Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Trailer "stolen" for Batman: Arkham City

The video shows the cooperative multiplayer first appeared a few hours ago on YouTube, the trailer below shows that the brand new cooperative multiplayer that will be inserted in Batman: Arkham City. It has a certain effect to see the Dark Knight and his most bitter enemy fight side by side, right? Update: we had to remove the movie precisely because it is not authorized by Warner Bros.

Interactive Entertainment. As soon as the trailer will be released in the official version, we'll publish it.

New update for the PS Store

Continue the wave of discounts on the PlayStation Store. The most interesting offers are undoubtedly those relating to Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. There are also innovations, such as' spin-off track on "Dead Space, Extraction, updated with HD graphics, support a Move and co-op.

You can buy it at € 14.99 or get it free with the purchase of a copy of Dead Space 2 for PS3. Do not let the demo then escape Bulletstorm promising, new four-handed shooter created by Epic Games and People Can Fly. If you're particularly nostalgic you should buy Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation in the PSone version.

Accessories MadCatz Gears of War 3 Announced

Life-size Lancer coming? As reported by VG247, MadCatz has secured the rights for the production and distribution of official accessories related to Gears of War 3. There is talk of peripherals such as controllers, headsets, and probably more in theme with the long-awaited new chapter of Epic shooter.

On the other hand, it is a partnership that goes from the first installment of the series, so the procedure is well established.

The Old Republic in September?

The ambitious MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic could see the light of the shops from next September. In reality there is no release date, accurate and Bioware has not announced anything official yet but several sources point to an exit end of summer. Last December, EA announced that the game, one of the most expensive in history, had a window that went out from April 2011 until next Christmas.

Safety systems for 3DS

One step ahead of Wii and DS According to the general manager of Nintendo UK David Yarnton and marketing manager James Honeywell, security systems, Nintendo 3DS against piracy is a major step forward compared to Nintendo DS and Wii. The two were unable to disseminate details on this, but explained that the systems in question are the result of years of experience, particularly with regard to the old issue of Nintendo DS and the many R4 flash card type that have plagued the market software.

3DS "armored" against piracy

According to Nintendo the 3DS to resist piracy much better than any other hardware you created earlier. The house of Mario is firmly committed not to repeat the bad experience with the DS, a console more "holes" of history. "We made net progress with regard to anti-piracy measures," said product manager for Nintendo of English, James Honeywell.

"We do not want to repeat the experiences with R4 cards and the like, so we are trying to protect ourselves before the output of the new hardware," said general manager David Yarnton. "If this were not enough, the litigation will be the losers in the years before and will enable us to proceed more quickly and decisively against those who violate the law."

"3D does not work or never work," according to Robert Ebert

Too tiring for the brain? The contents of a letter written by Walter Murch, best known for having worked in the sector spectacular sound of the movie "Apocalypse Now", the film critic Robert Ebert (the same who recently declared that video games can not be considered art) will demonstrate that 3D technology will never work.

The letter explains why, according to Murch, 3D fail to respect the film industry, starting with the low light image that is created to continue the artificial nature of illusion. "It 's like touching his head and rubbing your belly at the same time difficult," wrote Murch. "Our brain has to work very hard, that's why after twenty minutes appear the inevitable headache." "They're trying to do something to six hundred million years of evolution, we were not prepared.

No to the free-to-play DC Universe

In an interview with Videogame Source, Sony Online Entertainment has defended the subscription model (€ 12.99 per month plus the price of the game) adopted for the PlayStation 3 and PC MMO, DC Universe Online. "We want people to feel rewarded in the shopping done," said Ryan Peters of Sony Online Entertainment's video games Source.

"We realize a lot to ask but for us it is something similar to the DLC: if every month we publish new content for Red Dead Redemption, I probably subscribers to buy any DLC. "We try to keep in line with that kind of offer." Peters does know that in February a major comic book icon will nell'MMO, a character "that fans are familiar with the DC brand." "For players on the console this is a scenario Indeo, while PC gamers know the kind of MMO.

10/11 Moto GP and have a release date

Capcom has given about the launch of Moto GP for the U.S. 10/11 on 15 March and 19 March in Europe. Not only was made public the release date but also released some gameplay footage and news of a demo for next month. In the demo version the characters are Danny Pedrosa and Andrea Davizioso the Mugello circuit in a race against your ghost VS.

Great response to the first day Magicka

Not bad ... Paradox Interactive has announced that Magicka sold in the first 24 hours after launch about 30,000 copies on the digital delivery platforms. As stated by the producer Shams Jorjani, the reception given to the production at this early stage is already beyond the most optimistic expectations.

Recall that Magicka be purchased via Steam at a price of 9.99 €. Source: VG247

Dragon Age Revealed bonus Legends

The Facebook Game Dragon Age Legends unlock two rings, two amulets, and a belt to be used in Dragon Age 2. Blog According to BioWare, the five bonus items can be unlocked in the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC role-playing game. The beta to a limited number of Dragon Age: Legends has not yet started, to take part can register on the official site.

In the description of Legends says that Facebook will be the title "soon" available. BioWare had said last November that the spin-off would have on the social network debuted in February. The following month, in March, but will debut Dragon Age 2.

Sony Xperia Phone Preview Play

Engadget People had owned Sony's new phone, the Xperia Play that by now everyone knows him as the phone playstation. Metal framed in terms of detailing on this phone is its multitouch screen of 4 "with a resolution of 854 × 480, a single-core processor with clock speeds ranging from up to 1Ghz 122.88Mhz and Adreno graphics unit 205.

Ram memory is 512MB. In the video, I could see running different games including Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4, Ridge Racer Revolution, Gundam Battle Assault 2 and Super Mario Bros 4. Now we just have to wait its release will surely be announced in Barcelona next month.

Demo next month to MotoGP 10/11

And new images ... Capcom has announced that next month will be released only on PlayStation Network demo MotoGP on 10/11. This demo will include riders Danny Pedrosa and Andrea Daviz at the Mugello circuit, with the possibility of taking a race against time through the usual Time Trial. Also, new images have been distributed, can be found in the gallery.

Source: VG247

Treyarch still problems on PS3

No peace for Treyarch and Activision, targeted by players and associations for the protection of consumers because of the problems that plague the multiplayer PC and PlayStation 3 versions of Call of Duty: Black Ops. After releasing the v1.06 patch yesterday, many players have noticed that the update indicated the absence of "Chat Xbox Live party" on PlayStation 3.

The problem was resolved quickly, but some images unearthed by CVG on the game forum Treyarch demonstrate the error.

Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime for March

Date set for release on Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime is that Atari has tweeted that the game will be available for download via Xbox Live and PlayStation Network on March 23 in the U.S. and Europe are expected to leave a day later . For those who do not have any of these consoles should not worry as the game is also scheduled to have the PC version.

is that Atari has tweeted that the game will be available for download via Xbox Live and PlayStation Network on March 23 in the U.S. and Europe are expected to leave a day later. For those who do not have any of these consoles should not worry as the game is also scheduled to have the PC version.

Avalanche works in a way intended to XBL and PSN

Thus only digital delivery ... Avalanche Studios, to understand the authors of the recent Just Cause 2, apparently will announce next month their new project. This would be, as specified by the boss Christofer Sundberg, a title reserved for Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, and is intended to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

While two other securities (possibly including Just Cause 3) to which the development would house not already working will be announced soon. Source: VG247

New details on Final Fantasy Type-O

The name of Final Fantasy Agito XIII has been amended so that the multiplayer will be part of the design of Type-0 Final Fantasy, Square Enix made it known. For this reason the game for PlayStation Portable is profoundly different from the numbered chapters of the Final Fantasy series of games or Final Fantasy XIII, declared the game director Hajime Tabata of Type-0 and producer Yoshinori Kitase magazine Dengeki PlayStation (translation of Andriasang).

Breach is on Live Arcade

The 1200 Microsoft Points for Xbox Live Arcade today's update brings, as previously announced, Breach of digital delivery on the Xbox 360. The game is a multiplayer FPS developed by Atomic that has as one of the main features of the opportunity to destroy the surrounding scenery in various ways. The download costs 1200 Microsoft Points.

Corrupt bailouts for Mass Effect 2 on PlayStation 3

According to a forum on the BioWare community manager of the company, the developers are aware of a bug that corrupts your saves Mass Effect 2 on PlayStation 3 and are currently working to resolve the problem. "We are aware of the problem and are working to isolate and then resolve it. If you have encountered this bug, please let us send the details on your PlayStation 3 and on your playthrough.

Ready the story of Crysis 3, the development is to be decided

Cautious but forward-looking Crytek obviously keen to plan projects well, but not to run great risks: Speaking to CVG, the head of the German company, Cevat Yerli, said that the story of Crysis 3 is almost ready, but the actual development of the third chapter is not yet certain. "We definitely do Crysis 3," said Yerli the site in question, "but I will not make official announcements.

We would like to make Crysis 3 but first you must prove that the second chapter of a good success." If that be the case, the script is well constructed for the continuation of the series. On the other hand, the executive producer working on the game, Nathan Camarillo has already taken a look at the fact that Crytek Crysis as a series in the long term.

Two ads for Capcom by summer

In 2011, Capcom will release two important games to be announced. Two original titles will be revealed by the summer, Jun Takeuchi made it known from the pages of Japan's Famitsu magazine (via Andriasang). Pending ads, Takeuchi has spoken about Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition and stated that the game uses 80%, 90% of the capacity of the new portable from Nintendo.

"In most cases, licenses for the use 3DS no more than 50% of system capacity," said Takeuchi. "The graphics quality is so high that's sure to be differences between the handheld and home consoles."

Star Wars: The Old Republic coming in September?

He says MCV As reported by MCV, Star Wars: The Old Republic could reach the market in September. According to unspecified "sources," the site in question relates to the release of the MMORPG set in the Star Wars will arrive "later in what many expect, therefore, in September. In fact, having never spoken a specific date, the same John Riccitiello had said last year that the period of spring 2011 could be a good time to exit the game in question.

Kongregate Arcade Top Android

The service is available again on Kongregate Arcade Android Marketplace after the removal operated by Google shortly after the launch of the portal. According to VentureBeat, the application has been changed from Kongregate and every game is now run by the web browser, while the games were previously downloaded to the phone.

The application is the portable version of a portal Kongregate cloud of video games that flash has about 36,000 titles.

New Disney worlds in Kingdom Hearts for 3DS

But no one knows what the new Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, chapter of the RPG series developed specifically for Nintendo 3DS, will feature Disney worlds hitherto unpublished in particular cross-over game created by Square Enix in collaboration with the famous American film company. A revelation was Tetsuya Nomura himself in the pages of Famitsu, however, without going into details and announce the amount of these worlds and their celebrities.

Wesker calls Capcom

DC Douglas, the actor who voiced the villain of the Resident Evil 5 Wesker, Capcom has launched an appeal to the publisher for any role entrusted to him in the next chapter in the series, Resident Evil 6. During an interview with the portal horror Hell Descent, Douglas spoke of his interest in the saga: "I know they're working on RE6, I hope you call me for an audition or at least let them know you." Douglas later explained that he came to the attention of the development of Resident Evil 6 for only half of the rumors circulating the net.

This will be the most important year for Bethesda

Lots of things to come for 2011 In an interview with Pete Hines, VP of marketing and PR at Bethesda, published by VG247, as they said in 2011 represents "the most important year in the history of Bethesda." All focused on this year because several events of singular importance to the publisher: One of the most anticipated arrival followed in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the first project in partnership with id Software, which also represents the first original IP from the software house 15 years in this part or Rage will go to join Haunted Brink and that you can also add the possibility of a glimpse of Doom 4 by the end of the year.

Dead Space is available on the App Store

EA had the spin-off of Dead Space 2 device IOS version iPhone and iPad. According to the product description on the App Store, the events narrated in the spin-off takes place three years after the conclusion of the original chapter. There are six different areas to explore Necromorphs battling with some unique weapons.

By recording the game for IOS, you can also unlock exclusive bonus for Dead Space 2.

Extra experience points for the first birthday of MAG

And other initiatives MAG, the online multiplayer shooter mass, is one year old these days, remind us of Sony and Zipper Interactive. To celebrate the development team has added two new features in the game: an increase in experience points accumulated during the 'Happy Hour ", the first hour of play, which runs on 256% 26 to 30 January and the possibility to temporarily switch to maps "Neutral Faction" for Domination Mode, and Acquisition, and the ability to fight the QA team Zipper January 26 (today).

As developers earn?

According to a recent study, the average salary of a developer in 2011 will amount to 32,000 pounds (37,000 Euros). The survey, conducted by Develop and MCV on a sample of about 300 members of the industry, showed a slight increase over the average salary last year, from 31,964 to 32,203 pounds. Bearing in mind also the rate of inflation calculated by the index of consumer prices, said the survey, the average wage should be equal to 32,603 pounds.

Details about unlockable content with Dragon Age Legends

And beta arriving last November has been announced a special version, specially developed for Facebook, Dragon Age. Dragon Age entitled Legends, the game in question is a kind of fantasy RPG with 2D graphics and pretty simple, but related more to the universe of the series and especially able to unlock some items for exclusive Dragon Age II, the following: Ivo Family Crest - a special amulet with the emblem of the family's Ivo Dura Blue Flame - another ancient amulet covered with strange symbols Evra's Might - a ring worn by Evra especially during the fight against Blood Sisters of Vehnstel.

Announced a new Resistance ...

Over the summer, the world of sci-fi series created by Insomniac Games, Resistance, will include a new novel, the second dedicated to the saga. According to the U.S. PlayStation Blog, Resistance: A Hole in the Sky will resume where it ended the story of Resistance 2 and follow the vicissitudes of Joseph Hair al'inizio until Resistance 3.

The novel written by William C. Dietz anticipate the debut of the shooter for PlayStation 3, expected in stores on September 6.