Wednesday, March 16, 2011

From Dust - Pictures and details

Economically, technologically advanced and even lived? After some months of silence coming from new images From Dust, the evocative title of the legendary Eric Chah that will allow us to lead a tribe through a series of natural hazards recreated in spectacular fashion by the engine of the title. But although natural hazards, as we have sadly seen these days, are always present, the title of Chah we will also discuss the lack of identity, loss and the need, very human, a guide.

A prologue for Dissidia duodecim

The prologue of Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy will be released on the European PlayStation Network on March 23 and will cost € 2.99. In this brief adventure to take control of Lightning, former star of Final Fantasy XIII, and we will move in a scenario that will narrate the events preceding the main adventure.

The purchase of the prologue will allow fans to unlock Aerith, the unforgettable heroine of FFVII as supporting character in the final game for the PSP.

Coming movies on Ghost Recon and Assassin's Creed?

Ubisoft has been investigating a separate survey, also dealing in some way Ubisoft, there's a few clues about possible film projects with the center two licenses are important to the French publisher. The questionnaire was reported by Evil Avatar and far as any film versions of Assassin's Creed and Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon.

The survey investigates on appreciation of any movie adaptations and advice on how they can be set, as if stories linking various chapters or spin-off of the main story twill background or special characters. Needless to say both titles in question would lend themselves quite easily to the big screen adaptations, given their somewhat cinematic approach, another question concerns the possible quality of that operation.

"The cerebral control is still far away"

Now that motion sensing systems have become something of a common gaming area, some have already started talking about what could be the future: the cerebral control. When asked, Dr. Richard Marks, creator of the Move and project manager of research and development division of Sony, said they were still skeptical, confirming the total disregard of Sony about the issue.

"It always ends there, because everyone thinks that the experience ultimately has to be necessarily linked to the direct use of the brain," said Speaking to Gamasutra. "Video games, at least as we know them now, can not disregard the use of real and tangible devices. The fact that playing the drums in Rock Band will also come to sweat is something very positive and enriching experience.

Dragon Age Part Legends

Towards Facebook ... The version and beyond "social" Dragon Age is finally launched online on Facebook: it's Dragon Age Legends, the application for social network that linked all'RPG BioWare these days can be used by anyone. This is a game designed in 2D and structure similar to an RPG with quests, items to be conquered and so on and connected to the universe of Dragon Age.

To jump right into the action just go to the official page at this address.

Team Dignitas seeks new members

The BAFTA Video Games Awards tonight live

Triple-A titles from lesser-known indie up to this evening will take place the Videogame Awards of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA), which has recently welcomed to its ranks Peter Molineux which way to go alongside the game industry to gauge as Shigeru Miyamoto. The awarding of titles worthy of the year will be shown live via the official website of the academy and will be held at 9:45 p.m.

New clues to Hitman 5

New clues about the arrival of a new game in the Hitman series have suddenly sprung up in the network. Some forum members have put in Hitman as real hunting hounds and found an ARG (Alternative Reality Game) that provides evidence on the existence of the game. One of these is an image of a pair of gloves blacks resting on a table.

Already emerged in recent months many rumors about a new Hitman, but this is the first "proof" concrete. Now seems increasingly likely that the game is officially announced at E3. We recall that the last chapter of the series, Blood Money, it was not designed for the console of this generation and was taken on the Xbox 360 as a last-minute conversion from the Xbox version.

Japan emergency, we help

E 'can make a donation to the Italian Red Cross, working in areas of the earthquake after the powerful earthquake and devastating tsunami that followed, some parts of Japan are in a state of extreme emergency and, unfortunately, the news of the last hours not comforting. As always happens when there are tragedies of this magnitude, the charities have moved quickly to bring aid to people affected by the disaster.

Activision announces Wipeout for Kinect

Have you ever heard of Wipeout? No, not talking about the series was born and raised on PlayStation, but a "live show" American like the old American Gladiator or the latest Takeshi's Castle. Well, Activision announced a game for Kinect based on that particular program, which should be out by the end of summer.

If you want to understand what it is, we advise you to check out the official website of the show waiting for information, images and videos of the game.

Crysis 2 - Demo available on PSN

Finally, the multiplayer demo of Crysis 2 can accommodate up to 12 players divided into two teams that can battle the roofs of Skyline and between the docks of Pier 17. The two maps, of course acclimatized in Manhattan, allow challenges based on the play mode Team Instant Action and Crash Site. The first is a variant of team deathmatch and the second is a map which calls to monitor and defend territories represented here by some alien locations.

Dell'NGP revealed the price?

According to a survey released by the company on behalf of Ubisoft Toluna, the Next Generation Portable Sony could cost $ 250 in its base model, which will become 350 for the 3G. Sony has not announced the official price of the new console and no company representative declined to comment on the entry.

The feeling is that to know something very specific we wait for the next E3, during which Sony will announce important details about price and release date dell'NGP.

Homefont - Multiplayer and DLC will keep the interest of players

Homefront will not be sold off in the used market According to David Votypka Kaos multiplayer longevity of Homefront and future DLC will convince the audience to keep the game even after completing the campaign. Of course, this sounds like an admission of responsibility for the brevity of the single player even though the developer said Homefront is short because he wants to be intense and particular.

Dragon Age: Legends available for all

Dragon Age: Legends for the game created by BioWare and the Facebook team EA2D, was released a few hours of beta and is now available for everyone. Playing the game the fans will be able to unlock five exclusive items that can be used in later Dragon Age II: two rings, two amulets, and a belt. "We have developed Dragon Age Legends with a single idea in mind," said the boss of EA2D, Mark Spenner, "or take the quality of gameplay in a popular series such as social networking."

Dynasty Warrior 7 - The cinematic intro in all its glory

In the offspring of a dynasty is all what could be more difficult to do stunts like jumping 30 feet, ride a waterfall and defeat an army on horseback? Doing it with a baby tied to her chest. Zhao Yun to the challenge in the intro of Dynasty Warriors 7 that combines the atmosphere of the series with a film of Jackie Chan.

Dynasty Warrior 7 - The introduction of video

Update of March 16 for the PSN

Sony part of the office and tries to shake up sales of the PlayStation Move with a series of special offers that invade the Store. Besides being able to buy the various Flight Control, Swords and Soldiers and Prehistoric Sackboy's Moves for peanuts, has been released a demo of the forthcoming PlayStation Move Heroes.

Talking about demos, there are also the multiplayer of Crysis 2 and a few holes to test Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 .. As usual, you can find further details on the contents available below and the complete list on the PlayStation blog. PS3 Games PS3 Demo Additional Content PS3 Special Offers (available until March 30) Minis PSP PSone Classics Additional Content

Clues on Hitman 5

Donuts, gloves and film festivals and 'a little' time you hear talk of Hitman, which in the gaming market can often mean that the time is ripe for something new. Some members of the official forum dedicated to the series following are some tracks that seem to lead to clues about the fifth installment of the series, whose development was also confirmed by IO Interactive have some 'time ago.

The evidence in question is rather vague: about photos of donuts at the Sundance film festival and black leather gloves, screenplays and film festival in Berlin. According to experts, members of the Forum is clear evidence that link to Hitman 5, and the historic character of the series, Agent 47.

Gears of War on Facebook?

Epic Games in the future could bring a version of Gears of War for Facebook to accompany the game box, a strategy already adopted by publishers such as Ubisoft and Electronic Arts to license successful as Assassin's Creed and Dragon Age. "At the moment I have nothing to announce but from the theoretical point of view is possible.

Like the novels and comics, these extensions allow the brand to raise awareness of IP in this way to people who might be interested in the game," said a source Videogame the executive producer of the series Gears of War, Rod Fergusson. "We need to analyze the various cases. There is for instance the application for the iPhone Armory for World of Warcraft, which is in fact an extension of the product, so you can play remotely.

1.5 million registered for the beta of Star Wars: The Old Republic

The interest is not at issue if a good day starts in the morning, EA, BioWare and LucasArts have little to fear on the fruitfulness of the commercial project Star Wars: The Old Republic. A few days ago and had affirmed the need to reach 500,000 subscribers to make profitable the ambitious MMORPG of Star Wars and the first public response to the call to arms seems to be convincing.

Of course, this is a free beta, so not too indicative of the commercial success of the game, but while the interest is obvious. The EA CFO Eric Brown, announced during a presentation at the Lazard Capital Markets Technology & Media Day that almost 1.5 million people have signed up to beta test Star Wars: The Old Republic so far.

Resident Evil Director's Cut on PSN soon

Capcom is known that the PSOne classic, Resident Evil Director's Cut, will arrive on the European PlayStation Network on 23 March. The game, which is already available for a year on U.S. store, will cost € 9.99. Resident Evil Director's Cut is an updated version of Resident Evil, the survival horror game originally released in 1997.

Will be included in a game mode dedicated to beginners with less tough enemies and a greater number of available ammunition levels.

Evaluate the free distribution of Crytek CryEngine for modders

Accessible to everyone in an interview published by Develop magazine, suggests a potential Crytek might be interesting for all the amateur or budding programmers. To give greater impetus to the community of modders, co-founder of the company, ANVI Yerli, talks about the possibility of distributing a version of CryEngine SDK with easy access, "maybe even free." This would be an initiative in line with that of Epic for its Unreal Engine, but the details are not yet very clear.

"Star Wars: The Old Republic World of Warcraft more addictive"

According to a IndustryGamers the boss of EA Games, Frank Gibeau, play the MMO World of Warcraft is a little 'how to make the shopping list. "Sometimes, when I play World of Warcraft, it seems to me to make a shopping list. In our game (Star Wars: The Old Republic) is necessary to talk with the characters, understand the universe of the game, get involved." "One of the things that EA is doing, and this is particularly true for my division, is to transform the company into the digital organization.

Sony thinks the connection-NGP Home

We start by the update 1.5 As reported in the recent issue of Famitsu, Japan's publication dedicated to video games, Sony is considering the possibility of developing some form of connectivity between Home and NGP. Details are not clear, but the program could start with the 1.5 update to the online platform for social PlayStation 3, which should also speed up a bit 'transmission of data in it.

Ubisoft pirate their own game?

Ubisoft has been accused of having downloaded a pirated version of the soundtrack of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood and sold it as a bonus for Digital Deluxe Edition for PC. The test was provided by a user who noted the Reddit code "arsa13" in the soundtrack of Digital Deluxe Edition PC version of the Brotherhood.

The same pseudonym is linked to the pirated version of the soundtrack of the Collector's Edition. Ubisoft has issued a brief statement in which he told Videogame Source that the company is currently investigating to shed light on this issue.

Spiral Knights: Sega's new game online free

Sega launches plastic pins in the world of online games free-to-play with a new title developed by Three Rings: Spiral Knights. This is apparently a sort of game to explore setting "mechanics", which takes place inside a maze in a changing and persistent online environment, a kind of free Gauntlet characterized by three-dimensional graphics, but with a retro feel, judging from the description.

"More memory and HD output for Wii 2"

Wii 2 would need a greater amount of memory and high definition, said High Voltage. "From the perspective of the development would not need much," says chief creative officer at High Voltage, Eric Nofsinger. "Of course the first things that come to mind are a greater quantity of memory and an HD output.

"To have a maximum resolution of 480p is difficult. By the same asset you can get a superior image quality using a higher resolution. With more memory and a resolution that could do many things with the system. Furthermore, it should be a faster processor , a multi-core would be perfect.

New images from Ridge Racer 3DS

A bit 'screen-Namco has released some new material for 3DS Ridge Racer, one of the titles that will accompany the European launch of waiting, Nintendo 3DS portable platform, set the note for March 25. This is a series of screenshots, you'll find everything below the article. Source: VG247

"Unexpected success of the multi Homefront"

According to the Twitter page of Homefront, the shooter published by THQ has been successful in particular in terms of multiplayer, which is "exceeding expectations" of the publisher. "The demand for access to dedicated servers is exceeding all expectations. We are excited for this popularity, but we ask that you be patient with us until we make available new server," read the page of the Twitter game developed by Kaos Studios.

Scene "moving" in Gears 2

The executive producer of the series Gears of War, Rod Fergusson, has mentioned the scene of Mary of Gears of War 2 as an example of the attempt to tell stories involving Epic. "The scene of Mary has been successful, many people were affected," said Fergusson in Videogame Source. "On YouTube many admitted they had cried.

It was not the highest point in terms of narrative in our games, but it was a good time." "We must find the right rhythm. When we do surveys of consumers seem satisfied with the pace of Gears. They are a pleasant mix of gameplay and narrative." "In each episode we improve several aspects.

New images from Dead Island

Three screenshots Techland has released three new images of Dead Island, macabre hack'n'slash starring unequivocal zombies. It is mainly dedicated to the settings screenshot of the title. Find all the material below.

Jump Doodle also on XBLA

The game for mobile devices, Doodle Jump, will arrive on Xbox Live Arcade in the future in a version compatible with Kinect. The developer Lima Sky has confirmed plans to study for XBLA version of the game but did not provide any details regarding the launch of the title on the mobile platform has sold 10 million copies.

According to Lima Sky, also a free upgrade coming soon that will implement the multiplayer version of iPhone Doodle Jump, while the studio is currently working on version iPad.

Wii dated, such as PlayStation 2

According to Electronic Arts, Wii is part of the past, such as PlayStation 2. "For a while 'time the Wii was considered the most popular platform for the mass market," said the boss of EA Games Frank Gibeau at IndustryGamers. "Now the fashion has passed." "Now they are returning with the second act. They have a very strong brand and are aware of their situation.

They know the market dynamics and business people know that the HD consoles is exploding." "Platforms like Wii and PlayStation 2 dated decreased significantly. I'm not stupid, they will do something." "In terms of investments are not competitive against HD console, nor the free-to-play or other devices such as smartphones," said Gibeau.

New patch available for FIFA 11

A further improvement ... Electronic Arts has announced that it has released a new patch on FIFA 11, football simulator appreciated debut last fall in Europe. This is an update to improve some components, namely: Mode Club, Ultimate Player and Virtual Team. Here are the details at this address all the official information made the reference site on the production in question:

Epic and incentives for the beta of Gears 3

Epic Games defines incentives unlockable bonuses during the beta of Gears of War 3, or the Tester Beta Medal, the character Thrasball Cole and Plater-Retro Gold Lancer. The medal is obtained by completing at least one game in beta, Trashball Cole after completing 50 games in the beta (usable only in the full game after ten multiplayer matches), the Lancer alternative, however, is a tribute to those who complete 90 games in the beta.

Future reports will contain the NPD sales data DD

NPD NPD responds to the criticisms received, the voice of Anita Frazier, told GamesIndustry. biz which is working to include in its reports the sales figures of digital products. The initiative stems from the criticism received by some video game publisher, EA in the head, which defined their data a "travesty of the whole industry." The digital data traffic will become more frequent, with exits every two weeks or monthly and will include DLC, mobile games, social games and subscriptions.

A million Pokémon in ten days

According to internal data from Nintendo, the two Nintendo DS games Pokémon Pokémon Black and White (Pokémon Pokémon Black and White in Italian) have sold a million copies in Europe alone Deich days. As reported in the press release from Nintendo, the two games "have destroyed any previous record sales of Pokémon titles in Italy: more than 80,000 copies sold in our country in the first three days since launch (Gfk data).

According to screen for Arrival of Mass Effect 2

Several "Like" ... Bioware continues propaganda aimed at the next called Arrival DLC for Mass Effect 2 content, I still remember, act as a forerunner to the story of Mass Effect 3. Today, again through the official page of Facebook, was released on the second screenshot. You can find it as always at the bottom together with the previous one.