Thursday, June 23, 2011

New PlayStation 3 update

LA Noire announced for PC

The statement speaks of "graphics improvements" Even the PC user will have the opportunity to experience the MotionScan, the particular technique of capturing expressions that makes it unique for LA Noire "experience" fun movie. This was announced today, Rockstar has revealed that the PC version of the title was developed by Rockstar Leeds.

Unfortunately the press is not particularly rich in detail but there is some interesting information. The title will enjoy it more graphical and implement the ability to map the buttons and 3D gaming. LA Noire will be available for PC in autumn.

A date for Backbreaker Vengeance

The American football game Backbreaker Vengeance will be available on Xbox Live Arcade since June 29, tells 505 Games. On PlayStation Network, Vengeance will be available "in the summer." Backbreaker: Vengeance is based on the mini-games included in Backbreaker Football, Tackle Alley, and proposes an arcade gameplay.

The game is the Euphoria engine, engine used by Rockstar for Grand Theft Auto IV and Red Dead Redemption.

EA: FIFA 12 will be spectacular!

EA was very clear: FIFA 12 will be spectacular and the PC version will be as beautiful as the console. The new Impact Player Engine, which aims to bring a physical model in the real football simulation, will be also included in the PC version. This means that the PC version, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 will enjoy the same features, for the first time after years of development differently.

"This is the moment that all PC gamers have been waiting for a long time," said Kaz Makita executive producer, "will finally enjoy the award-winning gameplay of FIFA on their platform of choice, including our service, EA Sports Football Club" EA Sports Football Club announced at E3, is an online service that will allow players to connect with each other and matches, in a sort of huge social network dedicated to football.

Trenched delayed in Europe

The European launch of the new downloadable game from Double Fine, Trenched, has been postponed. The game developed from the study by Tim Scafer was expected during the day on Xbox Live Arcade. "The distribution of Trenched in parts of Europe experienced a small delay. We will try to solve the problem as soon as possible," said a Microsoft spokesman.

According to Daniel Maher Xbox UK on Twitter, the game should arrive shortly in Europe.

Music Unlimited trial on PlayStation 3

Sony is offering owners of the PlayStation 3 180 day free trial subscription of Music Unlimited. According to the PlayStation Blog, "to qualify for the 180-day free trial for the basic service, please log in to the PlayStation 3 and click the Music Unlimited service under the Music icon.

Once downloaded the application, follow the instructions to sign up. " You can then access for six months to a catalog that includes more than seven million pieces. The offer is available only for people in possession of a PlayStation 3.

3DS back on top in Japan

After months of record for the PlayStation Portable, the new portable console from Nintendo is back on top of the league Hardware Japan. According to the latest figures from Media Create, 3DS sales have almost doubled over the previous week.

Despite the publication of Zelda for 3DS, the best selling game in Japan in the last seven days was eXperience Little Battle for PlayStation Portable. Slips in third position, the record holder of seven days ago, Yakuza Of The End

MotorStorm: Apocalypse is updated

Evolution Studios has released an update for the racing game exclusively PlayStation 3, MotorStorm: Apocalypse. According to Sony, the patch is aimed at enhancing the online multiplayer, fixed some connectivity issues and on the charts, while the profiles of the players were added to MotorStorm. com to get a more efficient matchmaking.

A new playlist will limit the choice of vehicles for each race, while the various classes of vehicles have been balanced.

iPhone 5 like iPhone 4

The iPhone 5 "will be very similar" to its predecessor and will hit stores in September, according to some rumors reported by Bloomberg, that mentions two "people familiar with the project." According to sources, the iPhone would have a A5 processor similar to that of iPad 2 and 8-megapixel camera.

The device would be based on the IOS operating system 5, which would provide among other things, and enhanced messaging features related to sharing photos. According to Bloomberg, also, Apple would be doing tests on the screen of the new iPad, the goal would be to use a display with a resolution greater than one third of iPad 2 and a more responsive touch screen.

Does EA buy PopCap for $ 1 billion?

According to some market speculation voices. EA would be to buy PopCap, the software house which owe Bejeweled and Plants vs. Zombies, for one billion dollars. In this way, EA would get some of the most important and popular brand in the world of casual gaming.

PS Life in the stores in November or January?

So we deduce from some online shop according to the U.S. Amazon list of the launch of PS Life would be expected in the first week of January. Indeed, more precisely on December 31 (comes with the sparkling wine). A business English, shopt, reports the month of November as the launch, also indicating the price of games: 40 pounds.

From our side we see as most likely the latter, because a launch in January would be missed in all the PS Life Christmas sales. Moreover December 31 happens on Saturday, so we believe it unlikely as a date. However, it is clear that this is just speculation and that Sony has not announced any official launch date.

Miyamoto talks about Wii U controllers

Will it be possible to play in another room? Among the many questions that arise professionals since the introduction of Wii U, which occurred during E3 2011, there is also the transmission capacity on the console to the controller, which is within the reach of the stream. Speaking to Kotaku, Shigeru Miyamoto has also touched upon this issue, stating that, beyond the practical ability to play with Wii U while you are in another room from the console, this is not within the intent of the original Nintendo.

Ms. Splosion Man Available on XBLA July 13

Still explosions, but this time the women's Twisted Pixel has announced that Ms. Splosion Man will be available exclusively on Xbox Live Arcade digital platform by July 13. Sequel to the excellent action game ever released in 2009 on XBLA, the game resumes the mechanics and the structure that we know well, enriching them with new elements and new challenges, not to mention the humor that has made Splosion Man Players will available fifty levels in single player mode and the same in multiplayer as well as a series of surprises to discover.

New trailer for The Sims 3: Generations

Parents against children? In the new trailer in Italian The Sims 3: Generations, we are witnessing one of the many possible stories with the new EA title, in this case that of two children who marry and bring up a family with three children. The first two, rowdy and naughty, torment not only their parents but also the entire neighborhood with a series of terrible jokes, while their younger sister turns out to be quiet and introverted, so as to create an imaginary friend.