Thursday, December 30, 2010

ANGRY BIRDS (PS3): Android is a very profitable market?

One of the most important game of the year in the field of mobile phones was definitely fun Angry Birds developed by Finnish Rovio. Recently the game has also debuted on the Android platform and is just what Peter Vesterbacka, designer of the game, speaking in an interview with Tech & Marketing site.

Confirming the good health (and cost) of the market on Apple platforms, Vesterbacka also acknowledged some interest in the future MeeGo Nokia and then focused on the issue of choice in free format for Android Angry Birds, explaining how - simply - the paid content on this platform does not have happened.

Rod Humble: Sims in Second Life by

Virtual virtual Rod Humble clearly has a particular preference for virtual worlds, considered as alternative experiments in digital companies, gaming or not. Party vice-president of Sony Online, engaged in the development of the MMORPG EverQuest, Humble is then passed to EA where he followed the evolution of the series coming at the head of The Sims Label Division Play the publisher in question.

AMD Mobility Radeon HD 7000 series, released 28nm line

Following details of AMD's 28nm GPU, ultra high-end, the Wimbledon, Donanimhaber. com have released details about the complete line of AMD's 28nm GPUs Mobility Radeon HD 7000. As noted, the GPU Wimbledon will be the higher range, and will be followed by Heathrow, then Chelsea and finally the Thames, all scheduled for Q4 2011 production.

The GPU Heathrow has two versions, either interface 128 or 192-bits. In the higher range of Heathrow, the GPU will have between 1.5 GB and 3 GB of GDDR5 memory, an intake of between 35 and 45W and should be 1.3 times faster than the performance of your GPU Chelsea. The Chelsea offers a memory interface 128-bit GDDR5 memory 1GB or 2 GB of GDDR3 memory, consumption of 20 to 30W and should be 1.3 times faster than the GPU Whistler (a 40nm GPU which should appear early 2011).

Intel Announces SSD 40GB and 80GB

Intel announced the launch of the Series 310, a unit of solid state disk (SSD) in a very small which in turn provide the performance x25 series, with the difference that the new 310 series has only one-eighth its size, which makes this album right for portable devices like notebooks, netbooks, tablets or any unit that requires large storage.

When combined with a hard disk drive (HDD) High capacity in a dual drive storage, Intel SSD 310 may improve the overall performance of a PC up to 60%. The SSD310 supports SATA connectors via an adapter of mini PCI Express (PCIe), for compact storage and on the same plate in netbooks, tablets or handheld computers that have massive storage unit.

The top ten videogames of CNN

A few surprises The famous American network CNN has compiled its list of rating on the best games of 2010, in line with the prevailing trend of the last day of the year. The top ten CNN is not particularly surprised, essentially showing the 10 games that appear in other similar classifications, beyond the different positions assigned to each game, apart from the first position in the context of "moderate" proves a rather unusual choice.

Kinect 7.6 million in 2011, according to Screen Digest

And 7.3 million Move Screen Digest has published some predictions of consumer electronics in 2011, in particular with regard to the new hardware launched by the various console manufacturers. Among these, Kinect seems to be intended to record the numbers more in the next year of activity: while Microsoft raised its forecast of 5 million units sold by year's end, the projections of Screen Digest in 2011 should be achieved the quota of 7.6 million cameras recording kinetics for the Xbox 360 in the world.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam: Operation Hastings released on PC

Xbox 360 and PS3 still in the running PC users have proved the fastest in completing the 69 million team actions necessary to unlock the new map "Operation Hastings" for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam. The game's official website you can view the current state of the "challenge" at this point won by PC users but still continuing for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Users of the Microsoft console have surpassed 36 million Team Actions, while the PlayStation 3 are now over 27 million, so they still have different road ahead before we can unlock the extra content. "Operation Hastings" multiplayer map is the fifth expansion for the maxi-DICE FPS set in Vietnam, a map remastered available once you reach the set number of Actions Team.

CORE BLAZE (PC): Core Blaze is shown in a trailer

Expected to be generated during 2011, Core Blaze is a new MMORPG, which should, in the intentions of the developers propose novel features including a high level of interaction between players and environment. The manufacturer announced Gamania Core Blaze during TGS 2010, but only now has released an official trailer that shows some important features such as graphics engine based on Unreal Engine 3, the different character classes and announced some of the interactions with the seabed.

New discounts on Xbox Live at all Sonic

The hedgehog The discounted deal of the day on Xbox Live is all about Sonic in this case presenting with 6 discount applied to as many games in the series of iconic Sega. If you want to take away the desire to Sonic, then, could this be the right occasion. Here are the details of the deals today: Sonic the Hedgehog 4 - from 1200 to 800 Microsoft Points Sonic the Hedgehog 3 - from 400 to 200 Microsoft Points Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - from 400 to 200 Microsoft Points Sonic the Hedgehog - from 400 to 200 Microsoft Points Sonic Adventure - 800 to 400 Microsoft Points Sonic & Knuckles - from 240 to 120 Microsoft Points Among the accessories for avatars, always a theme, a "Sonic Car" remote-controlled at 120 Microsoft Points, as well as a Notebook from 380 Microsoft Points .

Castlevania: Harmony of Despair (X360): Two levels for Harmony of Despair

Definitely not canon and quite coldly received by critics, Castlevania: Harmony of Despair for the Xbox 360 seems to still get the consensus of the public, judging from the media that Konami continues to give this title to Xbox LIVE Arcade. The new expansion planned for the month of January will include two new levels to tackle alone or in multiplayer.

One will be based on the castle of Dracula in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (It also is the graphics), while the other will be new and will be titled "Lord of the Flies." The package in question will be priced at 320 Microsoft points. In case you're interested in learning more about the game just click this link to see our review.

A 1000 CPU Core

We will run Crysis 2? 2, 4, 6-core CPUs are now a thing of the past, apparently, some researchers at the University of Glasgow are in fact managed to assemble a CPU Cores containing over 1000. Using a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), 1000 Core have been concentrated in a single chip can process data up to 5 GB per second, with a dedicated memory for each core.

However, "the FPGA can not be used for standard computers," says Dr. Wim Vanderbauwhede, head of the project, mainly due to the difficulty in programming dedicated. In any case, the computational power is enormous and the energy content, therefore it is primarily a concept to develop and adjust in the near future, even for standard computers and consumer electronics.

FINAL FANTASY XIII (PS3): Type-0 is the next Final Fantasy?

After the disastrous launch of Online Final Fantasy XIV and a series of decidedly mixed reviews about Final Fantasy XIII (in fact the chapter on "regular" in the saga that received the most lukewarm reception since Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy has cleared through customs in the West) we wondered what would be the next step of SquareEnix for the historic series of Japanese role-playing games.

The new iPhone allows video calls on Skype

Put your face As previously announced, the update arrived today for the iPhone version of Skype makes it possible to make video calls through their messaging system and chat app. Unlike with FaceTime, the application of "official" Apple, the new Skype lets you make video calls using the WiFi connection is through the 3G network, thus opening the possibility of using the camera in any condition (of course depending on the network coverage), 4 between iPhone, iPods and computers with webcams.

TRAPPED DEAD (PC): Still Trapped by Dead zombie

It does not stop the wave of videogame background "zombesco" which for some years has literally swept the videogame market. But this time we will not be involved in the frantic shoot-outs against the undead, but we must take a more cautious approach and strategy. Trapped Dead is in fact a kind of real-time strategy game in which we control a group of survivors stranded in a town full of zombies.

SM sweetened in Disgaea 4

Wooden horses become saber-toothed cats The Disgaea series has already used to a certain ambiguity between the bottom of the apparent facade of cuteness, and some deep evil that characterizes the game environment, seasoned by irony and a covert element sexy typical of certain types of production Nipponese.

Some ideas in the fourth chapter (of which we have shown the new trailer), however, seem to have been considered a bit 'too much even before the game. In particular, as reported by Kotaku, it seems that the developers have decided to eliminate a "wooden horse" between the objects used. The latter is an instrument of torture devised in the fifteenth century in Japan, placed inside the imaginary S & M also now tied to a female use "special".

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 4 - EPISODE 1 (X360) Sonic granted for a day on XBLA

Last day for daily discounts on Xbox LIVE Arcade as part of the Countdown to 2011: it was the turn of the mascot of Sega, which sees all of its games available on the Xbox 360 marketplace discounted by 50%, with the exception of the recent Sonic The Hedgehog 4 the first chapter, which sees a reduction - again daily - 33%.

Here is the list of games and their discounts are only valid for today, December 30: Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 1 (800 Microsoft Points, Discount 33%)

Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers translated for passion

After 12 years with a little 'delay, it may be possible for Western enthusiasts can enjoy a translated version in English of Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers, following the official original Japanese RPG Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner. Actually, neither product was never released officially in Japan, yet the group of fans in question has decided to engage in the full translation of the second chapter in the PlayStation version.

LEAGUE OF LEGENDS - CLASH OF FATES (PC): A new hero for League of Legends

Acclaimed spiritual son of the famous Defense of the Ancients, the online multiplayer game League of Legends celebrates the new year under a new hero. On the contrary, actually, a heroine: Caythlin, Piltover sheriff, who made his debut, bringing with them the exposure rifle and a number of interesting special abilities based on the placement of traps.

In addition, a specific special ability allows her to "snipe" enemies literally from extreme distances. More details about the new characters are available on this page of the official website, but here you can admire the new arrival in a special artwork.

The end of the Cell?

Strange As reported by financial maneuvers AVMagazine, you would be adding another piece to the next design which sees the abandonment of CELL by Sony, at least according to rumors and quite logical deductions. After the handover of the facilities used to produce the powerful processor at the base of PlayStation 3 happened a few months ago from Sony to Toshiba, both companies WOULD BE hours dealing with the conversion of these factories to new technologies, from an $ 600 million about, according to unidentified sources.

THE 3RD BIRTHDAY (PSP) Parasite Eve starts from 140,000

This week marked the return to Japan of a historical horror series badged SquareEnix (then Squaresoft): Parasite Eve, revived with a true third installment (after the first two on PSone) developed exclusively for Sony PSP. Parasite Eve: The 3rd Birthday debuted in weekly sales in sixth place, with a total of about 140,000 copies sold.

A figure all in all modest than expected, even considering that The 3rd Birthday has long figured in the rankings of "most wanted" and considering the excellent success of PSP in Japan. PSP games are just two in fact to occupy the top two places in the ranking: 3rd Capcom's Monster Hunter Portable, now launched more than three million units in less than two months, the novice adventure AKB1/48 of Bandai / Namco.

CATHERINE (PS3): Catherine will finally have a demo

Catherine is one of the most mysterious and intriguing titles expected in the coming weeks, also because no one knows about him virtually nothing but an action that will be toned vaguely sexy set in the world of Shin Megami Tensei. Unfortunately, its release for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 is set in February in Japan only (for now), but the team has promised that Atlus will release in the coming weeks on the Japanese PlayStation Store demo of the game (hopefully at least with English subtitles ).

SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD (PS3): Issues for the DLC's Scott Pilgrim

Available from Friday for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 for the price of 160 Microsoft Points or 1.99 euros, Knives Chau is the new Scott Pilgrim vs. the DLC. The World PvP arena, which introduces a new game modes (Dodgeball), three new achievements and support "drop-in/drop-out" offline cooperative multiplayer.

Unfortunately, the DLC, once downloaded on Xbox 360, is not recognized and therefore can not be used. It seems that the problem is due to the lack of an update patch of the game expected soon, but right now there is still no official explanation by Ubisoft.

Square Enix Final Fantasy records Type-0

Surprise! Square Enix registered the trademark Final Fantasy Type-0 at the OHIM, in charge of registrations for the European Union. E 'was also recorded in parallel with the logo you see in the picture, but there is no news concerning the nature of the game, nor of course or the target platforms. We look forward to this January 18, qunado Square-Enix will be held the 1st Premier Production Department, which could be ad platform.


Among the most interesting rumor post-Christmas that stands out on Disney Mickey Epic: The Legendary Challenge of Mickey Mouse, according to some rumors that may soon arrive on the PlayStation 3 without also therefore remain an exclusive for Wii. There is already talk of a move and support a resolution to 720p-60 fps, but for now, Junction Point Studios and Disney Interactive have neither confirmed nor denied these rumors.

CoD: Black Ops recorded more than twenty million users logged

E 600 million hours playing Bobby Kotick has released some data on the use of Call of Duty: Black Ops by its users, with evident satisfaction. It speaks of more than 20 million users who have logged more than 600 million hours between November 9 and December 24, thus reaching an average of time spent online for his players about 87 minutes a day.

Which, in comparison to the average time spent online by users of Facebook, which is around 55 minutes a day, tells an interesting story. Making a comparison closer to gaming, we can talk about Halo: Reach has achieved in its first week in the market over 50 million hours online, which, if extended over 45 days would reach about 326 million total hours, or a little more half of those achieved by Black Ops.

CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS (PS3): 20 million log for CoD: Black Ops

After a billion dollars in revenue and the dubious distinction of the most pirated game of 2010, Call of Duty: Black Ops comes another record. During today Activision has pitted some interesting fact, that twenty million online players, and six hundred million hours played between November 9 and December 24.

Doing a quick calculation shows an average of 88 minutes per day for each player, the numbers in the case of another sample of the multiplayer like Halo: Reach (penalized, however, as the only Xbox 360 game controller) were much lower.

Epic Mickey arrives on PS3?

With a greedy edition, is apparently just a rumor at the time of Christmas, that of Epic Mickey. Rumor but back to talk of the possibility that the title is not limited to being present in the Wii version, exclusive for now, but also that it can actually expand to HD platforms. Specifically, the platform could be putative PS3, as reported by PSNow!, Which refers to a native 720p resolution, compatibility with Move (quite fitting) and 60fps.

Catherine: a demo incoming

Finally, we will try and discuss the unusual title in development for PS3 and Xbox 360 that bears the name of a woman, Catherine, will be on Japanese shelves on February 1 next year, while a date has not yet been made official West. Its developers, however, he announced that before his release a demo will be released on the usual download channels, allowing us to look at its curious dynamics of the game.

The Edge Awards 2010

And the winner is ... EDGE magazine has published in the January issue of its list for the media that it considers best in the videogame now running out. The award for best title ever is Super Mario Galaxy 2, and went to the best indie Minecraft. There is to be mentioned as the best online game Starcraft 2 and Red Dead Redemption which won awards for best audo and visual design.

Will instead talk much the prize awarded to the best hardware, that goes to the iPhone, followed by Kinect and Move. Have a look here below: The EDGE Awards 2010 Best Game (mainstream). Super Mario Galaxy 2. Rock Band 3. Bayonetta Best Game (India). Minecraft. Super Meat Boy. Neptune's Pride Best Visual Design.

LEFT 4 DEAD 2 (X360) A look at the puppets of Left 4 Dead 2

Given their love for everything Marc Valvo, it is little wonder that the guys at Kotaku have been among the first to buy the new line of dolls devoted to Left 4 Dead 2, in particular those based on the zombie "special" Hunter and the giant Tank (both present in the first chapter of the series), available online a few days.

The DLC's Scott Pilgrim is not working on X360

Some problems of the first DLC Scott Pilgrim vs. The World has just been released, but it seems that Xbox 360 has a problem in no small operation. The package brings a new PvP arena, a special mode dodgeball, co-op offline and a number of other introductions, but apparently the DLC, once downloaded, does not allow access to its contents.

It seems that the problem is related to a title update, but we await responses from Ubisoft and Microsoft, when questioned on the matter.

A new trailer for Disgaea 4

For all fans of the series Nippon Ichi has released a new video of its Disgaea 4, for the Japanese public. The video shows a series of sequences and gameplay footage of the game that will be available on the local market at the end of February. We await news of a conversion, West of the fourth installment of the series, hoping it can get even on our PS3