Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dead Space 3 points to a wider audience

There was horror to conquer a substantial evolution in terms of visibility between Dead Space and Dead Space 2, but for EA Games is not enough. Frank Gibeau has made it clear to IGN: although it is obviously satisfied with the results, there is still scope for expansion in the horror genre, an area in which EA has not yet been fully established and is responsible Dead Space 3 to fill that gap.

Release dates for Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery

An adventure not to be missed is the Capy PAX East Boston with its interesting Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery, a particular action-puzzle game featuring a fantasy-style graphics, pixel art that promises great things. We learn from Joystiq plans to launch the game in question, which will come first on the iPad for "the spring equinox, or March 21.

Two weeks after the EP will be released containing the soundtrack, composed by Jim Guthrie, both on vinyl and on iTunes while about "one month later, on April 21 or if the information is accurate, Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery come up iPhone. Apparently, there are substantial differences between the two versions beyond the definition on the screen, obviously higher iPad and possible further developments of hardware-based iPad 2.

Bioshock 2: Protector's Trials coming to PC

At last comes the last official release date for the expansion Protector's Trials Bioshock 2 in the PC version, so long awaited and delayed by 2K. The DLC will be available for Windows platforms March 14, or tomorrow, with a number of challenges in which we find ourselves playing a Big Daddy Alpha series dealing with various threats in defense of a Little Sister.

The package is free and comes along with a patch that fixes several bugs in the game. Still there is no information regarding the expansion instead (more substantial in terms of story) "Minerva's Den," for which there are still things to come in the next few days.

Capcom Japan is preparing to invest in new IP

Return to Capcom Japan has already proved a publisher very open to innovation with respect to its IP: although it could count on a solid story and a very large catalog of titles and success, did not disdain even in these years' openness to new concepts that have paved the way for further series. All this, despite the traditionalism that are known to often characterizes the Nipponese manufacturers.

Killzone 3, the 1.4 patch creates some problems

Many users complain about the upgrade patch 04/01 issued by The Guerrilla Killzone 3 for just a few days ago seems to be giving some problems, particularly in the multiplayer mode. The update had the task of solving problems related to the lag, the stability of games and gameplay in general, but on the official forum of the game many people complain about the occurrence of problems during online games rather than their resolution.

New Images for The Witcher 2

Growing anticipation for the action RPG CD Projekt There was little more than two months in stores at the exit of the expected 2 The Witcher, which will be available beginning May 17 in the PC version. To keep up the enthusiasm, CD Projekt has released a series of new images for the promising action RPG that will expand and enrich the already excellent experience offered by the first episode, released in 2007.

News & surprises for Ocarina of Time 3DS

It seems that the 3DS remake of Zelda: Ocarina of Time will not be a direct port of the game came out in his time on N64. The Presidentissimo Satoru Iwata did not provide significant details about it, except to say that "the 3DS version will include previously unpublished content, never before seen in the N64 and GameCube versions.

The announcement follows closely the one which confirmed the presence of the Master Quest mode in this nuovaversione of OoT. What other surprises await us before the stores planned for June?

Free Realms finally on PS3

Free Realms, the first free MMO for PlayStation 3 finally has a date: PlayStation Network will be released on March 29. The PC version is now available for almost two years and currently boasts the not inconsiderable sum of 17 million registered users. Addressed to an audience rather young, Free Realms fantasy atmospheres and mysterious places to visit.

In addition to this, the game will boast a long series of mini-games, including kart racing, football games and fighting aboard pirate ships.

Shadow Chair promises Complex 2

The acclaimed action-shooter Shadow Complex will have a sequel. This was announced by Chair Entertainment, the team of course, responsible for the excellent first chapter. The creative director Donald Mustard did not disclose details of substance, merely stating that it will be built specifically for consoles, without "leads" on other platforms.

"The creation of the sequel is not in question, it only remains to know when we will finish it. Shadow Complex has made us very proud and we want to make a follow up to its reputation." Despite the success of their platforms Infinity Blade IOS, Mustard is more than convinced that the iPhone and iPad are not suitable for a game like Shadow Complex.

Xbox 360 is beating the Wii in the U.S.

The passing of HD for the first time, annual sales data collected between March 2010 and March 2011 may show the Wii exceeded by Xbox 360, according to a survey conducted by Cowan & Company. The analyst Doug Creutz said that so far the Wii was well above its competitors in terms of sales, surpassing virtually Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 combined until January 2010.

From March 2010 to March 2011 but, according to the company in question, we found a shift in emphasis towards consoles in high definition: the number of consoles sold in the market has remained fairly stable in North America, where, however, has declined for Wii and an increase in competitors, especially the Xbox 360 that the study would have exceeded, for the first time the annual term, the Nintendo console.

Dark Horse Comics produced the Rage

Mini-Series from 3 volumes The American publisher Dark Horse Comics has announced a version of Rage, the new game in production at id Software. This is a mini-series whose first episode will reach the U.S. on June 22, written by Arvid Nelsion and designed by Andrew Mutter, built in collaboration with the creative director of id Software shooter committed on, Tim Willits.

The story of course is based on the background of the game, into a future world survived a devastating impact by a meteorite that has developed as a huge dictatorial regime dominated by the entity known as "The Authority".

How much development on 3DS and NGP

Several one great power comes great cost to publishers working on the console, a concept that we have learned well on the household and who is about to reach the world of laptops. 3DS and NGP, at least at first, forget about the "tax haven" represented by their predecessors portable, requiring experienced a significant level of funding for projects to be developed.

The team Griptonite Games and Rebellion, when questioned on this by Develop magazine, revealed that the budget required for game development on 3DS and NGP is "two to three times higher than that of a typical game for Nintendo DS." It 'clear that the increased computing power requires a broader use of the potential of new consoles, which should be reflected in a high-profile graphics and exploitation of all the special features of new handsets.

Jordan Mechner will hold the first keynote of the Nordic Game 2011

The theme of this year will be the creativity of the Nordic Game 2011 The organizers have confirmed that the first keynote of the conference will be held by Jordan Mechner, creator of the original Prince of Persia. Born in New York in 1964, Mechner created the masterpiece in only twenty-five years, filming his brother David to develop the first ever in the form of motion capture in a video game.

Team Fortress 2 meets The Dark Knight in the imagination of a fan

The Knight Demo A mash-up incredible quality comes from the skillful hands of TrueOneMoreUser, a fan who was able to mix and Team Fortress 2 The Dark Knight with extreme efficiency. Even the action scenes are done with a manic detail and the end result is credible despite the characters of Team Fortress 2 are stylized and CG.

Gatling Gears - Trailer PAX East

Modern technology and old-fashioned action Gatling Gears is a shoot'em up that resembles the old coin op all missiles and explosions that popular in arcades 90 years. And compared to the billions of stones usually do not miss anything. Gatling Gears fact offers tons of missiles, large energy beams, upgrade, lock-outs and chaotic action, cooperative and of course a series of explosions from the beginning to the end of every frame.

Subscriptions for RIFT deals

Until March 31 RIFT, the response to the overwhelming power of Trion World of World of Warcraft, has generally costs the same to the Blizzard title to monthly subscriptions. But if you decide to subscribe by the end of March, you will enjoy some attractive discounts. The game publisher has decided to extend the "Founder's Subscription until 31 this month, which translates to $ 5 less for the purchase of a six-month subscription.

Images and trailer for Skullgirls

A new fighting game for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 Coming this summer on digital platforms PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade, Skullgirls is a new two-dimensional fighting game with characters exclusively female. The game was developed by Revenge Labs, and the team used some experts beat'em-up to develop a kind of gameplay that fans will only appreciate.

Among the novelties of this production, we quote the bootable combo in the air which can then be continued on the ground, the lack of moves that you can end up with (such as those carried out in tandem with another character) and similarly the ability to interrupt the so-called "infinite combo".