Thursday, February 17, 2011

Source Videogame than 5 million unique users

E 'with great joy and satisfaction that we announce the last great achievement of the Network of Video Games Source, industry-leading editorial / gaming in Europe. According to official figures published today by ABCE, our network has surpassed 5.2 million unique users during the month of November 2010, an increase of 15% over the same period last year.

During this period have been well 5,216,449 unique users have connected to the network, and this figure translates into a daily average of 233.949 unique visitors and over 1 million impressions. Rupert Loman, managing director of Videogame news source commented: "We have grown from the very first review of the ABC in 2005.

A date for Operation Flashpoint: Red River

It will arrive in April ... Codemasters has officially announced that Operation Flashpoint: Red River will arrive next spring in Europe. To be precise, the title goes on sale in Europe starting April 21 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC (April 26 in the U.S.). Source: VG247

The Gunstringer a game for XBLA?

The game Kinect The Gunstringer could be a title for Xbox Live Arcade. As reported by Joystiq, Xbox. would appear with a description that is labeled Gunstringer Arcade title. The statement was later removed. The last two games developed by Twisted Pixel, Comic and Splosion Jumper Man, were both published on XBLA.

Regarding The Gunstringer, however, it is a way for two players compatible with Kinect. The draft Twisted Pixel was announced last year over the last Tokyo Game Show.

Rage: The new trailer in Italian

This time, localized ... After showing the new trailer this morning back to show the unreleased movie by Rage Software posted by d, but with a substantial difference. In fact, the same video can porporvi fully localized in Italian through a precious dubbing. Find the attached file at the bottom of the article.

Rage - Trailer in Italian

Bungie to work for Activision sull'MMO Destiny

According to rumors, Bungie would be developing an MMO in Activision for subjective called Destiny. Indicated by the code name Tiger, the game would be based on a new engine and would complement a series of matchmaking and online gameplay. According to rumors, the project is called a "World of Warcraft in space." The rumors were reported by Kotaku, which also refers to the dismissal of 30 employees of a business partner of Bungie.

Turn 10 and Forza Pirelli together for 4

Increasingly, simulation ... Forza Motorsport 4 promises to be one of the driving simulations more precise and sophisticated in recent years. Another step in this direction comes from the collaboration established by Turn 10 with Pirelli known manufacturer of tires, tire management which will lead to much more detailed than in the past through statistics and surveys included the same house.

Just like Forza 3, the paths will be fully realized with the latest GPS systems in conjunction with aerial photographs of great precision. Source: CVG

Sony still does not think the PlayStation 4

As stated by the boss of Sony Computer Entertainment, Kaz Hirai, the Japanese website Impress PC Watch (translation Videogame Source), Sony has not yet begun to think about the PlayStation 4. "With regard to home platforms, we launched the PS3 in 2006 and the console has a life span of ten years," said Hirai.

"This means we are halfway there. No doubt they will reach many more interesting games developed from studies of internal and third party". "I think the intrinsic value of the PlayStation 3 continues to increase. For this reason, a PlayStation 4 or a next-generation home console is not an issue we are facing at this time.

[Updated] Coming webseries the Dragon Age: Redemption

Also starring Felicia Day, who played there in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" Dragon Age: Redemption will be a six-part web series is dall'RPG developed by BioWare. The cast of this production is also Felicia Day, who will play the role of an elf assassin known as "Tallis", on a mission to capture a rebel magician.

Along the way, Tallis will bring together a group. "He can not complete its mission alone, and must find allies," Day said "The success or failure of his mission will have a big impact on his future and his freedom." Here is the first trailer for Dragon Age: Redemption. Source: VG247

Returned Reverie Castlevania: LoS

Reverie, DLC for the action title Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, has been postponed by a month and will be available from March. The news was given to the official page of the game on Facebook. Reverie is the first of two DLC Konami has planned for 2011. The second, Resurrection, expand the ultimate adventure developed by Spain's Mercury Steam.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is available since last October on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Crysis 2 will run well on PS3 as on Xbox 360

Within the console there will be a "superior version," according to Crytek Nathan Camarillo, executive producer of Crytek said that Crysis 2 will turn to GamerZines doing the same for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, adding that "apart from the buttons, you can not find other differences. " When he was asked why the PS3 version of the game had not yet been shown, and whether the plea was put forward by some technical flaws, Camarillo has responded with a curt "no, not at all." "The PS3 version of the game is ready, and it looks identical to the Xbox 360.

Available Back to the Future Episode 2

Available the second episode of the series developed by Telltale Games, Back to the Future, to get their hands on the episode, however, you must purchase the complete series of five episodes. The first chapter, also recently launched PlayStation 3 in format, is available on the PC since last December.

Are a total of five episodes of the cult series inspired by the movie Back to the Future. The chapters three and four respectively, will arrive in March and April, while the final episode of Telltale has not yet announced the launch date.

New trailer for Mortal Kombat exclusive Videogame Source

The journey of Liu Kang, high definition and Italian Two months since the release of Mortal Kombat, the new episode that will have the task of reviving the series on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, will follow the trailer showing the characters included in the game, the spectacular moves at their disposal and the macabre system of "fatality x-ray, which shows the damage of our operations projected over the body of the opponent.

New DLC for Left 4 Dead 2

Valve has announced new content for Left 4 Dead 2. Cold Stream is a campaign created by Matthew Lourdelet modder. Valve wants to throw it in the form of DLC, but first asks the help of the community L4D2, as we read on the forum of the game. "That's why we want to launch a DLC map pack that leverages on the history, unlike The Sacrifice and The Passing.

We simply have new campaigns for Left 4 Dead 2." "This is the information regarding the DLC. We have not decided the title of the campaign, nor do we know when we will publish it." The DLC should still arrive "after the launch of Portal 2", due in April on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

AESVI: calcium and home console for Italian players

AESVI announced via a press preview of the data in the annual report on the games industry in Italy, developed by GfK Retail and Technology for 2010, which will be published in full in the spring. Overall last year were sold "20 million units, or 33 video game console and about 5 per minute, a turnover amounted to 1.102 billion euro." Positive results then, despite a decline in value of -2.3%.

A new trailer for Rage

Destruction and creation of new dune buggy The id Software, Rage, is this morning with a new video focused particularly on the specific locations of this shooter with elements of racing and exploration. So we can look at the wasteland and the destruction left behind range from the fall of the asteroid Apophis in the "Doomsday".

Meanwhile, we also see some racing and a few assorted car explosion scenes and varied action to offset the pace. Rage will be released September 16 in Europe on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, when there is no information about a possible demo.

Casual Games for depression

According to a new study, casual games such as Peggle and Bejeweled help combat the symptoms of depression. The study, from East Carolina University at the request of PopCap Games, has followed for one month 59 patients suffering from depression. Some have played the title from PopCap Bejeweled 2, Peggle and Bookworm Adventures, while a control group checked the daily web page on the depression of the National Institute of Mental Health.

An ex-Rockstar brings the Iranian revolution in video game

A kind of multi-faceted story Navid Khonsari was a member not too much in view of Rockstar, but its contribution to the team as a writer and director from 2001 to 2005 resulted in the creation of Grand Theft Auto as a narrative experience of a certain level and subsequently is devoted, in recent times, the direction of the cutscene of Alan Wake.

After leaving Rockstar, the developer, he founded the label Ink Stories, a multimedia production company based in New York which is dedicated to independent projects of various kinds, including a video game called Motor City, according to the official website. However, the most interesting project, recently revealed in an interview to a Russian magazine, it's definitely 1979: The Game, a game that seems to be based on the revolution in Iran, particularly on the events that led to the American occupation in this country, precisely in the year mentioned in the title.

EA cancels My Garden

The title for 3DS My Garden has been deleted, tells Electronic Arts. According to daJoystiq, the announcement was made by the publisher during an event held in New York. EA has not provided any explanation regarding the cancellation of the game. Announced at the last Tokyo Game Show, My Garden was expected to launch the new handheld console from Nintendo.

New expansion coming for Left 4 Dead 2, after 2 Portal

A new map and three editions of the first chapter Valve has announced the upcoming release of a new expansion for Left 4 Dead 2, apparently intended to get "after the release of Portal 2." The package does not result in additions to the plot, but the inclusion of some new multiplayer maps, including "Cold Stream", created by Matthew Lourdelet community of the game and the other three campaigns learned from the first chapter to be added to the catalog Left 4 Dead 2 with this DLC.

BAFTA nominations announced

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Super Mario Galaxy and Call of Duty 2: Black Ops are the rulers of the BAFTA Awards. Six nominations for the action game from Ubisoft, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, and Black Ops and Super Mario Galaxy 2 followed with five nominations apiece. Four nominations instead of XBLA title Limbo.

Winners will be announced March 16. This is the complete list of nominees listed on the official website BAFTA: Best Action Game Multiplayer Gameplay Original Music Technical Innovation Artistic Achievement Handheld Family Game Social Network Sports Strategy BAFTA Ones To Watch Award in association with Dare to Be Digital Game Award of 2010

Catherine returns to the demo on PSN

Until February 20 Apparently, the "limited time" allowed by Atlus is bound to have an extension: Andriasang reported today that the demo of Catherine is back online on the section of Japan's PlayStation Network, after being removed a few days ago. The initiative is the launch of the game on the Japanese market, which took place today, but in this case the presence in the digital delivery of PlayStation 3 is limited: Atlus announced that the demo will be available until February 20.

PSN away from those who use pirated software

Access to PlayStation Network and will be prohibited from serving Qriocity PlayStation 3 owners who use pirated or unauthorized software, Sony has said in a statement posted on the PlayStation Blog. "Some hackers have put into circulation devices to circumvent copy protection for use on the PlayStation 3 system," it said.

"These devices allow the use of unauthorized or pirated software. The use of such devices or software violates the terms of the License Agreement of the system software for the PlayStation 3" and "Terms and Conditions of Service ' Use "PlayStation Network / Qriocity and the clauses of the Code of Conduct of the community for these services." The violation of the license agreement of the system software for the PlayStation 3 system will void the warranty to the consumer for the system.

EA cancels My Garden, launch game for 3DS

No green thumb during a conference at Electronic Arts for the shareholders, the American publisher has announced that it has cleared the project My Garden, originally planned as a launch game for Nintendo 3DS. Not that he knew a lot: the "game" if it can be defined, was a sort of simulation of gardening with hundreds of different types of plants from seed, grow and heal in different ways, building your own garden.

Capcom wants a new Okami

During an interview with GamesRadar, the producer of Okamiden Motohide Eshiro said that Capcom would develop a new Okami. "The game (Okamiden) is available in Japan for a while 'time, the reviews have been positive and sales are going well," says Eshiro. "We'll see what happens in North America by March 15." "No doubt we will evaluate the possibility of a new Okami, but first we must understand if there is no market for a game like this.

The new game Bungie is Destiny, a "WoW in space"?

It is a FPS MMO undefined "source" of Kotaku, Bungie would be to make the leap into the world of online massively multiplayer. It should be a FPS MMO with features and spatial environment called Destiny. Apparently, the game in development is known by the codename "Tiger" according to this source, is based on a new graphics engine and is based on "a new type of online connection and a new technology for matchmaking." The site in question defines a "World of Warcraft in space." The source, a contractor licensed by Activision, while working on the project in question, has also announced a number of problems linked to the budget of the operation and "unfair treatment" in that Bungie, but these are obviously at the moment without information feedback, as well as all the rest of the news is when a rumor.

After the cell reaches the tablet PlayStation

As reported by Engadget, the network revealed the first details on a tablet manufactured by Sony PlayStation certificate. Sources close to Sony confirmed that the device you have mentioned, the Sony boss Kaz Hirai at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last month would be indicated by the code name for S1 and would have Tegra processor 2.

According to Engadget, the tablet would use a custom version of the operating system Android Honeycomb, integrates with Qriocity and would be compatible with PlayStation service suite, similar to the PlayStation Phone, Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. For the tablet is also talk of a September launch, with an MSRP of $ 599.

DLC Castlevania: Lords of Shadow delayed

In March, Konami announced today that it has postponed the launch of DLC planned for these days Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. Apparently, the additional package is now scheduled for March instead of February, but still without a firm date. The DLC is called "Reverie" and will give players the ability to control Laura, daughter of Camilla, in a quest that will be accompanied by Gabriel.

We do not know much else, except the will of Gabriel to remedy an error made in the past. The second DLC planned, "Resurrection" currently in production, will illustrate events that happened at the end of the game.

Microsoft: Rare trust

Despite acknowledgment of staff reductions of Rare, Microsoft has reiterated the importance of Rare in the plans of U.S. company. "Rare is currently in a position of strength because Kinect Sports has exceeded our expectations in terms of sales and is currently the best selling game for the platform Kinect," said a Microsoft spokesman in Videogame Source.

In the past few hours, Microsoft has confirmed the dismissal of "a few" employees of Rare. According to Edge cuts would have involved 42 people, but Microsoft is about a smaller number of positions at risk. Since October of last year, Scott Henson is the new studio manager at Rare. Henson said early on that the platform Kinect was at the heart of future strategies by Rare.

A package for Lamborghini vs Porsche Need for Speed?

There seem to present the objectives Xbox360Achievements As discovered by the next update to Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, which should arrive with patch 1.2, could lead Porsche and Lamborghini on the streets of the game. Indeed, it was really a kind of clash between the two automakers, according to reports, a series of unlockable objectives that seem to point in that direction.

We look at this point to learn more directly from Electronic Arts. Source: Xbox360Achievement

Classic Mega Drive with free PS Plus

As of March, Sony will offer subscribers a range of PlayStation Plus classic SEGA Mega Drive. Sonic the Hedgehog will be available from March, and Streets of Rage 2, Golden Axe and Altered Beast will arrive in two months. Here is the list published on the PlayStation Blog. Those who are not subscribed to the PlayStation Plus can buy games for the price of $ 4.99, but will have to wait some more days:

Conflicting reports on the future of Steve Jobs

Some are talking about six weeks of life the question of the health of Steve Jobs has become a widely talked-about topic and items are returned to intensify after the recent break taken by the head of Apple for health reasons, the third in the 55 year-old Jobs recent years. The great fear for the famous character in question is obviously linked to pancreatic cancer, because of which he was subjected to operation in 2009, but this is one of the most difficult cancers to treat, many suspect that his health has not however, re-established.

Relentless Announces Quiz Climber

Developer Buzz!, Relentless Software, announced a new iPhone game called Quiz Climber. The title will be published this spring by the publisher of Angry Birds, Chillingo. Climber combines Quiz quizzes and online leaderboards to offer an experience to enjoy with family and friends, explains co-founder of Relentless, Andrew Eades.

"We thought it was interesting to make a quiz in which players have the opportunity to monitor the progress of their friends and family. The gameplay seems simple but addictive." Before Climber Quiz, the developer of Buzz! had developed episodic downloadable game for the PlayStation 3, Blue Toad Murder Files.