art theme of lush gardens and more to be confirmed.

Visceral working on a new IP

The developer of Dead Space, Visceral Games will soon begin work on a "bold new IP", tells the company, which suggests that for a while 'the developer could put aside the franchise Dead Space and Dante's Inferno, or that the study is expanding with a second development team. And this seems the most likely option.

As is apparent from a job listing posted on Gamasutra, in fact, the company is seeking an executive producer for the development of a new IP "supported by the leadership of EA." Visceral looking for a manager able to turn the project into a successful franchise to be extended through the creation of more chapters.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars - Trailer tactical

Computer graphics and gameplay meets 3DS The tactics and strategy by the hand of Julian Gollop, creator of XCOM. In this trailer we are shown a glimpse of the Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars for 3DS. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars - Trailer tactical

Infinity Blade designed for the bathroom

Donald Mustard, creative director at Chair Entertainment, admitted that the game device iOS Infinity Blade is designed so that it can be played easily in the bathroom. One of the pillars around which the title is designed IOS, Mustard says, are "short sessions of play." "The most important thing that anyone ever admit the game is that everyone uses the bathroom.

We must accept this truth and keep it in mind when we design our games. When we have balanced Infinity Blade we took into consideration the time it takes a leg to become numb while in the bathroom. You laugh, but it's true. " "We make products playable in less than two minutes. This is one of our pillars: sessions very, very, very short gameplay." Three, according to Mustard, guidelines that directed the development of Infinity Blade: you can play with one finger, the gameplay must be original and must be based on skill, not on repetition or luck.

A suite for creating content in inFamous 2

The secret destruction customizable announced by Sucker Punch inFamous 2 proved to be an internal one in the game particularly interesting, announced during the night. The development team has in fact presented a suite containing several tools for building content from users within the Action game for the PlayStation 3.

With this complex instrument will be possible to create entire levels and put them in sharing with other online users in order to expand dramatically in the world of games available. Apparently, you can create the structures of the layer, fill them with characters and enemies, and establish the rules and the level design in a personalized way.

Authors Shank against Summer of Arcade

During the Game Developers Conference that is taking place these days in San Francisco, Jamie Cheng of Klei Entertainment has declared the promotion of the Summer of Xbox Live Arcade titles prevents independent non-members to emerge. "The promotion is a great incentive, but everything that is not part of it falls apart.

And it's dangerous to bet everything on a period that lasts only two weeks. Must extend the promotion to enable everyone to benefit." Chen also called on Sony and Microsoft to improve the "hint system" in order to extend the life cycle of products. Other proposals instead launch promotions such as "Deal of the Day" and "The Affair of the week." Even easier integration of microtransactions could help developers, says Cheng.

Infinity Blade granted and soon upgraded

While the occasion for a limited time at GDC Chair lets you know that updates are scheduled for Infinity Blade, the game is also assumed to Ios on the App Store. Donald Mustard said that Chair is currently "very committed to support for the action game to Ios by the devastating impact graphics, and in particular is working on" something stronger ...

"without specifying further. In any case, this can be an excellent opportunity to download the game, since the initial rose € 4.99, for a limited period, to € 2.39. You'll find it at this address.

PS Home a "gaming platform"

Sony will soon distribute new tools that allow developers to create games on the PlayStation Home feature the multiplayer mode in real time. The version 1.05 of the client's home debut this spring and according to Sony will develop FPS and racing games "fast and full of action for the environment in PlayStation Home.

Sodium 2: Project Velocity, whose demo was made by Sony in the past few hours, is an example of what you can achieve with the new tools that will include a new engine for physics and new tools for optimization of graphics and frame-rate. According to Jack Buser, Sony Computer Entertainment America, "Home is changing from a social networking platform game worldwide."

[GDC 2011] Public Beta of Battlefield Play4Free from April 4

Benefits for those who are true to the Battlefield During the GDC 2011 conference and there was also room for Battlefield Play4Free with Ben Cousens, chief of Easy Studios, who reported as 600,000 people were already registered to the beta for a limited number of Free basic shooter announced in November.

The public beta of the game will start instead of April 4, 2011, and those who have already registered mark in their ID EA game Battlefield Bad Company between 1 or 2, or Battlefield 1943 will benefit from early access to 31 March.

Announced that Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion

Stardock announced Rebellion, expansion of the stand-alone PC game Sins of a Solar Empire factions which will offer new and revised graphics. "Rebellion is the first stand-alone expansion of the universe of Sins of a Solar Empire," said Brian Clair Stardock. "Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion add many spaceships unpublished, update and implement the visual characteristics of Impulse: Reactor to support objectives, multiplayer tournaments, and much more." The full list of features of the expansion Rebellion can be found on the official Sins of a Solar Empire.

New images from SBK 2011

With the livery early season ... Black Bean Games has released a series of new images of SBK 2011, signed last chapter of the Milestone series dedicated to the world of competitions held on a bike derived from the standard. With the start of the new season just started last weekend at Phillip Island in Australia, we propose the new screenshots updated at livery in use today, which, for example, see the World Champion Max Biaggi riding his Aprilia with number 1 and Marco Melandri on the Yamaha with the number 33 debut in the new category.

No Move for Crysis 2

During an event held at Electronic Arts in San Francisco in the past few hours, the senior producer of Crysis 2 hasitate Videogame Source Zala told that Crytek has abandoned the idea of implementing Move unsuitable because the experience that the developer intends to offer. "Of course we examined Move," said hasitate Zala.

"We needed some type of checks and Move did not fit the experience we had in mind." "I think the concept is interesting," says Zala, "But I think we're not ready for this type of gameplay. The motion controller has its strengths but to change the characteristics of the armor, go into stealth mode and everything else does not fit into our game at the moment.

Microsoft thinks avatar with realistic Kinect

Mapping technology faces Craig Mundie, chief research and strategy of Microsoft, revealed that Redmond is considering a system for creating realistic avatars from the mapping carried out by Kinect. Through a special camera is in fact possible to obtain a very precise mapping of the user's face and body, using photos taken directly from the live to be applied as a texture on the face, for example, creating a digital replica of the user.

19 million times PlayStation Home

Sony announced that PlayStation Home client has been downloaded 19 million times since launching the service. According to project director Jack Buser, an average session lasts 70 minutes to home. This, says Buser, thanks in particular to the more than 230 games available on the service for PlayStation 3.

Also popular virtual goods, whose number in 2010 increased by 110%. The data on 19 million downloads is the number of home users who have launched at least once after downloading the client. The data on the number of active users, says Buser, is only available for developers who signed an NDA.

New images Top Spin 4

Opera for Nintendo abandons 3DS

For 3DS, Nintendo plans to abandon Opera, the browser used to DSi and Wii, and integrating the NetFront browser made by Access. According to reports from the portal Siliconera Japanese IT Media Access Tomihisa Kamada boss admitted his company's collaboration with Nintendo. Currently there are no official information on the website of Access but there are some details about the features of the browser.

Warner against the blockade of Mortal Kombat in Australia

It is a holy war Few days ago the news came on the blockade from the host organism classification of multimedia products to the new Australian chapter of Mortal Kombat. The product, as was predicted, according to the institution in question contains a level of violence is unacceptable for a young audience, so the game can not be distributed in stores in Australia since missing the classification "18 +" for video games.

Traveller's Tales LEGO thinks Kinect

Developer Traveller's Tales is planning a LEGO game series motion controller compatible with Sony and Microsoft. Move Kinect and PlayStation are not supported by the next game in the series, LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean, but during an interview with Videogame Source, Jonathan Smith of Traveller's Tales said that things will not always this way.

"We are exploring various options," says Smith. "We excite the news and we are always looking for new things to develop. A LEGO with the motion control would be different from that we are developing LEGO, the LEGO same thing happened with Rock Band, which in terms of gameplay revealed substantial differences" .

Demo of Yakuza: The End Of the JAP PSN

A competition for Killzone 3

Sony has launched a competition for Killzone 3, which will get experience points and a ticket to E3 2011. The competition, called Killzone 3 Ultimate Recruit is part of an initiative to strengthen the community of the shooter for PlayStation 3. For more details on the contest, simply register at the official website of the initiative: a "coach ISA will assume responsibility to illustrate the characteristics of the competition which will among other things, to win several copies of Killzone 3.

The conference at Electronic Arts Live!

All updates in real time the conference at Electronic Arts is about to begin, the Mezzanine in San Francisco many titles on display, like Alice, Shadow of the Damned, Kings of Amalur and Battlefield. Greetings from Tanzen!