Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Heroes of Ruin - the first gameplay trailer

We begin to discover this exclusive Nintendo 3DS Square-Enix has released the first gameplay trailer for Heroes of Ruin, role-playing game developed exclusively for Nintendo 3DS from N-Space, to which we, among others, Geist for GameCube and Goldeneye007 for Nintendo DS. The game will be ready for 2012 and has characteristics of all respect as four playable classes, voice chat for online co-op mode and a large amount of enemies and items to find.

ZOE comes to 3ds?

What Kojima was a person who likes to play and surprise it was well known, but he also liked the yellow and there was juggling. What you see below is a photo that Kojima himself has published on its social networking in the past few hours. Apparently it is a simple action figures ... but do not notice anything special? The letters in the name of the game behind the statue form, once inverted, also the name of a console, the 3DS.

Harmonix working on iPhone and iPad

Harmonix has revealed it is working on a new title, direct IOS platforms, then iPhone and iPad. The name circulating for some time over the network, will be called VidRythm. The trademark was registered just last month by the team behind Guitar Hero, Rock Band and Dance Central. The title betrays the nature of the game music, but for now the developers have not wanted to reveal any details ...

Worms Crazy Golf Announced

Team 17 has announced a new installment in the Worms series long, but this time will be a little 'different from what we were used to date. Worms Crazy Golf will be released on PlayStation Network, Steam and Apple devices and in many ways will match the characteristics of his illustrious predecessors ...

only pistols, rifles and bazookas will be replaced by clubs and golf balls. The game will consist of 36 levels (the whole two golf courses), will be released by the end of 2011 and will have local multiplayer. The development team has not yet done so to know if you can even play online.

Epic is working on five new games

And on a graphics engine for parking meters Epic Games is working on five new games that have nothing to do with Gears of War. This is what Mike Capps said during the GameCom 2011 which is taking place in Cologne. What games? Capps has not been undone, but spoke of the PC as the platform of choice (so no port) and different stages of development.

However, it will be lower than the production GoW series, because the company has not hired additional staff to work on it.

7 Dynasty Warriors: Xtreme Legends

Tecmo Koei Europe has announced the arrival of our continent in the seventh Dynasty Warriors: Xtreme Legends, which will arrive on shelves in November in the PS3 and Xbox 360. The fateful day for fans of the series will be on 18. From that moment, fans can get their hands on new characters, weapons and modes absent in the previous chapter.

Who will have already played the original will unlock exclusive bonuses and development team has confirmed that this version will be dubbed in Japanese.

GamesCom 2011: Konami announces Nura Rise of the Yokai Clan

Konami GC 2011 to present, which will begin in a few hours, a new fighting game based on the animated series Nura Rise of the Yokai Clan. To develop it will be a team to which they will, the Arc System Works, Guilty Gear series is famous for and BlazBlue. The game, scheduled on Xbox 360 and PS3, will be released in Japan in November, will have 16 characters and will be in 2D.

Mortal Komb almost 3 Million

The fighting again at the top of Warner Bros. According to the new installment of the acclaimed franchise is close to 3 million copies sold. The new Mortal Kombat came on the market at a good time for fighting. The genus is in fact returned to the top of the charts thanks to an increased focus on the gameplay at the expense of three-dimensional makeshift solutions.

The general health of the market is confirmed by the data they see Tekken 6 over 3.5 million sold, Street Fighter IV in various incarnations is approaching 5 million copies and placed the recent Marvel Vs Capcom 3 that was purchased for more than two millions of gamers.

EA Completes Acquisition of PopCap

Major eats indie EA has announced the completion of the acquisition of PopCap, which led the operation millionaire former independent label under the control of the giant Redwood City. The move, announced last month, has cost $ 750 million to Electronic Arts, divided into 650 million cash and 100 million stock options.

A lot of money, which also seems to be well spent, given that most analysts argue that the value of PopCap could be even higher.

Nintendo registers a patent for "MSOG"?

Single-Playing Massively Online Game Nintendo wants to do things his own way on the gaming market, is well known, yet this is really strange: a patent registered with the U.S. office charge refers to a "Massively Single-Playing Game Online." There was therefore a kind of opposite of MMOs, whose operation is not quite clear, given the proximity of strange concepts quite different as "massively online" and "single player".

A new video game for Lone Wolf?

Turn of the items ... For several days the site was online well-kai. com, where you can also access the fanpage on Facebook and Twitter. Mysterious sites are born every day, so why should this interest us? In the first place because of some curious enough references to the franchise Lone Wolf (Lone Wolf), born as a literary fantasy saga over the years and became a librogame, role playing and video games for home computers in the 80s and 90s .

Gears of War 3 will support 3D

Locusts in stereoscopic 3D as long, of course, to have a 3D TV The producer of Gears of War 3, Todd Ferguson has revealed that the title will support the three-dimensional view in this mode even if the title will have to sacrifice something. The team introduced a three-dimensional mode in the advanced state of development of the title and you can not work miracles.

So the 3D effect implemented through a post-processing, will force us to play at a resolution of 500 and something points instead of 720. In the future, Ferguson said, the mode will be supported better and the new development kit for the Xbox 360 already offers more advanced tools, but for Gear of War'll need to have a three dimensional view partially sacrificed.

The PC version of Rage will use Steamworks

The infrastructure will ensure the quality of Valve's online component RAGE, the highly anticipated FPS developed by id Software and published by Bethesda, will use the infrastructure Steamworks regarding the PC version. The news was confirmed by a spokesman for Bethesda on Twitter. RAGE, therefore, can be purchased on Steam and will take advantage of all features offered by piattaofrma Valve, including the anti-cheating, optimization of matchmaking and much more.

David Cox on two new projects

David Cox, producer of the exceptional Castlevania: Lords of Shadow has finally started to work on a new game ... rather, two "I'm very busy. Never before had I happened to be working on two projects so important. For now, unfortunately, I can not say what it is," says Cox, via Twitter. There are many possibilities that one of these games is really a direct sequel to Castlevania last, but to have some confirmation (or denial) we will probably have to wait for the GC Konami conference, scheduled for tomorrow.

LEGO Universe becomes free-to-play now

It was announced in June, as announced recently, LEGO Universe becomes now free-to-play. Will be sufficient to go to the official website of MMORPG Gamebryo and download the client to start playing right away. In the new edition freemium, LEGO Universe will offer two scenarios and a base, and a decent selection of minigames, options and basic functionality.

You can then upgrade and become premium users at a price of $ 10 a month, gaining access to fifteen scenarios, the upcoming expansion, and more.

GamesCom 2011 - new trailer of Prototype 2

Twenty seconds of Wagner On the occasion of GamesCom 2011 Activision has released a short trailer of Prototype 2, titled "Evolution of Awesome", which shows a very spectacular game microsequence. In reality it is just a preview of the new material that will be released August 17, or tomorrow at the fair in Cologne.

Here is the new Football Manager 2012

The new football season is almost upon us, and indeed for many teams have already started with the pre-Cup ... you are afraid to get back into the game and become the "coach" of the year? To find out you have to wait a little longer 'seen that SEGA has just announced a few hours of Football Manager 2012, which will arrive exclusively on PCs later this year.

As usual juicy promises are new compared to the previous edition, particularly regarding the players' contracts, loyalty bonuses and scouts that we send around the world in search of talent. Also announced new animations, weather effects, and best two new cameras that will follow the matches and all stages of our career.

GT Racer unveiled the PlayStation Move

What you see in the image below is a device for the PlayStation Move the weekend has been crazy with curiosity over the world ... but what is it? According to the site it would be the PlayStation Network DLB Move GT Racer, a "flying convertible" designed specifically for driving can play any game for the PlayStation 3.

According to preliminary information, will be sold separately or bundled with some games, possibly including Motorstorm: Apocalypse. Sony is now officially confirmed the existence of the device so that it looks almost certainly made during the GamesCom.

Dota 2, the trailer for the 2011 Gamescom

At the tournament on the official Valve has released the first official trailer for Dota 2, which we know is an acronym for "Defense of the Ancients 2" (but the developers have chosen to write the title with almost all lowercase letters). The game will be available later this year for PC and Mac, but a selection of people will try it during the preview Gamescom in Cologne, where he held the first official tournament Dota 2, The International, tomorrow August 17th.

New rumors about Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil 6 will almost certainly be officially unveiled at the Tokyo Game Show to be held in September, but already time t the network is filled with rumors about the game. The last in order of time was born of a curriculum published by an artist, this Justison Shannon, who said he worked on the game for the realization of some CG movies.

Apparently the pre-production of this new chapter in Capcom's series began in 2009. The study is the work that Shannon Justison Third Floor Inc., which in the recent past has collaborated on films like Iron Man 2, Thor, the Smurfs and many others. Recall, for the record, that the movie Resident Evil 5 were made by Just Cause Productions, a partner of the Third Floor.

Google buys Motorola's 12 billion

Google has announced its readiness to acquire the shares of Motorola Mobility at a price of $ 12.5 billion. The agreement will be finalized by late 2011 or early 2012 and will, in fact, Google in the market for physical devices, while Motorola devices only use the Android operating system. This time-consuming step, accepted unanimously by the Board of Directors of both companies, will allow Google to face an even more powerful challenge to Apple and Microsoft.