Monday, January 17, 2011

Black Ops: Trailer from First Strike

It overlooks the market ... Activision has released its exclusive trailer debut with First Strike, the first real studies DLC achieved by Treyarch Call of Duty: Black Ops. The video offers a number of unpublished sequences and a lot of information on the five maps that will be contained within the downloadable package.

Here's the trailer: Source: VG247 Call of Duty: Black Ops-First Strike DLC Trailer

Top Spin 4 in March

If you had wanted to play tennis on your console and could not find a title that leaves you satisfied, now there's good news and the company's 2K Games announced the release date of the game Top Spin 4 and will be the 15th of March in the together. In this new edition of Top Spin is a goal and is to bring the tennis experience more intense, realistic and exciting history.

Provided platforms for the game are Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii and in the launching point for other countries did not give dates.

Bulletstorm: Bleszinski teases PC users

Of the non-arrival of the demo ... As previously announced, the demo Bulletstorm arrive on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, starting from next January 25, thus not include the PC users in this test. Apparently someone did not like, expressing their dissatisfaction with that decision. It arrived promptly, by the way, a statement published by Cliff Bleszinski through Twitter.

He comments: "The demo will hit 360/PS3 Bulletstorm on 25 January. According to other sources, this has been bothering PC gamers." Source: VG247

Zombies VS Plants on sale for this week

For those who were thinking about having a new game for Xbox360, now have a motivation. During this week, those who are Xbox LIVE Gold members can buy and download the Plants Xbox Live Zombies vs. a value of 800 Microsoft Points, and if you consider that the usual price is 1200 points, is really to think because it is a significant discount of 33%.

Another trailer for LittleBigPlanet 2

Truly original ... Through the official PlayStation blog of U.S. banks can offer the latest movie released for the highly anticipated LittleBigPlanet 2, coveted sequel in development by Media Molecule exclusively on PlayStation 3 platform. Inside are several sequences of gameplay, as always quite charming.

Here is the file in question: LittleBigPlanet 2 - Trailer of the game dynamics

LittleBigPlanet 2 and a trailer for the arcade mode

Sony morning (January 18) released in the United States 2 and LittleBigPlanet expected to add excitement has long a trailer of the game where I saw the Arcade mode, where you can see games that take us way back in the world games. For those living in the United Kingdom expected to prolong until Friday 21 January.

Rock Band Network 2.0 in February

Changes in view Harmonix has decided to make a substantial upgrade to the integrated online platform for downloading content for its rhythm game, Rock Band or the network. With the update scheduled for February 15, the network in question will reach version 2.0, bringing with it several new features and improvements.

On this occasion, however, Harmonix recommends that all the songs planned for Rock Band network are loaded before 14 February, because only in this way can be transported intact into the new version of the online platform. Source: RockBandAide

Releases of the week from January 16

The App Store to download the 10 billion, an award coming

Figures hallucinatory global success with regard to the App Store: Apple recently opened a countdown signals the fast approaching 10 billion digital download on the delivery created from the house of Cupertino, also recently moved into the Mac world is shortly, when we 9,862,260,000 activated on download numbers, which should keep an eye on as the "Grand Prix" organized by Apple: there is a very good to spend $ 10,000 from the App Store for those who will perform the download number 10000000000.

Plants vs. Zombies at a discount on Xbox Live

If you miss the deal of the week of Xbox Live, this time about the strategic base of plants and zombies that shocked many platforms during the year just ended. Plants vs. Zombies is now downloadable from the digital delivery of Xbox 360 at the discounted price of 800 Microsoft Points instead of 1200 Microsoft Points, the original price.

The game, developed by PopCap, is a strategic category "tower defense" in which we are placing the plants with different characteristics of attack and defense against an invasion of zombies.

A presentation video for Sonic 2 HD

Return of a classic Sega continues to pursue its operation nostalgia for Sonic, delivered in various forms in this generation of consoles. The second, historical chapter is about to come back soon in digital delivery on modern platforms, featuring a new look in high definition. Judging from the video below, beyond the definition of the game structure and the same standards should not include specific changes.

Road Blaster arrives on the App Store

Vintage Some time ago, when the technology did not allow gaming impact of advanced graphics solutions, the software company had devised a special trick to create true interactive cartoon. In our part of the famous titles are now designed by Don Bluth, like Dragon's Lair and Space Ace, but also Japan had its good leaders in terms of laser game, one of which reappeared on the market today iOS formats.

The supplies will be lower than expected 3DS?

Less than a third? Some Japanese retailers, Nintendo 3DS delivery of the first to arrive on the market could be well below the optimistic expectations of Satoru Iwata, Nintendo president. On Andriasang read that these outlets have estimated about 400,000 in the first expedition to the Japanese market the new portable large N, or less than one third of the half million announced a few days ago as a purpose of the commitments of the house in Kyoto for the Japanese launch.

IPad Screen 2 will double the current resolution?

Or rather, four times? Very interesting items arrive during these hours by MacRumors, the site name quite explicit about the mysterious iPad 2, which seems to have been spotted at CES, at least in the form of a mock-up. According to the site in question, for the second version of Apple's table would have even doubled or quadrupled the best definition of the screen, which then would pass the current to an amazing 1024x768 2048 × 1536.

Crytek looking for developers for iPhone and iPad

What's cooking? The super-technological development team Crytek, Crysis and derivatives of famous authors, is currently looking for qualified personnel in development on IOS with knowledge in Android. The information comes from a job advertisement posted by Develop nomination remains very vague but clearly the planning and development for applications on iPhone and iPad.

There is no mention of specific games, so it's possible that the tests on new titles in development-related applications or even games out on consoles and PCs, as these integrated platforms. We look forward to learn more. Source: Develop

Top Spin 4 to March in the U.S.

2K Sports has announced the launch date of Top Spin 4 in the United States. The tennis game for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii will arrive in stores North America on March 15 next year, does the company know that for tomorrow will confirm the launch date of the game in Europe. The announcement was given by 2K Sports, the company's official page on Facebook.

As for the PlayStation 3 version was also confirmed support Move. Top Spin 4 is developed by the authors of Mafia II 2K Czech. The developers promise revisited controls, models and smooth animations of credible players in a game that will be presented with "a TV-style" and include "a roster of the largest ever proposed" a product of its kind.

Transforming iPad in an arcade with Icade

The small game-room mock-up might seem an amateur but is not: that kind of coin-op machine that you see at the bottom of news and Icade, a setup that iPad Ion and Atari are planning to market this spring from . It is a sort of mini-cab presented at CES, where the iPad is inserted as a screen, with which it interacts through the classic keyboard and joystick controls are typical of machine-room games.