Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ad and trailer for Ducati Challenge

A new all-Italian racing game for iPhone, iPad PSP and Digital Tales The Italian team has reached a licensing agreement with Ducati for the development of video games Ducati Challenge, which will be released in early May in versions iPhone / iPod Touch, and iPad PSP. This is clearly a racing game, which will enable us to drive home the most powerful motorbikes in Bologna: Monster, Hypermotard, Diavel, Multistrada, Streetfighter and Superbike.

Blood Bowl, the way the World Cup 2011

You are strong enough to participate? Focus Home Interactive Blood Bowl has announced the 2011 World Cup, a competition which last year involving thousands of players from all over the world, culminating with a spectacular final in Cologne, Germany. The recent release of Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition has helped to further broaden the customer base of the game, then 2001 promises an edition of the cup is characterized by even greater public participation.

Level-5 working on Layton 6

Level-5 has already started working on the sixth installment of the successful series of Professor Layton. This was announced by Akihiro Hino, CEO of the company, via Twitter and the news was immediately translated by Andriasang. Unfortunately it was not announced the platform of the game. So far the first four chapters are released on DS, while the last, of Miracle Mask, was one of the launch titles in Japan 3DS.

What parliamentarians play?

In the workplace, of course. In a world force in parliament excess of productivity and the propriety of its members (no jokes) like ours, it is right that Members will take time to relax. Two parliamentary FLI, Roberto Menia and Francesco Cosimi Proietti, to show that not all Italian politicians, video games are evil.

The two were in fact harvested during the parliamentary work and play with the iPad. Uncovered, have attempted to cover the monitor with the arm but it was too late and the pictures have started to go around the net. Some nerds have also identified the game, clearly visible on the screen, which obviously is not Super Mario badly as reported by the source, but 3D Rocket Bird.

Sniper Elite V2 coming in 2012

505 Games and the British team announced Rebellion Sniper Elite V2, which will hit stores in a still unspecified date in 2012. Direct sequel of the game released in 2005, V2 will put us back in the shoes of a sniper and will be set during the Second World War. Publishers and developers have so far released more information about the game, due out "on the current console generation." Nothing is known about a possible PC version.

Available the second volume of Assassin's Creed The Fall

In two versions, with the code to download the armor Drachen on Xbox 360 or PS3 Ubisoft and Panini Comics has announced the release of the second volume of comics Assassin's Creed The Fall, now available in all newsstands and bookstores in the comics the price of 3 €. The book can be purchased in two versions, featuring a different cover artwork: one contains the code for free download armor Drachen Assassin's Creed on PS3 Brotherhood, the other to do the same with the game on Xbox 360.

The contents of PS Plus in April and May

Sony has named April as the best month ever for the PlayStation Subscriber Plus One reason for this statement is the return of the offer, you can receive 15 months subscription paying only 12, as described in the PlayStation blog. To this is added the possibility to get free Red Faction: Battlegrounds, spin-off series THQ, and enter the beta inFamous 2.

Free to subscribers, including the DLC Killzone 3, Steel Rain, and how about a 75% discount on two adventures of the series Penny Arcade? As for May, however, will be free and Streets of Rage 2 for the PSN PSone classic, James Pond 2: Robocod. If you prefer, you can also buy Beyond Good & Evil HD with a 20% discount.

Rockstar: The films taken from video games are horrible

And the same goes for video games taken from the movie is about transposing to video games to movies and vice versa, Dan Houser of Rockstar Games said that it is often rotten jobs, the real junk (probably has not seen the movie Super Mario and Double Dragon, or some would say dirty word). According to him the prospects for the future are good, but the problem is not only the financial side / production projects, as the creative.

Updated on April 6 for the PS Store

Have you noticed the redesign of the PlayStation Store? In theory it should already be available, but if not try again in a few hours. Have added new categories, among which stand out those dedicated to the best demo, the franchise and extra content such as themes and Avatar. The PlayStation Plus section should now be easier to navigate.

As for new content, we note the multiplayer beta of SOCOM: Special Forces and a single-player demo of MotorStorm: Apocalypse. Available Dungeon Hunter: Alliance and the spin-off of Red Faction, Battelgrounds. If desired, also a free trial of MAG, for those who have not yet had the chance to play.

Tales of Vesperia on Xbox 360 to 30 €

Namco Europe has announced the arrival of Tales of Vesperia, jrpg fenomento become cult, Games on Demand service on the Xbox 360. The game was released at a price of € 29.99, which may seem to many who did not consider the fact that the retail version is traded online at prices that are around € 400.

Source: VG247

Available City of Heroes Issue 20

NCsoft has launched a free upgrade City of Heroes Issue 20: Incarnate. Among the new content include the Incarnate Trials, Challenges useful to enhance their characters for a number of people between 8 and 24 players. With the League, in addition, up to 48 players can join together to form a group. In Incarnate players will enter the fortress of Emperor Cole, dictator of Praetorian.

To defeat Cole, superheroes have to destroy the prison Behavioural Adjustment Facility. Originally created by Cryptic Studios, City of Heroes debutatto in Europe a few days before World of Warcraft, 4 February 2005.

The single player will last 15 hours of RAGE

I am not a few of these days According to an article in the Official Xbox Magazine U.S., the single player mode of RAGE, id's beauty will last for 15 hours. More than a few if you calculate that the average duration of the latest FPS is between 5 and 8 hours. The multiplayer does not know anything yet, but id has through 2011 to keep the promise to show us something this year (if they do not ever, the game comes out before the previews).

A date for Section 8: Prejudice

Section 8: Prejudice debut April 20 on Xbox Live Arcade, tells the developer TimeGate. The version for Games for Windows Live multiplayer shooter will be downloadable from May 4. "In summer, however, will be published as the PlayStation Network. The developer also made it known that those who played the original Section 8 automatically unlocks the armor Reactive Plating for Aegis and Prejudice.

The Japanese Media Create charts, March 21 to 27

New week, new rankings have arrived new charts Media Create, which, of course, concern only the Japanese market. The complete collection of Final Fantasy IV debuted in first place, but it should be noted also the provision of Gundam: The Battle for 3D 3DS, which reaches now the third place. For the rest it should be noted that in the top ten there is only one more game consoles, Dynasty Warriors 7 for PS3.

New DLC for Stacking

During the day will be available on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live DLC for the new downloadable game Stacking, tells the publisher THQ. The Hobo King Lost package will cost 400 Microsoft Points on the Microsoft service and $ 4.99 on PS3. The announcement, however, could refer only to the U.S. market that the DLC can arrive in Europe in the coming weeks.

Stacking is the latest game developed by Double Fine Productions, a company led by Tim Schafer.

Professor Layton 1 million has solved mysteries in Japan

11.5 million copies distributed worldwide series Akihiro Hino of Level-5 announced that Professor Layton and the Curious Village for Nintendo DS Mysteries sold one million copies in Japan, after four years and two months after publication. Akihiro also made it known that the series have been distributed a total of 11.5 million copies around the world and that the version for Nintendo 3DS is dominating the sales from the new games console.

On the one hand on the PSN Japan

Following the March 11 earthquake that struck Japan, Sony Computer Entertainment has launched a solidarity campaign aimed at involving the community of PlayStation Network. From March 19 in Europe and North America, 24 in Japan and Asia, users of the PlayStation Network have been able to make donations (from 2 to 20 €) in favor of the people affected by the earthquake and tsunami.

Regardless of the amount selected, users who have contributed to the initiative have been the theme for the PlayStation 3 "Sunrise Blossom." As reported in the press release from Sony, March 31, 2011, the initiative has succeeded in putting together 109.6 million yen (approximately 1 million 300 thousand U.S.

The Next Big Thing - Trailer Official

In the pipeline The new venture license plate Pendulo Studios is in the pipeline and prepare to land on the soil of our PC on April 25. The title retains the style and peculiar irony that characterizes the work of Spanish developer but integrates design and CG graphics much better than it happened in Runaway 2.

In short, as the expressiveness of the models is not yet at most, the improvements are also evident at first glance. It only remains to hope for locations at the first Runaway, while we enjoy the latest trailer for The Next Big Thing. The Next Big Thing - Official Trailer

A date for The Sims 3 Generations

The new expansion for The Sims 3 will be available beginning June 3 on PC and Mac lets you know Electronic Arts. As announced in the past few hours, The Sims 3 Generations "offers new gaming experiences and lots of content that our community is waiting for a long time, such as bunk beds, items related to wedding ceremonies and midlife crisis, and many other surprises.

" Generations will be the fourth expansion for The Sims 3 after World Adventures, Ambitions and Late Night.

Sonic turns 20

The celebrations for the twentieth anniversary of the Sonic will begin tomorrow, tells SEGA. Meanwhile, as reported on Twitter by Superannuation, the publisher would have two web domains registered for an alleged Sonic game called Generations. "SEGA will start the celebrations for the twentieth anniversary of SEGA April 7 and you can find all the latest news on the Facebook page of the game," says Facebook profile of SEGA.

The Commodore 64 Back

Always equal to itself, but with a different heart Commodore U.S. has brought a new Commodore 64, identical in appearance to the original, but with a heart made of modern components and performing. The main hardware features are as follows: Mini-ITX motherboard with Atom 525 Dual Core processor and Nvidia's latest graphics chip ION2.

The producer said that the system will easily install a Windows operating system. In the future it is planning to do for the Amiga. Source: U.S. Commodore

DC Universe is updated

In the past few hours Sony Online Entertainment has released the patch Heads or Tails for the PlayStation 3 and PC MMO, DC Universe Online. The free update brings Heads or Tails Harvey Dent / Two-Face and Penguin in the universe of DC Universe Online. The patch also allows players to level 30 to take part in the raid at the end of the Batcave.

Finally provided an appearance of Mister Mxyzptlk.

The first image of Assassin's Creed 3?

With or sans-culottes? Internet is running on what appears to be the first image of Assassin's Creed III. If it were true, the third chapter in the saga of the world's finest assassins would be set in France, probably in Paris, during the years of the French Revolution. Maybe Maximilien de Robespierre was a murderess, who knows?

Pitchford against multi Dead Space 2

During an interview with Edge, the boss of Gearbox Software, Randy Pitchford, says the multiplayer is often used for commercial purposes and implemented in securities that do not lend themselves to such methods. "They understood that the major blockbusters offer something for all types of players. Some people want to play co-op and competitive, while others want to immerse themselves in history.

Bangai-O HD: Missile Fury - Trailer weapons

We must have missiles Treasure confirms support for the Xbox 360 with HD Bangai-O: Missile Fury, the new chapter of the famous saga started on Nintendo 64. The multidirectional shooter will be available during this spring and on XBLA paced action promises to rivers as shown in the video below. Among the weapons are missiles with napalm, rockets and missiles burst multidirectional embarrassing amount.

PopCap launches experimental label

The developer of Peggle and Bejeweled, PopCap has announced a new label, 4th and Battery. "4th & Battery is a new label we use to bring an experimental basis to consumers," said Ed Allard of PopCap on the airline's website. "In this way, we remove some filters and unleashing creativity." The first game released under the label of PopCap 4th and Battery will be the title device IOS, Unpleasant Horse.

Stacking: Lost Hobo King now available

As planned, at least in America, now comes the new expansion for the excellent and unique adventure game from THQ and Double Fine downloaded or stacking, which expands with the DLC The Lost King hobo. The expansion is expected to cost 400 Microsoft Points on Xbox 360 and $ 4.99 on PlayStation Network, expected weekly updates on both platforms for digital delivery.

The conditional upon is a must as confirmation comes from the respective sections of the American services, therefore, is to verify the presence of DLC in Europe. In any case, the expansion features a new piece of history in which the protagonist Charlie helps Uncle Rufus to become king, complete with a new setting to Camelfoot, new characters and related skills, goals and trophies.

SOE: NGP perfect for the MMO

According to the boss of Sony Online Entertainment, John Smedley, Next Generation Portable is perfect for the MMO. In an interview with GamesIndustry. biz, Smedley talked about a bright future for the MMO on both the PlayStation 3 that Sony's new handheld console. "In the past many people have associated with the free-to-play to the poor quality, but this is no longer true.

There are excellent free-to-play and I believe that the model is also intended to land on the console. And I do not think only in PlayStation 3 but also to other devices. " "Sony announced Next Generation Portable, and it seems to me a perfect car for the MMO." "Maybe it's too early to talk about it, but I think that in future free-to-play console will also come up.

A new video of LA Noire tomorrow

New maps for Killzone 3

Dutch developer Guerrilla announced a new DLC for Killzone 3. According to the official website of the game, the Steel Rain package includes two new multiplayer maps, and Stahl Junkyard Arms. The maps come in a day and will be available for download on the PlayStation Store at a price of 4.99 €. PlayStation Plus subscribers can download the DLC for free.

As mentioned in the last few hours, Guerrilla has also announced the arrival of a new patch that will allow you to create custom games are not classified.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker - Men's

And apparently not an April Fool Konami has announced a line of clothing for men based on Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. The garments include coats, sweaters, shirts, pants and hats and will be available in the U.S. and Canada from next April 11. The line will then be enriched with new elements on a quarterly basis and at special events related to Konami.

EA wanted a Wii port of Dead Space 2?

According to the findings from the CV of a developer, Electronic Arts in the past would have thought a Wii version of Dead Space 2. A message posted on Twitter by Supererogatary (via Destructoid) indicates two LinkedIn profiles: one belonging to an employee of EA, Gerry Sakkas, and to a freelancer Matt Spriggens.

Both claim to have worked on the game. In 2009, Electronic Arts has released Wii spin-off Dead Space: Extraction, but despite the positive reception from critics, the game proved a commercial disappointment.

Red Faction: Battlegrounds available - Trailer

Salsa Revolution in the arcade As promised action on vehicles set in the world of Red Faction is available on XBLA and PSN. Red Faction: Battlegrounds, which allows us to fight on and mech vehicles, or purchased for 800 MS points, or 9.99 euro while it's free for subscribers PSN Plus In addition to offering avalanche explosions and cooperative 4, Battlegrounds unlock some special items used in the next Red Faction: Armageddon.

Announced a new Mass Effect ...

The publisher Del Rey announced the imminent publication of the fourth novel in the series, mostly sci-fi universe of Mass Effect. Mass Effect: Deception tell the story of Gillian Grayson, a character introduced in the second book in the series, Mass Effect: Ascension. Deception is the author of William C.

Dietz, who previously wrote the books on the series, Hitman, Halo and StarCraft.

Pachter: West Zampella and difficult to obtain the rights of Modern Warfare

The law does not allow for this form Michael Pachter, in addition to being expert in prophecies about the future of video games, has extensive experience in the legal field since specialized in the study from the point of view, so you can believe it when he says that Zampella and the West duo in court is unlikely to get the rights monitoring of Modern Warfare.

"Apparently, they never clearly had possession of the brand," said Pachter in Industry Gamers. "They always claimed to have absolute creative control over brand within their contracts," he said, but "are two completely different things. The creative control is clearly intended as more than the actual contract, or while the two are still employed by the company, the day when the employment relationship ends, it ends the creative control.

ME2 free with Dragon Age II

People who bought or will buy a copy of Dragon Age II can download the PC version of Mass Effect 2, do you know BioWare. According to the official website of Dragon Age, the developer wants in this way to thank people who helped the company to overcome in just two weeks, the goal of one million copies.

The promotion is valid until April 30. Once you start the game, just turn on the Pass for Online extras using the EA account, then log-in with the same account on the site of BioWare.