Monday, January 17, 2011

Working ten hours a day?

As told by a developer Kaos Studios to Develop, the authors of Homefront for some time would be working at full tilt, with work days of ten hours, and denial of leave during the holiday season. But according to the general manager of Kaos Studios Votypka David, ten-hour workdays were the norm in many industries, and relate to "a segment of the American workforce far larger than is commonly thought." "Media company, PR and marketing team regularly work ten hours a day for 52 weeks a year," says Votypka, which denies the accusation that the company would not have granted Christmas holidays to his employees.

A few days ago, the boss of the division Core Games Danny Bilson commented on Twitter's last visit in the offices of Kaos, and spoke of working weeks of seven days in the last two months. Votypka has reduced those statements and said that no developer Kaos has never worked for 60 days straight without a break or something like that never happen.

Meanwhile, the launch of Homefront approaches. The shooter who is staging the invasion of American soil by North Korea will be published by THQ on March 8 in PC formats, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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