Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Quake Live has not achieved the desired results

The costs outweigh the revenue of a thousand projects Marginalized id Software's Quake Live is not growing at its best. Among the problems included the few required to place advertisements in the game, the introduction of a premium formula, rather badly made, few new actual servers, bound to rules too tight.

Well id Software has also noticed that things do not work, though Quake Live has many users, and said in no uncertain terms during QuakeCon. In any case, the software company has no plans to cut support to the game symbol, because if there is a Quake V in view it is better not to offend fans of the saga.

So hopefully that will soon be granted more freedom for the location of the server (which would also allow us to play worthily Italian). But above all we hope to introduce some new highlight id to make sense of the formula for a fee. For example, developers could introduce new ways of learning (and creating variants absurd and unbalanced to put on and off at random) and implement all the maps of the past.

Obviously, for this step would serve those resources in terms of money and labor. Resources that the team does not seem to Quake Live.

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