Tuesday, February 1, 2011

First Strike Black Ops available on XBL

The new maps ... How thoroughly announced, is now available exclusively on Xbox Live DLC First Strike on Call of Duty: Black Ops. The package, remember, the experience adds five new multiplayer maps: Kowloon, Stadium, Discovery, Berlin Wall and Ascension, all at a cost of 1200 Microsoft Points. The weight of the file instead of 625 MB.

PlayStation Move on PCs

Sony may soon announce the official support of the motion controller use PC PlayStation Move on. As reported by Kotaku, during the upcoming Game Developers Conference John McCutchan, Sony will be in San Francisco to present an "Update on the development of PlayStation Move". The official website of the GDC talk of an upgrade that will allow developers to work faster licenses for PlayStation Move.

NGP? A console for hardcore gamers, according to Ninja Theory

The developers of the reboot of DMC have no doubt Mike Ball, co-founder of Ninja Theory team responsible for titles such as Heavenly Sword, Enslaved and the next reboot of Devil May Cry, told CVG microphones to be really enthusiastic about the technical capabilities NGP, console considering strongly oriented towards the hardcore users.

In particular, it does compliment Sony for finally introduced a second analog stick. "I'm certainly excited to NGP as a platform, because I see a strong market-oriented hardcore enirmi due to its potential and excellent control system," he said. "With that configuration, they can build their customer base starting from the owners of the Xbox 360 and PS3, the PSP games they considered themselves able to deliver a low level.

D & D: Daggerdale will be a trilogy

Atari plans and Bedlam Games, Dungeons & Dragons Daggerdale should be just the first chapter of a trilogy. "This is just the first part of the story," said the creative director of Bedlam, Zandro Chan, in an interview published on Videogame Source. "You can bring the characters in future games." Before developing a sequel, however, Bedlam and Atari Daggerdale evaluate the impact of the market.

Antonio Farina leaves Milestone

After eighteen years, is ready to embark on a new challenge after 18 years and 27 titles developed, Antonio Farina leaves Milestone. The founder of the historical development company and largest Italian decided to take on new challenges and new adventures, while remaining connected to the gaming industry.

This is an important step, one of the most significant players in the market. For nearly 18 years, in fact, Milestone is an almost solitary excellence of development in Italy, giving luster to a country that has historically struggled to find its place on the world stage. First as an independent developer, then as part of the Group Leader, Antonio Farina Milestone drove the very first step, making the company grow through the years and making the study of Milan one of the longest ever.

Confirmed the remake of Abe's Oddysee

The team Oddworld Inhabitants has officially confirmed the development of the HD remake of the immortal Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee. "Abe HD is about to enter production phase," said series creator Lorne Lanning at EGM (via VG247), adding that the team will be Just Add Water to treat the project. "Basically, this is Abe's Oddysee in high definition with a physics engine that allows to implement a 3D platform 2D.

Splinter Cell Collection dated in the U.S.

Coming in March ...! Ubisoft has confirmed the official release date for Splinter Cell Collection re-release of three well-known chapters in the series - which is the first Splinter Cell, Pandora Tomorrow and Chaos Theory - which will be published in the PlayStation 3 exclusive. So, the title will arrive on U.S.

soil on Blue-ray from next March 22 with high-definition graphics and support for 3D. We await details for Europe.

BioWare talks about death in SWTOR

In a message posted on the official Star Wars: The Old Republic, BioWare's Schubert Danny talked about the care put in by the developers of MMO balance to be published by EA in 2011. "An erroneous assessment of penalties arising from the death of the protagonist can destroy the foundation of a game. We do not want people to ignore the penalties related to the death but at the same time we do not want to avoid the risks." "We want to test new strategies, even attempting to attack a boss yourself.

Microsoft registers the domain Halo-Kinect

Very very interesting ... A chapter of the Halo series based Kinect may not be pure utopia. In fact, it seems that Microsoft has registered the domain Kinecthalo. com, as also shown at this address. This is obviously a guess, but certainly a little thought to Redmond in this sense seems to have already done.

We look forward to. Source: Gamingreloaded

First GTA "almost cleared"

According to Gary Penn of DMA Design to Gamasutra, the first chapter of Grand Theft Auto has long been on the verge of cancellation. "The first GTA was a disaster for years, never went forward, not progressed. The publisher of the time, BMG Interactive, was seriously determined to cancel the project." Among the problems of stability refers to the Penn game, "a frustrating problem, the game crashes all the time.

Square will soon announce the contents of the Twisted Edition of The 3rd Birthday

The third episode of the series will enjoy a special edition Paraside Eve After the appearance of the product on the list of various international stores, Square Enix has told VG247 that soon will announce details about the Twisted Edition of The 3rd Birthday. The package is bookable as chains like HMV, Amazon, Play, however, is not supplied with any information about the contents.

The 3rd Birthday, the third episode of "cinematic action RPG" Parasite Eve, will be released in Europe in the first quarter of 2011.

Confirmed Online SEGA Rally Arcade

Now it's official: Sega Rally Online Arcade will be available on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade in 2011. According to preliminary information provided by SEGA, it should be a cocktail of some elements of Sega Rally 2007 and other parts of the arcade counterpart. The game will include the Championship mode and Battle Time Attack, as well as online battles for up to six players.

Èresenti will also be online leaderboards, 13 rally cars and a new system of different objectives. "We mixed our series the best elements of arcade console versions to bring fans to the ultimate experience in SEGA Rally downloadable version," said Haruki Satomi, vice president of Digital Business for SEGA.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword will come only after the remake of Ocarina of Time

Priority to the re-release of the game for Nintendo 3DS The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, out this year, celebrates the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Zelda series (a curiosity: in 2011 also falls on the fifteenth anniversary of the Pokémon franchise and the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Dragon Quest).

According to Shigeru Miyamoto, the new control system based on the Wii Motion Plus will make gameplay more comfortable Skyward Sword and could be used for other titles in the series. His team is currently working on the last level of the game. Speaking of Zelda, the episode that all define a masterpiece, originally designed for Nintendo 64, or The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, will have a remake for Nintendo 3DS, which will be published before Skyward Sword.

Peace between Activision and Sierra fansite

It seems that Activision and Sarien. net have reached agreement on publication of the Sierra games on the portal, after a few days ago the lawyers of the American colossus had set in motion to stop the activities of the site. The creators of Sarien have contacted Activision and they received a tempting proposition: "Activision wants to authorize us to publish the first series of games of any size in Sierra HTML5," says one of the managers of the portal on your blog.

Iwata describes some of the features of the Nintendo 3DS

Home button, the Memo Game, and the Friend List Notification Applet During the now famous meeting with investors, Nintendo president described the menu functions of the Home Nintendo 3DS, and some of the features available there, including Game Memo, Friend List Notification, and Applet. If you select the voice memo Game, the game will pause and displayed on the top screen while the touch screen will appear Memo.

LEGO Star Wars III postponed

LEGO Star Wars II: The Clone Wars will be available from 25 March and not February 18 as previously announced. Neither the publisher nor LucasArts and developer Traveller's Tales have offered an explanation for the postponement, announced by Gamershell. The third installment of the LEGO Star Wars gets new life from the animated series The Clone Wars and promises endless battles, mini-strategy games, massive boss to defeat and a level editor.

New details on Final Fantasy Dissidia 012

Here are the new rules of the game for PSP On the pages of the latest issue of Famitsu find factual information about Final Fantasy Dissidia 012, the new episode of Square Enix RPG for PSP will be released in Europe on March 25. Will introduce several new modes, including the renewed "Original Quest," "MogWeb" and "Party Battle." Mode "Original Quest" will allow you to create custom quests, giving it a name and placing multiple battles but also a clash between events and more.

New dev-diary from Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12

A little 'gameplay also ... Electronic Arts has released a new trailer for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters. It is specifically a developer diary, which allows us to study the canon on production. You can find it as always attached at the bottom of the article. Video Games | Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 | Caddy Featurette HDXbox 360 | PlayStation 3 | Nintendo Wii | PC Games

Dungeon Siege 3: reduced experience points in the coop

Only the main player ... Within the online co-op's award-winning Dungeon Siege 3 will not be evenly all players, obviously in terms of experience points. In fact, it seems that only the primary player grows in experience, leaving the partners completely dry. The title, developed by Gas Powered Games is expected soon on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Source: Destructoid

The flashpoint of the Old Republic video

After the recent announcement ... We talked about recently. These are the Flashpoint - missions that are especially complex and action-packed - Star Wars: The Old Republic, which finally are revealed through a new movie. You can judge the recent material directly attached as always below: Source: CVG Star Wars: The Old Republic - Trailer of Flashpoint

Reached an agreement with Activision, reopens Sarien.net

With some clause A few days ago we talked about the interesting initiative Sarien site. net, however, also carried a special feature on the iPad through, and doubts that gave rise to such a structure in terms of copyright infringement, offering the chance to play many titles in the catalog of old Sierra adventure games directly via browser.

With this, Activision has now moved to take legal action and ordered the site in question to terminate the activities for a copyright violation, being now the giant Kotick have all rights to the IP Sierra. Surprisingly, however, the story had an ending far more positive than expected: the publisher has in fact agreed with the managers of the site for it to reopen, albeit with some limitations than before.

More photographs from First Strike Black Ops

Now coming ... Activision has released new images of Call of Duty: Black Ops, in particular as regards the expansion of First Strike forthcoming debut. It is therefore of screenshots on the new maps that will be present inside the DLC on. Find all the material in the gallery as always. Source: CVG

PSOne Classics on PSN take time

So says Sony ... According to the U.S. PlayStation Blog, Sony would be willing to bring Key next-gen PlayStation 3 and so on, some good old classic that appeared in the PlayStation (or PSOne). Even so with commendable initiative by the company, the process would in any case difficult. At least this is what McGrath said Ross, who has stated that the localization region to region, and the various adjustment processes always require different care and development time.

Confirmed Online SEGA Rally

This time it's official ... SEGA has officially confirmed, rumors have arisen after a few days ago, the development of SEGA Rally Online. This is a reissue of the previous chapters in optical online (up to six players at once), which will be used for the occasion to Xbox Live and PlayStation Network in 2011.

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