Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gears of War 3 will support 3D

Locusts in stereoscopic 3D as long, of course, to have a 3D TV The producer of Gears of War 3, Todd Ferguson has revealed that the title will support the three-dimensional view in this mode even if the title will have to sacrifice something. The team introduced a three-dimensional mode in the advanced state of development of the title and you can not work miracles.

So the 3D effect implemented through a post-processing, will force us to play at a resolution of 500 and something points instead of 720. In the future, Ferguson said, the mode will be supported better and the new development kit for the Xbox 360 already offers more advanced tools, but for Gear of War'll need to have a three dimensional view partially sacrificed.

On the other hand, when the 3D feature is a niche and in any case, the producer said, will "generally works".

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