Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Splinter Cell Trilogy released this week

Splinter Cell Trilogy collection containing remastered in high definition versions of Splinter Cell, Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow and Splinter Cell Chaos Theory, will be released on the PlayStation Network this week to 29.99 euros. Each game can be purchased individually for 9.99 euros and from September 23 will be sold in stores also complete edition of the disc.

The games will be compatible with the 3D and 1080p resolution. PlayStation Plus users can enjoy a 20% discount on Splinter Cell, 10% of Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow and receive a unique theme of Sam Fisher Splinter Cell Chaos Theory buying.

Modern Warfare 3 - Survival Mode Trailer

The gameplay of the survival mode in video Activision has released a new trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare showing 3 Survival Mode in action. Two minutes of pure action dedicated to the survival of the players who are facing heavy weapons and hordes of enemies.

Transformers Universe Beta coming

The team Jagex has announced that the beta-to-play MMO Free Transformers Universe will begin "very soon". "The game will be released in 2012 and there is so much, so we are trying to organize a beta as soon as possible," said executive producer Kris Jones. A team of 55 people is working on the development of this ambitious MMO, but this number is expected to rise to 70 in the final months before the release.

Disgaea 3 confirmed on PS Life

The popular Japanese magazine Dangeki PlayStation confirmed that a remake of Disgaea 3 (titled Return) will arrive on PlayStation Life. Original than the original PlayStation 3 will be revised and added some features 4 scenes and two characters. All additional content the PS3 will also be available on PSV.

In addition to this, Nippon Ichi has another 4 games in the works and none of these has yet been officially announced. One of these is an Action-RPG series Prinny team, another team will come from Disgaea. The third is in development at Plasma System, Responsible Classic Dungeon, the last one will be for the Japanese market version of a popular title for Nintendo 3DS in the West.

Quake Live has not achieved the desired results

The costs outweigh the revenue of a thousand projects Marginalized id Software's Quake Live is not growing at its best. Among the problems included the few required to place advertisements in the game, the introduction of a premium formula, rather badly made, few new actual servers, bound to rules too tight.

Well id Software has also noticed that things do not work, though Quake Live has many users, and said in no uncertain terms during QuakeCon. In any case, the software company has no plans to cut support to the game symbol, because if there is a Quake V in view it is better not to offend fans of the saga.

Street Fighter 3 playable online on PSN

Capcom has confirmed that the PlayStation Network version of Street Fighter 3 Third Strike will be DRM free. This means that the game can be played offline, although, unlike previous Capcom titles released for the Sony service. "The game will not make use of our DRM system," he confirmed on Capcom Unity Christian Svensson, senior vice president of strategic planning and business development (pant, pant) Capcom USA (as reported by Eventhubs).

Mortal Kombat: the story of Freddy Krueger in video

The unexpected cross-over new character added to the ranks of the Mortal Kombat comattenti is perhaps an element belonging to the tradition of the series, but it's certainly a guy with a background well-known (and especially) outside of the entertainment. The new fighter is in fact download Freddy Krueger, the iconic star of the Nightmare on Elm Street movie series, added a little 'surprise on the roster of Mortal Kombat which definitely makes her figure in company with his metal claws inseparable (for the occasion on both hands ) and his endless evil.

What happened to Grand Theft Auto 5?

"In the coming months," Take-Two announce the new titles slated for the next fiscal year. Last night Take-Two has reported the results of the first quarter of fiscal 2012, and the boss Strauss Zelnick said that the publisher has not yet announced a few titles, which will hear "in the coming months", whose output is scheduled for the next fiscal year.

Of course games have been speculations about Grand Theft Auto 5. "Looking at the fiscal year 2013, we announced three major titles: BioShock Infinite, Spec Ops: The Line, 2 and Borderlands, and we have many other games developing," said Zelnick avoiding any questions regarding GTA5.

Peter Moore returns to talk about Wii U

The COO of EA, Peter Moore, has spoken publicly about the Nintendo Wii U. Speaking to the IndustryGamers, Moore ruled that Nintendo will be a passing car to the next generation, since in his view will not be the quality of the graphics made the shots in the coming years. "People are already talking about the console as if it were a passing car.

Frankly, I do not think that is the case," Moore said. "Here are the reasons: no longer a discussion of specific techniques ... everything will revolve around the fact that the controller will be a unique way to enjoy the experience offered by the console, beyond the graphics. Just like on the Wii." "You saw Battlefield 3, right? How do you think you can grow, visually, after that level?" Moore said.

Ubisoft announces the demo for Drivers

Ubisoft starts the countdown to the release of Driver: San Francisco, scheduled for September 1, 2011, announcing the single player demo will be available by August 10 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation3. "The series has always been characterized by Driver chases at high speed and the ability to dart freely around the streets of huge cities," said Geoffroy Sardin, head of marketing and sales at Ubisoft.

New DLC for Civ 5

On August 11, will present two new DLC for Civ V. This Scenario Pack: Korea, and Wonders of the Ancient World Scenario The first pack will include Korea, China, Manchuria and Japan. You can choose one of the factions and take part in the subsequent history of the unification of Japan by Hideyoshi Toyotomi.

Wonders of the Ancient World in the game will bring three new Wonders of the World: the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus (which aumeterĂ  the economy), the Statue of Zeus (which will increase the capacity of siege during the assault on the city) and the Temple of Artemis (which will grow faster than cities).

Apple is the biggest threat to the console

Word of Dave Perry Dave Perry, developer and founder of the famous gaming Gaikai cloud service, said that the game streaming is not a threat to the gaming console. On the contrary the true enemy of the console is Apple. The company has in fact imposed on the technology market rhythms extreme renewing the hardware every 12 months.

This also allows you to implement every feature requests in a short time while the traditional platform games are renewed every 5-7 years. But if the home console can play the card of the multimedia device, just can not do the laptops that we are faced with a real aggression from the smartphone.

Dead Island enters gone gold

Deep Silver recently announced that Dead Island is officially gone gold came in, which means that its release will not suffer any kind of delay. The title, expected on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 will therefore be available starting September 6. The moment of our "vacation" is approaching, therefore, the expectation and ALLIT I suggest you take look at the latest trailer for Dead Island.

Kingdom Hearts 3D only in 2012

According to allegations made by Tetsuya Nomura, director of the series, Square Enix aims to bring out Kingdon Hearts 3D in early 2012. It also seems that the company has Japan's intention to propose a HD remake of some old chapter of the series to celebrate the 12 anniversary of the series (in 2012) but currently does not have more information.

Square of Serbia that has for us in a collection along the lines of Kingdom Hearts ICO Collection? We just have to wait to learn more.

Konami announces MyPES

Konami has announced that during the Gamescom present a new project called MyPES, supervised by Argonauten G2 Network, which will accompany the release of PES 2012. At the moment we only know that through this project will try to make PES 2012 Konami even more competitive and that all details in this regard will be presented during the event in Cologne.

PES 2012 hits stores September 29 for PC, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PSP, Wii and Xbox 360.