Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Nintendo registers a patent for "MSOG"?

Single-Playing Massively Online Game Nintendo wants to do things his own way on the gaming market, is well known, yet this is really strange: a patent registered with the U.S. office charge refers to a "Massively Single-Playing Game Online." There was therefore a kind of opposite of MMOs, whose operation is not quite clear, given the proximity of strange concepts quite different as "massively online" and "single player".

In any case, as reported by the description, it would be a game "dynamic, not based on AI and not scripted like other multiplayer games", designed for those who "do not want anything to do with other people online and appreciate the privacy. " The description seems even more strange definition of the reduced form.

As an example, the mechanical potential, the mention of a sort of "economy" in the persistent game world, based on the behavior of all players, the management of shared resources and even the possibility of transferring "gossip" within the game world through the separate actions of different players.

We look forward to know which specific title may be related to the definition of Single-Playing Massively Online Game, the only one who could re-enter it in fact seems to be Animal Crossing.

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