Saturday, February 5, 2011

Journey developers are considering a system to communicate with the players

But how will without text or voice chat? Robin Hunicke and Jenova Chen, respectively, producer and co-founder of Thatgamecompany, spoke with the European PlayStation Blog of the reasons that pushed them to make the protagonist of Journey silent and without any characterization. According Hunicke, when the players meet by chance online, their communication may at first seem very least limited.

Gundam Dynasty Warriors 3 will be released this summer in the U.S.

Well received at home, the action game of Tecmo Koei is preparing to invade the West Namco Bandai has announced that Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 will be released in America this summer, in versions for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The game will boast more than fifty characters, seventy three new mobile suits and customizable gameplay elements: Partner Strike, Recovery Emergency Dash and Gauge.

The single player campaign will be assisted by a four-player cooperative online multiplayer and a versus mode. Third episode of the now popular spin-off of Dynasty Warriors Gundam universe, mostly, the title has already sold more than four hundred thousand copies in Japan since its release in December.

Second video tutorial for Swarm

Ask Dr. Mike Episode 2: Death Becomes bulla! In this second video tutorial for Swarm, the column "Ask Dr. Mike" addresses the issue of death, namely the death of the little blue little creatures that fill the game. Given the many pitfalls in the world created by Hothead Games, our swarm of critters you can disappear in a few moments.

In the video, for example, we are shown the sequences in which, among explosions and rock falls, our crowd is reduced to crumbs. Swarm will be released in March on platforms PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade.

Reggie Fils-Aime: the games are a threat to low price

Blame the App Store Reggie Fils-Aime told her about the new explosion of games in digital delivery platforms like App Store in an interview on GTTV. Apparently, not only seems that there is no intention on the part of the president of Nintendo of America to adapt somehow to the distribution system, publishing and price of the App Store, but the fact of maintaining low prices would also be a threat to industry.

Yar's Revenge - a trailer for the arts sector

From 1982 to today is a trailer showing gameplay and character design and shows the care with which Yar's Revenge is taken from 1982 to today. Obviously the graphics of the original title would be possible to get us out of almost anything but is always related to the original. But Atari seems determined to get serious about giving a new dimension to the old title character made in the round of locations and varied and colorful.

Skyrim - too much hype?

The atmosphere between desire and reality of The Elder Scroll and the feeling of freedom of the Bethesda titles are unique. And despite the defects it is always a massive securities who can take the role of the wanderer lost first and then make us as a supreme hero in every self-respecting fantasy book.

In short, the perfect formula to make us dream of a new adventure. But as pointed out by some members of multiplayer. it seems Skyrim any news on gold, and maybe it is, but between the promises and a movie of gameplay there's a big difference. Or not?

Champion Fight Night on the iPhone, first images

4 pictures and not much more news coming from Electronic Arts about the iPhone, in particular the adaptation of the Fight Night boxing series devices IOS. Fight Night Champion thus provides the first four of these images suggest that the bottom of the news, although there is no further information to report.

Considering that the console version of the game is expected to reach stores in March, is likely to arrive at the same time also on the App Store version of IOS. Seen in this way, seems to repeat the experience of playing in little "more" of course with some changes with regard to the control system.

NBA Jam coming to App Store

Information in the next few days there are materials supplied information, but as reported by Electronic Arts a version of NBA Jam is coming to App Store. Given the various chapters and revisions over the years out on the series is not easy to predict what will look like NBA Jam on the iPhone, but it is likely that this is a portable edition of the recent "reboot" released on the Wii, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, pending further information and images, say from EA, should arrive soon.

The moment is propitious for a return of Onimusha

Rather more difficult for Darkstalkers According to the historian of Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono, responsible for series such as Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, and Onimusha, the time may be propitious for a return to the Action game to setting the historical-mythological Japanese. "The time is right for me, is like the right time to bring back the series," said Ono to IGN, "but I would not repeat the mistakes of the past.

Already 3.6 million online levels for LittleBigPlanet 2

From the thriving U.S. PlayStation blog comes new information on the online community linked to LittleBigPlanet 2. Media Molecule has announced that the levels are created and put into the game for sharing online "social" for the PlayStation 3 have already reached the dizzying amount of 3.6 million, including those built just for fun and those belonging to particular contexts.

About the latter, these contests are currently active in the community of gamers, with deadlines: Level Design Contest for Deviant Art - deadline: February 18 Break-out-a-LittleBigPlanetGalaxy Genre Contest - deadline: March 18 How to (Tutorial) LittleBigNetwork Contest - deadline: March 26 Sackbot Sacktastic Contest - deadline: April 1

New Videogame for the Shop!

Dear Videogame Sources, to be gamers, you know, it is not easy, especially from the economic point of view ... and what better way to save a few euro than to take advantage of attractive promotions of our shops? Also this week, exclusively for readers of Videogame Source. it, in fact we have a number of interesting deals surely tickle your interest.

The Japanese version of Homefront does not contain Kim Jong-il

There can be no direct references to North Korean leader Spike is getting some experience in the transportation of Western games, especially shooters, on the Japanese market, a trend already under way with Metro 2033, Red Faction: Guerrilla and confirmed by Homefront. The latter will however need a few more maneuvers to adjust to be acceptable within the Nipponese regulations on the marketing of the games.

"Industry is threatened by the low price"

According to allegations made by Reggie Fils-Aime of Nintendo, gaming applications at low cost, typical of the catalogs of contemporary smartphone, would represent a severe problem in the Industry. Questioned on the actual quality of securities for 3DS, whose price will range between € 40 and € 50 euro, compared to cheaper products for the App Store, Fils-Aime said: "The games are a low cost of the biggest Industry problems because they are seen by consumers as a typical-use and disposable.

Kim Jong-Il "eliminated" by Homefront

The controversial North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il has been removed from the Japanese edition of Homefront. The announcement was just the publisher Spike, explaining that the decision was made to prevent the already delidcati relations between Japan, North Korea and South Korea did not deteriorate further.

The CERO (Computer Entertainment Rating Organisation), as reported by Andriasang therefore demanded some changes before giving its approval for marketing. In Japan, for example, Jong-Il will become the "Leader of the North" and North Korea will become "Some North Country." Apart from small changes like the one just cited, the Japanese version will not make any difference from that on which we will soon get its hands us Westerners.

Codemasters also critical Gran Turismo 5

After the criticism received by the developers of Forza Motorsport, another developer Polyphony Digital negative comments for what has been described as the "grinding automobile" Gran Turismo 5. "Gran Turismo is a great game," said Paul Coleman, chief game designer at Codemasters DiRT for the future 3.

"Personally, I was but a little 'disappointed by this last chapter, even though sales have shown that the proposed formula may be questionable, it is still winning." "Some design decisions did not convince me at all, and I was especially disappointed by the mechanical grinding of automobile.

The DLC Dead Money coming to PS3 and PC

Bethesda announced today that the DLC Dead Money, already available on Xbox 360, is also coming to PC and PlayStation 3 on February 22. The DLC, like many of you know, it was time for an exclusive Xbox 360 since its launch last December. The company also announced in the coming months we can get our hands on three new DLC, each of which will be launched simultaneously on PS3, PC and X360.

We look forward to learn more.

Announced Ridge Racer Unbounded

Namco announced a new event platform of Ridge Racer, due out next year for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Little is known about Ridge Racer Unbounded. Below is the teaser trailer, which does not contain any fragment of gameplay. The game is being developed by the team Bugbear Entertainment, the Finnish developer already responsible for the series of FlatOut and Chapter of Sega Rally was released in 2007 on PSP.

New entries on the HD remake of Halo

We hear new voices on the infamous HD remake of Halo spoken of for some time. This time the rumors say that the game is really developing and that he is occupying the Saber Interactive, TimeShift creative. Contrary to what was previously thought, it seems that the game will not use the graphics engine of Reach, but a completely new engine.

Among the new products should also find a place online co-op (in the original play was possible in only two on the same console split-screen). The same voices speak of a release scheduled for November 15, 2011, exactly 10 years after the arrival in stores of the original Halo: Combat Evolved.

Demon's Souls on NGP?

Hidetaka Miyazaki, creator of Demon's Souls, said he was very intrigued by the idea of writing a new chapter in the series to NGP, the new handheld console Sony. "The platform is truly remarkable," he said in a recent interview. "Currently we are still in operation but we are seriously considering. This new console motivates me a lot." "Of course if we decide to do so, we should first test the new hardware in order to create something that is perfectly suited to its characteristics." Miyazaki is currently working on the legacy of spiritual Demon's Souls, that Dark Souls due for release on PS3 and Xbox 360 later this year.

New details sull'NGP

During a presentation for a group of British development team, Sony has released new information has on the Next Generation Portable. In particular, we focused on the specific hardware on the network and launch strategies. One of those present at the event called the NGP "a dream for developers. Sony has finally realized what the teams around the world have been calling for years." The representatives of the studies are expected to receive the development kit for the new console, but Sony has postponed the delivery in April, indicating that each team must produce a document "of at least 20 pages" that describes the concept of the games that companies intending to develop.

Sony Cambridge to work on Killzone NGP

Despite the weather will not be dealt with the NGP to Guerrilla Killzone, but the development was given to Sony Cambridge, already known to the general public for making products such as LittleBigPlanet PSP, PlayTV, 24: The Game and TV Superstars. Following the news senior producer of the Guerrilla, Ter Heide, commented by saying that the game is "in good hands." "We worked closely with them for a couple of years, and helped us to develop very different content to the Killzone franchise." "We are therefore confident that the game is in good hands," he said.

Namco Bandai Power Rangers are back in the world of video games

Tell the truth, there were missing Namco Bandai has reached an agreement with Saban for the creation of video games taken from the television series Power Rangers: Samurai, which will be launched on the Nickelodeon network in the coming weeks. This is a real return to the Power Rager, which since its acquisition by Disney had lost much popularity.

Last year, the company of Mickey Mouse has sold the rights to the series for Saban $ 43 million. There still has been no specific announcement by Namco Bandai, however, the vice-president of Carlson Choi said that the titles will be multiplatform.

Hare clarifies statements on FPS

Jon Hare has recently expressed his disappointment at what it regards as "the total lack of innovation in the FPS of the last 20 years - except for technical improvements and the" ability to talk to people and fight in groups. " Following those statements, which was followed by much criticism, but Hare has been forced to explain his idea about it.

"The attack comes from my little innovation I've seen in all developed after FPS Wolfenstein," he explained. "Basically all modern FPS are based on the same mechanism, and seen through the eyes of a game designer it is quite humiliating." "And I think in light of the number of new genres that sprouted like mushrooms at the time of release of Wolfenstein, my comment is a completely legitimate." "I'm not saying that since I stopped to make video games, the world around me has become ** Wed," he explained.

Lots of new images for Inversion

The action game "zero gravity" shows again Namco Bandai has released a large number of new images for Inversion, the third-person action game developed by Saber Interactive for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. As we know, the game we can use not only a large number of firearms as well as a device capable of bending the force of gravity to our wishes, with a series of unusual dynamic that will allow us to build shelters from scratch or attack origianali enemies so at least.

Martyn Brown left the team 17

Martyn Brown has officially left Team 17, a software company that he co-founded and in which she shared 20 years of struggle and satisfaction, but above all ... worms! In a very personal post on Facebook, Brown thanked his colleagues. "Ok, it's time to leave the Team 17. 20 years have been fantastic, the best time of my life now and I hope will have a new exciting chapter." "My sincere thanks go to all those who helped me and with whom I shared many experiences in these two decades.

Namco Bandai announces DualPenSports Nintendo 3DS

Alleniamoci with two stylus! Namco Bandai announced today the release of DualPenSports exclusively for Nintendo 3DS. This is a game for the first time introduces a control system based on the use of two styles together. Seven sports will be included in the form of minigames, including football, boxing and archery.

Through a series of exercises, the player can train your eye-hand coordination. DualPenSports will be available this spring.

Ken Levine does not want the next-gen

Ken Levine of Irrational Games, BioShock developer Infinite, said he was opposed to the launch of new consoles from Sony and Microsoft. "As a developer and as a player at this moment I do not feel the need for a new generation of consoles," said Levine of Irrational Games last podcast. "The connectivity already exists today and is exactly what I want in platforms such as Steam.

Can I take my games anywhere." As for the console fixed, so far Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft have refused to speak publicly on projects related to next-gen. A different discourse on the mobile platform market, which after witnessing the explosion of the iPhone and the launch of Windows 7 Phone, will be enriched by two new handheld console the Nintendo and Sony, the 3DS and NGP.

Back to the Future: Episode 1 February 15 on the U.S. PlayStation Store

Great Scott! Telltale has announced that the first of five episodes planned for the saga of Back to the Future will be published on the American PlayStation Store on February 15, with other regions to follow. We can therefore expect the arrival of the game in Italy on February 16? Back to the Future: The Game will be sold at $ 19.99, the first episode will be made available immediately for download, while others are coming from month to month.

A date for DiRT 3

DiRT 3 will hit stores on 24 May, tells Codemasters. The publisher also released new images of the racing game for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, you can see pictures on this page. DiRT 3 propose the double content of its predecessor. Heart of the single player will once again be a career mode, in which the player has to climb the world rankings to become an elite pilot.

Armored Core V will be completely online?

New revelations by From Software Toshifumi Nabeshima, producer of V Armored Core, From Software has said that will keep the classic gameplay of the series, but try to make the whole experience completely online. Speaking to Gamespot Namco organized during the conference this week, Nabeshima said the team will have to change some elements of the game to make it fully online, both in story mode for the competitive mode.

High Voltage at work on a game Kinect

2 The developer of The Conduit, High Voltage Software, is working on a game compatible with the Kinect publisher 2K Games. At the moment the details are still scant, we know only that it is a licensed game compatible with the device for Xbox 360, Video Games has confirmed to the Source of High Voltage COO Eric Nofsinger.

"We have not announced the game, we are developing with 2K. This is a licensed product. In this way we managed to survive for 18 years. You can not live only for developing a platform, or you can work on only one general. It also does not work only with a publisher. " The announcement says Nofsinger, should arrive at the Game Developers Conference, while the product should be available later this year.

New trailer for Armored Core V

The latest episode of the series is shown in action Namco Bandai has released a new trailer for Armored Core V, the last episode of the popular action series that will be developed by From Software, creators of the excellent Demon's Souls and Dark Souls. The game will be more devoted to the strategy than in the past and will introduce a team of spectacular battles on a global scale through a multiplayer online.

Sales "slow" to Vanquish and fm11

Sales in Europe and North America by Vanquish Platinum Games, Football Manager 2011 Sports Interactive and the Wii and DS versions of Sonic Colours were "slow", as stated by SEGA. According to the publisher, Western markets of video games have been characterized in recent months by a question "weak." In the first nine months of the fiscal year, Sega has sold just under 6 million games in Europe, 5.8 million in the U.S.

Tales of Graces F not yet been confirmed in Europe

The latest episode of the series of RPG might not come over here The release of Tales of Graces F, the last episode of the popular RPG series produced by Namco Bandai has not yet been confirmed for Europe. Is a different story for the American market, where fans have made themselves felt, and finally got the English translation of the title for PlayStation 3.

The announcement of the U.S. took place this week.

Not only is the past for COD, Treyarch

In recent years the roles of the two teams that have dealt with the Call of Duty series have always been well defined: Treyarch developed games based on past conflicts, as Infinity Ward took care of episodes set in the near future. This rigid division, however, may fall in the future. "It would be great to develop a Call of Duty set in the near future," says Treyarch's game design director, David Vonderhaar, in an interview with Machinima.

[Updated] Real Racing 2 discount on the App Store

An opportunity not to miss Real Racing 2, the excellent racing game for iPhone, as reported by many fans as one of the best products available on the App Store, is currently promoting at a price of € 3.99 instead of 7.99. This is an opportunity not to be missed for all those who until now had postponed its pending purchase of a discount.

If you do not know Real Racing 2, you can read the full review here, while below shows a video of the game in action. Update Apparently Firemint has also promoted Real Racing (1.59 €) and Real Racing HD (3.99 €). To be the case in the open? App Store Link to Real 2 Real Racing Racing 2 - Gameplay Trailer (iPhone)

Initial information on Battlefield 3

With Battlefield 3, shooter in development for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, DICE will make a significant leap forward in terms of destructibility of environments, they know the perpetrators of Bad Company 2. As reported by Game Informer, all this will be achieved through the use of game engine Frostbite 2.

"Offering improvements such as deferred rendering, radiosity in real time, a new animation system borrowed from EA Sports games and a new level of destructibility, the Frostbite 2 is defined by Executive Producer Patrick Bach as the best technology in circulation in 'field of game development, "reads the website.